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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Make God's WORD Final Authority for Your Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Make God's WORD Final Authority for Your Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Make God's WORD Final Authority for Your Healing
TOPICS: God's Word, Authority, Healing

8th chapter of the book of Romans. There is... verse 1, there is therefore, say it. Now, no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus. How many in here are in Christ Jesus this morning? That's 100%. Who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Who walk not after the five physical senses, but after the Word. When you read that, you have to believe that or it doesn't work. Amen. There is no condemnation. God is not condemning you. Amen. Thank You, Jesus. Why? For the law, this is a spiritual law. It works. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death and all sickness and all disease and all poverty and all, all of the curse is in under the law of sin and death. And we're free from it. We're free.

The love of God manifested in here this morning. It's still here working and working and working and working and working and working and working and working and working. Bringing healing. I walked into one of Brother Hagin's services one time. Hey, if he's any close, I didn't miss. I don't care what's happening to me. I had sprained my ankle really, really bad. I mean, it swelled up and I thought, I don't know whether I want to go over there and sit there tonight. And you know, no, no. I said, no, no, devil, you ain't doing that. I don't care ankle or no ankle, I'm going. And so we walked in there, and I'm telling you, that thing was hurting so bad, I just nearly come to tears. It just hurt so bad. Walked on in there, though, and sat down there. And, of course, when I first sat down, it started throbbing because, you know, I'm sitting there with it.

And, oh, got in the Word. Sometime during that time, I received my healing and didn't know it. I wasn't paying any attention to it. And as Brother Hagin was teaching, and, of course, man, I'm just engrossed in what he was saying, what happened? Faith came. Say, "Faith cometh". Faith cometh. Now, faith is coming. Faith is coming. Faith is coming. Faith is coming. Faith is coming. Faith is coming. Faith is coming. Faith is coming. Faith is coming. How many drops of water does it take to overflow a cup? Gloria calls it when faith boils over. Boy, that really says it. You're sitting there watching the water, and it's not doing anything. Well, let me tell you something. There's no such thing that water that won't boil. If you put it on the heat and leave it there, that was the problem with lukewarm people. They had a chance to be hot and got off the fire. They could have stayed there until they boiled over. And you remember those little tiny bubbles in there? Hey, it's coming. It's coming. She's going to boil here. Glory to God. You just stay in there.

See, you can't feel faith. It's a spiritual thing. You don't feel it. But it is automatic. Just keep feeding it. Keep on feeding it. I mean, glory to God. You get your Keith Moore tapes out. See, I'm still a tape guy. Well, CDs, okay. You know, we were all tapeworms back in the... You heard of bookworms? We were tapeworms. That's the way Gloria and I got it. Amen. I mean the first tape of his I heard... Dear Lord, it hit me like a freight train coming through a tunnel, brother. I wound up in the floor under my mother's coffee table. I was so shocked. But now, you just stay there. You just stay there. Just stay there. And that knowing begins to come. And it begins to come, and it begins to come, and begins to come. And it may kind of move in and move out, but there's a time when it... I don't know just exactly how to say it, because it's a spiritual thing. He's not bothering me a bit, so don't worry about it.

And boy, when it comes, I'm healed. That debt is paid. That debt is paid. A partner of mine years ago, large farmer, big, big farm. Big old tractor, and air conditioned. Boy, on the farm, my grandpa's farm, dear Lord, there wasn't no air conditioner in the house, much less on the tractor. But he's out there listening to tapes, and all of a sudden, he come roaring in in the middle of the day, and his wife thought, what's the matter with him? He said, "We're going to pay off this farm". He said, "We're healed and well, and we know all that, but glory to God, we're going to pay off this farm. This debt's paid. This debt's paid. You understand"? She said, yeah. And they prayed and agreed. He said, "Call the bank and find out how much the payoff is. We believe in God".

Well, see what hit him? It hit him so strong, he... Now, a farmer, you don't quit in the middle of the day, brother. No, no. He came home in the middle of the day. She thought something was wrong with him. It was, but it's right with him, you know. Now, it hit him, see, in his insides, that debt's paid. Faith boiled over. Faith came. Faith cometh, faith cometh. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing, and hearing, and hearing, and hearing. My spiritual father, Oral Roberts, put it this way. He said, "Kenneth, faith has to come to a climax". He was talking about that point of contact. The woman with the issue of blood, when she touched that garment, her faith climaxed, and pulled that anointing out of Jesus, and she was made whole. She called the bank. They said, we'll get back to you.

Couple of weeks went by and they didn't call. She called them again. She said, nobody call me about our loan, and we need to know what the payoff is. We want to pay it off. They said, "Okay, hang on a minute. Mister so-and-so will come in". So the loan manager, I think, anyway, it was an executive of the bank, got on the line. He said, "We don't have any record of your loan". She said, will you write me a letter to that effect? He said, "Yeah, I guess so". Yeah. But see, that happened when he got that out there in that tractor. What happened? Faith came. When faith comes like that, people say, well, the healing was instant. Yeah. But it took a while for faith to come. But when faith came, then it manifested. You understand where we are in this? Praise God.

Now then, I want us to go to Isaiah 43. Now, remember, no condemnation. Say, no condemnation. When? Now. Say it again. Now. Now. Now. Now. Oh, don't you love it? Isaiah 43, Verse 25. "I, even I am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember your sins. Put me in remembrance. Let us plead together. Declare thou that thou mayest be justified, or that thou mayest be declared righteous". Now, stand by just a moment. I want to read that to you from the New Living. "I, yes, I alone will blot out your sins for my own sake". Why would he want to do that? If he remembers your sins, he can't bless you. You see, sin is a blessing blocker. Even if you have repented of that sin, when you repented, you need to repent in faith, not in feeling or guilt.

What do you mean, Brother Copeland? Take Jesus at his Word. He is faithful and just, or righteous, to forgive us our sins when we confess them and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If there is no unrighteousness, what's left? Righteousness. I don't care how you feel. Your feelings just go wild. But you can get to the place where you just tell your feelings, shut up. Listen, I see what Jesus said here. Now you go back to Mark 11:23 and 24 and 25. I believe I received it. Thank You, Lord Jesus. I have what I say according to Mark 11:23. And in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I repent of this sin. Call it by its nasty name, not your little problem. Something happens when you call sin by its name. It repulses your spirit. Then that's good.

In the name of Jesus. Lord Jesus, I did it. Don't come on with a bunch of excuses. I just did it. I did it. I repent. Dry up your tears. Oh, sorry. Shut up. Come to attention. You're a soldier in the army of the Lord. You're obeying command. I did it. And I repent. I confess the sin of, and I judge myself of it. I believe I receive my forgiveness. Therefore I say, I am forgiven by faith. I believe I receive my cleansing of this unrighteousness and I am cleansed right now. Sir, thank You, Sir.

It don't make no difference how you feel about it. Feelings will go away. You're walking in now in the righteousness of God. Amen. I, yes, I alone, listen carefully, "will blot out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again". He's wiped them out of his consciousness. "Let us review the situation together and you can present your case to prove your innocence". How are you going to do that? The blood, the name prove you're innocent. See, this is a legal case. Who is the righteous judge? God, the Father has turned all judgment into the hands of the Son. He told a man a few years ago, he said, "My people know me as Lord. They know me as savior, but they don't know me as judge". He said, "I am the righteous judge".

See, all judgment's not bad. The Father judged Jesus, judged him good. If you judge yourself, the scripture says you will not be judged with the world. Not condemn yourself, judge yourself. Amen. I judged myself. I did that. I judged myself of it. Jesus, I repent of it. I confess it before You. Well, I'm a free man. I'm not under condemnation here. Amen. The devil can't... he can't hold this as a case against me in heaven's courts anymore. No, sir. I'm innocent. I'm innocent. Folks, it's healing time. It's healing time. It's miracle time. It's here. It is here. It's happening here today and it's still happening right now. It's just happening right now. It's happening. It's happening. It's happening. Amen. That takes care of the sin question. If you believe this gospel that I have preached to you this morning, you're ready to receive the power of God under deliverance for your spirit, your soul, your body.

Stand up on your feet right now. If you can't stand up, get up on the inside. As a minister of the gospel and as a prophet of God, I take authority over all sickness, over all disease. I take authority over all the devils. Hallelujah. Say this:

The gospel I have heard is the power of God under my salvation, my healing, and my deliverance. I confess Jesus Christ as Lord over my life, spirit, soul, and body. I receive the power of God to make me sound, whole, delivered, saved, healed right now. I act on the Word of God and I receive the power of God. Sickness, disease, weakness, and pain, I resist you in the name of Jesus. Sickness, weakness, and pain, you're not the will of God. I enforce the Word of God. I enforce it on you. I will not tolerate you in my life. Leave my presence. I'll never allow you back. My days of sickness and disease are over. I am saved. I am healed. The power of sickness has been forever broken over my life. Jesus bore my sickness. He bore my weakness. He bore my pain. I am forever free. Sickness shall no longer lord it over me. Sin shall no longer lord it over me. Fear shall no longer lord it over me. I have been redeemed from the curse of the law. I proclaim my freedom in Jesus' name. Today, today, the gospel is the power of God to me unto salvation. I receive the gospel. I act on the gospel. I'm made whole in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank You Lord.

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