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John Hagee - From Here to Eternity

John Hagee - From Here to Eternity
John Hagee - From Here to Eternity
TOPICS: The Coming Fourth Reich, End times, Bible Prophecy, Prophecy, 666, Antichrist, Tribulation, Rapture, Book of Revelation

We welcome you to the prophetic teaching titled "From Here to Eternity". What does the Bible say about the future of the world? What does the Bible say about the future of America? Today I want to give you the Bible reasons why we are living at the end of the age. Why is the rapture of the church imminent? What's going to happen to America and the world in the coming Great Tribulation? Saint Paul described our generation, saying, "but know this, that in the last days", hear that phrase? At the end of time, "perilous times shall come". We are living in perilous times. Right now, we're on the verge of nuclear warfare. Russia is openly threatening America with nuclear weapons. The headlines of the newspaper read "we are facing the prospect of Armageddon". These are perilous times.

In America today, our public schools are teaching communism 101 with the critical race theory that is nothing less than class warfare. America is experiencing an invasion of over two million illegal immigrants who have flooded our southern borders, bringing us the drug cartel, sex trafficking, known terrorists, rapists, and career criminals, who are now attacking the American people in our streets and homes. America's economy is being strangled by rabid inflation created by the quality of leadership that we have in America. Some say we are watching the death of the dollar. The third world war was started in the Ukraine.

Today, I want to give you 28 Bible reasons why we are living at the end of the age. These 28 Bible readings are in a sequence, painting the portrait of the world's immediate future. After I tell you what the Bible has to say, I'm going to take you to the chart and let you see it pictorially, so you fully comprehend and grasp the magnitude of the hour in which we live. Most of this information is found in this book that I have just written, "the end of the age: the countdown has begun".

Fact number one: the next prophetic event that will shake planet earth to the core will be the rapture of the church. People say, "if the rapture of the church is imminent, why now"? The Bible gives three major illustrations for measuring that time. The end of the age will be marked by a knowledge explosion. Daniel, in chapter 12, verse 4, is writing. And the angel, Michael, tells Daniel, "but you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end", that means the last of days, "when many shall run to and from, and knowledge shall be greatly increased".

Consider the phrase "to and fro". From the Garden of Eden until the early 20th century, men rode horses and wagons for transportation. Then came the invention of the automobile by Henry Ford. Then came airplanes, and then jet planes. And then we sent men to the moon. We are that terminal generation where knowledge has been greatly increased. Consider the knowledge explosion in medicine. From Genesis to the 20th century, there was very little change in medicine. We have great, now we have heart replacements. We have brain surgery. We have organ transplants. We have medicine that's so advanced: we've had to redefine death.

The second sign that is given in the scripture, and it is the greatest sign, is the rebirth of Israel. This is the most important event prophetically since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Look at the words Hosea in chapter 6, verses 1 and 2. Hosea says, "come, and let us (Israel) return to the Lord: for he has torn us, and he will heal us: he has stricken us, and he will bind us up". Now listen to what he says. And he's talking, when he says, "us," he's talking about Israel. "After two days, he will revive us: and on the third day, he will raise us up, that we may live in his sight". Recognize that in the scripture, "a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day".

So the translation of Hosea's prophecy goes like this: for 2,000 years, two days, the Jewish people will suffer persecution, and they have. And on the third day, they will rise up to live in his sight. If you measure time from the birth of Christ, which is zero, to the year 1000, that's day one. From 1000 to 2000, is day two, because a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day. Listen. After two days, he will revive us. Israel was reborn in 1948 on the second day, just like Hosea prophesied. But listen to this. Then on the third day, God will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight. You can only live in God's sight if you see him with your natural eyes. We are now living 22 years into the third day. King Jesus is coming back with power and great glory to rule and reign over this planet. We are approaching the rapture of the church.

Ezekiel 37:11, God said to Ezekiel, "Son of Man, these bones are the whole house of Israel," because God showed Ezekiel the nation of Israel. And you should read Ezekiel 37 and 38 and 39 to get a total feeling of the rebirth, the growth, and the development of Israel, and the war that they're about to fight. "Son of Man, these bones are the whole house of Israel". There is no doubt this is Israel: it is not the church. "Thus saith the Lord: behold, my people (Israel), and I will open your gentile graves, and bring you into the land of Israel". In the diaspora, the Jewish people were driven from Jerusalem into the nations of the world that became their graves. And now God is bringing them back. This happened in 1948. The rebirth of Israel in may 1948 is the greatest miracle since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are now living in the third day. This is the end of the age.

A third sign that this is the end of the age is Jerusalem being reunited with Israel. This happened in 1967. This happened in the six-day war. President Donald Trump announced that Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of Israel. Diana and I visited with president trump in the White House. And I asked him to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and please move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He said he would and he did. He made a promise and he kept that promise. Listen to Luke 21:24. "And Jerusalem will be trampled down by the gentiles", listen, "until the times of the gentile has been fulfilled". "Then they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Now, when these things begin to happen, look up. Your redemption draweth nigh".

The rapture is there. Get the significance of this. When Jerusalem is no longer trampled down, controlled by the gentiles, the day of the gentiles is past in Jerusalem, then the Son of Man is coming. The fact: Jerusalem, gentile reign over Jerusalem stopped in 1967 with the six-day war. It's time to look up, because the rapture of the church is drawing nigh. Following the rapture of the church comes the Judgment Seat of Christ. This is in Romans 14:10. Paul writes, "for we all shall stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ". Every person listening to this telecast, you are personally going to stand before Jesus Christ and give an account for your life, for every word, for every act, and for every deed. And he says, "so then when each of us shall give an account of himself to God".

We're going to come face-to-face with the Lord, and we are going to answer for our lives. Thirdly, is the marriage supper of the Lamb. It's a seven-year celebration. Imagine now, millions of people from all over the earth of every tribe, of every nation are standing around the throne of grace as far as your eyes can see. There is a heavenly host. It's going to be a seven-year celebration for the bride of Christ, who has been victorious over the world, the flesh and the devil. They kept themselves from sin and served Christ as Savior and Lord. Does this describe you? If it doesn't, you're going to meet the antichrist.

Revelation 19:7 and 8, John writes, "let us be glad and rejoice and give him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife", that would be the church, "and his wife has made herself ready. The church is clothed in fine linen, clean and bright, and the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints". Get that thought in your mind. Your righteous acts on earth will be reflected in the robe you wear when you get to heaven. What's your robe going to look like when you get to heaven? What righteous acts are you going to present to the Lord that you have done with all of the privilege that he's given you? Immediately, the seven years of tribulation on the earth with the antichrist will begin when the bride of Christ is in heaven.

The antichrist will make his appearance. He is called in the Bible, "the son of perdition". That translates, he is the son of Satan. He is anointed of the devil to destroy the world. If you miss the rapture, you're going to take his mark or lose your soul. You can take his mark in your right hand or your forehead. And if you have that, you can buy and sell. But if you do not, you cannot buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk. It will be total economic control. If you take his mark, you lose your soul. It's just so much easier to know Jesus than to wait and let that lunatic cut your head off because you didn't surrender to Jesus in the dispensation of grace. The antichrist will establish a New World Order. He will be the absolute dictator. And the world will welcome him. Why? Because when the church is taken out, the global economy is going to crash.

America's economy is teetering right now, so is the European economy. If you take out the hundreds of millions of Christians that are going to leave this earth, we're the ones working. We're the ones who are paying taxes. When we're gone, there will be an economic vacuum that will destroy the currencies of the world, and there will, of necessity, be a global dictator who will declare a one-world currency. He will also create a one-world religion and a one-world government. The seven years of tribulation starts with the antichrist making a seven-year peace treaty with Israel and the Arab nations. This is recorded in Ezekiel 38:8.

Get this: for years, the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors have existed. And the antichrist is going to come, and he's going to make genuine peace, what appears to be peace, with the Jewish people. Please understand that three and a half years later, he's going to break that treaty. And he's going to attack the Jewish people with everything he's got. It will be one of the most horrific experiences of Jewish history.

When I prayed the dedication prayer over the U.S. embassy when it was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the orthodox rabbi approached me. He shook my hand, and he said, "pastor, now that Jerusalem has been recognized and the embassy has been moved, we can now build the temple, and Messiah will come". And he's right, because the Jewish temple will be rebuilt according to Daniel 9:27. Then the antichrist will form a one-world government. He will divide the world in ten divisions of nations, and he will put someone over each of that group. He will kill three of those men, because he will have a disagreement with them. Understand this man is an absolute dictator. He is Hitler reborn. He promises peace and prosperity. But in the end, he brings death and destruction.

Following that comes the 144,000 Jewish believers. Twelve thousand Jewish believers out of each of the 12 tribes is 144,000. This is found in Revelation 7. And they are going to bring the message to the Jewish people that the Messiah is coming. Messiah is coming. That's when the Jewish people are going to get excited about the Messiah coming. The Gog/Magog war of Ezekiel 38 happens at the middle of the tribulation. Approximately three and a half years after the rapture of the church, God will utterly destroy the group of nations that are led by Russia, since they are invading Israel. There's a verse in the Bible that you should learn. "He that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps". That word "keepeth" is a word of defense, he who protects Israel, he who goes to war for Israel, neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Listen, you never underestimate God's love for Israel and the Jewish people. Israel is God's firstborn son. God has never broken his covenant with the Jewish people. They are still the apple of his eye. The Jewish people are a chosen people. They are a covenant people. And that covenant still stands. How will God destroy this Russian-led coalition? And the Bible says in Ezekiel 38, this Russian-led coalition that's going to come against Israel in the near future will be Iran, Libya, Turkey, and Sudan. Now those are in the Bible. I didn't pick those out of the hat.

Ezekiel said this 3,000 years ago. But I think it's important to look at who's not coming. Egypt is not coming. Syria is not coming. Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Iraq, they're not coming. Why? They have been fighting for years. Can you say, "The Abraham Accords"? History, I believe, will prove that "The Abraham Accords" was the most important political document of the 21st century. Ezekiel 38 describes when this Russian-led armada comes against Israel: that God is going to destroy them three ways.

First, he's going to send a major earthquake. The Bible says, "the mountains shall be reduced to just small hills". There will be multiple armies, six or seven, who will be speaking different languages, using different weaponry. They have just experienced a major earthquake. And the Bible says, "every man's sword will be turned against his brother". In military terms, we call this, "friendly fire". Those armies will turn on each other and kill each other. And the ones that are left, God is going to send hailstones, large hailstones, from heaven. Why? Because in the Old Testament, sinners were stoned to death. God is just putting his signature on this, so that he destroys. He literally kills five out of six that come against Israel. This is recorded in Ezekiel 39:2.

The midpoint of the tribulation, the antichrist breaks covenant with Israel and the Jewish people. And he invades the land of Israel. This is in Daniel 9:27. Then the antichrist consolidates his empire by capturing the Sudan and Egypt and Libya, since their armies have just been destroyed by the hand of God, Daniel 11:42.

Next, the antichrist comes, becomes the abomination of desolation in the temple of Jerusalem. This is recorded in Daniel 9:27, and listen, and Matthew 24:15. If you're a Christian, I want you to get this in your mind. Matthew 24 was written for the Jews and for the Jews only. It does not apply to the church. In Matthew 24, Jesus is talking about Antiochus Epiphanes. Jesus said to the Jewish people, "therefore when you see the 'abomination of desolation,' spoken by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (the temple), let those who are in Judea flee to Mesopotamia". All of Matthew 24 was written, as I said, for the Jewish people. This chapter is the spine of prophecy given by Jesus Christ, as his farewell gift to his disciples.

What does it mean by "desolation"? Antiochus Epiphanes killed a pig on the altar of the synagogue, which caused a Jewish revolt. Jesus, in his ministry hundreds of years later, says this exact thing is going to happen again. When the antichrist comes, he is going to set himself up as God to be worshiped. And everyone who worships him can live. And everyone who refuses to worship him is going to be killed. Following the abomination of the antichrist, the antichrist will be killed probably by an assassin, because he desecrated the temple. I like to think that some orthodox Jewish guy knocks him off, but he's going to die. He miraculously returns from the dead when the false prophet prays for him. He emulates the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The righteous Jews flee to Petra. Petra is a fortress in Jordan. And there, God is going to protect the righteous Jews for three and a half years just like Moses and the children of Israel were provided for, for 40 years in the wilderness. I've been to Petra.

Let me describe it for you. It is a huge opening in the middle of several massive mountains. But you walk through an entrance that weaves around, and at times is no wider than the aisle of this church, meaning it would be virtually impossible to attack the people in there without them having all of the ability to defend themselves. The top is opened. The Jewish people are going to flee there. God is going to feed them just like he fed the children of Israel with Moses. He's going to protect them, so that when Messiah comes, they will come out and rejoin him in Jerusalem. The antichrist will rise from the dead, emulating the death and resurrection of Christ. Then will come Enoch and Elijah that will begin their ministry to the Jewish people. Their message in Revelation 11, Messiah is coming.

Now look at this. They are a group of 144,000. And then there are these two people, Elijah and Enoch, who have come back to the world and who will be killed in the streets of Jerusalem. Why are they going to be killed? Because they've never died. Elijah has been in heaven for over 3,000 years. The Bible says, "it's appointed unto men once to die and then the judgment". When Elijah and Enoch are killed, they are raptured and taken into heaven. That's an awesome, supernatural testimony. The antichrist and the ten kings will attack and destroy the Roman Church in Italy.

This is the story of Revelation 17. Why? Because the antichrist and the Roman Church have the same objective at this point in history. And that objective is global domination. The woman riding the beast in Revelation 17 is carrying a cup filled with blood, the blood of the Jewish people killed in the eight crusades of the middle ages. The antichrist is called "the chief son of perdition". That means he is the chief son of Satan. Knowing his time is short, he attacks the Jewish people and gentile believers who have responded to the message of 144,000, and Elijah and Enoch, and they are protected and defended by the hand of God at Petra.

Next come the seven judgments that are poured out upon the earth in rapid succession. And I will show you this on the chart in just a minute. This is Revelation 16. There are seven seals. One of these seals has an army of 200 million men marching up the Euphrates river that is dried up. And they're going to Israel for the Battle of Armageddon. An army of 200 million people can only be put together by the Chinese. And the Chinese, the kings of the east, will be going to the battle of all battles. The seven trumpets come, and one-third of the people on planet earth will be killed in one day, Revelation 9:15. I want you just to get that in mind. In one day, one-third of the earth's population is going to die. Then come the seven bowls where the sea turns to blood. This is one of the plagues of Egypt. Whenever Moses stuck his rod in the water, the water turned to blood. That's going to happen again. The sun scorches the earth.

Now those of you who are screaming for climate control, you want to read this, because your dream is coming true there. Climate control is in the hand of God. And if you think man can control it, you need to think a second time. The Battle of Armageddon begins in Revelation 16, which will be the king of the east, China: and the armies of the prince of darkness, the antichrist, meaning China is marching up the Euphrates river and will come form the Battle of Armageddon, which will be 180-miles long. Coming from the west will be the antichrist and his massive armies. This is the battle of all battles. Revelation 11:7 says Enoch and Elijah are killed, and they lay dead in the streets of Jerusalem for three and a half days.

Now they are allowed to be killed because neither of them has died. They rise from the dead and they are raptured into heaven. Whenever this happens, people are so thrilled: they give gifts to each other. The people on the earth are so happy these two prophets have been killed: they have celebrations. Why? Because all of these people have taken the mark of the beast. And for the moment, it looks like the beast has overcome these two people. But all of the earth is soon to witness the awesome power of God. Then it happens, Jesus Christ returns to Jerusalem, followed by the armies which are in heaven, followed by the church mounted on white horses to utterly destroy the armies that have come to attack Jerusalem.

Revelation 19:11 through 16, John writes, "and I saw the heavens opened, and behold, a white horse. And he that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and in righteousness doth he judge and make war". Did you hear that? He makes war. "His eyes are like a flame of fire," because he is angry. "And on his head are many crowns," meaning he is king of all kings. "And he has a name written, that no man can know, but he himself. He was clothed in a robe dipped in blood. And his name is called the Word of God".

Obviously, that's Jesus Christ. That scene is... get this scene. If this is battlefield, the Chinese army is coming from this direction. The west is coming from this direction. And just as they prepare to go to war, Jesus Christ and the bride of Christ is coming from heaven. And Jesus is wearing a robe. And he is going to utterly destroy these people who are on this battlefield. He will then go to Petra and liberate the people who are there. He will come back, and the Bible testifies that he has blood on his robes. Who is that? Whose blood is that? It's the blood of the enemies of Israel. "And the armies in heaven clothed in white linen followed him on white horses. Out of his mouth goeth a two-edged sword, that with it, he should smite the nations".

And that's going to be a literal thing. "And he himself shall rule over them with a rod of iron". I love that phrase. When Jesus Christ comes back, it's not going to be, "would you please behave"? It's going to be a, "thus saith the Lord". It will be, the world will be ruled by the Word of God. "He himself treads the wine press of the fierceness and the wrath of God Almighty". And listen to this. "And he has on his robe and on his thigh a name written: King of kings, and Lord of lords". Then comes, in Revelation 19, what I call, "the banquet for buzzards". You've got all of these dead people out here in this massive battle. And God speaks to the four ends of the earth to call every fowl from all over the earth that eats flesh, and tells them to consume all of those dead bodies. I say, "it is the banquet of buzzards".

From Christ' arrival on the Mount of Olives to the time he sets foot in the kingdom of Jerusalem, there's a 75-day interval. Just get this in your mind. Jesus has landed. And 75 days from there, he's going to start his kingdom. What's he going to be doing in that 75 days? He's going to cast the antichrist and the false prophet into the lake of fire. He's going to resurrect the Old Testament saints and the tribulation saints in Daniel 12:1 through 3. Listen to that. He's going to assign his followers responsibility for the administration of his worldwide kingdom. Listen to me, church. When we come back, the righteous are going to be ruling this earth. We're not going to have to be worried about an election being stolen. You are going to be appointed a position of authority, and we are going to rule planet earth with a rod of iron. That's the Word of God.

Then there will be the judgment of the nations. And I'll share some of that with you when you get, when I get to the chart. The antichrist and the false prophet will be cast into the lake of fire in Revelation 19. Satan has desired to control the earth since the Garden of Eden when he had that conversation with the snake and eve. The most terrifying news that Satan will ever hear is that Jesus Christ has returned to Jerusalem as King of kings. That's going to be the most terrible news he has ever heard. Israel is regathered. The Old Testament and tribulation saints are resurrected from the dead and rewarded. Read Daniel 12:1 and 2. "At that time, Michael shall stand up, the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people," meaning the Jewish people. And Michael in the Bible is the Archangel that defends the Jewish people.

So Daniel is saying to Michael, "stand up, the great prince is going to defend the Jewish people. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time. And at that time, your people shall be delivered, every one who is found written in the book. And as many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake", that means a resurrection, "some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt". Daniel is saying that righteous Jews will rise then and go to Jerusalem and recognize that Jesus Christ is Messiah. Next, 1,000-year reign of Christ will cover all the earth. It begins from Revelation 20:4. After a thousand years, Satan is released from the pit, which he has been thrown. Why? Because for one thousand years, there will be people who were born into a society of perfection. There was no sin.

And the Bible says everyone must choose to follow the Lord Jesus. They have not had the choice of choosing between right and wrong, between Jesus Christ and Satan. The Bible says, "choose ye this day whom you will serve". Satan is going to be released and he's going into the earth. And listen. After a thousand years of perfect peace, there will be multitudes that follow Satan and his deception. And they will go to Jerusalem. And God himself will destroy every one of them, every one of them, every one of them. The Great White Throne judgment of the lost will be next at Revelation 20. The earth will be totally destroyed by fire. Next, God's list of people he's not going to permit in heaven.

Revelation 21:8 says, "but the cowardly, the unbelieving, the abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second day". Are you on this list? Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If you don't, you're going to meet the antichrist. And your option is take his mark and lose your soul or let him cut your head off. I recommend Jesus Christ. He's much the better answer. The creation of the New Heaven and the new earth happens in Isaiah 65 and Revelation 21. After the earth is burned by fire to purify it, God then recreates the earth just like it was at the Garden of Eden. And the pages of time close with God creating the Garden of Eden again.

In the Bible, things come in full circle. In Genesis, we started out with the Garden of Eden. And as the last pages and verses of Revelation appear, God recreates the Garden of Eden. And we have that for all eternity. There is heaven. There is the earth that the righteous will have access to for all eternity. Eternity begins, world without end. Now this is something that I have never been able to fully understand, eternity, something that never ends. But I assure you, that day is coming, because the God who created heaven and earth has said you will either spend eternity with me in heaven or eternity in the lake of fire. If you're watching this telecast, and you don't know Jesus Christ, I ask you from the depths of my heart, receive him as Savior and Lord. Simply say:

Lord Jesus, I ask you to forgive me of my sin. I ask you to cleanse me by your precious blood. I want to be your follower. I want to obey you. I want you to be the Lord of my life.

And God will write your name in the Lamb's book of life, and you shall be saved. Now let's go to the chart. Let's begin with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible says, "because he lives, we shall also live". The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is absolute proof that the body of Christ can rise and will rise in the future. We go through the church as the Pearl of great price. And the rapture of the church happens right here. The Judgment Seat of Christ is where we stand before the Lord and give an account of our life. Every person is going to do that. The saints, dead and alive, are going to be here on the resurrection morning. Immediately after the Judgment Seat of Christ, when you have your robe and you have your crown, we will have a seven-year celebration of the marriage supper of the Lamb.

You talk about fiesta: it's going to be off the charts. On the earth, while we're having heavenly things up here, all hell is going to break loose, because the antichrist has now made his appearance. He is the rider on the white horse, and he's going to conquer the world. He will appoint ten leaders, and in those ten leaders, three of them will cross swords with the antichrist, and he will kill three of them. And the rest of them will rule the world for the next seven years. There will be war and blood shed as evidenced by the rider on the red horse. There will be the famine that is coming. And the famine is illustrated by the fact that the wheat and the barley are being weighed in the scales, because famine was, the food was recorded here as the food of the common men.

It says, "touch not the oil and the wine". Oil and wine was for the rich people. The Bible is saying, in the Book of Revelation, that when the antichrist comes, the rich people are not going to be in trouble, because they're going to submit to this guy. But it's the poor people who are going to starve to death. Then comes pestilence and death. Then the martyrs, the souls under the altar. Let's say that Jesus comes, and you do not receive Christ. You will get your head cut off, and you will stay here. Your soul will be here, the souls under the altar until Jesus Christ comes back here seven years later. That's the souls that are under the altar. The physical change in the world happens here, as the sixth seal.

Now, I want you to look at this. There are seven seals. There are seven trumpets. Skip that. There are seven bowls. There are 21 major calamities that happen on planet earth, 21. If you divide that, that means there's a major calamity every four months that happens that just turn the world upside down. Then there is silence in heaven for 30 minutes. I believe there's silence in heaven because God allows the church to see the hell on earth that's coming. There's going to be a world with hail and fire and blood. There will be a burning mountain that will fall into the waters, and the water will become bitter and undrinkable. This is why we have the star of wormwood, bitterness. The sun is smitten: for the sun will give light, and there will be darkness on the earth for a long time.

Remember that God sent darkness to Egypt for three days. Then there was the plague of locusts. This also came to Egypt. Locusts will devour the wheat and the things that make food possible. Then there's the plague of the horsemen, who are coming to bring death to everyone who escapes all of this. These are the seven trumpets in the eighth chapter of the Book of Revelation. The seven personages, we're talking about Satan, the antichrist, and the false prophet. They are the Satanic trio. We have the three angels of Revelation 14, who are going to bring more death and suffering.

Now, notice that the first three and a half years is called "the tribulation". The next three and a half years is called "the Great Tribulation". Why? Because the punishment here is much worse than the punishment there. Why are they being punished? They are being punished because they rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's why, no other reason. It's all about Jesus Christ. Now, the seven bowls, every person on the earth has boils covering their whole body. Now, the blood is in the sea. Over here, it's in the streams. Here, it's in the sea. It covenants the rivers now. There is great heat. For those of you who are looking for climate change, there it is. God's going to send it. I pray you're not here to see it. Then will come darkness, which men will crawl into the mountains and beg for God to let the mountains to fall on them.

The Euphrates river is going to be dried up, making it possible for the Chinese army of 200 million to March for the Battle of Armageddon. Then frogs, meaning demon spirits, are released on the earth. And then comes hail that has the ability to destroy crops, houses, and everything that God sees that could be of any benefit. You talk about devastation: this is going to be hell on earth. Mystery Babylon is destroyed. Babylon the great is destroyed. The marriage of the Lamb is still happening here for three and a half years. The Battle of Armageddon is when the king of the east meets on the battlefield in Israel. And the king of the west led by the antichrist meet right here for the mother of all wars. Then comes the beasts and the false prophet that are cast into the lake of fire. God is going to cast them to the lake of fire.

Then Satan will be bound. And the thousand years of absolute peace begins right here. This is called "the millennial reign". For 1,000 years, the lamb shall lay down with the lion. There shall be no sickness. There shall be no suffering. There shall be no death. This is the time of absolute peace. Then at the end of a thousand years, Satan is going to be loosed, and he's going to come to these people who have never had the choice of accepting or rejecting Jesus. And they, "many of them," the Bible says, are going to follow them. Satan will lead that entourage to Jerusalem where God will destroy them. Then comes the final judgment, "the Great White Throne judgment".

Who comes to this judgment in Revelation 20? Who's coming to the Great White Throne judgment? The people who did not make this calling and election sure. They have been in hell, and then they're going here. And there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Why? Because they know they're going to be judged and returned to the lake of fire. They're going to be there forever and forever and forever. And then, the seven new things, the New Heaven, the new earth, and the new city. Then here, time is no more. We are now in the perfect age of the new Jerusalem, of the new earth. This is the perfect age of the New Heaven and the new earth. This is the Garden of Eden.

As I said earlier, in the Genesis of time, we started in the Garden of Eden. And now, we come back and that's how we end. And forever and forever and forever, we are here because we accepted Jesus and made him the Lord of our lives. My question to you: is Jesus the Lord of your life? Have you accepted him? Because if you haven't accepted him, you have made the most foolish decision that a human being can make in this life. Jesus went to the cross, bled and died that your sins could be forgiven. And if you ignore that sacrifice, I assure you, you will regret it forever and forever in the place called hell in the lake of fire. May God add his blessing to the word. Let us all prepare to see the Son of God in the clouds of heaven, because the rapture of the church is imminent. God bless you.
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