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Bill Winston - The Authority of God's Justice

Bill Winston - The Authority of God's Justice

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Bill Winston - The Authority of God's Justice

God is establishing authority because there's a higher authority than the national authority in the land. There is a higher authority than the U.S. Supreme court. There is a higher authority than the Congress of the United States. There is a higher authority than the white house. There is an authority that comes from God.

Now let's go and look at that at a couple of places. Let's go at Isaiah chapter 33, please. Isaiah chapter 33. Now the devil doesn't like it because you represent the higher authority and that the justice system of the earth is one of the number one targets of demonic abuse. And the reason why it is, is because it affects the laws and the laws affect a lot of people. So now, here is God, and he's speaking about who he is right here. And he says this, he says, verse 22 for the Lord is our who? Judge. The Lord is our who? Law giver. The Lord is our who? King. So that takes Supreme court, that's the Congress, and that's a white house. So if I go all the way back, come to Genesis chapter 18, please. This is Abraham now. And this is when God is telling Abraham, he's going to destroy Sodom.

Now understand God is a just God. Say God is a just God. Matter of fact that talks about the habitation of his throne. I'll go to that script in just a minute. So here's verse 23, and Abraham drew near and said, will thy also destroy the righteous with the wicked. Peradventure there be 50 righteous within the city will thy also destroy and not spare the place for the 50 righteous that are there in? That be far for thee to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked, and that the righteous should be as the wicked. That be far from thee. Shall not the judge of how much of the earth? All the earth come on do right.

Now we're not talking about the judge in Chicago. He's not talking about the judge of Mississippi. He's not talking about the judge of the East coast. He's not talking about the appellate courts. He's not talking about some Supreme courts of the different nations. He's talking about the judge of all the earth. So there is a judge of all the earth that people can go to when they don't feel that they're being treated right in the courts of the earth. Now this message has got to be preached. And because vengeance hadn't been preached many times we've been victims, but those days are over now. And not only are those days over, but everything the devil stole he's got to recompense. Boy, that's good preaching right there.

Now this has got to come to pass because that's what's happening in the earth is that God is coming to set up his throne. Turn to Psalm 97 real quick. So God is coming to set up his throne. Where do you think he's setting up his throne now? Where do you think is going to be eventually set up? Right down here in this earth, Folks. Look at Psalm 97 and look at verse one and two. The Lord reign, let the earth rejoice and let the multitude the vials be glad there of. Clouds and darkness around about him. Righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne.

Now it says righteousness and judgment there, but that judgment translates what? Justice. So righteousness and justice are the foundation or habitation of his throne. So the very foundation of the throne of God is justice. God is a God of justice. Say he's a God of justice. There's been a lot of injustice in the land. Now let's go to Psalm chapter 75. And in Psalm chapter 75, we see here where he says, verse 6, for promotion, come neither from the East, nor from the West. Keep going, Nor from the South, verse seven. But God is the who? Judge. Keep going. He puts down one, come on. And sets up another.

Well, what happened to Nebuchadnezzar? He didn't believe that. Nebuchadnezzar was a Babylonian ruler who thought he was all that. Y'all know what I mean by all that? Oh, he thought oh man, he thought his breath didn't stink, man. He knew that he was the man. So what happened? Here's God, came to him. Said to him, I'm take you out. Because Nebuchadnezzar got too proud, got too much. I'll take you down. Well, Nebuchadnezzar didn't quite believe that. Daniel translated it for him says, Hey, he's going to take you out. And Nebuchadnezzar had a dream or image and it looked like a tree that got cut off, but the stump was left there.

And then so for he asked for interpretation, Daniel said, let me give you interpretation. You coming out of there. Matter of fact, you're going to come out and you're going to be like an animal. You're going to have hair grow out on your body. And you're going to be on fours, like an ox. And you're going to eat grass, just like an animal. Somebody say Wolf man. And he going to eat grass just like an animal. And so as he got, they tell me in Hebrew that's what it says. And Josephus says that. And so as a result of that, he's going to be out there in grass. Well, he didn't quite believe that because he thought he was all at, but what did God do? Boom. Took him right out, took him right out. Took him out.

Next thing you know, he is out there and the Bible says he will be out there to seven seasons Passover. So he had to wait seven years, seven years Passover. Next thing you know, it says until you acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, I'm putting it in my own words now, until you acknowledge that Jehovah is God. And he acknowledged it that Jehovah was God, God put him back up there. I'm telling you, he'll take one down, put one up. You don't have nothing to worry about. I sure hope so, and so act right. If you don't act right, he will put him down and put another one up. You see what I'm saying? Because this hasn't been preached. We just been wondering, well, we just go labor under this and labor under that.

Folks, you don't have to do that. The church is in charge. I will say it one more time. The church is in charge. It is the most powerful institution in the world ever. Joel chapter 2 verses 1 through 12. You see it yourself. I'm saying here that the justice system of the earth is one of the main targets of demonic abuse. The reason why it is is because it controls so many people.

Another example is Daniel, Daniel chapter six. So Daniel, what did he do? Daniel was being raised up because of the excellent spirit that was on him. And he's being raised up in a heathen kingdom. Well, some of his co-workers got mad about him getting so high because he was a Jew and it's plotted against him, said we can't find anything against him except something against his God. So notice they're going after one man, all the devil plotting against one person because when one person rise, other folks will see it. But anyway, so here he was, what did they do with him? They made a law. What did they make it law saying? No one can pray to any God other than the King for the next 30 days. What did Daniel do? Come on now. What did he do? He went right up into his room. Come on, opened the window.

Isn't that wonderful? Once you got to know is you are divinely positioned. Pharaoh could have very easily ordered Moses head to be cut off, but did he do it? No. Can't touch him. Can't touch him. When he said touch not mine nor didn't do my prophets no harm. Folks, that's more than words. He said, the angel of the Lord will encamp around about you and keep you that Psalm 34 verse 7. Now my point to you is, is this, if you don't know this, then you shake in your boots. Then you're shaking your boots and fear comes in and connects you with the devil, and now he can do something to you. But once you know who you are and who you've been sent by a boldness will rise up inside of you and say, Hey. Because this whole system is crooked.

Now let me help you out there. Turn with me to Ezekiel chapter 28. Alright, this is talking about satan. Here's the key, the world is groaning under a curse. Now how did it get here? Through Adam and Eve's sin. Okay. So this death and all this, this world wasn't ever made for that. The Bible says once Cain killed Abel, the Bible says that Able's blood was crying to God from the ground. So blood does speak. And the garden when was made, the garden was the garden was not the best. The garden was the starting place. It was the hardest place that man was gonna live. I'll use this illustration, if you're a carpenter and you build houses, you first built your first house. By the time you built your 50th house, wouldn't that be much better than the first time? Wouldn't you have learned? Sorry, that's all I wanted to say.

So God created man for the blessing to be on him, to release that blessing, to replenish or renew this earth. And it needs renewing, that blessing was supposed to renew your body. You supposed to live 120 years. That blessing supposed to be renewing yourselves, just like that so you can live 120 years. Something gets wrong with your body, boom, your blessing. Oh, Lord have mercy. Put it up there on the board real quick, put up there Romans chapter 8 verse 11. But if the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you. Does it dwell in you? That spirit, that blessing dwells in you. He that raised up Christ from the dead. Keep going, shall also Quicken.

That word quicken, look in some translations, restore life to your mortal body. Some part of your body started breaking down, that part is supposed to replenish. Are you follow what I'm saying? It's why set physician heal thyself. Y'all going to get it. We'll talk about this blessing some, and boy, and we're going to get back on that cause I can see right now. So as we look at this, the blessing is more powerful today than it was in Eden, and in this, this Babylonian system has kicked in and in Ezekiel.

Now let me show you where it started at. Let me just show you that, I got a little more time. Look, he points something out in Ezekiel chapter 28. Do you have that place right there? Come back, flip back to Genesis chapter 10 real quick. I'm almost done. Genesis chapter 10. Are y'all with me so far? Genesis chapter 10. Satan is a thief and he comes to what? Steal, kill, and destroy. See, now he'd rather steal from you rather than kill you, because he needs you to keep gathering up those things of the earth.

So this Babylonian system, I want you to see it now. Look at chapter 10 and verse 6. And the sons of Ham were Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan, come on down to verse 8. And Cush beget Nimrod. He began to be a mighty hunter in the earth. Nimrod was a first leader, but he was a leader of rebellion against God, verse nine. He was a mighty Hunter before the Lord, before means in the Hebrew against, wherefore it is said even as Nimrod, the mighty Hunter before the Lord and the beginning of his kingdom was what? Bable standing for Babylon. So Babylon was the beginning of his kingdom. Babylon wants God out.

Let's go back to Ezekiel now, Ezekiel chapter 28. Look at verse 15. This is talking about Satan and his name was Lucifer and he lost his status with God. He was a part of the music that flowed into the throne, but he's lifted up himself in pride, thought he was so beautiful, and he committed high treason in heaven. He went against God and the Bible says iniquity was found in him. Got it? Iniquity was found in him. Now verse 15, thou was perfect in thy ways from the day that thou was created, God created him, till iniquity was found in him. Got it? So iniquity was found in him. So what's interesting about what's in a person, whatever's in a person is that which is produced out of a person. Y'all with me?

So Satan is the God of what? This world. Say this world system. Where did this system come from? It came from him, he's the architect, and iniquity is in him. So a man who's got iniquity in him can't produce anything good. He's got to produce what's in it. So the system that he's produced is a system of wickedness. Now watch this, he came stand God, because God is gonna bring in holiness, righteousness, integrity, love, light. And you have never seen where darkness can take out light. Light is always stronger than darkness. Good is always stronger than evil. Come on now, amen.

I'm just telling you love is stronger, come on, than hate. It's a more powerful force. Are you following what I'm saying? So I'm saying here that satan has built a system and it takes sin to keep it going. If you stopped sinning in that system, satan's system will break down. So he needs people to lie, cheat, steal, murder, sell drugs. He's got to have it. If he doesn't have it, it'll break down. The system that you see out here in this natural Babylonian system is rotten to the core. Even when it looks like it's good, it's bad. Then people try to go to that system and get an education without God. So they get an education without God and come back and somebody to talk to them about God, they say there's really no God, it's just all just so forth and so on.

That's what that system did because it told them that they're God, it told them that because they got a PHD they don't need to know anything about God. The Bible says, "fool say there is no God". I'm not coming against education, I'm just telling you the education took God out because if God came in there the education system will be a different than it is now. So what did the enemy do? He goes to the legal system, through the court system, have it a legal law that you can't get a Bible in a school. And the people of God, because they have no knowledge of vengeance they went along with program. But the days of our compromise, it's a new day. God's people are getting knowledge.

Now the Bible says in John 10:10, the thief cometh not but to steal, to kill, and destroy. Jesus said, but I have come. There's two systems. That's your mind have what? Life. And have it how? Let's go to Isaiah 61 real quick. Are y'all following what I'm saying? We are about to put Satan out of business. Where he wants us to hate somebody we're going to love them. Where he wants us to cheat somebody, we're going to treat them honestly. Say amen to that. I'm saying everything that's in that system it takes that to make it keep going. If you take hate out of it, it will stop. If you take darkness out of it, it'll come to a halt. And I'm saying, you and I are coming with a culture of heaven. We're coming where people would normally get back and retaliate against somebody. We're just going to love them, and say this, you shouldn't have done that. I got a daddy that's going to see that you give me my stuff back. Say amen to that. It's gotta be preached, folks. Gotta be preached.

So what did Moses do? Let my people go Pharaoh. Okay, I'm not going to let them go. Okay? Here comes some hailstorm. Let them go, Pharaoh. I'm not gonna let them go. Here come blood in all the water. Let them go, Pharaoh. Here come frogs, frogs in the bathroom, frogs in the refrigerator, frogs in the bed, frogs everywhere. And he came and asked, you ready to let them go? He said, I'll let them go tomorrow. Who wants to sleep with frogs one more night? I'm telling you if frogs are in your house to get rid of them tonight. You don't have to stay with that problem one night.

He said in Luke chapter 18, avenge me of my adversary. He was talking about you can make the devil get up off of your stuff tonight. Get up off of your kids tonight, get up off your body tonight, get up off your business tonight, you don't need to wait one day and deal with no frogs. Get the curse out of your life right now. I'm preaching better than you saying amen. What am I telling you? Telling you something, everything is contrary to the kingdom of God is about to be pulled under subjection. I don't know what the wicked got going, but I ain't going to be going much longer. Because before Jesus comes back, Satan is going to be under our feet. That's Bible. Nothing can stop God. He's the judge of all the earth. And he doesn't take sides. You take his side. He's too big to take sides.

Chapter 61, verse 8. I, the Lord love judgment or justice. And I hate what? Robbery. What is he talking about? If they owe you something, you can go out there, take a gun, stick them up, say give me my stuff back. What happened? That's in the flesh. That's what's happening with folks now. Satan is using them cause they in the flesh, he's using certain folk to curse other folks. You gotta watch that because he'll try to use people to steal from other folks.

So I just came back from India. What happened? Pastor got ahold of this message. He said, pastor let me tell you what happened. He said they had a group who went down and forged a land deed, went to the courthouse, got an eviction for my family and came out on Friday at four o'clock. So we wouldn't have time to appeal all during the weekend and put us off our land, put everything out and had a huge celebration on Saturday. And invited all their friends and relatives, look at our new land we got, and they forge the whole thing. Pastor, we got it back, but it took three years with a battery of lawyers. And if we didn't have the money we would have lost it. And people are losing their land over in this country like that everyday. That's Babylon. But we know the judge.
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