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TD Jakes - The Power of an Instrument

This is the problem that creates the opportunity for David to be called. Away with praying that Saul wouldn't have an evil spirit. It is exactly the evil spirit that created an opportunity for the Holy Spirit. Oh, y'all are not working with me this morning. The evil spirit created an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to operate in the room. It is what's wrong with me that determined what's right with me. Are you hearing what I'm saying? Saul is brooding, and dark, and dank, and evil, and breaking stuff, and later throwing javelins, and just being an idiot, schizo, and they sent for David because he was unbearable to be around. And David had magic in his fingers. When David played, when David played his harp...

When David played his harp, when he just played, when he stroked it, when he touched it, when he played, the evil spirits departed. Keep on playing. David never knew when he was playing on the backside of the mountains that his gift Would make room for him and that he would go from playing for sheep to playing for kings. I don't know who I'm talking to, but you're gonna find out why you had to go through what you had to go through, because God is about to make room for you. He's about to open up a door for you. He's about to use what you got to make it better for somebody else. You are the answer to somebody's question. You are the solution to somebody's...

Listen, what you got, can't nobody do what you do like you do when you do what you do like you do it when you do it. You in a class all by yourself. You're in a place of distinction. You have been created for such a time as this. Play that thing. Touch three people and tell 'em, "Something is about to happen". God's about to change the atmosphere. God's about to change to atmosphere. God's about to change the atmosphere. God's about to change the atmosphere. God's about to change the atmosphere. You see, what we begin to understand is that David entertains God's presence with music. I can't play, I just wanna stand over there while she plays. The music draws me. The music affects me. The music changes the atmosphere. The whole room felt different when she just started.

See, you have to understand that it is not David's fighting that brings him to the palace, it's his music. His music summons the presence of God, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Dance, David, dance, whoo, dance, David, dance. Dance, David, dance. God is about to do a new thing in your life like you have never seen before. There's something I learned, thank you. There's something I learned. There's something I learned. I started studying the instruments of the Old Testament, because what made David mighty, when he gets ready to go to Zion, when he gets ready to go to Zion, it is almost a repetition of how he came to the palace. He comes to the palace as a musician. He is promoted to an armor bearer. Later, we will read that he comes back to be king. And the reason he had to have music is because he had music the first time.

So, David is going back to something. Somebody needs to go back to something you threw away. When you were in trouble the first time, you used to call on the Lord, now you think you're smart. But if you go back to calling on him like you used to call on him, I mean that old-fashioned, gully-washing, thirst-quenching, devil-chasing, I know you're cute now, I know you're doctor so-and-so, I know you make eight figures, but if you go back to... Oh, my God, I didn't realize, I get it. I know the slingshot was a weapon, but this is a weapon, too. The only difference between David praising God on the harp and David praising God when he brings back the arc of the covenant is, this time he's using everything. This time, he's using everything. The first time he used something, this time, he's got a whole band.

The power of David's tabernacle is that David's tabernacle... see, Moses gave us ordinances and sacraments, David's tabernacle gives us instruments. And David created instruments. There are no brazen altars, no brazen lavers, no table of shewbread, no altar incense, there's only instruments. So, I started studying on instruments, and all of the instruments that were used in the day of David, and for the most part that are used today, have something in common. They are either creating sound through touch or wind. Blow the trumpet for me. Blow the trumpet in Zion.

I told you when the service started that that was the sound that calls the children of Israel to gather, and if you Google "blow the trumpet," it is all over the Old Testament, because it was a signal for the saints to assemble, that something was about to happen. That the presence of God was about to move. But what I didn't tell you is that in the Bible, the trumpet was made out of silver. Silver that had been through the fire. In the Scriptures, silver represents redemption. The price that he paid to purchase you. Silver represents redemption. The trumpet was made out of silver, so the instrument itself is redemption, but the wind is the Holy Spirit.

Blow the trumpet in Zion. That's nothing but the wind of God blowing through the redeemed. That's nothing but Acts chapter 2. "When the day of Pentecost was fully come, and they were in one place, with one accord, suddenly, there came a sound from heaven," because the wind of God is blowing through the people of God, and the Holy Ghost began to fall, because God is blowing his trumpet in Zion.

What I learned is that even today, all of these instruments either respond to wind or touch. Touch that organ. See, when you play the organ, normally, they would describe you as an accompaniment, because in our culture, the music is designed to accompany the singer. But when the Bible says to praise him on the organ, it means if nobody sings... That every time you touch, every time you touch a key, it produces a sound. Every time you touch a key, it produces a sound. And this organ is really imitating a pipe organ, which produces wind. You see, it's designed, when you pull the bars, you get different sounds to imitate the pipes, and the organs, and the wind, and the wind produces a sound, and the sound goes up before God as a symphony.

So, if nobody ever adds a lyric, your music alone is praise to God. So, whenever you play, you play as giving praise to God. Every time you think about something that God did for you, every time you think about something that God did in you, every time you think about where God brought you from, if you don't say a word, if the choir don't sing, if they don't write a lyric, just praise him on the drums one more time, just praise. See, God understands what that means. God understands what you're trying to tell him. God understands what you feel. God understands what you feel in your spirit. That goes up before God as a sweet-smelling savor.

Whenever you think about where God brought you from, whenever you think about what God did in your life, whenever you think about what an amazing story you are to God, and you get ready to express praise, if you never sing a note, if you never dance with your feet, hit them strings and give God some praise. Every touch, every string, every note, every note, every string, every touch, every touch, every string, every note, every note, every touch, every string.

If he's ever done anything for you, if he's ever been good to you, if he's ever blessed you, if he's ever brought you from a mighty long way, hit that keyboard and just tell him thank you with music. With music, with sound.

And if you were at the throne, if you were at the throne, if you were in the presence of God, if you had gone through the veil and you stepped right into the throne room, and you got ready to play for the Master, if you were right in the palace with the King of kings and the Lord of lords, and you looked back and thought where he brought you from, what would you say with the keys?

Can you hear that worship going up? Can you hear that worship going up? Now, we did it in a loose fashion, but we're gonna do it like we do it, like we do it. We're gonna throw our culture in it. We're gonna throw our own individual culture to it, and we're gonna rock that thing for just a minute. We're gonna rock that thing. We're gonna rock that thing. Come on, let's rock that thing, fellas. Come on, let's go with me, give me some.

Are y'all getting what I'm saying to you? Now, this is what I want you to see. When David starts writing the 150 division of Psalms, he starts with the instruments. He doesn't tell the instruments to accompany the people, he says to praise him on the instruments. What we have been doing is praising him on the instruments. David created the instruments that were to praise God, but when David is creating the instruments, he is imitating God.

Let me show you this and I'll be finished. Everything you heard today either got touched or it got blown into. So, when man creates instruments, he does it by touching or blowing into it. When God created instruments, he created you. But when he came to man, he touched him, because man is an instrument. And when he got through touching him, he got down and he blew in him, because you are an instrument of praise. So, when the Bible says, "Let everything that has breath praise ye the Lord"...
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