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Steven Furtick - You Already Know: Fear Of Running Out

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I believe the Lord has spoken to me and I want to share message with you, as another installment on our series Flip the Flow. And I look at each of these like they build on each other. The last time that I was speaking with you, I spoke about joy and the fullness of joy, in the presence of the Lord. And now we're going to see not a description of that, but a demonstration of it from the scriptures. I just want to give you one verse and then you can be seated and we'll speak together today, but as you stand in reverence and respect for God's Word, welcome to all the locations, thank God for all of you who are joining e-groups today. Tell the person next to you, "You can't go to heaven unless you join any group". These are really great people, I can vouch for 80% of them, there's always a 20% weirdness factor in anything you do with large groups, but we try to screen them vet them, they're not gonna sell you pampered chef essential oils or anything like that, once they get you in the home.

So it's not a timeshare presentation, just want to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord, not selling keto drinks just trying to help you build a foundation. John chapter 2 verse 11, make sure you take advantage of that, it's there for you, it's there for you to grow in your faith. John chapter 2 verse 11, "What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him". One more time turn to your neighbor, give him my sermon title tell him: You Already Know. Please be seated.

Shout out to my brother Matt who is stationed in New Jersey, he serves in the United States Air Force. Shout-out to him, because he put me on this documentary, that I really enjoyed this week, it's called Fire: the greatest party that never happened. It's a documentary about one of the great scandals of our day in regards to entertainment and social media. The fire festival was created by Billy MacFarlane and the legend Ja Rule. It was to be the ultimate luxury music experience on the private island of Exuma in the Bahamas. It was to take place over the course of two weekends: one in April and the other in May of 2017. Some of the world's top models and social media influencers promoted the event, simultaneously using the hashtag #firefestival #firewithawhy. In case you go home and watch it, I'm not recommending movies from this pulpit, because I know how legalistic some of you are, and you'd be an Instagram messaging me about the bad words and this and that. I'm not saying you should watch it, I'm just saying it was awesome.

And they put these orange tiles on Instagram all at the same time, and because it was people that have such clout, the festival sold out, the Music Festival sold out in 48 hours. In 48 hours they sold tickets and day passes ranged from $500 to $1500. And then the luxury experience went up to $12,000. And some of the packages were reported to be $250000 for the luxury villas and stuff. And they put these beautiful pictures online of the festival marketed toward Millennials. And they they showed the island, they said that the island formerly belonged to Pablo Escobar, and that you could come party like Pablo Escobar with Instagram models in bikinis, white sand, clear waters at the fire festival. And then you could get a luxury room, villa and they sketched that, but when the Millennials arrived and descended upon the Bahamas, things were a little different.

Than had been advertised, turns out, that our boy Billy and JA (a first-name basis) sold something, that didn't necessarily exist, in the same form that they advertised it. When the customers arrived through the fire festival in the Bahamas, they found disaster relief tents, where the villas were supposed to be in gravel parking lots, in the parking lot of a sandals resort. Not to mention, that instead of gourmet meals, cooked by five-star world-class chefs, they found apparently cheese sandwiches in styrofoam boxes. And the festival never happened. The festival never happened. Many were stranded, according to the documentary, in the airport overnight without water. 23 year old kids who paid $12,000 to see blink 182, serves him right, by themselves stranded in the Bahamas with no fire festival.

And one case study that I read that said, you know, now Billy McFarland is in jail for wire fraud, but it was suggesting that this was the ultimate cultural case study in FOMO, that never have we seen, because people were so afraid that this would happen without them, the fear of missing out... which I don't struggle with as much, I don't struggle with the fear of missing out. More like for me, the fear of running out, that's more what I deal with. I'm a pretty lazy person, a pretty boring, I'm not lazy about the things that matter, but somebody's like. You know, "There's a lunar eclipse tonight"? And I'm like, "Yeah, somebody will take a picture". You know, what time is it, at 10:45, and I check it out tomorrow. "You know, it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing". It'll be on YouTube. You know, that's kind of my thing I'm finding myself, but fear of running out, FORO. FOMO not so much, FORO, fear of running out
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