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Steven Furtick - I'm Confused About My Calling

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There is a passage of scripture, that is always fascinated me, and I knew it was the one to start this series with, because most of my sermon ideas come from a text, usually a text in the Bible, but this whole series came to me through a text on my phone. And somebody texted me, but I didn't have their number in my contacts, but they had texted me before, and their name was in the text. So, you know, Steve Jobs is so smart. Even from beyond the grave he made a suggestion on my iPhone and he said: "maybe" and then it said "it could be this person". And when I saw it on my phone, I realized that that would make an amazing way to spend several weeks in the Word of God, talking about those times, where we don't know if it's God or not.

And so we're trying to lead our family, some of us, or we're trying to get our education or we're trying to decide about jobs or dates or trying to decide about moving to a new house or new apartment. Or just trying to figure out what it is, that we were put here on earth for, but the series is called "Maybe God". We worship a God, who can be best explained as mystery, and yet we live in a culture that worships certainty. And so, I want to talk about that for several weeks with you and I'm so glad you're here. Touch somebody and say, "He's so happy you're here! That preacher is happy you're here". That's true, I'm so glad you're here.
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  1. Dee
    24 February 2019 09:33
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    is it possible to get this sermon.
      25 February 2019 11:30
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      Sure! Just download!