Steven Furtick — I Lost My Confidence

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Philippians 3:1. I'll give you my title before I read my text today, we're in a series called Triggered, taking back your mind in the age of anxiety. And I will keep preaching, until you are totally sane, and until, you know, no longer hiding Doritos under your bed, because of stress eating, and custom people out in your car, while you're listening to Elevation worship, at the same time you don't even pause the music.

So the series is gonna go a little bit longer, and this text is gonna help us today. The Apostle Paul is in his own way, upset and triggered for good reason, about something, that is going on to affect the believers, and so the title I want to use, I need you to announce this title to the person sitting next to you. You don't have to talk to him another time after this, it be the last time, that you have to talk to them, but tell them this, say: I hate to admit it, but I lost my confidence, amen.
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    18 March 2019 15:42
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