Steven Furtick — Why I Went Off?

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This series is called triggered, this is week four, and I just trust, that you came expecting today for God to speak to you. Let's look at 2 Kings 5. I'll give you my title right up front, title of this message is Why I went off? Touch somebody, tell them it's a long story. When I first decided to preach on this topic of triggered, I figured, that it would help me personally, and then we could do group therapy, but I wanted to do it from the Word of God, because I am not a psychologist, certainly, not a neuroscientist or anything like that. I interviewed a neuroscientist a few days ago, and that is now here, so you can go and watch, that I asked her questions related to the clinical reasons, that sometimes we do the things that we do. And had a conversation with her about not just understanding things with cliches and jargon, that we sometimes use to cover up our lazy thinking. And sometimes we spiritualize issues that are practical within the same time, sometimes try to solve things practically, that are spiritual, and so it's just a great talk that's here.

And you can check that out, but this week I want to share a character study on a Bible character, who is so familiar to me. And by that I mean not only have I read this story quite a few times, but I feel, like I know this guy, I feel like I met him one time in the mirror. And certain things about him, really spoke to me, and so, I just pray that the same will happen for you today.
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