Steven Furtick — The Movie In My Mind

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This is week three of a series, called Triggered. The subject is "Taking back your mind in the age of anxiety". The text for today is Luke chapter 10:38-42. And I want to share this scene with you in an appropriate way. We're gonna really have a wonderful time today, this is a practical message, and kind of a funny little story, that Luke put in his Gospel account. And since we're talking about this thing, about anxiety and taking back our minds, I think we not only have to look at that in the deeper sense, but just in the simple everyday ways, that life bumps us and bruises us and causes us to be sensitive and touchy. And so, this passage is kind of interesting for that purpose.

Let me read it to you now, Luke 10:38, "As Jesus and His disciples were on their way, he came to a village, where a woman named Martha opened her home to him". And so, they're on their way to Jerusalem, actually for a trip, and that's where Jesus was always headed, he's always headed to the cross, no matter what he's doing. If he's healing people he's heading to the cross, he's focused, he knows his ultimate goal. And that's why nobody was able to get Jesus off track or off mission, because he knew what he came to do, and he knew that that meant suffering, and he knew that that meant putting aside certain things, and agendas of people, and maybe, not necessarily living up to their preferences. He was headed to Jerusalem, but a lot of things happen along the way.
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