Steven Furtick — The Devil In 3D

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Just to hit it real quick from 1 Peter 5:8-9, which serves as a theme, we won't preach from it today, but, "Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion" - see I always read it wrong. I thought he was a lion, I thought he was bigger than me, and stronger than me, but I found out, that he's just loud, like a lion. And the place where he roars, is in my mind. That's where he's the loudest, in the thoughts that I had, and so he's looking for someone to devour.

Did you ever wonder, why all those Twitter feeds, and Instagram feeds, and Facebook feeds, why they call him feeds? It's because they're eating your mind alive. Did you know that? And so, he devours people in any way, that he can, he's looking for someone. The command is, "Resist him", but how many know it's hard to resist, what you don't recognize? And if we're to resist the enemy, because I don't know about you, but I don't intend to live the rest of my life, as a Christian, and be a slave to my own imagination, amen. I don't intend to live the rest of my life forgiven by Christ, as a prisoner to my past, and replaying memories of moments, that have come, and gone, but I can't escape them in my mind. And so, I really intend, if it takes me the rest of my life, and it might, because it seems like sometimes I take two steps forward and three steps back, but I'm trying to get free, I'm trying to take my mind back. So, I can serve God with my mind, and love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, all my strength.

And I don't want to be drained, so I go into each day with no energy and broken focus. I really want to be able to see clear the way ahead, so I can follow Christ into my future, and that's the intention of this series. But, in order to resists the enemy, we've got to recognize him, or we'll spend our whole life resisting all the wrong things, resisting silence when sometimes that's where God speaks the loudest, resisting or trying to avoid awkward situations. And God's middle name is awkward, he'll run out of food on purpose, to see what you're gonna do in an awkward situation. He'll sit down next to a disreputable woman at the well, and make it awkward. So, the disciples have to decide, if they really believe that this message is for everyone.

And so, let's take a look today at this idea of recognizing the enemy. So we can see how he's at work in our lives, and this may be a weird title, but I want to call this message the devil in 3D. What does he look like in real life, not our cartoon image of him, our coloring book devil. Once we get the cape off of him, and try to understand how he really operates to try to master our minds and set up a seed of influence in our souls through controlling our emotions, we can start to do battle. And you know, Paul said one time, we are not ignorant of Satan's devices. Satan's devices, and of course, I don't think this is the devil, but I wanted to give you three things, just to make it memorable, that start with the letter D. And rather than continue on talking about Peter, this week, I want to move into the Old Testament for a few moments, and tell you story about a Bible character, that I know you've heard of named Moses. And I want to use this one example from his life, is probably not the one that he would choose for us to evaluate, because he made a great mistake and it cost him dearly, but hopefully like first Corinthians 10 says, we can use him as an example, so the same thing doesn't happen to us.

How many of you want your kids to learn some stuff from your experience, that they don't have to learn through their own pain? And so, let's look at this, I'll read it to you. I'll be honest with you, I never preached on this passage before, because I was intimidated by it, and really it's a little confusing. You'll see that it seems a little harsh, what happens in this passage, and honestly I knew, that if I ever preached it, that God would probably speak something to me, that I wouldn't want to hear, because I relate to a little thing that happens in this Bible story.

But I want to share it with you now, as we lean into this message, the devil in 3D. And of course, Moses's devil was a little different than ours. He would have said Pharaoh, who was the ruler of Egypt. The one, that he had to demand emancipation for the people of God from, he never really asked for that assignment, he didn't seek that assignment, he wasn't looking for a life purpose, God just interrupted what he thought was his second half of life, and gave him something different to do, and wasn't terribly convenient. But now, we're looking at Moses, at the end of his life, and this is what the Bible says Numbers chapter 20 verse 1.
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