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Steven Furtick — Lions and Lizards and Lies

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Welcome to week one, of a brand new sermon series called "Triggered". And we're gonna be discussing some things, some different teachings to help you take your mind back, and not just give territory over to the devil in the area of your imagination. And so, that he fills you with all of these hypothetical scenarios, that may or may not ever happen, keeping you from enjoying the life God has given you. More importantly, stewarding the life that God has given you, for his glory. And we're so excited to get it started today, and I want to make the best use of our time possible. I know here at Valentine, they were saying it was kind of difficult to get in, probably not at all the campuses, but there was more traffic than usual, and so you should thank God for that, because not only is that more people hearing the message of Jesus Christ, but it's also good preparation for a sermon about anxiety.

And so we're just looking out for you, and helping you get in the right mind frame, but let's go through the Word of God now. And obviously, I'm no psychologist, I'm just a Bible preacher from Moncks Corner South Carolina, and with a little bit of knowledge that I have about the scriptures, and life experience, I want to show you something today, that I think will be so helpful, from 1 Peter 5:5-9. And I'm going to tell you, there's only one verse in this whole passage, that I actually like. I believe all of it, and I know, that I'm supposed to do all of it, but from the natural standpoint of my mind, there's only one verse that appeals to me, and you'll see what I'm saying, when I read it.

Of course we can't talk about Triggered, without paying a visit to Peter. Easily the most triggered disciple, that Jesus called cussining, cutting off people's ears and stuff, but he's calmed down by the time, he writes this letter to the Gentiles, who are assimilating into the Greco-Roman world. And he has some great advice for us, concerning our anxiety, and our cares. Not that you have any, but someone on your row worries too much. Not that you do, but they think about stuff, they make little movies in their minds, and they edit together things, that didn't actually happen, and then they tell themselves, that that's how it really is.

So, that's what I'm helping today. I'm sorry you had to come hear a sermon, designed for someone else, but Peter was actually talking to a church, that was undergoing a great deal of persecution, and he has some experience from wisdom, and I'm gonna share his words with you today, and pray that God will speak to you personally.
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