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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - You Have to See Who I Met in Heaven

Sid Roth - You Have to See Who I Met in Heaven

Sid Roth - You Have to See Who I Met in Heaven

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Sid Roth - You Have to See Who I Met in Heaven

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Most Bible believers know that the Bible is filled with promises from God and they know that it's for them. But there is a disconnect between knowing that and the manifestation of your healing, the manifestation of your loved one coming to know the Messiah, the manifestation of that job you've been believing God for, that career you've been. There seems to be year after year, after year, I'm a believer, but it's not manifesting. My guest went to Heaven and received supernatural wisdom, a gift, and he wants to teach you how the promises of God are so pregnant and ready to be manifested now. Well my guest is Steven Brooks and I had him as my special teacher on one of my trips to Israel, and for the first time in my life, I smelled supernatural aromas. It was beautiful in Israel, but it's different now. I don't know about any of you at home or in the studio audience, but the minute you sat down, I began to smell frankincense, I believe.

Steven Brooks: Yes. It is the presence of the Lord. Now whenever you're smelling frankincense, Sid.

Sid Roth: I do.

Steven Brooks: It means that the blessings of God, God's very best blessings will manifest in your life.

Sid Roth: I take it! How about you? You take it, too. Okay. Now you're one of these guys that provoke me to jealousy. You said this year you were caught up into Heaven and someone I had never heard of, but then I studied, greeted you when you got Heaven. Who was that?

Steven Brooks: Well I was praying in my bedroom on my knees, Sid, and I went into a vision, and the next thing I knew I was going up, up, up and I was in Heaven, and I was greeted by a person, I would describe him as a tour guide who was going to show me around the heavenly realm, it was Joseph of Cupertino. This man had a tremendous walk with the Lord and he was known in church history as a man who would be lifted up by the spirit and would fly. And this man took me all over Heaven, flying. We went around mountains, over mountains, across beautiful rivers and we arrived in the City of God. Our feet came down and he introduced me to somebody I have never met before. I have read about the 24 elders in the Book in Revelation and he introduced me to one of the 24 elder. And he had a golden scepter in his hand that was about six feet long, and at the top of the scepter there was a red ruby that was cut and faceted, and polished. And he took that scepter and he leaned it forward towards me, and the tip with the ruby went right into my chest. He put it right into my chest, and he said, "You haven't been sleeping good". And I said, "That's right". And he put that scepter into my chest, and I felt the love of God, the warmth of God. God's healing power went into my chest. And I know there's no timeframe in Heaven, but it seemed like he held it there for about two minutes. And he seemed like he was up to something than just more than me receiving a healing from God.

Sid Roth: Let me just take him a step further. The ruby, he found out, signifies wisdom, and when he we got back to Earth he started operating in wisdom that he never had before. Tell me about, say a business decision since you got this wisdom. What happened?

Steven Brooks: Well it was interesting, Sid, because there was an adventure I wanted to be involved in. And I talked to the Lord about it and gave the Lord many good reasons why he thought he should give me a thumbs up to move forward on this. And I said, "Lord, this is good. There's nothing wrong with it". And getting list after list about why I thought these are justifiable reasons. And so I just presented it to the Lord and waited for a response. In the meantime, I had done some prayer and fasting, and when I came off that fast the Holy Spirit just reminded me to ask again to get the final answer. I said, "Oh Lord, by the way, what about that question I had asked you about that venture I wanted to get involved in"? And Sid, the presence of the Lord came with that wisdom. Wherever there's the presence, there's the person. So the Lord came with his wonderful presence. I immediately grabbed the Bible and the Bible randomly opened, and it fell to a page where the Holy Spirit seemed to lift up in 3D the verse off the page. I couldn't see any other verses. I just saw that verse. And to paraphrase it loosely, the verse basically said, "Do not do this. It will be a distraction from you and draw your attention away from me".

Sid Roth: I want you to start pressing into that wisdom right now and you say we all need a revelation of faith. What do you mean by that, for the manifestations to occur?

Steven Brooks: Yes, because a revelation really is an unveiling. It's something where you pull the curtain back and you see it for the first time. It's been there the whole time, but for the first time we're actually seeing the importance, the value of something that God puts tremendous emphasis on. So faith comes by a revelation of its tremendous ability to change your life. So whether it's a healing, whether it's God touching your finances, all of the blessings of God are accessed through faith. And so when you release your faith and know the potential that Jesus said, "All things are possible to him who believes, you think, wow, I want to do some specific believing and produce some specific manifestations.

Sid Roth: The Bible talks about different levels of faith and they talk about people with little faith.

Steven Brooks: Yes.

Sid Roth: And many people, if they're honest, they'd say I have little faith. Is there hope?

Steven Brooks: Yes and I think we have to be honest. We have to appropriately measure our current faith level. It's like an athlete going into the gym and the person's lifting 200 pounds over their head. And so somebody might say, I can't do that. That's okay. The thing is if you want to, we can take you there. There are training principles, there are nutritional guidelines, there are things that we can do to increase your strength, and there people lifting over 500 pounds over their head. So it works the same way with faith. You can develop your faith. You may not be able to lift it in your current place, but you say, I can't lift that now, but I believe that my faith level is going to grow to the point where I can lift this and take hold of that promise of God, and as you get stronger you will, and you'll be able to see that all things are possible to him who believes.

Sid Roth: You know, when we come back I'm going to have Steven share some supernatural wisdom on manifesting God's blessings. Some will surprise you.

Sid Roth: I hope you're having as much fun as we're having here. Steven, at this moment in history I notice people that are really hungry for God.

Steven Brooks: Yes.

Sid Roth: Really hungry for the things of God. They're really zooming in the supernatural. How important is it for us to be hungry for God?

Steven Brooks: It's essential, critical. You have to have that hunger to go after the things of God. So if you'll initiate the move God will come right alongside and you'll begin to go into areas of the Glory that you only thought could happen in your wildest dreams.

Sid Roth: It's available to everyone?

Steven Brooks: Yes, but you have to press in. You have to pursue the Lord in this area.

Sid Roth: All right. What if the flesh is causing you to spend more time with your hobby, more time with television, more time, lots of these things and you want to press in, but the flesh is just pulling, pulling, pulling. What advice do you give us?

Steven Brooks: Just give God your initial best. If you will take that step the grace of God will come and the next thing, you're going two steps, three steps and now you begin to get momentum. Once you get that momentum stay in it. It will only begin to increase. You'll go higher in the Spirit.

Sid Roth: Steven, God revealed a concept, a supernatural concept about the nighthawk. Explain.

Steven Brooks: Yes. I found it in the Bible. It's mentioned in Deuteronomy, Chapter 14, where it talks about this amazing bird called the nighthawk and he's nocturnal. He flies at night. And then I began to realize that much of the praying that the Lord Jesus did was in the very early hours of the morning when it was still dark outside. And so the Holy Spirit began to show me that he wants the people of God to fly, to soar like a nighthawk because it's cloaked in Divine secrecy. You actually fly beneath the radar of the enemy. He doesn't have any clue in the world what you're doing because it's just you and the Lord alone in your quiet place, in prayer, receiving revelation from God and walking in very close fellowship with the Lord.

Sid Roth: Now I happen to be, because everyone is different, what's known as an early person. Steven Brook: Yes.

Sid Roth: I'm at my best early.

Steven Brooks: Yes.

Sid Roth: I'd rather do it early in the morning than the middle of the night. Will that work for me?

Steven Brooks: Yes. Vestal biblical because it says in Mark 1:35 that the Lord Jesus arose early in the morning to go out and pray, and he went out to a solitary place and prayed. He did that a long while before the sun ever came up.

Sid Roth: How do you pray?

Steven Brooks: I just wake up and I begin to spend time with the Lord, sitting there in darkness waiting on the Lord, saying, "Lord, what would you like to talk about today"? And he will come. He's the master teacher.

Sid Roth: What if he doesn't come, what would you do?

Steven Brooks: Then you pursue him. You pursue until the Glory comes and he'll lead you into it. He'll lead you into it. He'll give you little samplings and he'll pull you deeper.

Sid Roth: You do something else that I haven't, I really haven't heard before, and that is, this part I've heard of. Actually I've heard of both, but I've not heard of them together. That is praying in supernatural languages, God talk.

Steven Brooks: Yes.

Sid Roth: And visualizing at the same time.

Steven Brooks: Yes. It's what launched my ministry.

Sid Roth: Give me a real life example, maybe launching your ministry. Tell me about it.

Steven Brooks: Yes and it can work for anybody regardless of their career, occupation or calling. For me, there was a strong desire to go out and pray every weekend afternoon on the bleachers of the ball park. I would just walk back and forth on the empty bleachers. There was nobody there and I would pray in the Spirit for hours because I had the sense God has a ministry for me to the nations and I didn't even have a passport. But this thing was in me, you're going to go to the nations, begin to pray into it. So I would pray into it by speaking in tongues and just praying out in the Spirit. At the same while I would do that to emphasize the impact of it, I would visualize myself getting on large jet airliners and going to nations. And it took some time of doing that, week after week. And now that is my life calling of running to the nations. We just back from Europe and God is doing great miracles.

Sid Roth: If you hadn't done that.

Steven Brooks: Right.

Sid Roth: Would you be where you are today?

Steven Brooks: I would not be where I'm at today. I prepared it and sowed into it, and now I'm reaping that harvest.

Sid Roth: Good. Could it be the scripture, "Many are called, few are chosen," he was called, but most just say, well if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. I don't believe that. Do you?

Steven Brooks: We have to pursue. There is the prophetic promise, but we must go after the Lord with all of our energy, all of our strength and we'll achieve amazing results.

Sid Roth: You talk about actually prophetic actions released in the manifestation. Tell me about that couple that needed a land rover.

Steven Brooks: Well there's many examples that you can do to step out in faith. You have defined some type of specific work to attach to your faith. And there was a missionary that was believing God for a land rover. And he's out in an area of great remote, a place where there's no access to receive help from what we would call the outside world. But yet he's believing God for a land rover. And what he did is decide to wash an imaginary land rover. So he got a bucket of water and he got some soap and a sponge, and he said, "I by faith believe that God is going to get me a land rover and I'm going to start washing it every day because when I get it I'm going to take good care of it". And by faith he said, "I've got it now". And to the shock of all the locals who were watching him do this crazy act, to the shock of everybody in the community, God blessed that man. Miraculously, somebody bought him a land rover.

Sid Roth: Now when you went to Heaven you received a mantle of wisdom.

Steven Brooks: Yes.

Sid Roth: But you've received many mantles and he's prayed for people to receive mantles and they have received them. Tell me a few, just real briefly, two or three types of mantles that people can receive.

Steven Brooks: One of the easiest mantles to get especially in this anointing that's here right now is a prophetic mantle. That way you can flow with the Spirit. We had to have a prophetic anointing. Jesus is a prophet. He's very prophetic and he speaks through prophetic imagery. And when you can pick up on that you can begin to know how Jesus moves and operates.

Sid Roth: Okay. When we come back I'm going to have Steven pray for healings, miracles and mantles. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Now I said to Steven, whatever he tells you to do, do it. Sound familiar? Okay. Steven.

Steven Brooks: Yes.

Sid Roth: You just got back from meetings in England. What happened there?

Steven Brooks: We had some very powerful meetings in England where the Spirit of God was moving. And in the last service mantles began to fall on the people in a very, very tangible way, coming over their shoulders, people having powerful sensations of a burning in their hands, healing gifts being released to God's people. You know, it's like a new wardrobe. If we wore the same clothes for 30 years it might get a little bit boring. So God releases new mantles, new garments, new assignments, new callings and new giftings, and they fall on God's people with tangible presence of God's goodness.

Sid Roth: Many physical healings take place?

Steven Brooks: Yes. Healings take place and also people can get healed while at the same time receiving a healing anointing.

Sid Roth: No, I'm talking about in the meeting in England.

Steven Brooks: Yes. Yes, it was happening. People were being healed in their bodies and then standing up and receiving a new anointing to go out and pray for the sick from the very thing they just got healed from.

Sid Roth: You know, I'm hearing things, people with problems in the neck, if you move your head you'll see that the pain is gone. Anything actually from the neck up, sinus, thyroid and any, it's yours. Just take it.

Steven Brooks: Yes.

Sid Roth: Steven, we hear the term from the Bible, "Prayer and supplication". What does the word, I know what prayer means. What does the word "supplication" mean?

Steven Brooks: Sid, before we talk about that supplication there are people that are watching right now, you're smelling a fragrance like a burning incense and the Lord is healing sinuses, the Lord is healing incurable infections and you're like, what is this fragrance that smells like myrrh or frankincense burning? And so that is the cleaning power of God. There are people watching with HIV and as you're smelling this, God is cleansing you of that disease and you can go back and check, you're going to find out that Jesus has healed you of HIV. So receive the healing anointing of Jesus now.

Sid Roth: Okay. Supplication.

Steven Brooks: It's just where you go before the Lord in prayer and you're asking, but you're asking in the sense like, "Lord, I can't take no for an answer. Lord, you promised me in your Word that you would do this for me". And you come before the Lord and you pour your heart out before God, and God looks down and says, "I'm going to do this for you. You have given me your heart. You have devoted your life to me. I'm going to answer your prayer by fire".

Sid Roth: Briefly, I've got to ask you about this angelic wealth transfer you teach on.

Steven Brooks: It is in the Word of God revealed in the New Testament as an End Time revelation for the Body of Christ. You see in Haggai, Chapter 2, Verse 8, where the Lord says, "The silver and gold is mine, saith the Lord of Hosts". And that basically means, Lord of Hosts, the captain of the angelic armies, and Jesus Messiah is captain over all the armies of Heaven. But often times we don't see in the New Testament what we see in the Old Testament of the Jehovah names of God, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom. You move to the New Covenant, you don't see that. But in the Book of James, Chapter 5, it says that "The wicked rich have heaped up treasure in the last days and it's come to the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth". Who is the Lord of Sabaoth? That is a transliteration where we have lost the original Hebrew, meaning it is the Lord of Hosts. It is Jehovah Sabaoth and it is the captain of the angelic armies. He is going to come and send his angels, and shake wealth into the Body of Christ where the Body of Christ is moved from being the tail to becoming the head.

Sid Roth: I'm going to tell you something. I believe that the Glory of God is so strong on this set.

Steven Brooks: Yes.

Sid Roth: You said I was distracting you because you can't see maybe on TV, but if you were close you would see gold on my face.

Steven Brooks: Yes. I almost feel like I'm vibrating and shaking under the power of God that's in this studio right now.

Sid Roth: I need you to pray right now mantles, miracles.

Steven Brooks: Lift up your hands wherever you're at. Father, in the name of Jesus, this is an End Time church that you have. The End Time church must be a prophetic church. There was one John the Baptist, but now there's a corporate body saying, "Prepare the way for the Lord's return". Father, let that End Time prophetic anointing, lift your hands, let it come on your people now. In the name of Jesus receive healing anointings falling on you now. Somebody's lungs were completely healed. You can now breathe. You are delivered from asthma. Anointings for prosperity, financial anointings, gold anointings are coming down now. Evangelistic mantles are calling and falling upon you. John the Baptist and Paul type ministries, receive it and go out in the power of the Holy Spirit. Mighty, mighty, evangelistic mantles are falling upon young people all over the world. Take it and run with the fire of God.

Sid Roth: And in Yeshua's name, in Jesus' name, yes there is an Orthodox Jewish person watching me right now. I say to you that the promises of God for everyone are yes and so be it in Yeshua's name.
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