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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - I Went into a Heavenly Portal and Accessed Books from Heaven

Sid Roth - I Went into a Heavenly Portal and Accessed Books from Heaven

Sid Roth - I Went into a Heavenly Portal and Accessed Books from Heaven
Sid Roth - I Went into a Heavenly Portal and Accessed Books from Heaven
TOPICS: Worship

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest Eddie James says if you are fascinated with God you will have a Jesus encounter. He just got back from Heaven and there is an anointing that will cause you to be fascinated with God and have your own Jesus encounter. You know, Eddie James, every time I meet someone that has known the Lord from a very young age, you provoke me to jealousy because you didn't have to go through all the junk. I didn't even know who Jesus was until I was 30. But you're singing for the Lord, you're singing in church. But one thing I've observed about you, yes, I love your worship ministry because you sing to God, and there's something very special about it, but there's something else that intrigues me. You have such a broken heart for the hurting and the loss. Obviously it came from God, but how did you get such a broken heart for the hurting?

Eddie James: I come from a great family. The Lord has really used our family. Our family fell on some hard times and eventually my mother and father were broken apart, and there was a definite wound that happened in my heart as a result of that. And it's interesting how you could be ministering in church and still bleeding. But the Lord has done a work in my life and I believe that that sense of brokenness plays a huge role into why my heart has been tender. I'll never forget when I began to work with Teen Challenge, which is my first worship leading job, which was I did Assembly of God Church with the Teen Challenge program, they began to take in these people that would come in from the streets, and I was blown away by that. I can remember like it was yesterday, I am watching this father who had two sons that had just begin to, you know, one was nine and one was like seven, and they had just shared a scripture in front of a couple thousand people, and I'm on the keyboard. And it was great. The whole church stood up and clapped as we were kind of doing that. And as I looked to my right, the father comes to these boys, and says, "I'm so proud of you. I'm so just moved by what you did". And I saw a picture of what I had longed for, and I began to break. I just began to weep. And I could remember that like yesterday just that moment for some reason triggered and unlocked this deep pain that I had been carrying for so long. And it was through that experience that the people...

Sid Roth: There is something that happens for a true worshiper.

Eddie James: Yes.

Sid Roth: That whatever the world has done to you, you can be free.

Eddie James: That's exactly right.

Sid Roth: You take people off the streets that are hardened, drug addicts.

Eddie James: Yes.

Sid Roth: But something just happened to you. You actually had a portal come down from Heaven. Tell me briefly about that.

Eddie James: The Holy Spirit just met us. We were in this extended time of seeking, fasting and prayer. The Holy Spirit hits me and I am on the floor, and I'm not just one prone to fall out. But I am on the floor and my spirit begins to go up into what I can only describe as this portal that opens up over Heaven and this, what seems to be a beam of light that connects where I'm at to the heavenly place. And my spirit begins to go into that place of glory and that place of the presence of the Lord, and there I am getting books from Heaven beginning to be put into my spirit, filled with songs or filled with just new creative writings that I would be doing in the earth. And so I would go back and forth and my spirit would go into Heaven, grab these books and then come back into my spirit, and I could feel my body responding to what the Holy Spirit is doing in me at that time. It changed my life.

Sid Roth: Since this visitation to Heaven, just in your worship, miracles are breaking out. Tell me a few recent miracles.

Eddie James: Okay. This has been awesome. So we were in the Philippines and just conducting an amazing meeting. And there was a woman in a wheelchair, she comes up to be healed, and the Lord miraculously heals this woman. She is running around the stadium. I pick up the wheelchair and I'm running around with the wheelchair behind this woman who actually is magnifying the Lord. We're also in the streets of Manilla and there's a, we're doing an outreach and there's a lady there who the doctor said that her baby was dead. There's no heartbeat and they're getting ready to take the baby out. And we begin to pray to release healing into this woman, and the baby begins to kick as our hands were on the baby's stomach. Crazy stuff.

Sid Roth: I have to tell you, I love the pop-up miracles in Haifa, Israel.

Eddie James: Oh Jesus. Okay, so we were there for the Feast of Tabernacles and I'm telling you, it was an amazing moment. I'm there really just leading worship. I'm standing there getting ready to do a teaching, and as I'm doing that, they just begin to pop up and say, "I just want you to know my knees got healed". Somebody says, "I just want you to know God just healed my back and my shoulders". And somebody else gets up and begin to declare how God is healing them of something in their ear, something in their eye. It just pops, people just popping up sharing how God, I'm sitting here like, wow. I'm just teaching and people are celebrating.

Sid Roth: You're an observer. You get to that piano, because when he plays, "Be Healed" and sings those words, watch out, pop-up miracles.

Eddie James: If your heart is broken and your spirit wounded, and you see when the one is there for you, have your troubles your tears, pain and fear, and you don't know what to do, I have a word from Heaven today. Be healed, be healed. He said rise take your bed and go on to do his will. Be healed, be healed. Let his blood make you better 'cause Jesus breaks every fetter. You don't have to stay the same. O Lord, be healed.

Sid Roth: Eddie, so many people are watching right now and the question they have on their heart is how do I have, isn't that what you're thinking, how do I have a Jesus encounter?

Eddie James: Well first of all, for some, a Jesus encounter, for many of us really, a Jesus encounter is something that we don't necessarily plan. He comes and he visits, and he does something in us. But I believe that how you continue to have them is through a seeking heart. He says, "If you draw night to me I will draw night to you". And I believe that what ends up happening, especially for believers, is that we have this moment with God and then we don't allow the moment to provoke a lifestyle of pursuit. And I believe that we have to silence all the voices that aren't from the Lord, everything that is being spoken into your life through music, through media, whatever. Sometimes when you just shut everything down and silence everything and begin to meditate on him, and become fascinated with him again, the encouragement here is to do your first works over again. If you can remember that day when you had such a burning heart for God that nothing else mattered but being in his presence, you need to get back that. Because I don't care who you are, you will never get above that.

Sid Roth: If someone can have an understanding of true worship they can have a Jesus encounter and that's the only real fix there is in life.

Eddie James: Nothing else satisfies. Nothing else can, you know, it's interesting when you look at the story of the prodigal in the pig pen. That he was going to silence the growl of his hunger with stuff that could never satisfy or ultimately destroy him. That he came to himself and said, "In my father's house, he's got servants that lives better than this". So he realized that the place that will ultimately satisfy is in the place of his father. And I believe that for those who are watching this, you need to know that I don't care what you turn to, I don't care if it seems to be good, I don't care if it seems to be a legitimate thing that's okay to do, it was never meant to satisfy the eternal longing of the heart. The only one who can do that is Jesus. And when you live in that place, I'm telling you, there's nothing else like it. There's nothing more fulfilling than to know that Jesus Christ is the ultimate satisfier of your soul. I just encourage this. Take all the restrictions and all of the boundaries off and live life with Christ. Live life with him. Yes, take some time and be intimate and get by yourself, but then don't leave that place and then act as if, okay, now I did my hour, now it's me. No, it's Jesus 24/7. It is Jesus consistently that he guides you, he directs you, he's speaking into your life. He's letting you know, watch for that, I'm proud of you for doing that, that's awesome. Be cautious of that. And allowing that voice, that presence of Jesus to be what you live in every day. This is to me what Enoch did. This is what Obed-Edom did and their lives were so enriched because they lived daily in the presence of the Lord.

Sid Roth: You know, all things are possible. Eddie, if you would go to your piano, all things are possible in the presence of God. And when you experience the presence, there's fullness of joy.

Eddie James: Amen.

Sid Roth: Now you can't have fullness of joy and problems at the same time. There's no room for problems.

Eddie James: Hear the cry of the broken people (come, Yeshua, come). In need of revelation and truth (come, Yeshua, come). You're our High Priest and the lamb slained (come, Yeshua, come). Salvation is only found in You (come, Yeshua, come). (come) Come in glory and power (come). Your people need You this hour. (come) All that You would render Heavens and manifest Your presence (come) Bring peace to Israel. (come) From the rise that moved the veil. (come) Lord, the spirit and the pride say come.

Sid Roth: Eddie, why is it, it seems as though, from my observation, God goes out of his way to reach broken people, broken hearted people, addicts, people whose marriages have been destroyed, people whose health is destroyed. There are people watching us in hospitals right now. Why does God go after those people so intensely?

Eddie James: One, because he loves them. First and foremost, he sees you as his daughter, as his son. He loves you and has just a burning heart to see you whole and free. Second of all, he created you for his Glory and those things were not what you were created for. And so he wants to release healing and victory into your life so that you could begin to manifest what a true worshiper is all about. A true worshiper is one who worships God in spirit and in truth. In spirit, meaning you're fascinated with God. So in spirit you're inner man is given to the Lord and from that place of true devotion in your heart your lifestyle begins to carry out what that devotion is like.

Sid Roth: You talk about this broken, broken woman at the well. Tell me about her.

Eddie James: Well Jesus goes to Samaria and finds this woman at Jacob's well. And at Jacob's well she's coming there to draw water, and Jesus, being a Jew, is interacting with this woman who her gender, her culture and her condition in her life would totally disqualify her from being in the presence of Jesus Christ. And yet, Jesus meets this woman, brings healing and deliverance into this woman's life and she becomes a voice of worship to her community. And so when you begin to think of who God is, he's holy, he's faithful, he's a refuge, he's a fortress, he is love, he is joy, he is peace, you begin to meditate on that. Many times in the scripture, David talks about him meditating on the Lord and pondering on who God is, and just dwelling on him in your thinking, filling your inner man with the knowledge of God. That position in our heart gives way to actions. I need to be fascinated with Jesus and I'm so fascinated with him that my lifestyle is a picture of my fascination.

Sid Roth: Would you pray for us to be fascinated with Jesus so we can have the breakthrough we need right now.

Eddie James: Amen. God, in the name of Jesus, I pray, God, for the silencing of every voice that does not speak to the heart of who you are in the lives of those who are watching. And I pray, God, for an inward fascination. Father, I pray, God, when they open up the Word that the Word would be opened up to them, Father, that it would not just be pages and just letters on pages, but it would be life that something would stir in them as they begin to read, as they begin to pray. May they so sense your presence as they begin to seek your face. May they so be gripped with who you are that every day of their life all they want to do is live to your pleasure.

Sid Roth: In his Glory, this is where breakthrough is found. Seek to be a true worshiper. Bring your brokenness, your sin, your addictions, your sickness. In true worship you will encounter Jesus. You will encounter his glory. You will encounter breakthrough. Here's Eddie James with "Breakthrough".

Eddie James: You are the undefeated One, my light and my salvation, when the wicked, my enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Omnipotent, Almighty, defender, my victory, my refuge, the One I run to, you are the God, you are the God of the breakthrough. If you have found your breakthrough tonight, clap your hands and shout breakthrough! Breakthrough, You are the God of the breakthrough and when I can't see my way through and I really don't know what to do. I look to You. Breakthrough. Walls fall down when I shout through. Strongholds break when I pray through so I'm gonna praise You, you are the God. You are the God of the breakthrough. Breakthrough. You are the God of the breakthrough. When I can't see my way through and I really don't know what to do. I look to You. Breakthrough. Walls fall down when I shout through. Strongholds break when I pray through. So I'm gonna praise You. You are the God. You are the God of the breakthrough. Breakthrough in my heart, Breakthrough - in my mind, Breakthrough - in my spirit, Breakthrough - in my soul, Breakthrough - in my weakness. Breakthrough - in my struggle. You are the God. You are the God of the. Breakthrough - in my worship. Breakthrough - in my praise. Breakthrough - when I lift and glorify your Name. Breakthrough - when I dance. Breakthrough - when I shout. You are the God. You are the God of the. Breakthrough. Breakthrough in my heart Breakthrough in my mind. You are the God of the breakthrough. I believe there's a breakthrough in your house, in your ministry. In your business Breakthrough in my woship Breakthrough - in my praise. Breakthrough - when I lift and glorify your Name. Breakthrough - when I dance. Breakthrough - when I shout. You are the God .You are the God of the, Breakthrough, in my heart Breakthrough in my mind Breakthrough in my spirit Breakthrough in my soul Breakthrough in my weakness You are the God. You are the God of the breakthrough. Breakthrough.
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