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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Worship That Ushers in the Presence of God

Sid Roth - Worship That Ushers in the Presence of God

Sid Roth - Worship That Ushers in the Presence of God
Sid Roth - Worship That Ushers in the Presence of God
TOPICS: Worship, God's Presence

Sid Roth: Hello. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Most Bible believers can't tell the difference between a professional entertainer, singer and a worshiper. But guess what? God can tell the difference. My guest, who has led worship for some of the largest miracle ministries on the planet is a worshiper and when he worships, the tangible manifest presence of God invades the place, and in God all things are possible. Are you ready for the God invasion? I want to find out how Roy Fields became such a carrier of God's presence. Things didn't start out right for Roy. At two, his parents got divorced. At eight, he became a believer in the Messiah and he absolutely knew he wanted to help people. And then as a teenager, his mom bought him a guitar. And you used to go into your bedroom with your guitar. What were you doing? And you locked the door. What were you doing?

Roy Fields: Well I didn't know how to play, so I would watch some other musicians play and everything. But I would lock myself in the room and I would just play for hours. And I only knew like three chords. So I would just worship these songs that didn't even rhyme.

Sid Roth: You would do it for hours. A kid, a young kid, a teenager doesn't do that for hours.

Roy Fields: Well first, I love music, first of all. The second thing I was getting addicted to what I was feeling what I would sing.

Sid Roth: What would you feel?

Roy Fields: I would feel a warm sensation come over my body and I would be singing to him, and all the pain I was feeling from my childhood and my dad not being there, and everything that was going, I was finding the Lord. I don't know if that makes sense, but I was finding the Lord. And his presence would fill my room. And I mean, when you feel God's presence, what else do you want to do?

Sid Roth: Okay. But your life really got changed. At 18, you went to Africa. What happened?

Roy Fields: Well I had somebody prophesy over me when I was 16 that I would actually do this. And I ended up in Africa. We went to four countries: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. And the last week I had an invitation to go to a high school in Mandara High School in Zimbabwe. I thought I was going to have like a Reinhard Bonnke meeting. You know, I was going to in there and there are going to be like thousands of people, and I would say, yes, hallelujah, you know. And unfortunately, there were eight kids there and they were already saved.

Sid Roth: You went to Africa to save Africa, and kids and they're already saved.

Roy Fields: So I mean, it was like letting the air out of my balloon. But anyway, I just felt a word from the Lord say, call people up for healing. Well seven of these eight came up and they didn't need healing, they wanted to just be prayed for. And I began to lay hands on them, and I had never done this before. Sid, I wasn't taught. I hadn't learned how to pray for people. I hadn't learned how to lay hands on them yet, and I just did what I felt in my heart to do. I thought when Jesus was baptized in the water and the Holy Spirit came upon, that's when the power of God entered Jesus. And I said, let the same thing happen to these kids. And I lifted up my hand, and I watched a kid go flying out under the power of God. And honestly, I went like this, Sid, I went, I've got the power! I mean, it blew my mind. And I just started laying hands on everybody, and they all fell out.

Sid Roth: I understand that the group began to grow over eight. What happened?

Roy Fields: It did. What happened is that last kid who didn't come forward I went and prayed for him and he was sitting in his seat. He was very embarrassed to get up. I went and grabbed his legs and prayed over him.

Sid Roth: What was wrong with his legs?

Roy Fields: His foot, he had a clubbed food that was, he walked funny. Everybody knew him. And I thought, if this doesn't work, I'm in Africa, nobody will remember me anyway. So I was like, it's okay. And I prayed and nothing, I was like, in the name of Jesus, you know, and nothing happened. And then the kid goes, "Jesus, please". And in my hands that kid's foot snapped and it went like this, and I'll be honest, I wasn't like, come on, praise the Lord. I was like this, oh my God! And all the kids starting speaking in a language, because they knew it was real. He got up and walked around and the next meeting we had 300 kids jam pack the classroom.

Sid Roth: Well that would change anyone's life. But I'll tell you what, I want you to stand up right now. Studio audience, you stand up. I want you at home, you think I don't see you? Well you're right. But stand up anyway. I want you to stand up and when you've done everything else with the attacks of life, stand and watch the salvation of God. Let's hear Roy Fields, "Stand Up".

Roy Fields: My heart is shouting out because the truth sets us free... And we will stand up... And we will stand up. I might be shaken... One voice this generation. Through the gifts of God... raging battles lost and one... We will not forget your chosen ones. Through the years of all that's come raging battles lost and won you will not forget your chosen ones. We are not alone. God is with us. Hey! Hey! Hey! And we will stand up... 'Cause we will stand up... One voice generation. And we will stand up.. I might be shaken. And we will stand up... One voice this generation. And we will stand up... I might be shaken... 'Cause we will stand up One voice this generation. And we will stand up!

Sid Roth: So Roy Fields is invited to Wales where, quite a long time ago they actually had a revival there. But he's going there only there for a few nights. What happened?

Roy Fields: Well we went there for four days to do a conference and when we got there I already had this expectation in me that something extraordinary might happen. The church we were in had not had a big move of God, a revival since the '50s. And when I got there it was extraordinary. I would lead worship and we would go for at least an hour and a half to two hours each night, given any night. And then I would preach at the end of that, and I don't know how to say it, but the whole air changed in the place. I could almost feel like maybe what Evan Roberts, for instance, might have felt back in 1904, the guy with the Welsh revival and everything.

Sid Roth: Right.

Roy Fields: And I looked around and I just knew this was what God wanted to do with this place. So it was like revisiting something that had already taken place, taken place years ago. And all I know is people did not want to leave the services, Sid, until 1:00 in the morning. The pastor is trying to shut the lights and he can't because people are laid out all across the entire halls, out the doors and everything.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that bar owner.

Roy Fields: There is a bar owner who is locking up. He was watching these meetings increase every single night and he's only about 25 yards. The pub, as they call it in the U.K., and he was closing up the door one day and somebody told me, it was like 12:30 at night, and he's closing up the door, and as he looks out, here comes people stumbling out of the church doors. And he's thinking to himself

Sid Roth: That's competition.

Roy Fields: Yeah, really. And he's thinking, I didn't serve these guys. What is going on over there? So the word started to spread, and next thing you know we had a prostitute come into the meeting that used to go to that bar, and because of what was happening in those meetings, she went to the bar, walked up to these two guys. I don't know if she had known them or not. And she, "Put your drinks down. You know if you would die today you'd end up in hell, don't you"? And they said, yes. And she grabbed him by the shirt, walked them 25 yards in to the building and both of them fell to their knees. One guy confessed to murder. The other guy gave his life to Christ. And both of them from what I understand today are now going to church, and they're plugged into God.

Sid Roth: But you know, there is the counterfeit and the authentic. The counterfeit, the world has, get drunk on wine. But that's a counterfeit is the new wine of the Holy Spirit and people are so happy that people think they're drunk, and that's what that bartender was doing.

Roy Fields: Yeah.

Sid Roth: But you and your wife went out on the streets and you were shocked when you were witnessing to people.

Roy Fields: Yeah.

Sid Roth: What did they tell your wife?

Roy Fields: Well my wife, on a Saturday, because we're there every night of the week doing meetings, Melanie, my wife, would go out on the streets and she would have, we'd have a crowd of about a hundred people or so that we would take them to teach them how to evangelize. And it seemed to be nine out of ten people, now listen to this, nine out of ten people in Wales are either A, atheist or don't believe in church. Okay. And so she would walk up to some of these people and they started saying to her, these are completely unbelievers.

Sid Roth: Right.

Roy Fields: And they were saying, "I had a dream that you were going to come to me this morning and tell me about Jesus". I mean, so we were touching a lot of people throughout the streets there and those dreams, you know, to hear that it was confirmation that we were doing what we were supposed to do.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the woman that just loved your song about angels, which happens to be favorite song.

Roy Fields: Yes.

Sid Roth: Who fell off a roof and broke her back.

Roy Fields: In 2004, this lady fell of a roof and she was basically on every single medication you can imagine. I think it was Oxycontin, Darvocet, Percocet. She was in so much pain that she had to leave the meeting because we hadn't started praying with everybody. So her friend who was impatient came to me and said, "Why won't you pray for my friend? You know, this meeting has been for four hours". And I'm like, I lead worship for two hours and then we leave. And she said, "She's leaving". And I said, "Man, what's wrong, what's going on"? And she says, "She says, I'm in so much pain. She says, I have to believe. If I don't get a miracle I can't live like this much longer". And I looked at her and Sid, I just knew by the Spirit God wanted to heal here right then and there, and I said, "Ma'am, look at my eyes". I said, "I promise you when I pray for you God is going to heal you right now. Do you believe me"? And I don't know, something about whatever was said, she looked at me and I knew she believed. I put my hand on her back. Now remember, there's nobody out there. Her friend is looking in disbelief. I put my hand on her back and I said, "Jesus, you can heal this". I said, "I command those bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons to line up with the Word of God in the name Jesus". And as I did that, her bones began to pop in my hand right up her back. And she went like this. She looked up and she went like this, and she said, "Oh my God"! I said, "Come on, ma'am, let's go walking". And then she started walking. And she said to me, "What do I do next"? And you know, I'm not a doctor, but I prescribed her something. I said, "Take two doses of my music and call me in the morning". "In the Presence of Angels" is what she listened to.

Sid Roth: Well I'm going to tell you something, this is my favorite song, by the way. But "In the Presence of Angels", as this music goes forth, people are seeing angels, they're having visitations from God, they're getting physically healed. Get ready because you are in the presence of angels.

Roy Fields: "I can feel your mighty power in this space. In the presence of angels with God's glory over me. Like... I can hear the angels say, hey, glory, glory. Lift it up. Glory, glory, glory, glory. Hear my calling. You are worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy. Show us your love. Show us your glory. Glory, glory, glory".

Sid Roth: I want to find out, Roy, to you, what is worship?

Roy Fields: That's a good question. Worship to me is the reverential adoration to God, not because he is God, but because I want to worship him. I want to love him.

Sid Roth: Yeah, but I don't play the piano, I don't play any instrument. So is it just for you or how about someone like me?

Roy Fields: It's for everyone. God is searching every heart looking for someone to worship him in Spirit and in truth.

Sid Roth: You know what I love to do? I love to worship God in supernatural languages, in tongues and make melodies. Do you ever do that?

Roy Fields: Absolutely. I don't know where I'd be without it, to be honest with you.

Sid Roth: Okay. Tell me about a few days ago you were in your living room.

Roy Fields: Yes.

Sid Roth: And something phenomenal happened.

Roy Fields: Well this happens from time to time. I was laying in my living room.

Sid Roth: That's not fair. It hadn't happened to me.

Roy Fields: Well I'm laying in my living room and there are many times that I'm thinking about God. I think about him all the time, and I find myself on the floor, and I just get lost. And I'm not in a place of desperation where I'm asking him to do something for me, and I'm not in a place where I'm telling him, oh thank you for all you've done for me. I'm actually in this place of, God, I just love you. You're just absolutely amazing and I don't know what I'd do without you in my life. And that's where I go. I go right there and I don't have to be in any environment. It could be anywhere. I just love it.

Sid Roth: When you were 21, you would go into a church and the pastor gave you the key, and you'd lock yourself in that church. What would you do?

Roy Fields: I would go and sit at the piano. You know, nobody would be there. The lights would be dim in the place and when I'd go in I'd just worship him, you know. These were my years as a youth, being a young adult growing up and just connecting with him. And as I played and I worshiped him, there was this one particular moment, you know, I'm a young man, I'm single, I'm not married yet. I moved down from New York to Florida and I'm just like, God, I'm open for anything. My life is completely yours. And as I'm worshiping the Lord, I sense the presence of God come into the room, and I look to my right, and where people would normally sit in the place, there was nobody there. But I looked in the main aisle and there were a set of brass feet that walked in and they had sandals on them. That's all I saw. Now I didn't know if it was God. I didn't know if it was Jesus. I didn't know if it was the Holy Spirit. I didn't know if it was an angel. Here's what I did know. I knew it was from the Lord. And when I looked at that, I shook. I wasn't like, hey Jesus, I was like, oh my God. And I just ducked underneath the piano, totally afraid, but in a wonderful afraid of the Lord, and I heard the Lord's voice and he said, "I am with you". And I just, I think I didn't get out of the place until about two in the morning. I was just wrecked. I was just wrecked. And I, you know, this has been my relationship with the Lord. This is how it's been for me from a tough life in the early years until now. I'm just in love with God. He's amazing, Sid.

Sid Roth: You know, God is so amazing. I'm going to tell you something. Roy got a song in Wales, it was downloaded from Heaven, about who God is, from Genesis to Revelation. It's called, "You are God". And whether you know it or not, God is God, and God is your God, and God has a destiny for you, and God has a purpose for your life. Don't you take those pills. Don't you commit suicide because God is God. Roy Fields, "You are God".

Roy Fields: You were there when the earth was born for us. covered only with the darkest night. God had only waived the darkness night. You were there stepping out unto nothing, spoke your word and light began to shine. You are God. I refuse to serve another. You are God. We declare it all in wonder. You are God. Let all the earth resound. Let every king take off the crown 'cause you are God. Let every knee bow down, let every voice lift up and shout that you are God.
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