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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - The Final Pope and Project Lucifer

Sid Roth - The Final Pope and Project Lucifer

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Sid Roth: Hello. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Buried in the library of the Vatican was an ancient 900-year-old prophecy, which listed every pope for the next 112 popes. Well we've had 111 and every single pope that had a prophetic word, and they all had it, that's what happened in their life. Amazing, stunning accuracy. Would you like to know what it says about the 112th pope? I'll tell you one thing, it says he will be the pope for the final judgment. You know, Tom and Chris, your best-selling books, you made major predictions. I mean, you guys like to live a little dangerously. I mean, went all out on a limb, and you stated, you predicted that in March 2012, the pope would resign for health reasons, and let's be candid did they miss it? Did you?

Tom: Well at first actually, we thought we might have. Now we learn that in fact we did not. We made a prediction that Benedict would retire in either March or April 2012, citing health reasons. When that date came and went and no activity had transpired, we moved to the second part in our prediction, which we also made in 2012, that at a minimum he would retire before the end of 2013. Now we've learned, by the way, from the editor of the El Observatory Romano, which is the Vatican's own official media outlet, that in fact, Pope Benedict officially resigned at the end of March 2012, privately to a handful of cardinals who held it in a strict reserve, in a confidence. It couldn't be told even to other cardinals. This happened last year. He made it official in 2013. So in a very supernatural, dramatic way we were actually right in both instances.

Sid Roth: Speaking about being right, I am fascinated about this 900-year old prophecy from St. Malachy. Tell me about these prophecies.

Chris: Well the prophecy of the popes was allegedly given to St. Malachy Morgaran, an Irish saint in 1139 A.D. Now the way that this story is told, Malachy did a pilgrimage to Rome to see the pope. And right outside the city of Rome he had a vision of all the popes up until the tribulation period. So he wrote down a series of short Latin phrases for 112 popes, except the last one, which his quite a bit more detailed. The last prophecy, the prophecy for the very next pope says, "In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will sit Peter the Roman who will nurse the sheep in many tribulations. When they are finished the City of Seven Hills will be destroyed and the dreadful judge will judge the people".

Sid Roth: Now I've gotten to know the two of you, and you are such, Chris, a theologian, so after truth. You've analyzed all of these prophecies for all 112 popes. Tell me one, pull one out about one pope that you felt was amazing. But even beyond that, were they all on the money or not?

Chris: Well Sid, I'll tell you, when I began to investigate this prophecy I was not predispose to believe it. I'm not a Catholic. I'm a Protestant. But I wanted to take a critical, skeptical kind of look at it. Now some of them seem a little vague to me. Some of them seem to speak to the coat of arms of a pope or events steering his papacy. But the ones that are accurate, the ones that made kind of a risky prediction are so accurate that I really could not dismiss it. And I think it does beg us to take it seriously. For instance, there was one prophecy in particular that grabbed my attention. This was for Benedict XV. He was pope from 1914 to 1922. The Latin phrase was "religio depopulata". That means "religion depopulated" in English. So what happened between 1914 and 1922, we had World War I, which was devastating to Europe, devastating to the Catholic Church. But to add insult to injury, you had the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia where 200 million people left the church to join the Communist Party. Those that didn't leave, Lenin targeted them specifically to eliminate them. So religion was depopulated probably more than other period in history up until that time, and this prophecy nailed it.

Sid Roth: Now why do you say that this will be the last pope?

Chris: It's the last one on Malachy's list. And I just cited that the prediction for this pope, it says, "In the extreme persecution, the tribulation, the dreadful that will judge the people". So it really does sound like the End Times. It matches the Book of Revelation in some pretty compelling ways in Chapter 17, which also speaks of a seven-hill city.

Sid Roth: I'm going to tell you something. At first when I heard about this, I didn't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole. But after talking to them on the phone, looking at their research, understanding their brilliance in their respective fields, I feel that what you're about ready to hear will change your paradigm for End Times forever. For instance, they investigated secret files from the Vatican that shows that the Vatican has been in communication and been researching aliens from other planets that strongly affect your whole understanding of the last days.

Sid Roth: You know, the Bible warns about great delusion. Because people won't have a love for the truth, they're going to accept lies in the last days. And I believe that what you're about to hear will totally change your paradigm on the End Times. Now Tom, I believe you were hand-picked by God for doing your part of the research team of the last days. Now shortly after you became a believer, you died. Tell me about it.

Tom: Yes I did. I had been seeking God. I was young believer. I went home night, I flung into bed. The next thing I know I'm standing in front of a brilliant white light. Somehow I know that I'm in front of the Lord and He's told me some things and now He's telling me I'm not going to remember, but it's time for me to return. The next thing I know I'm falling from the heavens. I land on the bed in my bedroom. I sat up real fast, I breathed in very deeply like that, and I find my wife, sitting beside me. She's bawling her eyes out. Long story short is she had woke up in the middle of the night, found me dead, did various things to, you know, verify to herself that I was dead. Now I started asking questions. Why would the Lord have showed me something and then told that I wasn't going to remember what it was. That confused me. I happened to be reading through the Bible at that time and was in Job 33. First time I was ever reading through the Bible in my life, and I'm praying, Lord, why would you show me something and then tell I'm not going to remember what it was. When all of a sudden off the pages from the 33rd Chapter from the Book of Job, I read these words: "In the nighttime, in deep sleep, in slumbering upon the bed then God seals the instructions of the righteous within them to hide pride from man".

Sid Roth: Now Tom found, after 25 years of being an Assembly of God pastor, a family secret. Tell me about that.

Tom: Yes. Well I actually remember the first event when I was kid, waking up in the middle of the night, my sister screaming, terrified. We all go running to her room. And as a kid, Mom never would let me know what had happened that day. Years later, I discovered that that the first night in which she began experiencing what many people in the secular world call alien abduction. She woke up, small bulbous head, grey, three little grey men standing next to her bed, speaking in a gibberish that she couldn't understand. And when she screamed they vaporized. They literally just disappeared as if they were more amorphous or shadowy, if you will, made out of smoke. They just disappeared. And that stayed with me once I knew that. Well here I am, I'm a pastor. I'm 25 years a pastor. I pastored large churches. I had responsibilities. Nobody can I talk to about this in the'70s. And then little by little information began coming to me that ultimately made me conclude, Sid, that we were talking about a demonic phenomenon.

Sid Roth: Why?

Tom: Well first of all, because of the malevolent behavior. But more importantly, and this is really the crux of it, once we learned that by taking the name of Jesus Christ over these powers we could stop the activity permanently. And from the day that my sister gave her life to the Lord that activity stopped in its tracks, and that illustrated to this old preacher we were talking here about demons, not aliens from another world.

Sid Roth: Okay, Chris, you are an evangelical, you're a theologian, you've been trained in these areas, you specialized in grad school on Catholic and Protestant reformers. And God really prepared you also for this project. Tell me about, you had prophetic dreams. Tell me about one.

Chris: Sid, I got to radically say that I had been into a lot of this weird stuff in my past, and the Lord completely changed my thinking. As my values changed and I started to get into God's Word, He did give me a dream, He gave me a vision that he was going to use me to minister in areas that most Christians are afraid to talk about.

Sid Roth: And between the two of them, you can see why God put a perfect research team together. But now the question that I have, what have you uncovered from records in the Vatican about aliens? I mean, it blows my mind that they're even researching such a subject as this.

Tom: The records in the Vatican go back centuries. Actually, I wrote two chapters of history concerning the Vatican's interest in extraterrestrials. They have a whole theology developed around what they call the "Principle of Plentitude", meaning anything that God could do, He would do. So they consider the existence of aliens an inevitable consequence of God's omnipotence.

Sid Roth: Now you've actually researched with Vatican astronomers. What did they tell you?

Chris: It's extraordinary. We even had the opportunity to go to Mt. Graham in Arizona, which is where their Vatican astronomical technology telescope, where it's at, where the Vatican's astronomers study deep space. And in the course of doing that, getting permission through the Arizona State University to go there to meet with their astronomers, the Jesuits who are there, we also got access to top astronomers that work in Rome, including an astronomer by the name of Guy Consolmango. He's one of the top astronomers for the Vatican.

Sid Roth: What was the major thing you got from that interview with him?

Chris: Well, two major things. One, he says without apology that very soon the nations of the world are going to look to the aliens for their salvation. Now when you make a comment like that.

Sid Roth: Did you just hear what he said? Does that show you how fast things are moving and how we're really in the last of the last days?

Chris: Then of course, you want to get behind that. You want to find out where are they coming from. So he agreed to be interviewed five times from Rome, and then gave us documents, which are not available to the public, that outline what much of the inner thinking of the highest level theologians and astronomers at the Vatican believe now, including the idea that Jesus might be the son of a star child. Now when we asked him, what is a star child, they're talking about an alien intelligence from another world and that the birth of Jesus Christ, the virgin birth was in fact comparable to an abduction scenario in which these aliens used the Virgin Mary to create Jesus. And this is one of the ways in which they're combining the idea that we are soon to be visited by an alien savior from another world.

Sid Roth: Hold that thought. Wait until you find out about the Vatican astronomer saying he's operating with Project Lucifer.

Sid Roth: Okay. I promised you we would find out this great Catholic astronomer, number one, is operating something called Project Lucifer. What is that?

Chris: Up on top of Mt. Graham in Arizona there is an observatory complex that consists of three very high powered telescopes. One is the Vatican advanced telescope, there's a radio telescope and then there's one called the large binocular telescope. This is the most powerful telescope in the world. In fact, they told us they can get better images of space than the Hubble space telescope can. Now attached to this telescope is an infrared camera named Lucifer, which is really kind of an odd name for a camera. From the information that we gathered, this named by the Max Planck Institute and some German astronomers. But this Vatican is part of this conglomerate out there, and they're all working together. Now what this instrument is used for is astrobiology, for looking for exoplanets, looking for other worlds. And the infrared spectrum is also very useful for seeing things that can't be seen with the naked eye, and many UFO researchers have noted that you can see a lot of ships and entities that you normally can't see.

Sid Roth: Tell me about what the Vatican astronomers are telling you what other experts, I mean, you had a research team. Tell me a few of the things they're telling you.

Tom: Well first of all, the day that we spent on Mt. Graham, the entire day there, we had the Jesuits speaking to us face to face. We also had systems engineers. It was astonishing the access that they gave us. And one of the things we found amazing in the use of the Lucifer device and even the other telescopes is how commonly the astronomers spoke of UFOs. We were just taken back by the fact that it was almost a nuisance to them that there are so many.

Sid Roth: I have to tell you. UFOs, I mean, I think that's like science fiction, to be quite candid with you. But I told my staff about this interview and one of the staff members said when he was 12 and 13 years old he saw a UFO, and they visited him, and talked to him. I mean, and that's just a small group of people. Statistics say one out of two people in America believe in UFOs, unidentified flying objects. We're hearing now reports all over the world.

Tom: Well and a lot of Christians saw them, too. My wife and I were crossing over a mountain one time when a circular silvery device dropped down from the heavens, shot around on all kinds of things we couldn't explain. We didn't know if it was an angel, a demon or whatever it was, but it certainly was what people described as UFOs. And so the phenomenon, to me, is certainly real. Then of course, you begin defining what it is. Well to the Vatican and to the astronomers...

Sid Roth: Wait a second, it's demonic. Why would the Vatican be studying this?

Tom: Yeah. Well not only are they studying it, Caroldo Balducci, who was the spokesman for the Vatican, he was their official mouthpiece concerning the alien presence, not just the reality of aliens on other worlds, but an alien presence that is here on Earth now. You can go to YouTube and watch his shows on Italian television when he spoke for the church and said the church was using its embassies around the world to compile information, a case study if you will, on what the aliens are doing on Earth now. So the belief system is deep regardless of what you or I might make out of it. Now I got to tell you, especially when it comes to alien abduction, I am convinced that we are talking about demonic activity, not intelligences from another world, maybe from another dimension, and then moving in and out of our reality then certainly have a conspiratorial plan that might even involve human hybridity.

There's a lot to the study. That's why it took us thousands of pages and investigators, and I had to bring a theologian on to make sure that I didn't get off track. Right? But what they're saying to us now is it's going to affect Christian belief. There is a professor for the pope's university in Rome and he is a very highly respected intellectual. His last name is Tensniti and he has written a paper now in which he is saying that very soon, not right in the beginning, we won't have to deny our Christian faith in the beginning. But there is information coming from another world, and once it is confirmed it is going to require a re-reading of the Gospel of we know it. And that's the kind of information that we are receiving from the highest levels of Vatican intelligencia.

Sid Roth: Where is this headed, in your opinion, after all this research?

Tom: I think it's headed towards an eminent great deception. I think they either know something or they suspect something, and that's why they're preparing the Catholic faithful, and of course the Vatican has reached beyond Catholics. But they're trying to prepare the world.

Sid Roth: Let me tell you something. This is information that you must digest in light of the scriptures. But the most important thing is not what we're talking about. The most important thing is that you know God. Whether He comes in one minute or whether he comes in 20 years, you must know Him for yourself. Religion is good if it helps you know God. But if it's an end in itself it means nothing. The only way you can know is God is step one. He's already done everything he's ever going to do for you. His Messiah was sent to Earth to die, the son of the Living God and rise from the dead, and all of your sins and all of your diseases were put upon him, and by his wounds you were healed. Make Jesus your Lord with your mouth. You don't need a formal prayer. Say, Jesus, I make you my Lord. Live inside of me. Forgive me for all of my sins. And this is what the Bible says. If you say it's too good, I agree, it is too good. Take the goodness of God. Taste and see that the Lord is good. He's good.
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