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Sid Roth — Blood Moons are Coming

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Everyone is talking these days about blood moons. Why? We know from Joel that before the awesome great day of the Lord, the Day of Judgment, there's going to be a moon that will be all red.

But what most people don't know is that every time, historically, where there is what's known as a tetrad, a tetrad is four blood moons in a row. Every time there has been a tetrad on biblical feasts, not on the feasts that most Christians celebrate, but I mean on biblical feasts, something significant has happened to change the whole world.

There is a tetrad that will occur this year and next year on a biblical feast and there won't be another one for another years. What significant thing is going to happen between this year and next year? I believe I have the guest that will be able to tell us that.

So I'm watching television, I'm watching the major news shows and all of a sudden, internationally known evangelists are on these secular news shows talking about the blood moons. So I do a little research and I find out that every one that I'm aware of found out their basic information from Mark Biltz.
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