Sid Roth - The Mark of the Beast

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Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural. You know, sometimes I kid with people, and they say, "I watch you on TV! Almost every day"! And I said, "Well, I'll tell ya a trade secret! I'm watching you through your television"! Uh, they don't know what to make... and I'm just kidding, you know. However, my guest has spent thirty years studying the mark of the beast, and he says, "Our computers and our television sets have the capability for anyone, from the government on down, at-will, whether they're turned on or not, to watch what we're doing, right in our office, right in our home. This technology is getting out of control.

Now you're probably familiar with my guest, Paul McGuire. You might have seen him on Fox News, O'Reilly, History Channel; I mean one of the top-viewing shows. But, as a young man, he had quite a background. You were raised to hate Christians; you thought the answer was in science and the New Age. So you go out to the University of Missouri, where you're really debating Christians and you're gonna "put them in their place". Guess what his major was? You'll never guess, so I shouldn't have said guess. His major was Altered States of Consciousness. That's a major? And he's in class one day and he hears a voice. What does the voice say to you?

Paul McGuire: It was an audible voice which said, "Surrender to the dark forces within".

Sid: And what did you do about that?

Paul McGuire: I freaked out. I never heard an audible voice before, and I looked around to see if anybody had heard it.

Sid: Okay, so, he's tearing these Christians apart but their love is kinda contagious. So he goes to a retreat meeting, and he says, "Oh no, they're all hypocrites! I'm leaving this place". But he doesn't have a car, so he hitchhikes. Tell me about your adventure.

Paul McGuire: Well, right after the religious retreat, which confirmed my worst suspicions about Christianity being a "country club religion". The place looks like a "field of dreams", the movie, the corn fields in the middle of nowhere. I stick out my thumb on the road. A Pentecostal preacher and his wife picks me up in their car, and being from New York City, I said, "Okay great, we're in the corn fields, and there's probably a lot of Pentecostal preachers and their wife". They share with me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then, they let me on the road again. I stick out my thumb again; within seconds a station wagon pulls up. It's a guy in a dark three-piece suit, like an undertaker. He's a Bible salesman.

Sid: Does he have any Bibles in his car?

Paul McGuire: Yes. He has, uh, I don't know, a hundred King James Bibles. You know, the big, thick ones.

Sid: Oh I know!

Paul McGuire: So, he's driving down the back roads of Missouri. He lets go of the steering wheel; it looked like a sixty-five pound King James Bible. He's looking at me, not the freeway and he's preaching, and he gets right down to it. He says, "Did you know you're a sinner, and if you don't accept Jesus into your life, you're gonna go to Hell? You need to be born-again"? And that basically was it. I'm from New York; I didn't even believe in the word "sin"; that was an archaic concept. And he says, "You wanna pull off the road and say the sinner's prayer"? And I said, "Yeah", but inside my mind I'm going, "Great. He's a religious axe-murderer pervert. He's gonna chop my head off before he does whatever and bury me in the bushes, and say a couple of prayers over me". So I prayed with him. Was a real short prayer, "Jesus Christ, I ask you to forgive me of my sins; I ask You to come into my life and make me born-again". So, I forgot about it!

Sid: So then a few days later, he's in New York; he's at a place called The Lambs Club. Briefly, what occurred?

Paul McGuire: Well what happened was: I was discussing my experience with people who had been witnessing to me, and as I was sharing this hitchhiking experience, a girl who we had never met before, came over to me and said, "I couldn't help but overhearing your conversation". She said, "I'm a minister's daughter. I was wrestling with these same questions, "Is Jesus Lord"?, and for some reason, she looks right at me, and she says, "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God"? And I'd never said this before, but the words blurted out of me: "I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God". At that moment, the sky cracked open and I saw God; not in the physical sense, but a spiritual sense, and I knew, instantaneously that all the "cosmic consciousness", "astral projection", "altered states of consciousness" — all that stuff was illusions and false, and I knew that Jesus Christ was the Son of God instantaneously.

Sid: That is God. Now, what happens next is so amazing because he then devotes his life to studying prophecy, and studying what's going on in the world, and then God starts giving him supernatural dreams to direct his research. Tell me a few things you found out about the "one world currency".

Paul McGuire: Well, first of all, I do a tremendous amount of research from mainstream sources. It has to be documented, and it has to be credible. Number two is I study Bible prophecy, and the Old Testament and the New Testament. But the third component is I do research where the Holy Spirit leads me and guides me into specific areas of research! So as I'm researching this, I notice that in the Old Testament, the Tower of Babel, or Babylon, is the world's first "one world government", "one world religion", "one world economic system"; that's clue one. Then I get into Revelation 13, and I read about the one world government, the one world economic system, one world religion, the false prophet, the religious false prophet, and the anti-Christ. And then I see that in Revelation, it talks about a global government, and a global economic system, and you can't buy or sell without getting the mark of the beast. And then I realized that everything that was predicted two-thousand years ago is coming to life, in this world, now, even as we speak.

Sid: Give me one fact that'll knock me out.

Paul McGuire: Well one fact is that the international banking elite have planned for there to be a world currency by 2018. Now that doesn't mean they'll hit the date, but the target date is 2018, and they intend to bring in a one world currency called "the phoenix", which just happens to be the bird on the back of the dollar bill. That bird on the back of the dollar bill is not a eagle; it's a phoenix.

Sid: And what is the phoenix symbolic of?

Paul McGuire: It's an ancient occult symbol that goes back to Phoenicia.

Sid: So what is going to happen to our currency when there's a new currency? I want to find out. How about you?

Sid: Okay, so, we're headed towards this one world currency system, and my natural question is, "What's gonna happen to the U.S. dollar? I have a personal need to know".

Paul McGuire: The personal dollar is bye-bye, and the proof of that would be the super-billionaire, George Soros, that most people of are aware of — I was watching him on the BBC speak to about twenty-five million Europeans live, and he quite openly spoke about the fact that the plan is to devalue the dollar. And the purpose for devaluing the dollar is, you can't bring in a world currency if you have a strong dollar, so you have to lower the dollar to "equalize the playing field"; that way you can merge the currencies into one — a one world currency. And he came out and basically said that on BBC. He was very open.

So he said, "The goal is to devalue the dollar", and then he said, "We're gonna bring in a one world currency". But then he also said that, "Part of the goal is to transfer the wealth out of the American middle-class and middle-class from other nations; transfer the wealth out of the middle-class, into third-world nations, where some people may think is Christians, but it's going to go into the hands of dictators". So, it's going to reduce the dollar, but also it's going to destroy the middle-class. You'll have an elite upper-class, and you'll have a giant lower-class or "worker class".

Sid: Now, lots of things are going on simultaneously. I don't think I've ever seen a time in history where so much Bible prophecy is happening!

Paul McGuire: Well, you're absolutely right. There has never been more prophetic signs coming true in one generation, to this extent, ever before in the history of mankind. So we're not just talking about economically and politically and spiritually; we're talking about scientifically, and in every realm of society. We are moving at lightning speed to the tribulation period, and we're moving at lightning speed to the return of the Messiah. The number one prophetic time clock is Israel, "God's prophetic super-sign", which began as a nation in 1948.

Sid: Okay. You have, through your dreams and visions and Bible prophecy and research, predicted things that would happen. Tell me a few.

Paul McGuire: A number of years ago, I was doing research, and the Lord began to supernaturally tell me to write about and investigate people, and this was before 9-11; this was before the Trade Centers went down. The Lord told me to investigate Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, the Twin Trade Towers, weapons of mass destruction, EMPs, Iraq, Iran, and all of those geopolitical leaders and events that became popular language, after 9-11. But I was researching and talking about it before 9-11, prophetically, because I was open to the supernatural leading of the Holy Spirit.

And I just want to say this one thing: That supernatural leading of the Holy Spirit, before today's program is over, there is going to be a very strong move of the supernatural force, and if people will be open to it — and they don't have to be religious to be open to it — by the time today's program is over, they are going to experience first-hand, perhaps one of the most powerful experiences, supernaturally, that they've ever had in their lives.

Sid: Let me explain something. God did not leave us defenseless. God is going to do this for you, because He knows what the future holds, and He wants you to not be "under"; he wants you to be the "head". Now, you have been studying the mark of the beast and technology. Tell me some of the things you're finding.

Paul McGuire: Well, one of the most important things that I have found — and this again was the Holy Spirit supernaturally leading me into these fields of study — is that I began to understand that the modern science of "mind control" is a science, and it's about two-hundred years into the future, almost like science fiction than most people realize. But here's the thing about the signs of mind control. Everybody knows that biotechnology has gone through the roof; everybody knows that computer technology has gone through the roof; but the average American does not know that the science of mind control is just as much a technology, and it's about two-hundred to three-hundred years in the future. So, to put this in very clear terms, there are huge masses of people on planet Earth, especially in America: that would include politicians: the highest politicians, cultural leaders, the leaders in all kinds of fields, that are, in a sense "Manchurian candidates"; they've been programmed, and they're unaware of it. But the most frightening and disturbing thing of all that I've found is that there is a mass mind control experiment, going on now, and the easiest way to say it, it's a "mass Manchurian candidate mind control operation" where you can program, scientifically, an entire population.

Sid: Wow! Did you understand what he was saying? Electronically, an entire population... tell me if this is a good analogy. When Adolf Hitler would speak, the people were like mesmerized. So you're saying when, say, a politician speaks, this technology will cause them to be mesmerized to do whatever?

Paul McGuire: Yeah, and you're absolutely right, Sid. One of the areas that the Lord, prophetically and supernaturally, told me to research was Adolf Hitler, about twenty years ago. I had no interest in researching Adolf Hitler. I spent twenty years researching him, and I began to realize that his ability to speak so powerfully and persuasively was supernatural, but it was more than that. It was advanced, scientific mind control, whetted with the occult. So when you look at Hitler's life, he was surrounded by occult teachers, and the Vrill Society, the Thule Society, who taught him the dynamics of body language, how to use his vocabulary, to persuade the masses, and they trained him systematically, step-by-step. The very fact that he was called "The Father", and other things; he was using mind control on the German masses. All the symbols of the Third Reich are not accidental. Number one, they're occult symbols, but number two, they were scientific mind control, and action; and the lesson we need to learn is, look how far and how dangerous mind control can be.

Sid: Listen. Everything he is saying is telling me one thing: Jesus is coming back soon!

Sid: You know, with all these advances in technology, and Daniel spoke about it, that there would be an increase in knowledge in the last days, and I was thinking "increase in knowledge of God's Word, which there is, but there's also an increase in the devil's information; there's mind control, and things like that, and many people are really concerned. What would you say to them, because this is pretty dark stuff you've been talking about.

Paul McGuire: It's very dark stuff, and you know, I cried out to the Lord for an answer, and the Lord spoke to me, and He said that in the last days, as these problems accelerate, that God was gonna pour out His supernatural power, in an unprecedented force and manner. And as I'm joining you now, I just want to share with you, very briefly, that no matter what situation you're facing, whether you're religious or not, that right now as you're watching this TV program, the supernatural power of God is flowing through this studio, into your bedroom or living room or wherever you are, and you can feel it. It's like a tangible force; it's like electricity is filling your room, and you can sense the overwhelming power of God. Now, I just want to encourage you; that's gonna give you the power you need to live triumphantly in the days to come. But, no matter what you're facing, the Lord simply wants you to just receive His force as He extends it to you now. So whatever you're facing, whatever challenge or problem you have, at this moment, the Lord delights in proving His reality; not with talk, but with power.

Sid: And you know what? I can feel this, in the presence, the name of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit, is going to tangibly come into you right now.

Paul McGuire: Absolutely right. So, what I want to share with you is, as you feel this incredible power and supernatural force flood into your room (and you can feel it) I just want to ask you to make the choice to receive it. So you're feeling the supernatural force of God, with an overwhelming sense that Jesus Christ is touching you now. And we're not talking about words or hypnosis; we're talking about the power of God, moving through the airwaves, through this studio, and it's flooding your bedroom and your office. And all you have to do is respond to it, and God is going to do something absolutely incredible for you!

Sid: Pray right now.

Paul McGuire: Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that whatever problem a person is facing, whether you're an influential leader or an ordinary person, whatever your need is, whatever you're struggling with is, I ask in the name of Jesus that the power of the Holy Spirit that is flooding this studio, would move into your life right now, and in Jesus' name, I say to you, that you are experiencing a supernatural miracle. Simply receive it, and you will see just how powerful God is.

Sid: Have you seen a third "great awakening"?

Paul McGuire: Yes. I was doing research on this subject and saying, "God, is there any hope for America"?, because a lot of people are blinded by a dark supernatural force, where they think everything has to get worse, and I'm just a victim. And I just want to say to those people, "That idea, that everything has to get worse, and you're just a victim", is a demonic attack. It's an attack from principalities and powers, and the Lord wants you to rise up. It's not God's will for America to be destroyed, but God said, "If the repentance is real, and My people will truly seek my face, He will send his power upon this nation with such great force, it will transform it".

Sid: Last word: Hopelessness. It's a spirit. You get out! In Jesus' name! Because there is hope in the Messiah!
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