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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - These Kids See Amazing Visions from Heaven

Sid Roth - These Kids See Amazing Visions from Heaven

Sid Roth - These Kids See Amazing Visions from Heaven
TOPICS: Children, Vision, Heaven

They can be the most influential and powerful people you know. Our children. To these kids angelic visitations and heavenly visions are normal. See how the younger generation is changing the world by bringing adults and other children into the realm of the supernatural.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural. Would you believe that young children and teenagers are praying for blind people, and they're getting their vision back? Praying for the deaf and they're beginning to hear. Having visitations to heaven, visitations to hell. Going on chariot rides to other parts of the world. I mean supernatural chariot rides and that is normal. And it sounds outrageous to you because you've been in the subnormal for so long. But you're about ready to find out what is normal. My guests David and Kathie Walters experience normal. A David, you and Kathie were in a congregation that the Spirit of God had freedom and just flooded the place. Ah tell me some of the things that would happen there.

David Walters: It's pretty wild actually...

Sid Roth: Well that's what I told you...

David Walters: Yeah, yeah...

Sid Roth: My people understand normal.

David Walters: Well we were having, we would have these meetings after we'd ah, come out of the more traditional, religious atmosphere. We came into this ah revival and uh people, some people would, people would come, we had this, this place that we used to rent and uh, it, it, about a 100 people or so you could, 120 would squeeze in then and, and push. Sometimes the anointing was so strong that people would not even get into, to the, the meeting. They would fall out in the foyer and we'd have to climb over bodies before you got into the meeting.

Kathie Walters: Oh, and the pavement...

David Walters: Oh, and the pavement they would...

Sid Roth: You, you, you, mean the Spirit of God be so strong...

David Walters: Strong...

Sid Roth: That people...

David Walters: Yeah...

Sid Roth: It would be stronger than peoples will to walk and they'd just be flattened.

David Walters: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yes...

Sid Roth: I mean that, that really is not your norm.

David Walters: I...

Sid Roth: I, I, I mean I think...

David Walters: Um hmm...

Sid Roth: That, that the secular news would carry events like that. So, you, Kathie you told me that it was normal for people to know other peoples names even

Kathie Walters: Yes, I think the thing that was different about that revival was that it, it wasn't platformed orientated. God used everybody. So, it didn't matter where you sat. Wherever you sat the person next to you could probably tell you your name.

Sid Roth: That's, that's what I meant they wouldn't know, they would not know the person they, like I wouldn't know this woman's name and I would say hi Cathy.

Kathie Walters: Yeah, yeah...

Sid Roth: I mean that's what she's talking about, that is normal. Uh, David tell me something else.

David Walters: Well when people came in they didn't sit there and talk and wait for the musicians to come. They were starting worshipping they would start singing. And then more people came in and they sang. And more people and they sang, and they would sing over and over again. And by the time everybody got there, the whole place was like electrified. Then people were falling out, and the power of God was there and no one was leading it, it was just totally spirit led. And then the people would stand up prophesy, get a word, testimony. And us someone would give a teaching. And it was zoned, it was so, it was orchestrated that it was, people thought it was organized. Like an Anglican minister came one time and said: how did you do this, you must have rehearsed this for weeks. And we said: no, we just did it. He couldn't believe it, he said. And it was amazing. Because everyone had something, not, I mean not every single person there. But so many had something to share and to give. And a, even the children, and they would get visions and they would stand up and give the word of the Lord. And the songs would just start up from the congregation, from the people...

Sid Roth: You know David

David Walters: Not just from the musicians...

Sid Roth: I understand what you're saying because when I became a believer in the Messiah, I would go to meetings where they would start singing unknown tongues and it would sound like a symphony orchestrated, they would sound so magnificent, like they'd rehearsed for weeks or years, but they would just be singing as the spirit would, would give them. What if someone came into that particular group with, with sin? What, what, give me an example.

David Walters: Sometimes people would come in and then run out. Um, but, in one meeting I remember, and we had a lot of visitors on a Sunday from people that come. We had a young evangelist there and he suddenly stood up and he said: the Lord's told me that there are 6 people here that are in immorality and if you don't stand up and confess it, I'm going to stand right in front of your face until you do. And boom, boom, boom, boom...

Sid Roth: They stood up...

David Walters: They stood up, yeah...

Kathie Walters: Immediately

David Walters: Immediately, 6 people

Sid Roth: I understand the teens didn't do what they normally do with most congregations and that is do what the world does

David Walters: Sit in the back, chew gum, post notes, then go off and do all kinds of stuff. Now they would say that we can't do that because you don't have a back. There's not a front and a platform and a back. Anybody could suddenly read their mail, and this is what freaked them out. The teenager would freak out because they'd say you know, you come to this church you better be right because someone's gonna stand behind you or next to you and suddenly point out what you've been doing. So, it scared people.

Sid Roth: Listen, that is normal, that is normal. That's I so crave that. Kathie, what are all those sparkles on your face?

Kathie Walters: I don't know, they just come when uh, the anointing comes on me. So...

Sid Roth: Well the anointing must be on you.

Kathie Walters: Yeah, so they start all on my hands and face.

Sid Roth: You told me you, you were at a meeting and people were smelling different aromas.

Kathie Walters: Well, that's increased actually. But um, yeah see cause' God speaks not just through the word, but he speaks through different manifestations. That's him saying something. So, all the different aromas there all telling you something. So just last weekend when I was in Florida, I think in 1 meeting, there was an aroma of fresh bread, honey, lilies, roses, um there must have been over the weekend almost 100different perfumes that just showed up.

Sid Roth: And each perfume has a meaning...

Kathie Walters: Strawberries,

Sid Roth: Like how about roses, what does that mean.

Kathie Walters: That's Jesus is the lover and then um lilies kept coming and that's usually to do with intercession. Fresh bread is cause' it's a fresh word. Um, it's all God speaking.

Sid Roth: Da, David...

Kathie Walters: Strawberries, we had strawberries a lot and that's friendship with God.

Sid Roth: I love that, hope we smell some strawberries right now. But David, you had some visions on children. That they so won, there so wonderful, would you share them right now.

David Walters: Um, I was pastoring at that time, and um the Lord gave me a vision, and I saw uh, Islamic, radical Islamic children being trained, to become terrorists and I saw Marxist children being trained to become radical for their Philosophy. This was about 15 years ago, and then I saw, the Lord gave me a vision of church children that, that the little ones would being babysat, entertained with puppets and crowns and fun things. And the youth were going to pizza parties and going to theme parks and having activities. And then the Lord spoke to me and said: Satan is preparing his army and my church is entertaining her children. And he said: do something about it. So, I was getting old then, I didn't really want to do it but if you argue with God and God argues with you, you know he's going to win in the end.

Sid Roth: Listen...

David Walters: I began to blow the trumpet call...

Sid Roth: David, I absolutely believe there's going to be a move on children because they haven't been taught God doesn't heal today. They haven't been taught, that just be normal, well I'm gonna taught normal is really abnormal when, you're seeing normal here. We're going to be right back, but you're going to find out about some of the most wonderful supernatural things that children and teenagers are doing right now in God. Don't go away. We'll be right back to it's supernatural we now return to it's supernatural

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here with David and Kathie Walters and we're having fun. And why not? Who, what, you, you know something Kathie I think it is Kathie. I didn't say anything funny... I did say we're gonna have fun though. People laugh a lot I've noticed in your, your services.

Kathie Walters: Yeah...

Sid Roth: What's going on when they laugh?

Kathie Walters: Well, see the laughter, people don't understand the laughter. But the laughter is um, I believe it's a kind of warfare actually. Because the Bible says many times God looks on his enemies and laughs. And when people just start to laugh they don't even know why. It's because actually your spirit's picking up on a victory. Something good that is happening in the spirit realm.

Sid Roth: You, you know what?

Kathie Walters: That's what that is about.

Sid Roth: When I pray many times I'll start laughing....

Kathie Walters: Yeah

Sid Roth: But not real laughing, I'll actually speak laughter, I'll just start praying and then I'll say ha ha ha ha ha. And...

Kathie Walters: Yeah...

Sid Roth: And that's what I always felt that, that was.

Kathie Walters: Yeah, so it's

Sid Roth: It's a victory

Kathie Walters: It is

Sid Roth: Ring a victory. Uh, uh now listen, in the Bible it talks about eh, Elijah uh, the angels of God coming down in chariots. How would you like to ride around in that chariot? Maybe stay here on earth for a while, but just have that experience of riding in that chariot. Kathie does that and children are doing that. Kathie, explain.

Kathie Walters: Chariots is God's transportation. And chariots can appear in different forms to people, like um, you know one lady that I talked to a little while ago, she went off in this chariot. But she said it looked like a sled. But I've been in chariots that look like a carriage.

Sid Roth: Alright, tell me one experience you've had in a chariot. Just tell me one.

Kathie Walters: Okay, well one of the chariots um, I was in a meeting, I actually the Lord touched me. I saw a chariot, see the chariots are around all the time. Which is just a question of seeing them and tuning in. I saw this chariot in front of me and this door opened, I get in and the next minute I was in South Africa. So I went in the chariot to South Africa and God showed me a move of the spirit coming on the black children in South Africa. But I want to tell you this story about the chariots, because um, it concerned some two unsaved girls. And uh, it was in one of David's meetings, people were ministering and praying for each other. And suddenly there was a group of teenagers around me about 6 or 7 of them. And they asked me a question. The, the pastor's son actually was leaning back to get some water from the piano, that was on the piano and I suddenly said I can see a chariot. Because over this little group I saw a chariot. And the youths are frozen in the presence of God, I don't know if you know what I mean. When you can't move, cause' the presence of God is so strong. So, they all were frozen.

Sid Roth: Well you know

David Walters: Like a statue

Kathie Walters: Right. Like statues

Sid Roth: In the Jewish, in the Jewish scriptures it says when they went in the temple, the presence of God the, uh word for glory is kabod, which means a heaviness, which means they couldn't move.

Kathie Walters: Yeah, yeah. They couldn't move. And they all stood there for almost an hour. Cause' I circled around watching them. And then the anointing lifted, they'd all been in chariots in different places. Now the interesting thing was there were two young girls there who weren't saved. They were goths, you know with the black.

Sid Roth: Gothic

Kathie Walters: Gothic, yeah so I thought how come they're not saved and they got to go in the chariots.

Sid Roth: Yeah

Kathie Walters: You know I had this little

Sid Roth: Yeah, listen I'm a believer and I haven't been in the chariot. So...

Kathie Walters: Yeah, yeah, so anyway, they looked and me and they said, is this that what you were talking about? So, I said well I guess it is. And they said well we want it, what do we have to do? Now people had been trying to get them saved for a year. But they went on one chariot ride and came back totally ready to serve God. So...

Sid Roth: David, tell me about some young people that you've ministered to and what happened to them.

David Walters: Yeah, on the same thing, the same thing with Kathie said, I was in a church, ah, not to long ago and um, there's was a, a, a young girl who was a wicker and a guy who was some kind of a wizard and um, they, they came and that night they got totally zapped and totally saved. They went out and brought all of their friends and we had all these uh, wickers and witch kids coming in.

Sid Roth: But that's normal!

David Walters: Yeah...

Sid Roth: That's normal

David Walters: Yeah, I was just preaching and ministering and the Holy Spirit was there and they all, they all got totally, totally transformed.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that youth camp.

David Walters: Oh this was a, a, a number of years ago in Ohio it was interesting how we were there was a guest speaker for the adults and we were gonna minister to the youth and ah, we found that the youth, you know how youth can be, they were kind of bit obstreperous and they weren't really serious. They were Messing around. And I asked if I could

Sid Roth: Boy your using words like Bill O'Reilly, go ahead.

David Walters: And I asked if I could minister to the, to the younger ones. So, they said okay, so, ah cause' I wasn't really doing the younger ones. So, I went over and I ministered to the younger ones and prayed for them. And those younger ones began to, the Holy Spirit came on them and they began to weep and they began to prophesy and they got visions of America and there were little kids there of the woman kids there. I mean it was really, really awesome. And then the bell rung, we were at this camp actually and there was the, a chapel was on the top of the hill and I was ministering in sort of a, of a room for these, these kids. There was about 30 or 40 of these kids. So, it was then time to go to the official meeting. So, we went up got in our car and drove up the hill. And as we did we past the youth, they, they were going up the hill towards...

Kathie Walters: Slowly

David Walters: Slowly, very slowly.

Sid Roth: Sounds like teenagers

David Walters: Towards the, dragging their feet.

Sid Roth: Yeah

David Walters: We got into the service and um, the, the adults were there and the main speaker was getting ready. And what, what had happened is the children caught up with the youth and when they did the power of God fell on all the teenagers. The same thing that was on the children fell on the teenagers. And so they, they just was totally transformed...

Kathie Walters: The fell out on the hill

David Walters: And suddenly they fell out on the hill and finally the doors open and all these children and teenagers came in and as soon as they did the power of God hit the whole place and people fell out. They were getting healed. I mean supernatural things were happening. The pastor didn't, the speaker didn't preach. This revival took out.

Sid Roth: Listen, I want to know about the children that went to heaven and that whole group. Don't go away, we'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here with David & Kathie Walters and we're having more fun than humans should have. But you know what? That's normal and it's about time you get the lemon out of your mouth and you stop being so religious and you have, you become like a little child. And, and Kathie I have to tell you, you remind me of a little child.

Kathie Walters: Well, thanks

Sid Roth: Tell me, tell me what happened in Ireland.

Kathie Walters: Okay, we were doing this meeting in Ireland. David ministered to the children. And all the kids came forward, there were about 30, I guess and David prayed for them, the Holy Spirit came on them and they all fell out on the floor in the Holy Spirit and the presence of God was all over them. Well I stood and watched them. It was the funniest thing because I watched from their feet. Their feet went bright red like a: I mean like a lobster.

Sid Roth: So it was like the presence of God was so strong

Kathie Walters: Like fire, fire like I told you I can feel now. Like fire and their feet were bright red and it gradually went all up their legs, all up their arms, all into their heads. So, they were all laying there like lobsters. I mean they looked really strange. But then they laid there probably like that for half an hour, but then some of them got up and they began to like, it was like they were playing instruments, you know, different instruments. And one of the little girls began to dance. They told us afterwards they were in heaven and they were dancing with the angels and that the angels were showing them different instruments to play. And we, you know you could see all this. They weren't aware of you because your, your

David Walters: It's like a mime show

Kathie Walters: Yeah, it's like miming. And then they at the end they just laid back on the floor and the red came from their head out of them. Out of their feet, then they all got up.

Sid Roth: Now those children will never ever forget that experience.

Kathie Walters: That's right.

Sid Roth: And they have a legitimate chance of being normal.

Kathie Walters: Right

Sid Roth: Now David tell me about healings. You have seen where children are actually praying for the healings.

David Walters: Um, yes. Yeah I've been a when I preach to children I tell them that God can use anybody. You know in the Bible he used a bush, you know, he used a rod, he used a rooster.

Kathie Walters: Donkey

David Walters: A donkey, so he can use children. They don't have to wait till they go to seminary, cemetery, I mean seminary before God can use them. Sorry about that. But um, so they began to believe it. Then I, in one of my, I do several meetings with the whole families and then we end up with having a miracle service in which I teach the children how to pray for people. So, we don't have to wait for come big evangelist, healing evangelist to come in. And the people come up and I say let these children pray for them, don't patronize them. Let them pray for you. And I don't actually tell them to pray I tell them to, to command the sickness to go. Command the deafness to go. I say don't ask God to do it, don't say please God make them better. I say you tell that deaf spirit to go, you tell that blind spirit to go, you tell that, that, that condition in their back to be healed in Jesus name. And they start out a little bit reticent but as they begin to see God move they get bolder and bolder and then in the end they'll pray for anything that moves. And a, so we've had, we've had blind eyes open. I remember one woman she was totally blind in one eye and uh, the children prayed for her and then she, she began to read the notice. And the church called me the following week, said she could read the Bible with 20/20 vision. Ah, within a week it was totally healed. We've had so many deaf people healed, the children pray for the deaf. And I love it when, not when their hard of hearing but when they're totally deaf or practically deaf, take out their hearing aids and the children pray for them. Sometimes they pray 2 or 3 times and then the ears open.

Sid Roth: And isn't is a tragedy, you know what we do with children? We have videos for them, popcorns, or a that, that, that vision that you had of children going to amusement parks and what are other religions doing with their children, their training them. Can you imagine getting a little child and not teaching them any unbelief.

Kathie Walters: Yeah, yeah

David Walters: Absolutely, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. And then of course I remember years ago in a Kenneth Copeland convention back in England, there was a little girl called zoe, 8 years of age she got filled with the, the Spirit of God in our meetings and she came down at the end of the meeting and the adults were coming out of their meeting and she saw a man in a wheelchair and she was 8 years of age and she laid hands on him and said: get out that wheelchair in Jesus name and he got out of the wheelchair after being crippled for 6 years. And several years later I, I talked to a man and I said, he said he lived in Brighton, I said: oh, I was in a Kenneth Copeland convention in Brighton, I said: did you ever hear about the little girl zoe who got that man healed? He said: oh yeah, that man was my brother. It was a pastor, a pastor's brother who was healed.

Sid Roth: Ah Kathie last night we were having dinner, minding our own business and you told me that there was an angel. What was this angel doing?

Kathie Walters: He was walking up and down behind the table making little notes. I think that angels like to um, the angels love to hear revelation actually. And I think he was picking up on

Sid Roth: But don't angels know everything, their up in heaven.

Kathie Walters: No they don't, the Bible doesn't say that, it says the angels desire to look in and understand especially when it comes to salvation. Because angels aren't heirs, their servants and ministers. So, I've seen angels reading books, really good books that have revelation.

Sid Roth: In like almost every day are your eyes open to see?

Kathie Walters: Well see the angels are around all the time. The chariots of God are around all the time. It's just a question of seeing what's already there. It's not um, it's not for special people all that's our inheritance, that's for everybody. It's just only seeing what's already there, that's what I keep telling people.

Sid Roth: Could you pray for everyone that is watching right now?

Kathie Walters: Yes,

Sid Roth: Um, both of you, that there would be an acceleration of the supernatural and a jumpstart of the faith and they would begin to see angels and demons and ah visions, and all the stuff that's...

Kathie Walters: Normal

Sid Roth: Normal

Kathie Walters: Yeah

David Walters: Probably frighten the life out of some people. Well, listen, just don't pray the prayer if it bothers you but I don't know about you, I wanna be normal, I can't stand just tradition. Learned by rote listen, I come from a Jewish background if I wanted tradition I would've stayed in orthodox Judaism. Tradition, so I went to Christianity and I found more tradition, I want God. Would you pray for people?

Kathie Walters: Yes, have we got time for the guest house story, or no?

Sid Roth: It depends on how fast you can tell it.

Kathie Walters: I can't tell it fast okay: I'll try because it's really awesome.

Sid Roth: Okay

Kathie Walters: But we're in a guesthouse having it, like a retreat thing. This was in England and um, we'd had an evening meeting and we left the meeting and went to the guesthouse to get coffee and stuff. And suddenly people came out screaming, David, Kathie! We went back into the meeting room and there was a group of teenagers standing around. This one boy had been saved that day. Little Catholic boy, he'd got saved that day and he was in the middle of the room like in a trance, with his finger like this going around the room and when his finger got opposite someone, the power of God would hit them they'd fall on the floor, start confessing things, weeping getting right with God. And people were trying to leave but they couldn't because their feet were glued to the floor. That's why they were screaming.

Sid Roth: Kathie, pray right now, look in the camera and pray for a release in the supernatural.

Kathie Walters: Okay, thank you Lord, father in the name of Jesus, I just pray for people that are watching today, this program. And Lord that's our inheritance is that supernatural realm of God. That's our inheritance for everybody. And Lord I just pray for release of it right now in the mighty name of Jesus. I just pray that people's eyes will be open, that ears will be opened in the supernatural realm of God. That they will see the chariots, they will see the angels, they will see what their inheritance really is and know that it's for them, it's for every single believer. And I just come against every religious spirit that tells people, it's not for you, you're not spiritual enough. I take authority over it. And I thank you Lord, for sending even angels to speak and minister right now minister to people. And help them to see what you already have for them father. In Jesus name. Just pray for acceleration, amen.
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