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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - I Died. What God Showed Me in Heaven Will Shock You

Sid Roth - I Died. What God Showed Me in Heaven Will Shock You

Sid Roth - I Died. What God Showed Me in Heaven Will Shock You
Sid Roth - I Died. What God Showed Me in Heaven Will Shock You
TOPICS: Afterlife, Heaven

My guest died on the operating table. She experienced excruciating pain constantly for 14 years, so when God offered her a choice, she did not want to return. Then she saw what would happen if she did not come back. I believe you are the main reason God sent her back.

Sid Roth: Welcome, Holy Spirit. Make this show naturally supernatural. My guest, Joanne Moody, was raised Catholic. At 24, she married a man with addictions. She got divorced. Her health spiraled out of control. Her business and real estate crashed. She was a popular opera singer but lost her voice and was left penniless. Death looked better than life. She cried out to God, "Why do You hate me"? Then God answered in a license plate. A license plate?

Joanne Moody: God is very creative. I suddenly faced a situation with my health where I thought, "How can I go on"? And I said in a car, driving down the road, "If You were real, You would show me! You must really hate me"! And all of a sudden, a car... a van, a white van swerved in front of my car and almost knocked my bumper off, and the license plate said, Deut 6:5. I worked as an exercise therapist for the Honolulu Medical Group. I lived in Hawaii, and I had a bottle of sleeping pills because when I divorced my husband, I couldn't sleep. I had so much stress with the finances and stuff, and they gave me, because I was very, very healthy. I was a triathlete. Nobody would disparage giving me drugs. They gave me a whole bottle of sleeping pills. They said, "Take these, you need them". So I did intend to take them when I got home. I intended to take the whole bottle because I had had enough, and I sat in my living room looking at that bottle of pills and looking at that Bible somebody gave me, and for hours and hours, I debated Heaven and hell, Heaven and hell. I just knew it, and I decided. I could hardly breathe. I didn't know the presence of the Holy Spirit. I didn't know the presence of God, and I opened up that Bible, and I had to look at the chapter index because I don't know the Bible at this point, and I see Deut, and I turned there, and I turned to 6:5. Deuteronomy 6:5, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength," and I'm telling you the power of Jesus, Yeshua hit me, and I fell to my knees, and I started to sob, and I said, "God, I have never lived like that. I have lived for myself my whole life, so if You will forgive me, I will love You that way, if You just help me". The Power of God hit me, and I was transformed. Within a week, I had the Holy Spirit visit me in the middle of the night and knock me out of bed, was speaking in tongues. I didn't even know what that was. I thought, "I've lost my mind. I've gone to the dark side. I'm so... I'm crazy".

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, some good things started happening. A man by the name of Mike came into your life. You visited a church in California, and you got a revelation.

Joanne Moody: I did.

Sid Roth: You never were taught. Tell me about that.

Joanne Moody: I did not understand God is Father. I'd never heard that. I'd never heard about the love of the Father before, and I visited a church in California. I met my wonderful Mike, who is my husband and my... the love of my life, but I visited this church and heard about the Father's love, and these pastors prayed over me, and they said, "You are so performance-driven. You have no idea who you are," and I had never heard this. It was revelation for me on what actually occurred when Jesus gave His life, to restore me to a Father who loved me and approved of me. I hadn't had that.

Sid Roth: And then it gets better. She marries Mike. She's happy.

Joanne Moody: Yeah.

Sid Roth: She's expecting her first child. Then the Hollywood script abruptly stopped. She was diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder, bedridden most of the time. Then she found out she was believing lies about God, lies about herself, and so are most of us. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Okay. So, Joanne, in 1999, happily married, expecting a child. You gave birth to your son, but then things started happening. What happened?

Joanne Moody: I had a 91-hour nonprogressive labor, which sounds impossible in America. My doctor was out of town. There was a series of events. They did not know for the next 5 years I would have multiple surgeries to correct what was unfathomable pain in my pelvis. So I had been a very radical athlete, and I went to, after having my son, I could not sit or stand without this... It was like I was being knifed in my pelvis.

Sid Roth: Wow!

Joanne Moody: My nerves were crushed in my pelvis. My son had been in the birth canal for 91 hours and sitting on that, and I have very narrow nerve canals, which is a precondition. You wouldn't know, and my nerves were crushed in seven places on my left side and five on my right.

Sid Roth: This pain...

Joanne Moody: It's incurable.

Sid Roth: ...that... Incurable?

Joanne Moody: It's incurable.

Sid Roth: And I understand there's a high percentage of people that have what you had that commit suicide.

Joanne Moody: Nearly 70 percent.

Sid Roth: You learned about a surgery in France.

Joanne Moody: Yes.

Sid Roth: So you go. What happened?

Joanne Moody: The surgery that they did, when they did it, they had nicked an artery, and so when I got back to my hotel room... I mean, my hospital room, I was bleeding from the back, but no nurses would come. They had great disdain for American patients. There were two Americans there. They wouldn't check. They wouldn't check, and I started to go unconscious, and my sisters were in the room. Our French interpreter was back at the hotel with food poisoning, but she came bursting into the hospital room, yelling, "God told me to come here"! At this point in time, I have two sisters who don't believe, and this... I did not know that my interpreter was a believer. She said she was throwing up in the toilet, and God told her to run over there, and I needed her. I was completely... I went under, unconscious when she came. She ended up calling the surgeon. He came down. They rushed me to emergency, and I completely died on the operating table, and I suddenly left my body. And all of a sudden, I feel and I sense the Glory, the weightiness, the Kabod of God, and it comes in, and I think, "Oh, I have to duck! He's so holy"! And His Presence goes... And He said, "I've seen your suffering, child, and I know full well your pain, and you can go with Me now, or you can stay. For the prayers, the saints have given you a choice," and I was in shock because I couldn't believe that... I had no theology for that. I didn't understand prayers of the saints could do anything. God is God. He makes a decision, and then He said it again. He said the same thing, only this time He added, "Because there is much work for you to do," and I thought, "Oh, well, I'm not going to do that because look at that train wreck down there".

Sid Roth: "I like the way I am now".

Joanne Moody: "I'm not going down there to that again. No, thank you". And all of a sudden, my son was in front of me, barely 6 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, big old cherub kid. He's so cute, and he's in front of me, and my husband is in the distance behind him, and in a split second, I knew if I went to be with the Father that my son would never know Jesus. And my husband, from so much trauma and so much pain, would be immobilized. And He started to tell me things that were very personal that I don't share, and then I felt the descent, going into my body, and the moment I reached my body... He told me that it would be an impact unlike I'd ever experienced, and it was like being hit by a train. I felt an impact, boom, and I felt... it felt like bazillions of shards of glass all over me, and then it ended, and then I was in hell again in that operating room, and I felt a needle go into my spine, and they... Then I went black, and over the next 3 days, I would have two more surgeries. It would take me a month to get home, 8 months in bed.

Sid Roth: 2013...

Joanne Moody: Yes!

Sid Roth: ...arrives, and there was a breakthrough in the lies that she believed, and the most wonderful thing happened to her. She's at a meeting. Tell me about it.

Joanne Moody: I was in a cessationist church, but I prayed all the time, but I never saw anyone healed. I just knew that God was a healer, but I never saw anyone. So I just never stopped praying. I just prayed and prayed. And I actually heard the audible voice of God, and I heard this, "Go to Voice of the Apostles. You'll be blessed," and I rode all the way to Florida with my elbows on the seat and on my knees. When I got there, I felt like, "Oh, my gosh, I've never felt this". I walked into that meeting, 7,000 people in Orlando, and I was like, "Aaaaah, I found my tribe! The Holy Spirit is"... It was thick in there, and I thought, "What is this place"? And I had over 100 people pray for me during the week, and I did not get healed. I got blasted by the Holy Spirit. I went out for 4 hours, but I wasn't healed, but my friend, who was Orthodox Catholic when I brought her to that event with me, got arches in her feet, and she was going... She got healed. She had flat feet, and I watched the Lord give her arches, and she was going up to give a testimony. So I was laying on my belly, and I was filming her from the way back, so that she could show her husband, and a man, a tall man with white hair comes towards me, and now I've got a little tribe of people here who had been praying for me all week, and that's how it goes at conferences. You just sort of attract people. He walks up to me, and he goes, "What's your story"? I said, "14 1/2 years of nerve damage, chronic pain, seven opiates, and I'm okay," and he goes, "Well, is it all right if I pray for you"? So I do this. I'm so... I'm sarcastic anyway, but it's a gift from the Lord, but I put my hands out. He put his hand on me, and the Power of the Holy Spirit knocked me back, and I fell out, and I'm out on my back, and when I open my eyes, all of that tribe that has been trying to pray for me all week is around me, and they're like, "Oh, my gosh, she must be healed! She must... Did you see that? She must be healed"! And I come up, and I get on my knees, and I go, "I'm not healed. I got the same pain," and now I'm really like... I was over it before, but now I am over it, and back comes the man. Here he comes again! I'm like, "No"! And this time, I'm so irritated, I don't even get up off the floor. That's how irritated I am. I stay on my knees, and I read his name tag. It says, "Richard H". I go, "Hello, Richard". He goes, "I need to pray for you," and I just looked at him, and I said, "Look, I'm okay," and he go... He does this. "No"! I'm thinking, "Oh, it just gets weirder and weirder here". "God healed me! He healed my wife! He healed my son, and now He's going to heal you"! And then he looks at the group of people, and they're all like, "Ooh, man, get back, Jack". And he goes, "All right, y'all. I'm going to sit on the end of this row," and then he looks at me with fire, Jesus eyes, and holds my face like this. He's like, "Don't move your eyes from my eyes. Keep your eyes on my eyes". I'm thinking, "This is a freak show right now," but the Holy Spirit, when he touches me, the Holy Spirit goes... right through me, and he says, "You have believed the lie of the enemy, that you are unworthy to be healed. You have believed that God is not pleased with you. You have believed that you are untrustworthy. You have believed these lies from the pit of hell, and I want you to open up your mouth right now! I want you to forgive your Father. I want you to stay, 'I repent of these lies, Jesus. I break my agreement.'" The power of agreement, I agreed with all these lies, and every time I would say, "I break the vow that I'm unworthy. I break the vow that I'm not trustworthy. I break the vow that God abandoned me". I felt these things coming off me. It was like bricks, and then he goes, "And I'll tell you, demons"! And I was like, "Man, this guy is like... He's like a show". And then he started... he said, "Spirit of death, spirit of trauma, spirit of infirmity, get off"! And all this weight came off me... and I felt like I was going to float up. It was so crazy, and he goes, "All right then, Michelle! I'm going to pray for her pain. Now it's going to go. Now, Michelle, you put your hand right here," on my pelvis. He goes, "I'm going to put one finger, this one, finger. I'm going to put one finger. It's going to go right here," and then he goes, "In the Name of Jesus, I command all this pain to go"! And it did. And then he goes, "Come on, Glory! Glory! Glory! Glory"! And he goes, "All right then! Now we got to get up and give God the glory"! And they drag me up on the platform, and I give testimony, and I did... That testimony is online, and I look like an emaciated drug addict because that's what I was. Sid, they gave an altar call that night, and they tell me that over 400 people got healed of nerve damage that night. The power of the testimony, the Spirit of Jesus.

Sid Roth: What happened to all those addictions?

Joanne Moody: Oh, come on! This is the best story. Okay, I want to say I am not advocating this. I am not telling you to go off your meds. I'm telling you what happened to me. I went back to my hotel room at 4 a.m. By the time God lifted off me enough and all the stuff that happened, I...

Sid Roth: You can't take... You can't just go off cold turkey from those...

Joanne Moody: Are you kidding me?

Sid Roth: Those are powerful drugs.

Joanne Moody: Just from Klonopin alone, you can't do that. My doctors always said to me, "If some... by some miracle you can be weaned down in these drugs, you'll have to go into the hospital". I went to get a... OxyContin was just one of my drugs. I went to get OxyContin out of the bottle at 4 a.m. because it was such a habit. By clockwork, this is how I lived, and I hear the Holy Spirit say, "You don't need that anymore". He said, "None of it," but I just did that, poured them all down, flushed it, and I got on an airplane at 6 a.m., and the guy next to me, I read his mail. I told him his... He had two daughters on the plane. I... the Glory of God... People got on the plane that were at that conference, and they said, "I saw it".

Sid Roth: Why don't you tell me what's going on in your hands?

Joanne Moody: Oh, well, Randy Clark prayed for me and Dr. Mike Hutchings also. Both of them are just amazing friends, and the moment that they prayed the Fire of the Lord to come on my hands, I didn't really know what that was. I've talked to Randy and Mike about it over the years, and they say that it's an anointing for healing, but it...

Sid Roth: It was like a circle.

Joanne Moody: comes across my hand like this, on the bottom, and I feel the Lord's presence to heal people, but when I came in here, as everything started to get ready to be on the air, I started to feel the fire in a ring like this, and when it's fiery like it is right now, I said to you...

Sid Roth: All right.

Joanne Moody: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Hey, hold it.

Joanne Moody: Okay.

Sid Roth: When we come back, is it okay if she releases this fire over you, where miracles happen? Is that all right?

Sid Roth: Just this is so important. Please listen to every word. Before I turn Joanne loose to pray because every time this happens, miracles erupt, there really is a Heaven. There really is a hell. There really is a God. There really is a God that is pure love. There is a God that has a good plan for your life, and He wants you to have your own experience with Him. I don't care what your background is. If you will say this prayer out loud with me and mean it to the best of your ability, you will have your own experience. I don't know what it is. Whatever you need, you will have it, and you will say, "I don't believe in God, I know God. He's my best friend". That's what you'll say. So repeat this prayer out loud with me and mean it to the best of your ability. You can't do more than that, but you can do that. Repeat out loud. Out loud, it's important. It's in the Bible. That's how I know that, out loud: "Dear God. I've made many mistakes in my life. For which I'm so sorry. I believe. The Blood of Jesus. Washes them away. And I am clean. And now that I'm clean. Jesus, come and live inside of me. I make you my Savior. And even more important. I make you Lord of my life. I want to experience Your Presence. I want to know You. As my best friend. Amen". Joanne, look in the camera and pray whatever God shows you.

Joanne Moody: Heavenly Father, I thank You for those who are watching right now, and I call upon Your Name, Yeshua, Jesus, Messiah, King of All, and I say, "Come, Spirit of the Living God, and fall fresh, Lord, on each and every one who is hearing my voice right now. Come, Holy Spirit. We invite You, Lord, to come and heal those who are sick, heal those who are blind, heal those who are deaf, heal those who are lame, Father. You said, 'The lame walk. The blind see. The deaf hear,' and in the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Yeshua, Yahweh, Most High God, El Elyon, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom, Sir Israel, Jehovah Mekoddishkem, Jehovah Maschi, God, our Refuge, El Hakkavod, God of Glory, come down now! And, Lord, I speak to cancer. I hear You say, 'Cancer, be gone right now,' in Jesus' Name, and any root of evil that is holding cancer to your cells right now, I curse every root of cancer in your cells, and I call it out in the Name of Jesus, and I say, 'Spirit of affliction, go from these people in Jesus' Name.'"

Sid Roth: Go out, get a tennis racket because your wrist has just been healed.

Joanne Moody: Come on.

Sid Roth: Thank You, Messiah. Thank You.

Joanne Moody: Come on. Thank You, Jesus.

Joanne Moody: Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.
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