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Robert Morris - Peace Not Fear

Robert Morris - Peace Not Fear
TOPICS: Peace, Fear, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Hey everyone, welcome to Gateway Church Online: Week Two. And just want you to know I'm still speaking in the sanctuary but I only have nine people here, just 9 of my friends. Pastor Thomas is here, and just a moment ago, Pastor Thomas said, okay y'all let's get started. You know, and it just reminded me years and years ago when Gateway Church was small, that's the way we started too. We just said, "Hey, y'all come over here and we'll get started". And that's kind of the way we started today. So, but I wanted to still be in the sanctuary to bring the word to you. I've got some fantastic things to share with you. Some great things going on at Gateway Church, some great things going on in the Body of Christ.

I just want to say after watching that video, it just moves my heart every time I see it because we have an opportunity now to minister to people like we've never had this opportunity before. Never. And so I want to say if you need help, you just text on your phone, you can text, you can go to our website, but you can text the word CONNECT to 71010 and I'll put that information up for you to see. The text number is 71010 and then the word CONNECT. And we'll contact you, we'll help any way we can. If you want to help. If you want to volunteer, you can let us know. We've got great opportunities.

So let me tell you some things that are going on first of all in the Body of Christ. Pastor Jimmy and I were on a conference call yesterday, or this past week now when you're seeing this, we were on a conference call with leaders in the Body of Christ. And I just jotted down just a few of the leaders that you would recognize. Bishop T. D. Jakes was on the call. Miles McPherson, Pastor Steven Furtick, Jentezen Franklin, Sammy Rodriguez, Chris Hodges, Craig Groeschel, Ken Ulmer, Lou Ingle and Jimmy and I and a few other leaders that you would know.

So we were talking about prayer right now. And this is so exciting. We are going to call every church in the world, not just in America, but every church in the world together. When I say call, we're putting out the call through all of our missions contacts, through all of our friendships, through social media that we're asking people to pray 24 hours a day. Pastor Miles McPherson's church is developing a website where we'll be able to all of us join in and take 15 minute increments. Other people are developing things. Gateway Church, Life Church. We're doing things in conjunction. The Body of Christ is coming together. But we decided we would call this unite714. The word unite and then the numeral 714 after 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Let me just remind you of this powerful scripture. 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land". Look at this last part. We forget about this. "And heal their land". Well, we have a plague in our land right now, but over and over in scripture, God stops the plague. The priest, and we're all... We are a nation of priests, the Bible says. We're the kingdom of priests, we're the priesthood of the believers now. All believers. We're the priests of God under the most high priest Jesus. Time and time again, the priest would take the altar of incense, the incense off the altar and go and stand between the plague and the people.

And we want to do that. And God spoke to us for the next eight weeks. So not just every day, but every weekend we'll begin our messages, either I our Pastor Jimmy will be in the pulpit during this time and we will preach, but before we do it we're going to pray, and we are going to be joining churches around the world every weekend as we pray. So I want you to join me right now and we're going to... When we pray, we are joining churches around the world right now. So let's pray.

Lord, we come to you, God in repentance for our sin, and we come to you also in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And Lord, I ask you to stop this plague, to stop the coronavirus. Lord I ask you to give wisdom to the medical professionals and the scientists that are coming up with vaccines. I pray, Lord, that you'll give wisdom to our civic leaders as they give us guidelines for social distancing and limiting public gatherings and all the things that we need to do in the practical. Lord, we pray for wisdom. But we also pray Lord, for your hand to stop this plague that's in the earth, And Lord, we agree with Christians around the world today. In Jesus name, amen. Amen.

To me, that's exciting. People all over the world coming together to pray. And we're doing this again for the next eight weeks. That's the time-frame that God spoke to us. So I want to share the message with you, but before I do, I need to tell you some things that relate to us as a church. One is, I'm not going to continue the series The Blessed Life right now because I felt like God said that he has a now word. So I have a different message this weekend to share with you, and I'll tell you about that in a moment. But the other thing is we are postponing the capital campaign that we're in right now. God spoke to me probably a year to two years ago. Now is the time to reach the community and the next generation.

I want you to think about this. God's word is eternal. You can open up the Bible and you can read what God spoke to Moses and he can speak to you today. God's word can speak to you today. You can read what God spoke to David. You can read what God spoke through Paul to the church at Ephesus or the church at Galatia, and God's word still speaks. God's word is eternal. So, the word God gave me a few years ago was, Now is the time to reach the community and the next generation. And so we began preparing. How do we prepare our campuses? How do we build more campuses? What do we do with our children's spaces, our youth spaces? What do we do at Southlake to be able to reach more people and the next generation?

So we've been preparing. Nothing that we've done is going to be wasted, because we'll be able to move forward with that, with the way we were going to do it, eventually in the future. We will get to meet again. Okay. We will meet again in public gatherings. I really believe that. But, until then what are we going to do? So this last week I woke up and the Holy Spirit said to me, Now is the time (the exact same words) to reach the community and the next generation. But here's what I heard. I heard the how is different. In other words, what we're going to do, reaching the community and the next generation, isn't different, but how we're going to do it is different because we can't, they can't come. We were going to build places for them to come. They can't come. But here's what we can do. We can build systems and processes right now to take the gospel to them, to the community and the next generation.

So let me talk about this a little bit. All right? Even with the congregation... it's not just processes to the community, but to our congregation to stay in touch. So we're developing, you know, we have 600 people on staff that can't come into the office right now. They're working from home. So you saw in the video, we're developing systems to stay in touch with our congregation, especially our older members, and make sure, have you got everything you need? Can I do anything for you? How are you doing? Do you need prayer? I was talking to my dad this last week and my, my dad said, "Yeah, I've already had three people contact me this week", and this was on Tuesday. So Monday and Tuesday, just in two days, he had three people contact him from the church to say, Are you okay? How are you doing?

Now my parents are in their eighties. And I told him, I said, well, dad, we're developing a buddy system, and we're, we're doing things, all sorts of things, about a hundred different creative ideas we've got of how to reach people. And so we're making sure that we're checking with our older members to make sure they're okay. Now remember my parents are in their eighties. My dad said, Oh I'll check with our older members too if you want me to. I said, dad, you're older. You know, you're one of the older members we're checking on.

So, by the way, a moment ago... I'll tell you something else about my dad. I said we're in a season. God has spoken to us. This is a season. So this season will end. We're just in a season right now, and the reason we're postponing the capital campaign is because we don't know what the economy's going to do. We don't know how long this, the virus is going to last, but we believe obviously that God's going to bring an end to it. So it's a season.

One time I remember asking my dad, Dad, what's your favorite scripture? And he said, well, let me see if I can remember all of it. He said, and it came to pass... And then he stopped. And I said, well do you not remember the rest of it? He said, no, no, that's it. That's my favorite scripture. "And it came to pass". I got to thinking about it. He said, whatever I'm in right now, it's going to come to pass. It's going to pass. And so I want to give you that word today. "It is going to pass".

So we're doing things though to stay in touch with our members. We're doing things for the next generation as well. But let me just say something for a moment about why it's important to protect the older generation. And it seems when we look at this, that obviously the older generation is being targeted right now. God is a generational God. He identifies himself as a generational God all through scripture. When he comes to Jacob, he says, I'm the God of your fathers, Abraham and Isaac. When he comes to Joseph, he says, I'm the God of your fathers. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He identifies himself as a generational God.

I have spoken to our staff many, many times and said, we are a generational church at Gateway Church. We have an Abrahamic generation an Isaac, a Jacob and a Joseph generation. Joseph would be birth through 20, our children and our youth, and we're going to go after that generation. The Jacob generation would be 20-40, those beginning of their careers, beginning their families, beginning to raise their families, you know. Then you have an Isaac generation 40 through 60, those that children are beginning to leave home. They're very successful now in their careers, and in the calling that God's given them, and they're very active in the church and in the kingdom. And then you have 60 and over and they are the mentoring generation. We need the mentoring generation.

Many of you know that I have mentors in my life, Pastor Jack Hayford, Pastor Olen Griffin, James Robison. I need what they have to impart to me. We need what they have. Now, why do we need this older generation? Because God builds everything he's doing on what he previously did in the former generation. In other words, the new generation stands on the shoulders of the generation that came before them. The Lord gave me a couple scriptures on this. And again, I'll get to the message in just a moment. This is very important though for me to share. Psalm 145 verse 4 says, "Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power". Psalm 71 verse 18 says, "Now that I am old and gray", and I don't need any looks right now, even though you're at home, all right.

This is David talking, this isn't Pastor Robert. Okay? "Now that I am old and gray, do not abandon me, O God". And that phrase, do not abandon me, stood out. And I'll tell you why in a moment. "Let me proclaim your power to this new generation". In other words, he's saying, not just the generation to follow me, but the one even following them. The new generation. "Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me". We need this generation. So here's what we're doing at Gateway Church. We're not going to abandon the older generation. We're not going to abandon them. We're not going to abandon the community right now. We're thinking of creative ways to help those who are losing their jobs, to help restaurants right now, to help our community and our younger generation.

And our younger generation, we're just going online more. You know, just think about it. They're already online. You know, just the other day, you know, James and Brigidette are here. My son and daughter-in-law, their son, you know, seven years old. I'm trying to do something on the iPhone. He says, Papaw let me, here. So they know how to get online. They already know. Listen, if you don't know, we have a children's service online so you can click, they are... Your kids can do it without you probably, you know. We have a children's service online. We're developing resources for the children online. We have our youth service on Wednesday nights online. Thursday nights, our youth are having small groups online. They're having their small groups. I'll show you a picture of that. You can just see pictures of they're sitting there on their computer.

So what Gateway Church is doing right now is developing more and better ways to go to our community and to the next generation. So again, let me just wrap this up so I can get it in the message. We're postponing the capital campaign right now. So what does that mean? We're not going to be making commitments in a few weeks. If you've already made a commitment to "Now is the Time", you're released. You're completely, totally released from that commitment. But let me say this, you heard me say last week how Debbie and I since 1985 give 20%. 10% tithe, 10% over and above the tithe. What we've done is we've designated that toward missions or building projects or whatever God tells us to at that time. So we're going to give over and above our tithe anyway. Anyway. So I just want to say to you, if you're already going to give over and above your tithe, then you can direct it to "Now".

I changed it in my computer from "Heart for the Kingdom" to "Now". I've already done that. We're still gathering funds. We still need to build the Frisco campus, which is part of the "Now is the Time" building project. We need to build that as quickly as we can. So as soon as we see this the curve, as soon as we see the curve of the virus and the economy, when we see that curve, we want to go forward with building the Frisco campus. So if you would like to give, we'd still love for you to give because we can use it. But you don't need to make a commitment. If you've already made a commitment, you're released from that commitment. And then at some point in the future, we'll continue with the "Now is the Time" capital campaign. But right now, now is the time to do it a little differently. Okay?

All right. So if you have your Bibles Psalm 42 is where I'm going to be today. And here's the message that the Lord gave me for you. I feel like that there's a lot of fear and a lot of panic right now. I was talking with one of our medical doctors in the congregation and he said, It's fear and panic. It's just panic. He used that word. Well, I told him, I said, well, the message the Lord's given me, here's the title of the message is "Peace, Not Fear". Peace, Not Fear. This is why I felt like the Lord said don't continue with "The Blessed Life" right now. Preach a NOW word for this weekend for where we are as a congregation. So that's what I'm doing. All right. "Peace, Not Fear".

Now let me explain something to you. There's a difference between concern and fear. In other words, you can be concerned and not be fearful. If your child falls and hurts his wrist and you're taking that child to urgent care or the ER and you're getting x-rays, you're doing what you should do, you're concerned, but you don't have to have fear. And you know the difference. You know the difference. You've been in that spot where you can feel fear taking over and you have to stop yourself and say, "No, I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to be fearful. I'm going to trust God. But I'm going to be concerned about my child, and I want to do what the medical experts are telling us to do". And that's what we're doing right now with this virus.

So we're going to have concern at Gateway Church. We're gonna make wise decisions, but we're not going to move out of fear. So the Lord took me to Psalm 42. Let me give you a little background on Psalm 42. This is when Absalom, one of David's sons, has formed a coup and an army, and he's trying to dethrone David. He's trying to take over the throne. And in essence, David had to go into quarantine. He's got an enemy invading the land, even though it's his own son doing this. He's got someone coming in to try to overthrow him. Something's coming against him and what God's called him to do. And he has to pull back. He has to be wise. He has to make wise decisions. And he goes into quarantine. He even said, "I'm going into battle with you, to his men". And they said, "no, no, you're not. You need to stay here because they'll go right after you". You need to stay. You need to stay at home, in essence, you know.

So he writes Psalm 42. Let me read you the first couple of verses. Verses 1 and 2 says, "As the deer pants for the water brooks", which this is a real famous worship song. "So pants my soul for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God", and watch what he says here, "When shall I come and appear before God"? Now here's what he's actually talking about. What am I going to get to go back to church? What am I going to get? He had to leave Jerusalem, and he had to leave the temple. And he's saying, When am I going get to go back to the...? And for him it was the tabernacle. When am I going to get to go back to the tabernacle?

So I've got three points, obviously, for you. I know You know that. So I've got three points for you. All right? When you're under a time like this, what do you do? Okay. So they're real practical, okay? So here's number one. Stop listening to yourself. Stop listening to yourself. Now watch what David says in verse 4, "When I remember these things, I pour out my soul within me". In other words, I talk to myself. "For I used to go with the multitude", that's the big public gathering. "I went with them to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise, with a multitude that kept a pilgrim feast".

Twice he says a multitude, a large gathering. I used to get to go to church with the large gathering. Can't do it anymore. I pour out my soul within me. Here's what he's saying. I complain, I'd grumble. I'm murmur within me. I'm telling myself how bad it is. I'm working myself up on the inside. I'm pouring out my soul and I'm telling myself all the negative things that can happen. Here's the problem with that. Not only are you going to discourage yourself, you're gonna discourage everyone around you, but you're going to get more discouraged.

Let's say when you're depressed, don't listen to yourself. It's a depressed person trying to cheer up a depressed person. Okay? So there's a problem there, okay? We got to get in the word and we got to talk to some other folks and we got to stay in connection even though we can't come and public gatherings, but we can't go down the negative. Now here is the problem when you go down the negative road. The enemy jumps in and he makes it even worse. Let me show you this. In Psalm 42 verse 3 says, "My tears have been my food day and night, while they", we're going to come back to this word "they". We're going to define it, let the Bible define it. Let the Bible define it while they continually say to me, "While they continually say to me, 'Where is your God'"?

So who's they? Well, if you look down at verses 9 and 10, he tells us. "Why do I go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy? As with a breaking of my bones, my enemies reproach me, while they say to me all day long, 'Where is your God'"? There it is. While they say to me, where's your God? But he tells us who they are, his enemies. We have an enemy too. And I'm telling you, Satan will jump on you at this time. It's amazing. You would think it's like, Hey, we're going through a crisis. A pandemic in the whole world. Why don't you leave me alone? But he'll just jump. He'll just lie. He'll tell you a bunch of lies. He'll do everything he can. He'll tell you, "Millions are going to die. They're not going to be able to find a vaccine or a cure for this, you know. The stock market's never going to recover. You're gonna lose your savings. You're gonna lose your retirement".

Listen, if Satan's lips are moving, he's lying. He's a liar. That's what Jesus said. Jesus said, he's a liar and the truth is not in him. Jesus even calls him the father of all lies. So I'm just telling you, Satan will lie to you all the time. I'm just going to give you a practical illustration. Okay? You can be in your home, and let's say that your wife is going to prepare dinner that night. And she's been, she's gotten home maybe from her job as well or whatever she's been doing, helped the kids and she's preparing dinner. And the husband will ask a question. You ask a question and she'll hear something different cause she's stressed out, and she'll say something and you'll hear something different.

So let me just give you an analogy. Debbie's here on the front row, but not that this has ever happened in our home. Right? Sugar. Okay. All right. So, but the husband might say, "When is dinner going to be ready"? And here's what Satan does. He'll go to the wife and say, Did you hear what he said? He said, "When is dinner finally going to be ready"? You tell him "It'll be ready when I get it ready". And then the enemy goes to the husband and says, "Did you hear what she said? She said, if you won't dinner, fix it yourself". That's exactly the way the enemy is. I'm just telling you, don't talk yourself into a depression because the enemy will jump on top of you.

So point number one is stop talking to yourself. Here's point number two. It's going to shock you a little bit. Start talking to yourself. Okay, so I know I've got to explain this. Stop talking to yourself in a negative way, and start talking to yourself in a biblical way. I could say positive, but a biblical way. Here's what David does. Psalm 42 verse 5, he says, "Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me"? I'll come back to that word in moment. And here's what he tells his soul. He's talking to himself now. "Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance".

Here's what he's saying. This season's going to pass. This is just a season. Why are you cast down? That word cast down means press down. Let me give you another word for press down. D-pressed. When you get your car, you depress the gas pedal or depress the brake. You depress. So many times, people never thought about this. This is what the word depressed means. Depressed, if you say I'm depressed or a person has depression, here's what you're saying. That person's being pushed down. Well, who's pushing you down? The enemy's pushing you down and you don't need to agree with the enemy with your mouth. So don't be depressed. And then he says to his soul, "And you're also disquieted".

Now I know that's not a word we use a lot, but in the Hebrew it means growling, like an animal growling. In other words, he's talking to himself saying, why are you growling? Let me say it another way. Why are you grumbling on the inside of me? Why, you have to say to your mind, stop it. I mean, I had to do it this last week, I can remember just one morning, I just got flooded with fear. Just flooded with fear. And think about it. If you have a cough? Immediately, I must have the coronavirus. I better go get tested. You know? And you just, you can just keep going. And I felt a little achy lately and, you know...

And I'm not saying don't use wisdom. I'm not saying that. I mean, if you have a cough or the fever, if you have any of the symptoms go get tested. Call your doctor. I understand that. I'm just saying what you know to be true is we can get depressed and the enemy gets on top of us. And he pushes us down and we get more and more depressed and then we start grumbling on the inside and you have to tell your soul, stop grumbling. Here's basically what David said to his soul. "Shut up. Shut up. Let's talk about that God is going to bring us through the season. God's going to get us through this".

Let me tell you a little bit about a disease that most of you've heard of, but many of you have never dealt with it. It's called smallpox. And many of you watching have never even seen this disease. And I'm grateful for that. But smallpox was a disease that began around the time of Christ actually. So for almost 2000 years it was very prevalent and it kept growing and growing and getting worse and worse in our society. In the 18th century, the 18th century in Europe, it's estimated 400,000 people died a year for a hundred years. That's 40 million, by the way, if you're counting, in just Europe.

In the 20th century, it's estimated 300 million people died worldwide. And in the last 100 years of its existence as a disease, it's estimated 500 million people had died in the last hundred years, just in the last hundred years. Not over time, in just the last 100 years of its existence. But scientists found a vaccine, and in 1980, the World Health Organization put out a statement, and they certified the global eradication of small box, that it was completely gone from the face of the earth. That's why many of you may have heard of it, or you might not have, but many of you've never even seen it, never even seen the case because God gave the wisdom to the medical doctors and the scientists to come up with a vaccine.

What I'm saying is, this too shall pass. It's going to pass. God has the wisdom and God's going to give us that wisdom. I also want to just put in here, this is a great time to minister to people. In other words, let's change our negative view to a positive view. What can I do to help someone else right now? Now, let me give you just two little positives here. So last week was our first week completely online. We normally have about 35,000 in attendance every weekend at our campuses. Think about this though. 35,000 on the weekends. Do you know what our attendance was last weekend online? Ready for this? 195,000 From 35,000 to 195,000 online last weekend.

Life Church, Pastor Craig Groeschel, I preached there just few weeks ago, two messages, two weeks in a row, matter of fact. But I spoke with Craig this week, Life Church last weekend. They normally have, they're the largest church in America, and they normally have about 1,000 people accept Christ every weekend. 1,000 people every weekend, 50,000 a year. Last weekend, their first week completely online, they had 15,000 people accept Christ. 15,000 I'm just telling you this... God can take what Satan has meant for evil and turn it for good.

That's what I want you to hear. So stop listening to your negative self. Start talking to yourself, the biblical principles. But here's number three is GET WITH GOD. You got to get with God. I want you to read Psalm 42:5, "Why are you cast down, o my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God". It's not just positive talk. "Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance". Now the reason I want to go that scripture is because when you read Psalm 42 and 43, that scripture is actually three times. It's almost word for word all three times. It's verse five in Psalm 42. It's verse 11 in Psalm 42, but also in Psalm 43 it's verse five again. So in Psalm 42 verse five and verse 11. Psalm 43 verse five but there's one word that's different. I want to show you that word because it's important.

So again, just to remind you the last phrase of Psalm 42 verse five says, "the help of His countenance", and His is capitalized because it's referring to God. The help of His countenance. Verse 11 says, "the help of my countenance". And then Psalm 43 verse five says "the help of my countenance". So it starts out "His countenance" and it goes to "my countenance". So what's God saying? What's God saying through this scripture? Here's what I think he's saying, and I think this is what David is saying. "When I look in His face, it changes my face. When I look at God instead of the circumstances, I get encouraged rather than discouraged. When I push into God, God pushes into me. When I draw near to God, God draws near to me".

I'm telling you, it changes. And here's the thing you need to know. He's talking about his countenance, his face. Think about this. When something's going on, people see it on our face. We can't hide it. We might even try to hide it. We might go to another room and you know, try to fix our face. And we come out and someone immediately looks at our face and says, are you okay? What's going on? Because we can't hide it.

Well, this happened last week and this is what I want to close with. Debbie and I like to watch old TV shows. Okay. And so I say old because they were on when we were young. So anyway, and we're not elderly, we're just older. Okay, let's clarify that. All right. But they are giving us discounts places. All right. But anyway. So here's the thing. So we, we like to watch old TV shows. So we're watching this old TV show this past week and there's this scene where a guy, one of the family members, is being rolled into surgery. And we watched it, but for both of us the memories came back. It's almost two years ago now, but I was rolled into surgery not knowing if I'd ever see Debbie again, her not knowing if she'd ever see me again.

So we turned the TV off and I'm trying not to say anything. I'm trying not to show it on my face. But when I looked at her, I saw it on her face, and she saw it on my face. And I said, I didn't like that scene. She said, I didn't like it either. Because when it happens to you, it's different. I promise you, it's different. And most of us have gone through something like this. And so we started talking. And we started talking about the surgery, and how long the surgery was. And I don't really know a lot of it. I don't know these things, you know, and we'd never really talked about this.

And she talked about how they thought it would be six hours, and how it seems that when six hours came and passed and you know, they had little updates, but she sitting there looking at the clock and I asked her what she felt in the waiting room. And you know, I just heard... and pretty soon we're both crying, we're just crying. And then all of a sudden at the same time, it's like something just turned in us, and Debbie said, "But God healed you". And I said, "And I'm still here". It's like we talked ourselves into a little bit of being discouraged, remembering that it was tough, it was painful. And then we started bringing God into it, and we could see our souls turn around just like that.

That's what I'm saying to you. I'm telling you it's okay to be concerned, but we're not going to be fearful. We should make wise decisions, and we are. We're gonna make wise decisions, but everyone of us have gone through something like this before. All of us have. We've gone through something like this. We've gone through 9/11. We've gone through 2009. We've gone through a difficult situation, and God is always faithful. So we are going to be a people of faith and of peace, not fear.

I want you to bow your heads and close your eyes. I want you to just to take a moment like we do at the end of all our services, and just ask the Holy Spirit, what are you saying to me? So even if you're, I know you're... I was going to say, even if you're watching at home. I know you're watching a home or wherever you're watching, and even if there are other people in the room, I guess I should say, don't be embarrassed. Let let each person, this is church. This is church. Now we're online now until further notice, until this season passes. So just take a moment and just say, Holy Spirit, close your eyes and just say, Holy Spirit, what are you saying to me through this message? And let the Lord speak to you, and let the Lord speak to you this week. And be reminded this week to not discourage yourself, but to encourage yourself with God's word. And I want to say that one more time. This week, don't discourage yourself, but encourage yourself with God's word. And I want to pray for you.

Father, I just come right now and pray for all of my brothers and sisters. Lord, I pray for protection. I pray for health and safety. I pray God that you will help us continue to do the guidelines that have been laid out, that we won't get so boxed in that we just feel like we've just gotta go somewhere. And I pray, God, that you will stop the spread of this disease. I pray, Lord that you will help our scientists, our medical professionals find the cure, find a vaccine. I pray, Lord, for all of those who have been infected, I pray for healing right now in Jesus name. Maybe some are even watching me right now. I pray for healing in Jesus name. And I pray, Lord, not just for those infected but those affected by this disease, by this virus, for someone in their family, or friend. I pray, Lord, for healing right now in Jesus name. And Lord, we pray for protection, and God, I want to tell you thank you Lord, for the opportunities that we have to minister to people right now. Now is the time to reach our community and the next generation. And I tell you thank you for that. And Lord we tell you we're going to walk in peace, not fear. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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