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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider — Passover and it's Fulfillment

Rabbi Schneider — Passover and it's Fulfillment

TOPICS: Passover

I'm excited today, beloved ones, to share with you this Passover season. Do you know, we celebrate freedom and deliverance in our lives just as the ancient Israelites experienced freedom out of Egypt 3,500 years ago?

In fact, Jesus is the last and holy Deliverer. The Bible says that when Moses was raised up, he prophesied that there was gonna come a Deliverer after him, and whoever didn't listen to that Deliverer would be cut off from the people.

When Jesus arrived on the scene, John the Baptist pointed at Jesus and said, behold the Lamb of God, showing that Jesus was the one that Moses had prophesied about, that Jesus, beloved one, has become the final Deliverer of the Most Holy God.

What we're gonna do today is we're gonna go into a traditional Seder and I'm gonna walk you through many of the elements of it and making application for your life and my life today as we are in our journey into freedom through Jesus the Messiah. Join me now.

What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna walk you through some of the different elements that we traditionally use during a Passover Seder. Now the word Seder, it means order of service. So in the world of Judaism, we have a particular order of service when we celebrate the Passover meal.

Now I don't want this just to be about rules and regulations and ritual, I want to make real application, beloved ones, for your life today. It's a beautiful thing. But there's only three elements in the Seder that are actually Biblical.

We're commanded in the Bible on Passover to eat lamb, bitter herbs, and the matzah or unleavened bread. The other elements were added later by the sages and the rabbis to help us appreciate all that God has done for the Jewish people when he led them out of Egypt.

But the good news today is that for you, Jesus has become the final Deliverer. And Jesus is actually the fulfillment of Passover.
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