Rabbi Schneider — The Final Battle

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Shalom, beloved ones, my name's Rabbi Schneider; a warm welcome today to this edition of Discovering the Jewish Jesus. We're in a series that we're calling the Holy Land. We're journeying together through the Holy Land. I'm gonna be preaching today from Israel, from the place described in the Bible as Armageddon, where the last war of the world will take place.

Beloved, there's some deep things that we need to discover today as we dig into this subject. One of the things that we have to face is things are not gonna get better in the world before they get worse. In fact, the Bible tells us that things are gonna get so bad, if it wasn't for the grace of God, not even the elect would be able to be saved.

As we journey today into the mystery that we call Armageddon, the purpose that God has for us is that you and I would wake up and prepare ourself for his return.

See the truth is, is that Jesus is coming back soon, listen, and he's coming back for you and for me. Jesus said, behold, I come quickly to reward to each one according to what he's done. Get ready, beloved, Jesus is coming very, very soon.
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