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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - How the Holy Spirit Can Guide You

Rabbi Schneider - How the Holy Spirit Can Guide You

Rabbi Schneider - How the Holy Spirit Can Guide You
TOPICS: Rabbi Schneider: Devotions, Seeds of Revelation, Holy Spirit, Guidance

You see, God's Spirit is a speaking Spirit. This is why in the book of Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit, when the Ruach HaKodesh was given, in Acts 2, to the church, He manifested Himself above the disciples head as a tongue. A tongue is a speaking oracle. Tongues are used to speak. Why did the Lord choose to reveal Himself when He gave the church's spirit as a tongue of fire? Because He was declaring that the mission and purpose of the Holy Spirit is to communicate to us the things of God. The Holy Spirit imparts to us the essence of God through speaking to us.

Whether it's in our heart, through intuition, whether it's by highlighting and illuminating the words of God that we read in Scripture, whether it's speaking to us in a vision or a dream at night, whether it's Him speaking to us through circumstances, through a friend or loved one. The point is, the Holy Spirit's purpose is to speak to you and to communicate to you the things of Hashem, the things of God. Jesus said He would send forth His spirit, and His spirit would take the things of Him and communicate those things to us. So what am I driving at? What I am driving at, beloved one, is that the Holy Spirit is continually, night and day, communicating with you and I.

Now granted, we're not always going to be conscious of this, but the Holy Spirit He's living. He's alive. He's not ever sleeping. And His purpose is to communicate the things of God to us. He takes of Yeshua, imparts them, or communicates them to us. What we need to do is to develop an awareness of the Spirit's voice, an awareness of the Spirit's witness. Because a lot of times the voice of the Spirit is not an audible word. It's oftentimes not a sentence, although it can be. It can be a word. It can be a sentence. But oftentimes the Holy Spirit is communicating to us through a simple, gentle witness in our soul, in our heart. In other words, if we were paying attention, we would know whether something is right to do or not to do.

And I'm not even talking about whether it's morally right or not. I'm not talking about whether it's a good thing morally or a bad thing morally. I'm talking about whether it's the right thing for us to do at that time to abide in the Lord. In other words, Lord, I'm working now on this business transaction. Should I make this phone call in relationship to this business transaction or should I just wait on you? And what you can do, you can feel what's the right thing to do. You're dealing with a health issue. Lord, should I go to the doctor, should I take that prescription or should I just wait on you and trust you?

And I'm not saying that the Lord would not use doctors or medication. I'm just saying that we have to be paying attention to the Holy Spirit to know, in every situation, what's the Lord's leading. Sometimes He wants to use a doctor or a medicine. Sometimes He just wants you to trust Him without going to a doctor or without taking medicine. But we want to abide in Him. Rather than just being on autopilot, not even looking to Him for counsel, and just doing what we think we should do. How do we handle relationships? Does the Lord want us to be in relationship with this person? Does He want us to get closer to this person or does He want us to draw back with this relationship? How do you know? The Holy Spirit, beloved, will communicate to you. And oftentimes, it's simply through a witness in your heart.
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