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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - The Breakthrough Birth That Changed The World

Rabbi Schneider - The Breakthrough Birth That Changed The World

Rabbi Schneider - The Breakthrough Birth That Changed The World
TOPICS: Rabbi Schneider: Devotions, Seeds of Revelation, Christmas

Well, you know where I'm standing? I'm standing in the land that Yeshua, that Jesus our savior, was born in. I'm in the land of Israel. Now, I'm not in Bethlehem. I'm in Caesarea right now, but you know what? There is no other place on the planet that's as close to the ground that Yeshua walked on, than the land of Eretz Israel. And so I want to say to you today, Merry Christmas from the place that Yeshua walked when He was on earth.

One of the things that makes our faith in Mashiach Messiah Jesus, so unique is that our faith isn't just in some unseen spirit in the sky. Yes, God is spirit, and as such, we can't see Him, but our faith is in the spirit of the living God that clothed Himself in humanity, in the person of Yeshua, and was born into this planet in flesh and blood in this place, beloved in Israel 2000 years ago. And so, as so many around the world are celebrating the birth of Messiah, the birth of Jesus during this time of year, we all join in together and celebrate your birth, even as the wise man did.

And we say Thank you, Father, for sending Your son. Thank you for your love for us. That motivated you, Lord, to send your son for us. And Yeshua we say thank you for you, for saying yes to the father, and coming to die on the cross for our sins. Help us, Holy Spirit, to live worthy of the sacrifice that you made for us by giving our lives fully back to you, even father as you gave your life to us through your son and Yeshua, as you went to the cross and bled for our sins. We love you and we celebrate together, your birth and your coming into the world. We rejoice, Lord Jesus, Yeshua, in your love and we can't thank you enough. There's no words to say.

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