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Watch 2022 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - Reaching Israel and the World

Rabbi Schneider - Reaching Israel and the World

Rabbi Schneider - Reaching Israel and the World
TOPICS: Rabbi Schneider: Devotions, Seeds of Revelation

Baruch HaShem, bless the name of the Lord. Cynthia and I welcome you today to another edition of Discovering The Jewish Jesus. Those of you that want to receive Jesus tonight, raise your hand because when you know that God loves you, it changes everything. As you can see I'm here in Jerusalem, behind me, you see the Western Wall. That hunger and that great expectation will produce a thirst within them that they'll begin to draw upon the reservoirs of God's spirit and receive more. We have to be more concerned with telling the truth and pleasing Jesus than we are with being accepted by somebody.

Maria Bartiromo: Gentlemen, good to see you both.

Rabbi Schneider: The real question is this: did Jesus really die on the cross for my sins?, a simple website and tool to help you share Jesus in a non-threatening and non-religious way.

Speaker 1: Seen by millions in Times Square and on the nation's most viewed news network.

Rabbi Schneider: He sent Jesus to bring us to himself, to heal us and restore us. And that is the message of salvation. Say, God is my father.

Pastor Benjamin: Rabbi is a Jew that God sent specifically in the last days to proclaim Jesus. Preach the gospel to the unreached.

Pastor Bulamu: People came from all walks of life. People came from near and far.

Speaker 2: We saw how they were running, literally running for their lives. We take refuge in Jesus.

Ato Denis: I heard this message that motivated me to accept Jesus.

Rabbi Schneider: Jesus is asking us to fully give him our lives.

Speaker 3: And when he called, this might be your last chance, then I ran. Now I feel I am now relieved. Jesus is my savior.

Rita: I was born and raised in Jerusalem so I've lived here for 25 years. It's been five years now that I've been following Rabbi's video's, programs. I think he's really showing people that Yeshua was a Jew and he still is a Jew and just bringing the Jewish culture to the table is something that is very beautiful and it's something that is missing in the body of Christ.

Rabbi Schneider: Let the church say amen. Let the saints say amen.

Pastor Derys: Rabbi is chosen by God for this generation, for the church to understand that there is an anointing in the Jewish people to have Jesus Christ.

Pastor Esau: There is a blessing when you connect yourself to a Jew, not just a Jew, but also we are talking of a Jew who believes in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Moises: He has been sent by God. And he has a powerful word.

Pastor Roberto: That in depth revelation that he brings is just tremendous.

Pastor Patrick: Rabbi is a true servant of God which I believe God is going to use him not only in Gulu, not only in Africa, but in the whole world.

Pastor Israel: I knew his divine connection and we're going to do things together. His heart for poor and needy, for Israel, for body of Messiah, all of it together. Rabbi keep doing great work in the nations and carry the gospel and reach the lost, lost sheep of Israel. Lost Israelis.

Anna: I am Jewish.

Rabbi Schneider: Jesus came and died on the cross for you.

Anna: Honestly, how do I express this? I just started crying. It was emotional.

Rabbi Schneider: I receive you as my Messiah, Yeshua.

Anna: I feel him with my heart.

Pastor Sergei: I can see the difference that she's always happy and she passionately wanted to serve Jesus. It is a joy to see her life now.

Rabbi Boris: We are very glad to meet with such minister of God and to take from him what Holy Spirit brought and can bring in future and together prepare this breakthrough not only this and that country, but worldwide.

Rabbi Schneider: All over the world lives are being changed through this ministry. From Africa to Israel, souls are being saved, lives are being transformed, people are being delivered and coming into the kingdom of God. So I wanna ask tonight, if you've never invited Jesus into your heart, I'm giving you that chance right now. This is between you and God. If you've never invited Him in and want to do that tonight, would you raise your hand? Yes, I see...oh wow, look at all these hands tonight!
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