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Watch 2022 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - The Answer Lies Within Each One of Us

Rabbi Schneider - The Answer Lies Within Each One of Us

Rabbi Schneider - The Answer Lies Within Each One of Us
TOPICS: Rabbi Schneider: Devotions, Seeds of Revelation

Shalom uvrachah, peace and blessings to you, beloved one. I'm in the book of Mark. I'm talking about faith from the words of Yeshua in Mark chapter 11, verse 23 and 24. I've been here for several weeks. I want to introduce a new concept today. Yeshua was talking about the fact that when we believe, nothing's going to be impossible, that God can do exceedingly above that which we ask or think. And when we pray, we should believe that the things that we've asked for are granted to us. It's not a matter of praying louder. It's not a matter of praying more. It's simply a matter of believing that God hears the stillest whisper of our heart. Knowing that and knowing that He's granted that which we've asked Him for, but we have to be praying according to His will.

See, sometimes people want to take this concept that whatever we ask for, we have, if we believe, and they want to apply it in an ungodly way. You remember that song a while ago, "oh Lord won't you to buy me a Mercedes-Benz, my friends all have Porsches, I want to make amen's". I mean, that's kind of the mindset of some in the Christian quote church, they try to apply this principle of Jesus and turn it into a magic genie to achieve the American dream. But the Bible says, "God grants us everything that we ask for that's according to His will".

What is His will? He wants you and I to be happy, but He wants to make us happy from being made whole in Him, being whole in Jesus. Think about Jesus. He was completely whole. Totally whole, completely at peace, but it wasn't because He had all the luxuries in the world. It's not because He had the biggest house and was eating the finest food and was driving, you know, the greatest camel, donkey. No, it was something that he possessed inside Himself. The kingdom of God is within.

I want to encourage you today to refocus. Know, as you ask God to know Him in a way that will bring you into contentment, into peace, into wholeness, He is going to answer that prayer. You don't have to scream for it. You just have to know that He's granted it to you as you've asked Him in simple childlike faith. And as you persist beloved to keep your heart fixed on Him.
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