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Watch 2022 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - Can the Truth Change?

Rabbi Schneider - Can the Truth Change?

Rabbi Schneider - Can the Truth Change?
TOPICS: Rabbi Schneider: Devotions, Seeds of Revelation, Truth

A coach will many times call his or her team back to the basics. In other words, sometimes we can go on in life, and life gets complicated, we've got so many things coming at us, we're exposed to so much that it's necessary sometimes to go back to the basics. That's why coaches will say, "Okay, we're going to go back and we're going to drill the fundamentals". Jesus Himself, called the church back to the basics in the book of Revelation, when He said, "Return to your first love and do the things you did at first".

So with that in mind-returning to the basics-I want to remind you of God's Word to us through Paul. In the book of Romans 5:8, Paul says this, "For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us". To say it another way, Paul said this: "God..." Romans 5:8, "God demonstrated His love for you. In that while you were yet a sinner, Christ died for you".

Think about this. God demonstrates His love for us, in that why we were still sinners, separated from God, not even thinking about God, while we were in that totally degenerate state, God sent Jesus to die for us. That's how much He loves us. His love for us, beloved, is unconditional. He sent His Son to die for us. When we were not looking for Him, when we were not thinking about Him, when we had not one more to our credit, God loved us then. And it's with that same love that He still loves us every day, every second, right now. Why is this important? Because somehow along the way we can get lost in the Christian journey and think that God's love for us depends on our works-if we've been obedient enough. But God sent His Son for us to die in our place because of His love while we were still dead in our transgressions and sins.

Do you see, church? His love never changes. He'll never love you any more than He does right now. If God loved you when you didn't even know Him, if God demonstrated His love for us while we were yet sinners by sending Jesus to die on the cross, you can be confident that He loves you right now and will love you every day for the rest of eternity. Let's open our hearts to believe God, to take Him at His Word, and to receive His unconditional grace and love into our lives. Be confident in Hashem's love for you.
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