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Kenneth Copeland - Fear Opens The Door To The Devil

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KENNETH: Hello everybody, we're Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Welcome to the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. You know, as most of you know, that last week we were in Arkansas at our prayer cabin over there in southwest Arkansas. And, oh man, the next day it rained us out. So, I mean really rained us out. So, we had to move things back to our home here in, on the ministry property, and it's trying to do the same thing to us again.

GLORIA: We're having a cold spell.

KENNETH: Yeah, amen and now that wind got out, we got a big fire way out here in the pavilion out in the backyard and we got a fire in the fireplace now the wind turned around out of the north blowing the smoke across, it just a lot of fun on account of you, you know that?

GLORIA: That's life.


GLORIA: like camping out.

KENNETH: Yeah, but and let me tell you something, hey, now don't be like that woman, bless her heart. I had on a sweater, this is years ago, and I had the microphone, I just took my pen and separated the thread in that sweater and stuck the end of that little microphone up through that sweater. She wrote back and said "you should tell your staff to do a better job of keeping the bugs off of your sweater". She thought a big bug had landed on my sweater, and nobody was telling anything about it. Don't write us in and talk about the little animals that have gotten on our shirts.

GLORIA: Is that a caterpillar or what is that?

KENNETH: It looks like it, doesn't it? No, between the broadcast that we were doing a little while ago, the wind had just suddenly got up, actually what happened the little cold front came through and wind got back around out of the north and so they had to put these fuzz balls on top of these microphone. That looks just like something just landed on your shirt.

GLORIA: It's a caterpillar.

KENNETH: Yeah. Oh Gloria, something done crawled up her. Don't try to kill it.


KENNETH: You'll make noise.

GLORIA: Okay, I'll behave.

KENNETH: Father we thank You today for Your Word, how we praise You. Thank You Father. We just praise and worship You.

GLORIA: Thank You Lord.

KENNETH: Thank You Lord Jesus. You're so wonderful and so...

GLORIA: Yes. Amen.

KENNETH: good to us for being our caretaker. You are the one that will take all the cares we'll dump on You, that's what You came to do, and we thank You for it, and we praise You for it. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Let's go back...

GLORIA: Hallelujah.

KENNETH: I want to go back over, from the top, so to particularly to catch those of you up that are just now coming in with us on this. First Peter chapter five verse five through ten. Likewise, you younger submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea all of you be subject one to another. What's He saying? Walk in love. Be clothed with humility. Now what is humility? To humble yourself, well I believe God's trying to humble me. He can't. Nobody can humble you but yourself. And to humble yourself is not, to self debasement is not humility. Well I'm just, you know, so unworthy. Not if you're a new creature in Christ. He didn't, God didn't recreate you unworthy. No. You were unworthy but you received Jesus as your Lord and you were made the righteousness of God in Christ. Amen. Now, in ourselves we are worthless, but we're not in ourselves anymore, we're in Christ Jesus. Whoa, that's good enough right there to just preach from now on. Glory to God. Humility is to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God.

GLORIA: In other words, put yourself in God's hands.


GLORIA: And believe Him.


GLORIA: Trust Him.

KENNETH: Well, yeah Gloria, and I see that that is making yourself subject to His Word. He's right.

GLORIA: Absolutely.

KENNETH: 100 times out of 100...

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: He's always right. His Word is right. Amen. Yeah, but Brother Copeland it contradicts itself. No, it doesn't. You and I just don't know enough about it, there's not enough understanding. If you just stay in the Word and say "no it doesn't contradict itself, God doesn't contradict Himself". It's a lack of understanding of the Word and it looks like a contradiction but if you just know, and you just say "Lord you're always right and it's me that's wrong", if there's a difference...


KENNETH: He's right, always.

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: Now what did I just do? What do you think I just did? I humbled myself, unto His Word.

GLORIA: You had more confidence in Him than you had in you.

KENNETH: Oh yeah.

GLORIA: That's easy, and...

KENNETH: Well I'm a self made man, that's really ain't worth nothing. Amen.

GLORIA: That's the truth.

KENNETH: If I'm anything, I'm a God made man. Why? Because for all these years we got ahold of this message of casting your care over on him. I got it in 1968, that early. I was in a meeting. I had heard Brother Hagin preach and teach on this and it just got through to me. Glory to God. I was in that meeting down in Beaumont Texas with Hilton Sutton's dad, Dad Sutton.

GLORIA: Yeah, Dad Sutton.

KENNETH: I talked about it earlier in the week. But, oh my goodness, when I got there, like I told you, the flu had hit and there's just nobody coming. The people in the church were sick and anyway, the first morning service there were two people there other than the pastor and his wife.

GLORIA: That's a very small crowd.

KENNETH: That is very small. And so, and but now, you don't preach like there's a small crowd. You preach, glory to God, you preach just exactly what God gave you to preach like the house is full. And so, and that night we had six and the pastor and his wife. Now in between the two services

GLORIA: Now when the pastor and his wife don't come you need to get concerned about something.

KENNETH: And preach it anyway.

GLORIA: I'll tell you what, that's right.

KENNETH: Boy I'll tell you what, but you know Dad Sutton and he'd a been there, you'd a had to carry him in there in a stretcher

GLORIA: That's the truth.

KENNETH: if he'd a been there.


KENNETH: And so would Mom Sutton, she'd a been there. And, so, that afternoon I said "Lord what am I gonna do? I can run a full page ad in Beaumont paper won't nobody know who I am, what am I gonna do"? And I just laid across my bed there, I was staying there in the parsonage with the Sutton's and I just laying across there, what am I going to do? And I just heard it come up on the inside of me. I heard Brother Hagin's voice, I listened to his tapes night and day, glory and I still do, and I heard it in his voice, you know? I heard him say to the Lord "this meeting is my care, and I'm rolling all the care of it, Jesus, over on you. Now I believe in fasting and so forth, but I'm not gonna fast a meal, I'm not gonna worry about it, I'm casting the whole of this care over on you". And I caught it. I said "yes Sir, Jesus. This meeting is my care and I'm rolling all the care over on you. I'm not gonna, I'm not worrying about it", I'm telling you, glory to God, I'm already praying the full time between the meetings, I'm praying the Spirit, glory to God, and I just put a smile on my face and I don't have a care. Glory to God.

GLORIA: Tell me if I made this up or not, did you say if just one snaggletooth old lady...

KENNETH: No, Brother Hagin said that, I didn't say that. He said it only one snaggletooth old lady comes I'm gonna preach it anyway.

GLORIA: Okay, Brother Hagin said...

KENNETH: Glory to God. Glory. Anyway, I do have a very good friend that learned that from our teaching and he wound up in a place in his own meeting and nobody showed up.

GLORIA: Did he preach it?

KENNETH: Nobody. He stood up there and preached to a house full of empty chairs. He just preached at the meeting and he preached the whole week there and it never did get over 'bout a half a dozen preacher, and he preached every day just...

GLORIA: That's good.

KENNETH: Kept preaching it. Just kept preaching it. Just refused to touch the care.

GLORIA: Yes, amen.

KENNETH: And of course you know what it did to him financially, and he wasn't all that, he was struggling financially anyway. But he rolled that care over on the Lord. The very next meeting that he was in, very next one, he was preaching and he had a good crowd in this meeting, and he just preaching, I mean preached the same thing that he preached to that whole building full of empty chairs. There was a Methodist pastor that stood up. He said, I'm tell you that he said "This has revolutionized my life, and I'm glorifying God. I'm putting $10.000 in this man's ministry today". It paid for that whole meeting.

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: And the man just stood up and announced it, and you know what happened, people just followed suit.


KENNETH: Now God will take care of you.


KENNETH: Amen. I don't care how long you have to preach, weren't nobody there. If you're doing what He told you to do


KENNETH: then He told you to do it, you cast all the care of it over on Him, He'll take care of it.


KENNETH: He'll take care of it. We've seen it for 52 years and He's never ever not taken care of us, not one single...

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: time. And the only times that we've had struggles, were when we tried to carry the care of it, and that's been a long time ago.

GLORIA: We've found out that didn't work.

KENNETH: That didn't work. Amen. Now, fear not, as I said earlier, fear not occurs in the Bible 95 times. 72 times in the...


KENNETH: first covenant and 23 in the second. Do you believe God trying get something over to us? And when He says fear not, that means shut your mouth and don't do it. Just refuse it. I mean your knees may be knocking together and you just be like Kellie when they announced to her that her child, Lindsey, had Neisseria meningitis, and she told me, she said "Daddy, that thing came down over me like a black cloud, like a black shroud" then she said it was so heavy but she said "I refuse to fear" and said the minute she said it, she said that thing just, just lifted off. She said it wasn't strong at all, it had no strength. Well, Gloria and I were ... seven, eight hundred miles away and we got in in the middle of the night, and there was little Lindsey, eleven years old in that, that you know. Meningitis man, I mean they put the hazmat suits on you and everything. And we walked in there, and Gloria's on one side of the bed and I'm on the other, and I did what, I had time in the airplane to get here to pray it out in tongues and know what we were supposed to do and say what we were supposed to say. And we just did exactly what the Lord said, and I said "Lindsey", she just lying there in that bed, and I did what the Lord said to do, He said touch her breast bone with your index finger and say "Lindsey, I speak to the anointing that's on the inside of you to rise up and put off this sickness, this disease". And so I did that, I mean, her eyes popped up and she gritted her teeth, she said "Papa" just as loud as she could holler "Papa, I'm healed in the name of Jesus. Glory to God".


KENNETH: They did not expect that child to live to daylight.

GLORIA: She's still alive today.

KENNETH: Married to a fine young medical doctor... In Fresno California, and just doing fine. Glory to God. Not a symptom, I'm telling you, every symptom of that thing left except one which is a little problem with her ear, I won't go into all that, but she's healed and well and that. The point that I'm making here is what Kellie did. She absolutely refused fear. Refused it. Refused it. What does that tantamount to? That's tantamount to casting all of the situation with her baby over on Jesus. He's the one, glory to God. He's our caretaker. Thank You Lord Jesus. Whoa, hallelujah.

GLORIA: Tell me how many times that appears in the Bible, again, you just said it.

KENNETH: 95 times. That exact phrase. Now the whole Bible is about fear not.


KENNETH: All of it. Amen. 'cause Satan is the spirit of fear. The spirit of fear and the spirit of death, and the spirit of sickness, and the spirit of disease are all one in the same.

GLORIA: That's what Satan operates on, those very things.

KENNETH: Yeah. Without it Satan can't get anything done, Gloria. I remember hearing this, it just, I knew it, you know? But it came as a, just a revelation, I just heard the voice of the Spirit of God inside me say "The Devil can't do anything to you apart from fear anymore than I can do anything for you apart from faith".

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: He can't do it. But now you're gonna have to resist it, you understand that? All right, now, anxiety, distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune. Worry, to torment oneself with cares and anxieties. Amen. Now first John 4:18, we read that early, let's go back and read that again. First John 4:18, there is no fear in love but perfect or developing love cast without fear because fear hath torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love. Now, we've seen something here. You can come down against fear in faith and not get any results at all. What? Faith worketh by love.


KENNETH: Are you listen to me? Now, what did the apostle Paul, inspired by the Spirit of God, what did he write concerning that? He said "even though I speak with the tongues of men and angels and have not love, I'm nothing but a loud clanging noise", and he went right down through that in the thirteenth chapter of first Corinthians, the twelfth chapter he talked about all nine gifts of the Spirit, manifestations of the Holy Ghost, and then he went right into the thirteenth chapter and said if you're not walking in love, he just one by one, he just marked off, he marked off prophecy. He marked off sow and seed, and believe in God for prosperity, even though I've sown my own body it don't do me any good.


KENNETH: He just marked it all off, that he gets down, oh glory to God, but he said oh let me tell you something, if you walk in love, if you live under that commandment of love, then every time you pray in the Spirit, it's doing good. And when you say no, I'm telling you right now, I refuse to fear because my God loves me and gave Himself as a ransom for me and He's not about to let this thing go on and meet...

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: And I'm not about to allow it in His name because He took all my cares and I'm rolling them over on Him, and I refuse to fear it. I'm not gonna fear it. I'm not gonna do it now in Jesus name...

GLORIA: That's good.

KENNETH: I'm just not going there. Thank You Lord Jesus.

GLORIA: Well you can't win that way. You just can't.

KENNETH: No, no.

GLORIA: You're going to the wrong side. You're going to the dark side.

KENNETH: All the time.

GLORIA: Instead of the light, you're going to the dark.

KENNETH: The wor-, yeah, now you remember when Dr. Caroline Leaf was on the broadcast with us and she said our brains were not wired for worry and... fear and unforgiveness. God wired our brains for love and faith and joy. And she said you actually self induce brain damage, damage to the very cells of your brain by not obeying what the Bible says to do. But if you'll step over there and obey it, whether you feel like it or not, I just keep bringing this up, I brought it up in the broadcast that we did earlier and I'm gonna say it to you again. In Bishop Butler's church in Detroit, a young man that came into his church with his parents when he's eight years old and now he's a major brain...


KENNETH: surgeon, and head of a major hospital in neurology and so forth. He said, he spoke right before I did there in Bishop's church, he said they have proven, scientifically proven, that your physical body or your brain or your mind, your will, your emotions, and so forth, can't tell the difference between a put on laugh and just a big belly laugh. It can't tell the difference. And a merry heart does good like a medicine.


KENNETH: So they have laughing classes, and they showed some video of it, and particularly people with a lot of pain. And you get in there and just ha ha ha ha ha. Well, I heard Brother Hagin teach that he was having some alarming heart symptoms that tried to come back on him, and he just started doing the ha ha ha ha ha ha, and just kept on 'til the Devil said "what are you laughing 'bout"? He said "I'm laughing at you", and he said "why you laughing at me about"? "'cause you said I'm not gonna get my healing this time" he said "that's right, you're not". Well he did that, he just did that, and kept doing it 'til the Devil came back at him four times with that. And he said "Mister Devil, I don't have to get it. Jesus already got it for me ha ha ha ha".

GLORIA: Well isn't that somethin'? That you'd say something good about the Devil. And what was it Brother Hagin...

KENNETH: He said he is a persistent cuss.
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