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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Train Your Spirit For Victory With The Word

Kenneth Copeland - Train Your Spirit For Victory With The Word

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Hello everybody. This is the Believers Voice of Victory broadcast. I'm Kenneth Copland. Let's have a word of prayer.

Father, we just worship you today. We thank you and praise you. Oh, we're having such a good time on the broadcast this week, and we thank you for it. Your presence is so wonderful. We thank you today for revelation from heaven. Words that move heaven on the earth. And, we give you the praise and the honor and the glory for it. In Jesus' name, amen.

Let's open our Bibles today to Mark, Chapter 11 today. And, I want to read the 24th verse. We are in a study of developing and training, or educating, the born again human spirit. Now, we understand training the physical body. We understand educating and training the mind. But, without careful study of the Word of God, and the spiritual laws that govern the kingdom of God, and not realizing that the most important part is the real you. You're a spirit being, and when you have born again your spirit was completely recreated. Old things passed away, and behold all things became new, and all things were of God. He, who knew no sin, was made to be sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. Glory to God. That's the real you.

We commented on this already yesterday and the day before. You are a spirit. You. If I stepped out of my body, and my body was still standing here, you could tell the difference between the two but, you still know it's me. I get out of this body I don't change into somebody else. I just all of a sudden don't look 82 years old anymore because my spirit man is renewed every day. Amen. Now, you can not understand how the Bible works without working knowledge of spirit, soul, and body. In that order. You can always locate people in the order that they place that. Body, mind and spirit. Oh, so we know where the concentration is. The body. The body is more real. The mind is more real, than the spirit because the spirit you know, woo, woo, woo. It's almost like the spiritual world is just kind of loosey goosey. But, oh, over here in the physical world, the laws of physics are fixed, and they work when they're put to work.

Well, where do you think the laws of physics came from? A spirit. Called the blessed one. Created all physical things. Well, physical laws are mirror images of spiritual laws. They work when they're put to work. Even when people are unaware of them, and just trying to get something happen in the spirit. Spiritual laws are still working, but in most part, against them. Not knowing how. So, let's read the 23rd and 24th verses, Mark, Chapter 11. "For verily I say unto you" Jesus said, "who so ever", so, this is human kind. Whosoever. "Whosoever shall say unto this amount, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea. And, shall not doubt in his heart, in his inner man, in his spirit, but shall believe that those things, those words which he says shall come to pass. He will have whatsoever he says. Therefore..."

Whenever you find a therefore in the Bible stop and see what it's there for, because it's connecting what was just said to something additional. "Therefore, I say". So, he put it right into motion didn't he? "Therefore, I say, what things so ever you desire when you pray, believe". When you pray, that's when you start believing. Not after you feel it. Not after you see it. Amen? But when you pray. "Believe you receive them and, you shall have them". Okay, let's hang on to that because we're going to touch that again in a moment. Now, let's go back to where we closed yesterday in Joshua, Chapter one. Now, Moses is gone. Joshua is leading Israel across the river. The last time he was there it was full of giants, and really dangerous high wall cities.

Now, come on. You know what's on his mind, and the devil is still the devil. He's doing his best, doing his best, to get his mind on what am I going do, how am I going to come against those walls around Jericho? I mean, I've seen them. They're impregnable. I mean, those walls were so wide you could run chariots, I think it's something like four abreast, on top of that wall. It wasn't like the wall Brother Trump is looking for. No, this thing was impregnable during the time. He's thinking, how in the world are we going to get through there?

All right, let's see how. And God is saying to him, verse five, Joshua 1:5, "There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee. I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee". Oh, that's a good way to start, isn't it? "Be strong and of a good courage for under this people thou shalt divide for an inheritance and so forth and so on. All of these strong and courageous". He just keeps telling him, be strong and courageous. Don't get your eye and mind on no giants and that big wall you're going to face here a few hours from now. This book of the law, the book, meditate on the book. Don't meditate on the giants. Meditate on the book. The book. Amen.

We've got a bigger book than he had. We got the whole book. He only had a piece of the... anyway. This Word of God, this book of the law, shall not depart out of your mouth. Don't be saying anything but this. You believe in God for healing. Don't be saying it. Don't get your mind, don't meditate on the sickness. Don't meditate on the financial problem. Don't meditate on the pain. Brother Copland! I know it's hard! So, buck up. If it's easy everybody would be doing it. But with grace and the Holy Ghost you can do it. Glory to God. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Hallelujah.

This book of the law will not depart out of your mouth. You meditate, you put this on your mind and you keep it there. You talk to yourself about it. If you're musical, write a little song about it. I mean, just running it over, and over, and over in your heart and in your mind. This is step one in developing and training the born again human spirit. This the first step, this is where you start. This is where the Word gets expanded on the inside of you. So, meditate there in day and night that you may observe, that you may see into.

Now, you're seeing something all the time. The picture in your mind. You think in pictures. You don't think in words. You think in pictures. Dog. Well, everybody thought of a dog. Probably your dog. If you don't have a dog, you really didn't care. What if I said black dog? Now, that changed the picture. Big black dog. Little black ugly dog. But see, the words are changing the pictures. These words will change the picture my dear brother and sister! Hallelujah. Glory to God. It'll change the picture. All right, now then, you'll see in to do according to all that's written there in for then, shall you make your way prosperous. Amen? And then, thou shalt have good success or you will, the cross reference is, build wisely. You will make wise decisions because they're Bible based decisions. Because they're God based decisions. Because they're anointing based decisions. Not just money based decisions. Amen.

Meditate it. Think about it. Go to that scripture that covers your situation and spend time with it. Live with it a while. I don't know, you may have a lot of different scriptures that you go through, and so forth, but there's going to be one or two of them that really, really gets hold of your heart. Boy, whoa, has that been there all this time? Just, whoa, like that. And, it gets ahold of you. Get in there, and meditate that. Talk about it. Think about it. Don't spend so much time talking about it with somebody else. Unless you have a real close faith partner.

Now, Gloria and I meditate together. We'll be lying in the bed listening to Brother Hagin. She'll say, "Stop that a minute". We get off into a conversation. What are we doing? We're actually meditating together. We're digging, you know? Digging into that. And thinking about that. Well, how does that change our situation. That's one thing that you could call it a law of meditation. I'm looking at by his strips ye were healed. Okay, now that I know I'm healed, how does this change my situation? And start thinking about it.

Well, if someone, I'm talking from your standpoint now, if someone were to give me or somehow another, a million dollars cash came into my hands... now, your first thought is, "That ain't going to happen". You're right. You ended it right there. You meditated it eight seconds and killed it. Don't kill that dream. Now, what am I going to do with that? I had the Lord say to me one time, he said, "Kenneth, I have a million ways that I could make you a billionaire, and you can't think of three". I couldn't. Now, in order to, I would have to begin to seriously meditate that and, let him open me up, which there are some things that I know and believe now that would help me with that.

You see the real value of meditating? You'll begin to realize, you know what, this is not only possible for me, I'm a new creature. I'm prosperous. I'm prosperous in my way if I meditate this book. Now, hold your place there because we've got other things to see. Then, let's jump right back to Mark 11 again, 24. I want to show you something. I was meditating Mark 11:24. Now, how many times do you suppose I have quoted Mark 11:24, I have read Mark 11:24, and who knows how many different translations. And, I've thought about it in Spanish, and I learned how to...

I mean, come on. Just over and over. This happened just recently, last year. Well, do you know what? Jesus has provided a way for all of us to receive our desires. Praise God. And I thought, yeah. I got to thinking about that. My goodness. And, it was like all of the sudden Jesus was right there. I mean, really. I'm not talking about inside me. It was like he was just right there with me. I said, "really Jesus"? I heard him say, "really". He was smiling big time, really. Glory to God. I said, glory to God! Amen!

And, I said, "Well Jesus, glory to God". Right up on the top of the list, I had two. One long term desire, one immediate desire. The immediate desire was a pain free body. My long term desire is to finish my course with joy. Yes. Hallelujah. That's my desire. I said, "Oh, glory to God". I said, "Lord Jesus", I said, "I desire a pain free body". He said, "Okay". The only reason... it wasn't his fault. It was mine. And I want to tell you something today, I stand before you, there's not a pain in my body from my feet to the roots of my hair. There is no pain in this body today. To God be the glory. Hallelujah. Oh, glory to God. That helped me get there. It inspired my faith. It helped me get there. Can you see that?

Now, what was happening? It built hope. Faith, hope, and love. Now, one of the big problems where people think their faith is weak, it's not weak faith, it's weak hope. Because faith has nothing to bring to pass if hope is weak. Hope deferred makes the Spirit sick. Right? Well, Gloria and I, when we were in school at ORU, and I found out that we'd been redeemed from the curse, that the blessing of Abraham had come on the Gentiles, and I thought, well maybe I better check out the blessing of Abraham. I got in there, and the more I read, the more excited I got. My goodness.

Well, now what am I doing? I got to thinking about it, got to meditating on it, God made Abraham very rich and Isaac richer than that! I mean, hey, whoa. I have access to the blessing of Abraham? I hollered at Gloria when I got in school that day. Gloria, come in here! And, I went through those scriptures with her. I said, "Girl, we are rich now". And we couldn't rub two quarters together. I said, "We are rich now! This ain't nothing but a matter of time". Well see, hope is a matter of time. Faith is now. When you get that so strong in you that praise God, this is mine. You've meditated it, and you've thought about it, muttered it, and talked about it. Until it starts getting big, and big, and big on the inside of you.

I want you to know the devil or nobody else can get it out of you. That dream becomes so real, and you begin to see yourself with it. That comes from meditating in the word. Yes. Oh, by his Spirit I can do this thing. When he said go on the radio, how in the world am I going to do that? But, it got ahold of me. Yeah, we're going to do it. Yes sir, we can do this thing. God did a couple of miraculous things, and startled me. He said to me, he said, "When you going on the radio"? I said, "I'm not". Ain't no use in lying to him, or whining around about it, he already knows what you're thinking. He said, "How come"? We argued around a little bit. I said, "Well, first place, I haven't got time. And second place, I'm already tired. And, okay, all right. I'll do it. You give me a burning bush and I'll do it".

Well, you can get away with some stupidity when you're not very old in the Lord. I just went on and never thought about it no more. And, I'd never met Jimmy Swagger. A very close friend of mine gave Jimmy some of my tapes on faith. So, Delaine came in and said, "Jimmy Swagger's on the telephone". I said, "Ah, come on". She said, "Yeah, he's on the phone. He wants to talk to you". I said, "Okay". I said, "Hello". He hollered into the phone, you know, Jimmy got a big old voice man. He said, "Why ain't you on the radio"? The Lord said, "There's your burning bush. Now what else you want"? Hallelujah. God inspired me, see. Thank you Lord. Hallelujah.

Now, I was meditating Mark 11:23 some years ago. It's what I call going widescreen. I was meditating the New Testament, and it struck me that Jesus moved to Capernaum. He got kicked out of Nazareth. He moved to Capernaum, and the fourth chapter of Matthew said it was because it had been prophesied as such. So, I wrote, every time I saw Capernaum I wrote "home". It started doing all kinds of things. I started seeing things in there. They were out rowing, and rowing, and rowing and he appeared on the water, and walked on the water. Came and got in the boat, and it already said they were headed to Capernaum. He got in the boat and immediately that thing went to shore. Well, I don't know how many thousand time I read that, but by meditating those verses, and I got aware of the word Capernaum. All of the sudden I looked at that, I thought wow! I heard the Lord say, "We needed to get home and get in our own beds". Meditation in the Word.
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