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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Speak the End Result of God's WORD

Kenneth Copeland - Speak the End Result of God's WORD

Kenneth Copeland - Speak the End Result of God's WORD
TOPICS: Power of Words, Authority

Now, notice this. When Jesus said what he said, "No man eat fruit..." Nine words. "No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it. And they come to Jerusalem:" He turned his back on it. As far as he's concerned, that tree could be standing there today with leaves all over it. He didn't say, I curse you. He spoke the end result. So here again you speak the end result. I call things that be not as though they were in the name of Jesus. I call that debt paid. I call it paid. I thank You, my Father. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Ministering spirits, you know what to do. Minister for me. I haven't always known that. But when Gloria and I got married, I was $24,000 in debt. And I didn't mention that to her. She said she married me and my debt. She did. But that came up over a long period of time. But we learned now.

So we were there in Tulsa, so we wrote checks to all of that. They weren't faith checks. We didn't sign and send them thinking God's going to cover it. You go to jail like that. People have. I had to bail a preacher out one time for that. But I wrote a faith check. I said, "No, you didn't". He wrote a hot check. "I guess I did, didn't I..." And as the money came in, we paid them. In 11 months we were debt free and we've never been in debt again. 11 months. We were debt free in 11 months. And we told John and Kellie... Terri was grown and gone, but we told John and Kellie that not going to be much Christmas this year, but we won't have any debt, we won't owe anyone anything but to love them. And that was 1967. And then from that day with this, KCM has no debt. EMIC has no debt, Gloria and I have no debt. George and Terri have no debt. Hallelujah.

What did you say, Christine? No, it doesn't. Glory to God. That's right. It does not. KCM South Africa has no debt. He demanded that mountain to move. We demanded that debt to leave. And each one of them... there was one at the State Bank of East Fort Worth. And we had a wreck in the good car. So we were driving that car of Gloria, and it had 90,000 miles on it when we got it. So, I mean, it was a miracle. And it was a miracle that took place with it. I won't take time to tell you, but it was impossible for it to run. But it did. I drove it in from Tulsa, and a young man in the church wanted to tune it up. I said, "Yeah, that'd be fine". So he said, "I'll bring it to church tonight". He got to church. He said, "You tow that car in"? And I said, "No, Jim, I drove it in". He said, "It's impossible". I said, "What are you talking about"?

Well, those of you that know anything about mechanics, you know, it's an electrical system and it has points. In other words, you have a distributor. This thing goes around in there that make sure each spark plug fires went on time. And he said, "When I took the distributor apart, that little chrome panel that has points on it, he said they weren't worn down there. None were there". He said, "Did it drive good"? I said, "Jim, it just drove wonderful. He said it didn't for me. I didn't answer that. But we have been given the authority to speak the end results. We have been given authority to call things that be not as though they were. We have the authority to demand that mountain to move.

Go to the book of Hebrews with me and we'll close with this. Yeah, the 12th, the third chapter, Hebrews chapter three, "Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession," or other translations say confession. "Christ Jesus; Now my father in the faith, Oral Roberts would say it like this. He would say, "Now Christ is right here. It's Christ within me, my hope of glory. But he's right here". Well, the Lord Jesus told him to lay hands on people, and he had a manifestation in his right hand that was so powerful that the news media accused him of having a battery up his sleeve.

So anyway, he would say he's right here. Well, now think about this. He is the High Priest of our confession. And when we prayed that book and build a confession of faith on it, I am debt free. He is right here. He is hearing every word of it. He is right here. Christ in me, the High Priest of my confession, glory to God. And I rejoice even more, then I'm thrilled. And glory to God that I'll never be sick another day in my life hereafter forever. And I can hear him. Yes, I said it and I'll do it. And that Seder meal of all Seder meals that changed Heaven and Earth. He kept talking about in that day. They didn't know at that time what he meant. You asked anything in my name, I'll do it. That's also translated demand. And whatsoever you ask the Father in my name, he'll give it you. Ask that you receive that your joy may be made full. but you have to go back and forgive if you have ought against any. Thank You, Jesus.

So I'm right here. And he is right here forever. And I disobeyed again and way back when he said, "Start walking and don't stop". Well, I was too busy for that. And I had a little short of wind preaching for Mike Barber in the prison. Never did have any pain but I got short of wind and so had it checked out. Well, they put the dye in my veins and all of that thinking maybe I needed a stent. I didn't need a stent. It was one blocked artery, but it had bypassed itself. My heart wasn't short of blood. A preached myself to exhaustion twice. And the stress of it started A-fib. It was out of time.

Well, to me, I didn't consider that sick, but I will quote a doctor here in a minute. So I got on the airplane after that meeting that night, and the word of the Lord came to me on the eighth day of October, about 8:42 in the evening. "I have given you a new heart". So I began to say it. I'm Kenneth New Heart. I have a new heart. I have a new heart. Thank you for my new heart. That's my confession. I have a new heart. I have a new heart. I have a new heart. Yeah, but what about my flight physical? Well, so what? They have this thing called the Bruce Protocol, which is a real high angle of attack, a stress test. So I have a professional treadmill. So my corresponding action to my faith was to get on the treadmill.

Now, this thing had a defibrillator in it. Well, the FAA had experience with pacemakers, but not the defibrillator. So anyway, oh, Lord. But eventually the Bruce Protocol... I was working out at the Bruce Protocol. Well, the tech rep came out and turned the defibrillator off. I don't need it. And my flight physical is in my pocket. Amen. What is that? Corresponding action to that confession. I have a new heart. Well, the cardiologist that I told that to, he said and he had tears in his eyes when he said that, he's a cardiologist. He said, "You are a very rare case". They said, "You came in here with a very sick heart and you're leaving tonight with an absolutely normal heart". ]If I hadn't been disobedient in the first place, I wouldn't had that in the first place. Well, that's enough for tonight. God is good. Hallelujah.

Would you stand with me, please? Every head bowed and every eye closed. Should there be anyone here in the sound of my voice... Man, woman, boy or girl. And you don't know Jesus as Lord of your life. Or maybe you're just not sure. Well, you can be. And before the night is over, you will be. I gave you my testimony. Jesus, on that cross it was recorded by Matthew. He said, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me". It was recorded by John in the 22nd Psalm and in the Classic Amplified, it ends with it is finished.

Now, of course, we know that first Covenant was finished because the curtain of the High Priest curtains split from top to the bottom. For my brother and sister and all of those that are listening, I want you to realize he went into hell with the 22nd Psalm on his mouth... He defeated hell itself with what David wrote. Can you just imagine what David saw in the bosom of Abraham? And they could see down there? We know that because the rich man looked up from hell and saw father Abraham. How'd he know who father Abraham was. He said, "Son, remember", so your memory doesn't go away when your brain does, it's in your spirit. He did all of that, and then the glory of God went into hell and hit that place.

And Satan was embarrassed before his own. He had to bow his knee to Jesus. And at the end, three days and three nights of suffering like nobody has ever suffered before or will ever again, he took his keys away from him. He came up from there early. It was three days and three nights. It was a High Sabbath, according to John. It started on Wednesday night and on Friday night, three days and three nights, think about this. He did it all except pray your prayer. He couldn't pray my prayer for me. Thank God I had a praying mother. But he got through to me, got through to Gloria. Here he is tonight in this very place. Let shall we all lay our hands over our hearts and pray this out loud enough you can hear your own self praying.

Oh, God in heaven, I believe with all my heart that You raised Jesus from the dead and You did that for me. Oh, Lord Jesus. Come into my heart, take up residence and abide there. I receive Your life and I give You mine. And according to Your words, Jesus, I am now born again. I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. My old nature is gone. And I'll walk with You. And now that I'm saved, Holy Spirit come in in fullness and overflowing. I know You're in there. I'm born of the Spirit, the Bible says born from above, but come in to overflowing just like what happened on the day of Pentecost. I open my heart and my mouth to praise You in a language I've never learned. I yield my voice and my speech to You I just take a deep breath and say, "Thank You, Jesus," Thank You, Jesus.

Hallelujah. Give the Lord the praise. Now, I'm not the healer, but I know the healer. I can't heal. Only God knows that, Jesus is the healer by his representative, the Holy Spirit. Don't you remember what he said right there, right there in the 14th chapter of John? I mean 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 chapters of John are all in that Passover meal. And he said, "This is my blood of the new covenant. Drink it". Now the King James says "testament". But look it up in the Greek. It's covenant. Hallelujah. He's here right now. You don't have to wait in the morning.
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