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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Commander In Chief Doesn't Major in Fear

Kenneth Copeland - The Commander In Chief Doesn't Major in Fear

Kenneth Copeland - The Commander In Chief Doesn't Major in Fear

Hello everybody. Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Believer's Voice of Victory Broadcast. I'm Kenneth Copeland, and we're talking about the Healing Ministry of Jesus. And since he is the Commander in chief of the church, then everything he says is a command. If he says sorrow not, we don't sorrow. So what do we do? Everything he bore for us on the cross we resist... everything. He bore our sins in his own body on the tree, that we being dead to sin should live under righteousness by whose stripes we were healed. He bore our sins, we resist sin. And by his stripes we were healed. Praise God, we stay healed. And we preach healing and people say, "Well that's all passed away". Well, like Gloria said, what day?... And for healing to have passed away, God would had to change his name. He said, "I am." and I'll englishize it. I am Jehovah Rapha, I am Jehovah Rapha. I am the Lord that healeth thee. I am.

We need to be very cautious about what we say. I am. I am just dog tired. Well, how tired is the dog? What is the word say? Let the weak say I am strong and there's times I'll tell Gloria. I'll say, "Gloria. I'm just really tired, I've had a long day. But glory to God, I'm strong, I'm strong. But let's get into bed". Amen. Because... You have your Bibles right there with you. Pick it up. This is my Bible. I didn't say this is my computer. I've never had the batteries run down on this one. This is my Bible. This is God speaking to me. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do, which is all things, through Christ, which strengthens me. I had it. It's mine. This is the Word of my Father. I am his very own child. It's the Word of my Lord and Savior. It's the Word of my Commander. And I am his to command. My will is his will, so that his will is my will. I'm eager to find it and to know it and I am led by the Spirit of God according to his promise. I believe it. I have it. I receive it. And I thank my God for it. I'm blessed to own this Book... Give him praise.

Now, there's not anything wrong with the computer, but can you imagine my grandchildren one day coming down and my great grandchildren. Great, great grandchildren. I found Pawpaw's iPad. Are you kidding me... That app had to be so obsolete they can't even get batteries, you can't even find batteries for it. I found PawPaw's Bibles. His Bibles... Praise God. And I was blessed that Clay Travis, most of you know Clay, he was going through some things and that had been in my desk. But what they had taped over my office in the headquarters building and to make room. And there packed a Bible away that was given to me by my mother. And the dates are in there. The date when Gloria and John and Kellie and I were baptized in water, my brother Harold Nichols at Grace Temple Church. And that date is in there.

Isn't that precious, that goes in the archives. And of course in that Bible, that Bible is 56 years old. And of course, it just marked up all over the place. But even my style of marking has changed. But I don't make lines without there being straight lines. I don't like wiggly lines. You can do what you want to do. My lines are straight, isn't that precious? These things are very precious to me, extremely precious to me. This is my Father. This is my God. And as I've told you before, I was driving and I was praying, just talking to the Lord and I said, "You talk to Moses face to face. I wish you'd talk to me face to face". You talk to him face to face. And it rose up on the inside of me. He said, "Kenneth, you have everything I said to Moses. It's all in the book. You have everything I said to Joshua. You have everything I said to all the prophets. You have everything I said. Now you've ought to be more appreciative of it".

I drove off the side of the road and wept like a baby. I realized in that book I had everything he said and he picked out certain special occasions so we would be able to follow Jesus method of operation, the way he healed certain people and things that he said to them, and what meant unbelief to him, which is no faith at all. But the nice way of saying it is unbelief. Well, we don't have any unbelief in here. What is unbelief? There's no such thing as non-belief. You're sitting there believing something right now. You're either believing my tie is crooked... you know you're believing all the time, all the time. Except when you're asleep. You're believing something all the time.

Well, I believe I'll go to bed. And what is a quality decision of faith? Well, that's easy. Well, I think I'm gonna fast here for a few days. No, you've about to eat three or four or five of the biggest meals you've ever had in your life. Because the devil said you thought you were going to do it. But you say food will not cross my lips for the next three and a half days while I go before the Lord. You won't even get hungry. I think I'll go to the store. Well, I think I might need to go. There's some things I need to pick up. You're not going to the store. You might. I believe I'm going to store this morning. I need to get on over there. Now you've made a decision and believe it. Now you're working out a way for time to get loose and go to that specific store, whatever it was. Class, this is how simple faith and decisions are.

Now, you make decisions based on this book. Now you have a foundation upon which to build that decision. And when you build it on the book, faith will come. So preach to yourself, preach to yourself. One man said, "Do you talk to yourself"? The other man said, "Well, yeah, I need to talk to somebody that's got some good sense once in a while". Talk to yourself. Now, last week, when we were talking about discussing the chain of command, I woke up about 3:30 or 4:00. Wide awake. And Billie Adams, our first employee of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And from what I had learned from my spiritual father, you put prayer first, he said prayer is the base of all Christians' success and failure. Not knowing what to pray, how to pray and so forth.

So we built the prayer chapel first before we built headquarters or anything. And Billie Adams, we hired her first. She came in to pray and she turned into a praying machine and I thought about her. And the Lord said, this came up in my spirit. I was already laying there in the bed smiling about it anyway. He said, "Kenneth, do you think that I instructed you to build that prayer chapel so Billie would have a place to work"? Well, I brought it in here then to you... No, it was his plan. It was following his command authority. That was the first thing and so the first employee of KCM was a prayer. Number one, the first structure at Oral Roberts University was the prayer tower. And that eternal flame on the top, amen, praise God. So these things are vital things. And I want to reiterate something. Don't major in minors. Don't major in minor things.

How do you get away from that? You major in what the Commander tells you to major in. And every service, every situation, something that strong in that situation may not be something they want you to preach every time you preach. And I had situations occur and I preached on it and then I've heard the Lord say, "Don't stop preaching on that until I tell you. More than once I wound up preaching on it a year, particularly after 911". I heard it the next day and I had a meeting coming that, excuse me, not the next day, the next week following that. On the way to the venue, it rose up on the inside of me, "Stripped the fear out of the body of Christ. They have no business with it".

So I started in on the scriptures and so forth and we wrote books No Fear Here. Caps NO Fear Here. That fear is not okay and a whole development concerning the power and the force of fear came out of that. And it goes all the way into the Book of Revelation. The whoremongers and the fearful shall find their place in the Lake of Fire. Well, is a little fear, okay? No, it is not okay, because of the spirit behind it. If a little fear is okay, then you and I are going to have to preach that, you know, just a little horroring around is all right. Not hardly. So what do you do in things like this? You check the neighborhood, you check out what God has to say about fear. You check out what Jesus had to say about fear, where Jairus was concerned, and the Death Messenger came and said, "Your little daughter's dead, bother the master no longer".

Jesus answered and said, "Fear not, believe only, she will be made whole". How did he come against death? Fear not. Amen. That's a command. So what do you do? You resist it. You resist it. So taking authority over it and resisting it is so necessary. So now... I personally bought a little Cessna 172 for Gloria to learn how to fly, and she did. Excellent pilot, has 88 hours and decided she didn't want to doing that anymore. Anyway, we flew down to Kerrville, Texas. We flew down there to check on some of our partners down there and flew that little 172. And I asked her, I said, "You want to fly down"? She said, "Nah, you fly, I don't want to do that".

Well, the starter on that airplane is a key starter. Well, the magnetos, you have two on every engine because they keep it redundant. But then of course there's a battery. We came back out to the airplane, it's on a Sunday afternoon, mid-afternoon. So we got in there and I hit this and it didn't work. And I thought... I don't know what happened to that battery, anyway, I said, "Now Gloria, I'm going to have to prop this thing". I went through the whole prop procedure with her several times and I said, "Now I'm going to have to get out front and take this thing for the propeller". And of course, I wanted to move it to the compression stroke and do it this way. And of course, you want to get out of the way of that thing.

So I moved it and it fired. It started with the contact off. I knew immediately what had happened. The P-lead was broken. I didn't check it. The way to have checked that was when I'm taxiing in, turn it off. The engine would not have died. So what should I have done then? Put it right back in place, turn right around and fly right back home. Never get out of it. Do you think I ever miss doing that again? Every time on a piston engine airplane. So we were flying back home. I was just sitting there thinking it through. It came up on the inside of me. Why weren't you afraid? And that didn't sound like the Lord to me. And I just said out loud, "What's there to be afraid of"? Nothing to be afraid of.

Had I not known what I was doing, I'd of just set the brakes on that airplane and found us a room and stayed there. And in hindsight, that's probably what I should have done anyway. But I didn't have any fear of it. And I said, "Well, Lord," he said, "Well, didn't you deal with the spirit of fear in your life"? I said, "Yes, sir". And I wasn't any more afraid than I am right now, but I learned from it. Fear will kill you. That's a necessary teaching. Check it out in this book, how many times it says, "Fear not" in the Bible or phrase. Don't fear, fear not. I mean, the Lord would appear and say, "Fear not", an angel would appear and say, "Fear not".

Well, that's a commandment. Stop that spirit of fear. Stop it now. You can manage it, but get rid of it. It's a spirit. Now then, take for instance, the pastor of a church and he is pastor of a small church and he's an old rodeo cowboy. And so he takes a few rodeos to, you know, to supplement his income and he turns out to be a bull rider.

Еhere's something wrong with him to start with but anyway. And he gets out there and he crawls on that big old animal and rides him and goes and gets back in his truck. And he thinks, well, I picked up a little money but dear God, what are we going to do about the bills on this church... He's not afraid of that bull because he's trained himself not to be. But the spirit of fear is still there. These bills on the church. That's the reason he's riding a bull, because he's afraid. This Book... How do we know? Well, now that I opened this up, we'll take it up in the next session tomorrow. But be ready in First John, Hallelujah. Did you hear what I said? No, you didn't. You heard what the Lord told me to say. Okay, we'll be back in just a moment.
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