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Watch 2022 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - A Steady Diet of The WORD Brings Healing

Kenneth Copeland - A Steady Diet of The WORD Brings Healing

Kenneth Copeland - A Steady Diet of The WORD Brings Healing
TOPICS: Healing, God's Word

Glory, glory, glory, glory. Come on, let's glorify God. The healer's in the house today and it's not me. Hallelujah. I'm just the errand boy. Praise God. I just work here. But I know the healer. Hallelujah. His name is Jesus. And I remind you what Jesus said in the 14th chapter of John. "Let not your heart be troubled. For the Words that I speak unto you are not my own. It's the Father that dwells within me. He does the works". And He is here today. He is inside you. He is inside me. This whole room is permeated with His presence. Glory to God. Hallelujah. And He is the agent of healing. All of the angels are in here ready to go to work. Hallelujah.

And all the devils are expelled now. Out the door with you. Out the door with you in the name of Jesus, the Master, the Healer, the Lord, the Savior. And it's been going through my mind all morning long, just off and on just come through my mind. Those words, Jesus. They watched Him just as far as they could see Him. And the angels said, "This same Jesus. This same Jesus". And they said to Mary, "Why are you looking for the living among the dead? For He has risen". This same Jesus is alive today. Hallelujah. And we've been made to sit with Him in heavenly places. We've been raised up with Him and we're up there this morning. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Thank You, Jesus.

This same Jesus and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He was the healer then. He's the healer now. And He always will be the healer and the spirit of the living God, Jesus said, "I'm going send Him and He will abide with you forever". Forever. Not just while we're on this earth, forever. Forever is a long time. Glory to God. I said glory to God. Glory to His name. Healing has already begun. Glory to God. Backs are being healed. Eyes are being healed. Clogged noses are being healed. Ears are being healed. Lungs are being healed. Necks are being healed. Teeth are being healed. Feet are being healed. Knees are being healed. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Well, sit down. Oh, the healer's in the house. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Father, we do praise You and we give all of the glory, every moment of it, every bit of it, we give all of the glory to You, Lord Jesus for every word that's said and every deed that's done. And every person that receives wherever they are in the world. Glory to God while You're there just the same as You're here. Glory to God, we praise You and thank You this morning. Long-lasting healings will take place today. Deliverance from perversions will take place today. Thank You.

Did you ever look to see what perverse means? It's real simple. It's a very simple word. The definition of it is it shouldn't be that way. A crooked and perverse nation. It shouldn't be that way. A perverse personality. It shouldn't be that way. Perverted. It shouldn't be that way. Amen. Well, it'll change today. Open your Bibles to guess what? Proverbs 4. Yes, we'll take our medicine to begin with today. Proverbs 4. Well, right here in this Book of Proverbs, looking at the 20th verse. "My son, attend to my words, incline thine ear unto my sayings". Let them, my sayings. My Word, my sayings. Did you get that? Attend to my words, my sayings. This book are His sayings. Yes. Amen. This book, these are God's sayings. "Let them not depart from from your eyes. Keep them in the midst of thine heart for they are life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh".

I have a reference in my King James Bible on health and it simply says medicine. So this is a prescription right here for healing and health. Not just healing, but divine health. Praise God. Now, let's look at that from the Classic Amplified, please. Would you put that up on the screen for us? Glory to God. "My son, attend to my words". Now, this is what incline means and that the Lord impressed me to have you see. "Attend to my words. Consent and submit to my sayings". Submit, consent to it, what does that mean? It means it's right. And submit to it, my sayings. Okay, the rest of it, please. "Let them not depart from your sight. Keep them in the center of your heart for they are life to those who find them, healing and health to all their flesh".

Well, if that's not medicine, I don't know what medicine is. Amen. That is God's prescription for divine health. Well, that's just like any other prescription. It won't do you any good on your night table. No. What'd that say? Don't let them depart from your eyes. I was in a meeting a number of years ago and I'm telling you the devil attacked my body, just severely. One of the most painful things that had ever happened to me in my life. I mean, it was severe. I'd walk out on the platform and the anointing of God. In fact, it was in Jerry and Carolyn's home church in Shreveport, Louisiana. And so I started a meeting there on Monday. And so we went in there on Sunday and Gloria and I went to church that night. And while we were in the song service that night and evening service, just regular church service, I felt it began to be a tightening in inside my leg. And I knew right then I didn't like the feel of that. And it started coming higher and higher.

I just said, "Well, no, I'm healed in the name of Jesus". I just wouldn't put up with it. It just kept getting worse and worse and I'd step out on the platform and the anointing would come and that pain would stop. And I remember once I walked off of the platform, Tracy, and just as step this first step off that platform, that pain hit me with such a fierceness, I screamed out loud before I could get my hand over my mouth. Well, I mean, I'm confessing every scripture I ever heard of on healing. And finally, I just went in the hotel room and just laid down across the bed. Now, I said, "Lord, I'm missing it here. You can't miss it. I'm missing it. Where am I missing this"? And immediately He said right here in my heart. I mean, it was so strong that it was just almost audible. It's just, I like to say, I mean, even my hair hurt. Sometimes it's more powerful that way a lot of times than it is audible because it's on the inside and it just goes through your insides.

And so He reminded me of this. He said, "You're quoting all your scriptures by memory". I said, "Yes, Sir". He said, "the memory of a potato never nourished anybody. You can remember exactly what it tastes like and how you enjoyed it and just how you fixed it all up. How you like yours cuts, squooshed, whatever". And He said, "You can remember what you had for breakfast and it won't do you a bit of good in the middle of the day". And here's what He said. "You have to put it in the system". There it is. You have to put the Word in your eyes and in your ears. And it has to come out of your mouth and you have to have a steady diet of the Word the same as you have to have a steady diet of good nourishment for the body. And a steady diet of good nourishment for the mind. Amen. Hallelujah. So you keep it before your eyes, keep them. Don't let it depart from your eyes.

Another thing that that means, begin to see yourself with the healing and deliverance you need. You see it in the Word first and now you're hearing it preached this morning so we know faith comes. It's coming right now. It came last night. Amen. Powerful. Faith for finances and increase. The faith is the same, the subject is different, but faith works in every area of human life. Glory to God. Thank You, Jesus. As long as you name your seed and do this. See, this is a prescription for life and health. You may need family health. It could be in a lot of different areas of health. Amen. There's a prescription for it right there. But then you go to the next verse, "Keep your heart with all diligence". You have to do this with diligence. This has to be an ongoing thing. "Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life".

The issues, the issues of life. The forces of life. Out of your heart come the forces. Well what's in there? Wisdom is in there. Faith is in there. Healing is in there. The kingdom of God is in there. Amen. I mean, that's the issues of life all in here, not out there. Glory to God. I see the light coming on in people's eyes. Well, Jesus said, "the Kingdom of God is within you". Why? Because the king's in there. The Kingdom is wherever He's king. So I like to say it like this. When we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, we became inside out people. Now, I didn't know that then, but we're new creatures. Old things have passed away. That old nature's gone. All things become new and all things are of God because He's in there. Now, so all things that we need according to this prescription are in Him.

Our health is in Him and He's in us by His spirit. So now we're no longer outside in people. We're no longer looking for our finances out here. We're no longer looking for our healing totally out here. Now, I am absolute not against medical science. Thank God for the doctors, particularly Holy Ghost baptized brain surgeons and Holy Ghost, baptized general practitioners and Holy Ghost baptized doctors. Foot doctors, eye doctors, knee doctors, ear doctors, brain doctors, back doctors. Glory to God for them. Hallelujah. But the great physician is still in business and you need to go to Him first before you do any of that other.

Now, I was diagnosed with a need for a pacemaker. Now, on my mother's side, I've outlived all of them, but they had generational heart problems because they all ate the same way. Heart trouble is not hereditary, but the way you eat is. Almost all chronic diseases. Not all of them, but almost all of them are self-induced. Not only with food and all of that, but from worry and doubt and strife and fuss and all that. That'll make you sick. And so anyway, they diagnosed that. I went to the Lord immediately. I said, "Lord, I'm going to get that by faith. I'm just going to get it by faith. I don't need that. And He deals with me a lot of times. He uses aviation terminology because I understand that. He said, No".

Now, Tracy, you know exactly what He said now here. He said, "No, you're too far behind the power curve". Now, what does that mean? Well, there is a place flying an airplane when you get that airplane into a position where it's about to stall and you can put all the power on it you have, and still it's going to stall anyway. You're behind the power curve. You need to get up above that power curve and get over here. He said, "You're too far behind the power curve". He said, "Receive the pacemaker by faith".So I did. Well, my natural body was going in the same direction as my mother's family. So I took after that side of the family, her younger brother when I was young, boy, I looked so much like him, that everybody thought I was his son. I looked more like him than I did in my own dad, but I looked like my mother. And so anyway and this was the thing that kind of heart situation is what sent my mother to heaven. And they didn't have this kind of technology back there then.

And anyway, so inside that was a defibrillator. I didn't know it when they put it in there. And I set that thing off a couple of times. Boy, it'll cross your eyes now. It's paddles on the inside. So now in order to get my flight physical, I never did fail the flights physical, but it was during COVID and they were suspended for a while, then it all less came up in the meantime. But I still had to take a physical. Now, this is important. I want you to hear this now. This is a combination of faith in God and medical science. So now that situation being what it is, my age being what it is, I was required to do a stress test.

Now, they said I could do six minutes at my age, but the whole stress test it's called the Bruce protocol and it's nine minutes long. And I don't remember the maximum angle on the treadmill. What was it, David? 14% at what speed? Something 3.45 miles an hour or something, whatever it was. It'll have you huffing and puffing. So I just started training at those angles and speeds. I had to do my part by faith. All the time I'm confessing the Word. All the time I'm going to the Bible. And I went to a scripture that says your heart is fixed. Well, I realized in the 112th Psalm it wasn't talking about that, but that's the way I read it. So my heart is fixed trusting in the Lord.
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