Kay Arthur — Do You Live in Fear?

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Our subject today is what do you fear? What are you afraid of? And I can’t think of any better person to talk to us on that subject than Jan Silvious. Jan Silvious is not only a dear lifelong friend of mine or almost lifelong.

But she is also the author of numerous books that have greatly impacted people’s lives. And two of those books I’m going to mention. One is “Foolproofing Your Life,” that has a lot to do with fear and relationships and then, “Look At It This Way.”

And so, what we’re going to do today on the program is we’re going to look at this subject of fear. We’re going to talk to some people about what they fear the most. And then we’re going to talk to one another.

And you’re going to get a glimpse of us with our Bibles on our laps because God has the answer to fear. So you and I are going to come away, Dear One, with an understanding of where fear comes and what we are to do when we are afraid.

And we’re going to look at God’s precepts for life. Because, [“Through His precepts you get understanding and then you hate every false way,”] (PARAPHRASE, Psalms 119:104) and you also know how to handle fear because, “…God has not given us the spirit of fear;
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