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2021 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - How Can I Change My Spouse?

Joyce Meyer - How Can I Change My Spouse?

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Today, Joyce is answering a question about marriage, so we may already have your attention. And if you're single, don't go away, she's got a few things for you too. That's coming up on "Everyday answers".

You know, it's amazing how sitcoms can make the most dysfunctional marriages seem easy and happy, all their problems are solved within 30 minutes, and it's usually a whole lot of fun filled with laughter. Well, we all know that it's not funny in real life. Take a look at this question from twitter. Tina here really wants to make a difference in her marriage and keep it strong. She says, "How can we keep our marriage consistent with love, peace, and joy, and not fall when the enemy attacks"?

Well, if you're married, you know that there are many of those attacks, and consistency comes when, in a marriage, both spouses are working for the same goal. But many times, couples just aren't on the same page, and it's tempting to try to change each other. Well, Joyce addresses that as she answers the question, "How can I change my spouse"?
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