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» » Joyce Meyer - Five Powerful Promises To The Righteous

Joyce Meyer - Five Powerful Promises To The Righteous

I gonna talk to you this morning about promises that God makes to the righteous. I was just noticing in my Bible as I read on a regular basis that there's a lot of promises that are made to the righteous. So the first thing we wanna do is establish who are the righteous. Well, the righteous are not just people who go to church. They're not just people who know a little bit of the Bible or who pray a little prayer once a day. The righteous are not even just really good people who just really try to follow all the rules and all the regulations and all the biblical laws. The truly righteous person can only be righteous through faith in Jesus Christ.

What an amazing opportunity we have. You know what, the devil wants you to feel wrong about yourself constantly. I remember for years and years, because of the way I grew up, I had this little recording playing in my head, "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me"? Do you ever think that? "What is wrong with me"? You know, we look at other people and we think, "Well, why can't I behave like them"? And honestly, they're looking at you, thinking, "Why can't I be like you"? I mean, the enemy wants us to always have this vague sensing that something is wrong with us. Or how about this one? That we're not doing enough.

We did a little survey in our office and just asked people: "Tell us, when you get to heaven, what is one of the first things that you would love to ask God or if you could ask a question right now while you're still here on the earth, and get an answer from God, what would you wanna know"? And you know what a lot of 'em said? "I would love to know when I'm doing enough". You know what, people are just exhausted from trying to do what they think that God wants them to do and from trying to be some kind of a perfect example of everything all the time and that is not the way that God wants us to live.

He doesn't want you to have wrongness. He wants you to have righteousness. And so one of the first things that we should learn as a believer, sad to say we don't learn it, but if you're somewhere where you're being taught properly, you won't just go to church and hear about the rules and the regulations or even just doctrinal things. You won't just hear about taking communion and different things like that. You're gonna hear about who you are in Christ. Because if you never learn what this does to you to have Christ in your life.

It doesn't just give you a ticket out of hell and into heaven, but you become something totally different. "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things pass away and all things become brand new". And we don't have to wait to get to heaven to have a great life. You can have a great life right here, right now, even while everything in your circumstances is not perfect. If you feel right on the inside, and you feel good about yourself on the inside, not because you do everything perfect, but because you know that God has promised that if you put your faith in Jesus that you will be viewed as being in right standing with Him.

This is probably even more important than what we know. And I've taught on righteousness for years and years, but even studying for this again, I mean, I'm diligent about my study. I mean, I put this message together several weeks ago but I started studying to bring this to you, going over it and over it and over it, like, as early as Monday and Tuesday of last week. And I've gone over this and over it and over it and over it 'cause when I get up here I want to share something with you that's going to be life-changing for you.

And so even in going over this and over it, it's amazing that Jesus took our sin, took all the punishment that we deserved, and has set us free from the penalty you no longer have to pay, amen? And righteousness, righteousness doesn't come to us because we do everything right. It comes to us because we know we cannot ever do enough right to deserve a relationship with God and so we receive His righteousness through faith.
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