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Joyce Meyer - Why Should I Help Others?

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Does helping others really help you? Well, there is a benefit to it, but it's really easy to miss when you're going through struggles of your own. Joyce will shed some new light on this today. Also, our "Help me" question is a great one: why do people get away with sin? And we're sharing "your voice" about breaking free from bondages.

Welcome to "Everyday Answers," where we work to provide Biblical answers to life's questions that will guide and strengthen you to overcome your challenges. Sometimes the best way to change your life is by helping someone else with theirs. So, take a look at this comment from twitter.

Heather says: "By serving others via church and social media, it helps me deal with the challenges of my cancer."

Wow, Heather, we will pray with you for complete healing, and God bless you for reaching out and doing something for others. It really is true, exactly what Heather says. Sometimes in our most difficult times, there are benefits to helping other people, and Joyce will share those as she answers this question first: Why Should I Help Others?
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