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Joyce Meyer - What Is The Holy Spirit And How Do I Follow Him?

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Hi, everyone. Great question for you today on "Everyday answers". This is a big one for new Christians and those of us who have been a Christian for years. The Holy Spirit. It's discussed in the Bible, you hear about it at church, but have you ever asked the question, as many of us have, "What is it all about"?

Well, when I first heard about the Holy Spirit it was a nebulous idea. I had no idea what that was. I was brought to the Lord by my husband and so he had said, "Oh, do you know about being filled with the Holy Spirit"? And I said, "Why can't I just believe in Jesus"? I thought it was just a ghost made out of water or something. Holy Water or something. I don't know what I thought, but I thought it was something weird.

Love that little guy. He has some interesting ideas. So right now, to get our answers, let's join Joyce Meyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as she answers our question today, "What is the Holy Spirit and how do I follow him"?

Knowing who the Holy Spirit is and listening to him. And the next step, of course, being obedient, is really key to our walk with Christ. Our relationship is really transformed when we allow the Holy Spirit to be part of it. I can't even tell you what it's done in my life personally and this teaching is so helpful by Joyce.
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