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Joyce Meyer - The Law Of Gradual Growth

This morning, I wanna talk to you about something that I think is really awesome. I'm calling it the law of gradual growth, it actually is a law.

Everything grows, everything that's alive grows but the interesting thing is is you can't see it grow. You can stand and watch a tree all day and you'll never see it grow. You can go away and come back after a period of time and you can say, "Boy, that's gotten bigger."

So, the more we watch things in our lives, the less we see. I'd like to say this and I hope you get this, if you're the kind of person that's in a hurry... and I get that. That's still one of my things I have to watch all the time 'cause I'm very focused, very goal-oriented and if I'm not careful, I can be so focused on getting where I'm going, that I don't enjoy where I'm at.

Now, we're gonna talk today. I know it's early, but we're gonna talk. What is the point in rushing to get somewhere if you don't enjoy the journey, amen?

And so, if you're the kind of person that's in a hurry or you don't like waiting, being in a relationship with God is gonna be very frustrating. I'm just gonna say that one more time 'cause there's people in here today, you are so frustrated that it's amazing the top of your head has not blown off.

And I used to live like that all the time. God began to teach me about grace and told me that frustration is works of flesh. It's me trying to do what only God can do. And I love what Paul said, he said, "We plant--we water but only God can give the increase."

So, we need to do our part. We need to plant, we need to water, but then we trust God to give the increase and we trust Him to give it at the right time in the right way. We always think we're ready before we're ready. "Well, God I'm ready." Well, a little more growing, one more trip through the oven, the law of gradual growth.
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