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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - How Do I Stop Feeling Inadequate?

Joyce Meyer - How Do I Stop Feeling Inadequate?

TOPICS: Inadequacy, Everyday Answers

Well, we've all felt it before, probably are feeling it right now, inadequacy. It becomes that nagging little friend that just won't go away, and far too often we spend our lives believing that we're just not good enough, not smart enough.

Am I strong enough, pretty enough, and so on? What will they think of me? And accepting Christ into our lives does not automatically deliver us from this mindset. Look at this great question from Hazel. She asked on twitter, how can we share the good news of Jesus when we feel so inadequate?

Great question, Hazel. And no matter who you look at, they're probably feeling much of these same things. So, let's tackle this one together with some help from Joyce and our friend Priscilla Shirer today.

Priscilla had to overcome her own feelings of inadequacy to make the impact she is making in the world today. So, how do we stop feeling inadequate?
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