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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - How Do I Get Free Of Anxiety?

Joyce Meyer - How Do I Get Free Of Anxiety?

TOPICS: Everyday Answers, Anxiety, Freedom

Welcome to everyday answers and today, we are jumping right into one of your questions. This is comes from Fiona and she says, "How in the world can I be free of worry and anxiety when my 5-year-old son has recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder which can cause him to have a fatal attack at any moment"?

Fiona, our hearts are with you. We pray for you and your son, and we want to share with you that anxiety is a level of fear that can cause havoc in every aspect, every area of your life, and you are certainly going through something very traumatic.

And I know that many of you watching may be facing issues, big or small, but if you're facing an overwhelming circumstance like fiona's, remember, you are not alone. God is with you and will help you through your situation. Joyce talks about that as she addresses today's question, "How do I break free from anxiety"?
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