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2021 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - How Can My Pain Help Me (How Should I Deal)?

Joyce Meyer - How Can My Pain Help Me (How Should I Deal)?

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Today Joyce tackles some of life's biggest questions. How do we deal with all of the hurt in the world? How can God use my pain for my good and how can I appreciate what I have?

You know, many of the really well-known people in the Bible are just as much known for their struggles as they are their victories: people like King David and Joseph and Paul.

So if you're going through a struggle right now know you're not alone, we all face them, and that there is a great opportunity for God to bring victory in your life.

So know that those struggles are temporary. God has something good ahead for you. We have a question that comes from Laura today and she asks this: "I know that God will get me through all my difficulties and trials. But why doesn't his grace make it any easier?"

Well, we're getting real now. That's a great question, Laura, and here is Joyce's answer the question: How can my pain help me?
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