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Joseph Prince - Practical Marriage And Relationship Truths

TOPICS: Marriage, Relationships, Dating

Praise God. Don't you just like this, huh? You know, you are getting younger when you ask for a chair. Can I have the mic? Stand up. Let's worship him just a little bit more, okay? "Come and praise him, royal priesthood. Come and worship holy nation. Worship Jesus as our Redeemer. He's so precious King of glory". C'mon, holy nation. "Come and praise him, royal priesthood. Come and worship holy nation. Worship Jesus as our Redeemer. He's so precious King of glory".

The Lord is healing broken hearts, a number of broken hearts in this place here tonight. The Lord is healing broken hearts. The Psalmist says he tells the number of the stars and right before that he says he heals the broken in heart. Our Lord who flung the stars into space and there are millions and millions of stars that even the scientists with all their technology cannot number but he numbers the stars. And yet, he humbles himself to count the numbers of hair on your head. And that same Psalmist says he heals the broken in heart.

What a God. What a good God. Just let him pour in the oil and the wine into your heart. He knows. He knows what you're going through. He knows about that loss, that hurt, that betrayal. He knows. He knows about that disappointment. He knows and he loves you enough sometimes to even delay the answer in your life because he's dealing with something deeper that will save and rescue you in the future.

He will love you so deep that you might not understand him and his workings in your life at the present because you want the instant deliverance, you want that instant answer and yet he's delaying because he's about to unveil himself in a greater way to you. When he delayed going to Lazarus's house, it wasn't because he didn't care. In fact, the Scripture says: "Now Jesus loved Mary, Martha, and Lazarus". And the next verse says he abode two more days but at the end of it all, they got a revelation of him they never had before: "I am the Resurrection and the life".

He's gonna unveil himself in a greater way and sometimes, the disappointments are necessary because he's gonna take away this disappointment and make this disappointment the appointment that he has in your life to bring you to the place where he wants you to be. A greater place, a place of more, amen. A place where he knows you'll truly be fulfilled and be satisfied. Maybe this relationship did not work out because he loves you, because he loves you, amen? And one day you'll look back and you'll say, "Praise be to his holy name", amen? "He loved me enough to disappoint me", amen.

You know, I love Justin, my son, but there are times I have to disappoint him because I know something is not good for him at this time, amen? He will not understand with his limited knowledge the level of understanding that I have, but one day he will. He'll look back at his father and he will say, "Thank God you did that", amen? Praise the Lord. Give him praise. Thank you, Jesus. All right, greet at least three or four persons before you are seated, amen. Welcome. Tell them, "Welcome to God's house". Praise the Lord, hallelujah. Yeah, whenever you see a chair, right? That means it gonna be a long night. Ha, ha, ha. No, no, I'm just teasing. Welcome to God's house, all of you, amen?

We are in for an exciting night and this is what I call a hijack night because if we advertise tonight that we're gonna have this particular topic, usually the ones that need the topic will not turn up. So we hijack tonight. So all the ushers before I announce the topic, can you just shut the door and bolt them tight, amen? No one leaves. I'm gonna share on marriage tonight, praise God, amen? I'm gonna share on those of you who are wonderfully single, those who are happy that they are single, and those who don't wanna be single, if we have time, okay?

So we gonna start off with marriage, praise the Lord, thank you, Jesus. Now, just by a show of hands all across this place, how many of you are married? All right, look happy, look happy, c'mon. Lift up your hands. All right, wave, wave. Yeah, when you wave, there's movement, I can see it. Okay, praise God, all the way to the top, okay, praise God. How many of you are happily... okay, all right. Thank you for smiling. I know many of you are smiling by faith also, amen. It all depends on when I catch you in this sermon.

Sometimes, you just had a quarrel, like a real, you know, major quarrel. Is no problem. It's part and parcel of marriage. Or you have a wonderful time. "Oh, amen, Pastor Prince. Preach it to them, amen. Preach it to them". So as I'm preaching, no elbow jabbing, slap okay, but no elbow jabbing, amen? If your husband is asleep, you can slap, all right? But let me just say this. God loves you and because he loves you, all his plans are good for you. Marriage is God's idea. It's not man's idea. All right, man's idea is to stay together.

Let's see if we are okay for... with each other. It won't be okay. I'll tell you that. Why? Because God's way is always looking to him to direct you and then when you are dating, you get to know each other, there's no such thing as 100% you are sure, amen? There's a place for faith. Can I have a good "Amen"? But if you live together, you're going by sight, you know, you want to experiment, to see whether we are made for each other. You will come to a place where you can't stand each other and why? Because the seal, that superglue that comes from a marriage covenant is not there. And true love needs a solid foundation. And every marriage needs a third party. His name is Jesus, amen?

All things are held together by him. "In him", the Bible says in Colossians, "all things consist". You know what's consist? Held together. All things are held together by Christ himself. Even those who study the atoms they'll tell you that it's a very remarkable thing that the atoms are supposed to be flung away from each other, there's a force that holds them together. That's as far as they can go. They can go to matter, right to the atoms, but they can split the atom but they cannot tell you what holds the atoms together. The Bible says in Christ all things are held together. When Christ comes into your life, you are held together, amen? When Christ is in your mind, your mind is held together. When it comes into your relationship, your relationship is held together. Can I have a good "Amen"?

I wanna share with you also from the Hebrew, some secrets about marriage, amen? How many of you know that if you are in this church, you've got to learn some Hebrew? New Creation Church people all love tea and they love to brew tea. That's why they love Hebrew, all right? They love teh tarik, right, amen? And we all love Hebrew. So this our culture. This is part of the things that your pastor is all about and our church life is all about Christ, number one; number two, the local church, the life of the church; and number three, Israel, amen.

And I believe with all my heart that this is the tripod upon which every successful church or ministry is built on. There are those who love grace, they love the message, they love Jesus-centeredness and all that, but they have no heart for Israel, amen, for their salvation or even to learn, you know, the Bible says we are the wild olive tree, we Gentiles, and God grafted us in. So everything about Israel, listen carefully, don't become Israel-centric.

Some people, you know, they say, "Yeah, Pastor Prince, amen, amen. I believe you've got to preach on Israel", but they become Israel-centric. That's what happened to the Emmaus disciples, remember? They said that about Jesus, "We thought he will redeem Israel", so he's a side issue, he's just a means to an end. For them, Israel is the center. They were disappointed because Christ wasn't the center, Israel was the center. So don't put anyone or anything in the center but the Lord Jesus Christ. Once the center is right, he will hold all things together. And all the people said, "Amen".

Now, if you were with us last Sunday and I know that many of you are members of our church, amen, and you are following the message, one message is built upon another, I touch on the fact that God called those things that are not as though they were. Now, in the Hebrew, God's name is Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei. Now, there's El Shaddai, okay? El Shaddai, there is also Elohim, but the covenant name of God is Yahweh. In fact, one time, he told Moses that "by my name, Yahweh, was I not known to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob"? He told Moses that.

I used to wonder but because the name "Yahweh" was used by Abraham, by Isaac, and Jacob, what he meant was that they used the name but they were not intimate with the name. The revelation of the name cannot explode in their lives until Israel was redeemed out of Egypt. Then they realized God is a covenant-keeping God. Can I have a good "Amen"?

For Abraham, it's just a promise of the future, right, that God will redeem his seed, amen? But his knowledge... so God's revelation, listen, is ever progressive. Ever enlarging, if you would. Is ever brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. So if you study church history, study their mistakes, study what makes it work, but don't stay at the revelation they were at. Martin Luther brought back the truth, "The righteous by faith will live", amen? He brought back the truth of justification, but he never went further about the local church. He never went further about the fact that we are dead in Christ and alive unto God, we are the righteousness of God in Christ. He never went further into the gifts of the Spirit and how God is restoring in these last days.

How many know that God's revelation is getting bigger and bigger, greater and greater? Even if you sat through my teachings last ten years, what I'm gonna teach today and all that is different. Why? I'm growing more and more. Can I have a good "Amen"? Stronger and stronger, younger and younger, especially in the month of May, amen. Praise God. So let's get going. Last week, we touched on Abraham and God said, and first of all, God's name: Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei, spelt like this, and remember Hebrew reads like Chinese, reads from right to left, very good, amen? Right to left. Every other language is backslidden, okay?

So right to left. Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei, and every Hebrew letter is also a picture. Yud is a hand, Hei is a window. Actually, they say it's a window because a window lets you see the outside, see something that's greater. Usually, the window unveils the greater. The inside is usually smaller, right? So they didn't have the revelation of what the revelation was at that time the law was given by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. Of course, Hei is grace. And each, but Vav, by the way, is a nail. It's very consistent. They'll tell you either it's a nail or a hook. It's very consistent. It's out of these two. And Hei is grace.

So you have the hand. Yud is the hand. Even today, they say, "Give me your hand", they will say, "Give me your yod", which is from yud. In Hebrew, yod. Say "yod", all right? Yod is yud, from yud. Yod is the hand. So, look at the name of God: Jehovah. By the way, the English, they tried to transliterate it by saying Jehovah, all right? It's not Jehovah. No one really knows how it's spelled, I mean, how it is said. It's spelled like this, okay? Yahweh. I believe, personally, I would say Yahweh, amen? Now, is the hand of grace, Vav is a nail, hand of grace, nail in grace. Think about that. Now, who is that? Our Lord Jesus Christ. Can I have a good "Amen"?

So God said to Abraham, look at the Genesis 17. This is what God said: "As for Me, behold, My covenant is with you, and you shall be a father of many nations. No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham", there's a "H" there, right? "For I've made you a father of many nations. I will make you exceedingly fruitful; and I'll make nations of you, and kings shall come from you". Drop down to Sarah. "Then God said to Abraham, 'As for Sarai'", back then her name was Sarai, okay? All the ladies say, "Sarai". "'Your wife, you shall not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name. And I will bless her and also give you a son by her; then I will bless her, and she shall be a mother of nations; kings of people shall be from her'".

So God changed their names and they became fruitful. At this point in time, this chapter opens with the verse that says Abraham was about 99 years old which means Sarah was about 89 years old, amen? Okay, it says very clearly, Sarai became Sarah, Abram became Abraham. Now, in the Hebrew, this is the name Abram, all right? Alef, Bet, Resh, Mem, Abram. What God did was, remember the Yud, Hei, the Hei, our church icon is Hei. Have you noticed that? You have seen Hei everywhere, amen? That's why when you drive on the road be careful. If you have a Hei, all right, behave, all right?

Now, Abram, you have God taking his Hei and putting in Abram's name. Abram's name is high father or exalted father, like someone who is exalted but here it says you can be exalted, you know, my wife and I were discussing about people that are sometimes wealthy but their house is broken, their marriage is, you know, they're not on talking terms anymore, things like that. And honestly, they're wealthy and all that, what's the point? You can be a high person in society, amen, but not a blessing. You see, God blesses. God's the source of all blessing. We need him in our lives, amen?

So Abram, Abram is high father. He can be alone and be a high father but then God says, "I want you to be a blessing and know the reason for life it's not just about you. It's not just about you. It's about being blessing to all the nations of the earth, amen? Then your life takes on meaning, right, amen"? So Abraham, God put a Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei. God has two Hei's, right? Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei. So the first Hei he gave to Abram. Abram became fruitful. And what is Hei? Grace. God gave grace to Abram, Abram became fruitful.

Now look at Sarai's name, Sarai. Sarai: Shin, Resh, Yud. Shin, Resh, Yud... by the way, hei is the numerical value. By the way, just to let you know that Hebrew does not have a number, okay? Doesn't have one, two, three, like the way we do. We have A, B, C, and 1, 2, 3. For them, their A, B, C is 1, 2, 3. So if you want to put at number five, they put number "hei" there, hei, the letter hei, okay, got it? Hei is number five, number of grace. The fifth time Noah's name is mentioned, it says: "Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord".

The fifth time Ruth's name was mentioned in the book of Ruth, she found favor: "Why have I found favor in your sight", she told Boaz. Five is the number of grace, amen, amen? You all don't know until you'll come to 50 years old, then you'll understand the fullness of grace. Okay, Sarai. So notice the "i", the "yud". Notice the yud there? The value of the yud is ten. Say, "ten". Ten, Sarai. So every time he calls her Sarai, Sar is like a captain, a lord, a chief, boss. Today we call it boss. Sar. Sar shalom, Prince of peace, sar, same word, sar. Same spelling, all right? Prince of peace is sar shalom.

So every time Abraham calls his wife, Sarai, it, "my lord, my boss". Like some of you, I ask you to do something, whatever, "Pastor, let me go and check my boss", amen? You don't say my boss or my wife, okay, but in other words, only when she say, "Okay", is okay with you, amen? "I should see, Pastor, it should be no problem, Pastor, but to honor my wife I'll just let her know what I have in mind, okay"? That's okay, all right. You're very quiet, amen. Good. Sarai, so we have Sarai, the yud becomes like a possession, Sarai, my lord, my boss. Then God took the ten away, God took the ten away, God took the ten away, yud is the value of ten. God took the law away and God gave her grace. And she became a mother of nations and kings came out of her.

Think of it. Sarah became a princess. The name means princess, Sarah. Isn't it wonderful, amen? From someone that told Abraham, "I cannot bear children for you. Go to my maid". Abraham says, "Yes, boss. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am", amen? And then still bad result, amen. We know that there was a lot of strife in the house of Abraham when Ishmael came. But the moment God changed her name, she had a son. He brought joy, laughter. Can I have a good "Amen"? So that's the first thing you need to understand: grace. Without grace no marriage can succeed.

Now, grace, that means unearned, undeserved favor. If you look at someone and you're wondering, "Okay, would this person make a good life partner"? Ladies, would you like to have, those of you who are single okay, wives, don't put up your hand, especially my wife. Okay, what kind of man are you looking for? "I want someone like Pastor Mark, can make me laugh. I want someone with muscles like Pastor Lawrence", right?

Now, all these are wonderful guys, I'm just teasing but let you know what the Bible says that you should want. What makes a man attractive and God's idea of attractive? And God knows what is attractive to him will be attractive to you ultimately. Can I have a good amen? It's Proverbs 19, verse 22 says, "What is desirable in a man". Actually a modern translation would be, what is sexy in a man? This word "desirable" is actually desirable, makes a man desirable. What makes a man desirable is not his muscles. Guys, I mentioned someone muscles just now. No, he's also a man that has this, amen, muscles alone is not enough.

I asked my wife yesterday, "What do girls really go for", I ask her. She say, "No lah, it's not handsome and all that", she said. I felt very, very sad when I heard that, you know? Don't ask me why, I just felt disappointed. Girls don't go for that. You know, it's like I think she did recover. She did say that, "I got a bonus", she said. Okay, so what is desirable in a man is his kindness but in the Hebrew, the word "kindness" is the word "hesed". Isn't that interesting? Hesed is grace, amen? What makes a man attractive is grace. What makes God attractive to us? It's his grace. What makes Jesus attractive to us? It's his grace.

So, God is saying find someone who has the plus factor, someone who has grace. In other words, if grace is unearned undeserved favor, there'll be many, many occasions in your life together as husband and wife where you will need unmerited favor extended, where, you know, even though he does not feel like forgiving you, he knows that you don't have to come to a place to merit his forgiveness. He will forgive you. He will say sorry sometimes first. I want my wife somewhere around to hear this. Sometimes he will say sorry first, amen? So, that is undeserved favor for the partner, amen?

You want someone like that. You want someone the extra. You know, God always have the extra. He doesn't just do his duty to take care of the universe, he does extra. That's the goodness of God, all the grace of God. Goodness is the extra. You know, God can actually create birds that don't sing. Birds don't have to sing. I mean it does nothing for the benefit of nature, creation, for birds to sing, but God made birds to sing, why? Because God always is good and he did it for you and I so that our ears can hear the singing of the birds. Are you listening?

I remember was it D.L. Moody or one of the men of God that used to be in later years, I mean the early years of revival where in the midst of a storm at night, his window was open. No, it's a songwriter that wrote about, "Hide me in your bosom". It's a well-known hymn. And at night, there was a storm and all of a sudden, a bird flew to the window. It was a nightingale, you know, nightingale sings in the night, that's why it's called nightingale, not day-tingale, all right? And not only that, it flew right into his jacket, and he was stunned because then he realized that there was an owl that was chasing, flying to kill him actually, you know? And because he flew right there, he was protected.

Then that man of God, a well-known man of God wrote that hymn, "hide me in your bosom while the calamities pass". That's the extra, a nightingale sings beautifully in the storm and they sing when the rougher the storm, they sing beautifully. You can go to YouTube, not now, and listen to the singing of the nightingale. So, why did God give us extra? It's just for us to enjoy. Flowers, God can just make flowers, but why does he make them beautiful? Not only that, beauty for the sight and the fragrance for the ears. Oh, for the what? Nose, okay, you're awake, praise God. All right, it's for your sight and for your nose, amen?

So, the singing of the birds is for your nose? Your ears. So, in other words, there is this idea of Christianity that we, you know, if we indulge in our senses, it is something wrong. You know, you cannot sing songs to your wife like: "you fill up my senses like a night in a forest". You cannot, you cannot go by senses. Senses is fleshly. No, God gave you sense, all your senses is given there by God. God can give you a tongue that has no senses, no taste, and you wouldn't know, right? You wouldn't know. You eat apple or whatever it is, it's the same and you will eat to survive, but there's no enjoyment. But God gave you bitterness, saltiness, sweetness.

Now, latest one is umami, amen? So, it's God give you things to enjoy. Are you listening, people? God is good. That's right, God is good. Now, what is wrong when you overeat? God gave you your senses, what is wrong when you use it, when you live after it like you're an animal, instead of living by the Spirit, controlled by the Holy Spirit, amen, you live based on your senses. No, and God gave sex. Okay, no amen. I'll try one more time. God gave sex. The man's voices are stronger. The ladies don't believe it that's why we have this seminar. Now you are trapped, the doors are locked. God gave sex.

You know God can actually say this, "Be fruitful and multiply", and the way it happens is that Adam slapped her five times, you slap him 50 times. He can do... I mean how many understand... now you have conceived. I mean, can God do that? Yes, and you wouldn't know. You wouldn't know. And you think that the world has a lot to offer. No, they take what God gives and they pervert it. They want you to follow your lusts for other people, other than your life partner. He wants to pervert it, amen? Perversion is the name of the game. It's not the original, the idea. Amen, God expect the sex act to be an act that is holy, that is wonderful, that is pleasurable, amen. God ordained it to be so, amen? Y'all can say amen, it's okay, all right? It's holy. The bed undefiled, the Bible says. Say, "amen".

Now, I don't know why Pastor Mark is so quiet. All right, usually he's very, very loud for this kind of thing, amen? His amen is very soft today. Growing old. Okay, what is desirable in a man is his hesed, so which means what? He has the plus factor. Look at a guy who is very, very picky about the way he spends money. I said picky, not good steward. He doesn't even go the extra mile, okay, the way he acts towards you, just barely enough, just do his duty, doesn't go the extra mile. Even in his generosity, doesn't have a big heart. These are people who lack hesed. If they have experienced hesed, grace, they will extend grace. Can I have a good amen? Are you with me so far?

Okay, in a marriage situation, first and foremost, let me just tell you this, God made Adam and Eve. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, Adam and Eve, okay? Okay, God made male and God made female, okay? God made male and God made female. Like I told you just now, okay, look at God's original plan. God made male and God made female. Marriage is between a husband and a wife, amen, male and female. Are you listening?

The problem is that I don't want to say husband and wife in the sense because when God ordained it, you know, God sees them so one the Bible says, "A man shall leave his father and mother", never says that a woman leave her father and mother. A woman is still very attached to the parents, but the man sometimes in reality is more attached to the parents and cannot cut off mama's apron strings, you know? And the worst you can say is like, even mama is not there, you'll say, "My mom used to cook like this. My mom's cooking, you know, she will add this". Deadly, you're asking for trouble, amen. Leave, amen? Doesn't mean you're no more blessing your mom or your dad, all right, but you leave in a sense in your spirit you are now a man, amen?

A man shall leave father and mother, doesn't say the wife. And shall cleave, leave and cleave unto his wife, cleave unto his wife. Leave and cleave. Say, "leave and then cleave", and they shall be one, no, wrong. They shall be one, not one, they shall be? Why y'all so scared to say it, huh? Show them the verse because you all asked for it. Show them the verse. Is there a verse? Yup, verse 24, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother, be joined to his wife". Old King James says, "Leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall become one", what? Not just one, flesh.

Okay, so, the idea of physical intimacy is there. Let me just tell you about sex. Look up here, let me tell you about sex. People down there, "Oh yeah, Pastor Prince, tell me more, like I don't know". One flesh, I understand it's more than just sex here, but don't take away the word "flesh". That's why many of you, you are so spiritual and religious that you start saying, "They shall be one". Y'all stop there like as if, but the word flesh is inspired, people. God said one flesh so that means sex is not something to be celebrated outside marriage.

Now, another thing about sex, one flesh means they cleave so much, the best way to illustrate this is actually if I have two pieces of paper, and I put glue on one and then I put this and paste it on the other one and I leave it here for about an hour, okay? Then we come back, I pass this paper to you and I ask you to make sure that you peel them apart and they're still in their individual piece. Can you do that? You can't. Once you have sex, something is imparted.

Sex is so powerful, it's more than just body and body coming together. After that, when you disengage you're already your own person. No, whatever is of the person has been imparted to you because it was designed in marriage. It's just like when you tear the piece of paper, you cannot tear anymore. When you tear some pieces are stuck here and some pieces here are stuck to the other. Sex is holy and it's powerful. It's meant to seal the marriage relationship. Ladies, if you are married and you don't like sex, you need this revelation, okay? It's holy. Don't help, I can help myself. "Preach it, Pastor Prince, preach it. Preach it, amen". Y'all not helping also those in front.

Pastor Mark, I don't know what happened to you, I can talk to you later, all right? No one is helping, amen, amen. "But you don't know what my husband want. He's like a sex maniac". Let me tell you this, if he's a sex maniac, then Pastor Mark... tell the truth, every man, every man thinks of sex almost every... almost every, okay to be safe, day. Some in a day, they can think a lot, so women, accept it, accept it. We are wired that way. So, women want what? They don't want sex actually. It's not on their mind. It's not on their mind sometimes for days, weeks, and sometimes months, right? No right also, never mind, okay? So, women want love. They want expressions, amen. They want your words.

So, what happened is that man give these words and show affection to get sex, and that's what's happening in the world. Women think that it's a real thing. They give sex to get that companionship. We need to understand these things, folks. But like I said just now, if you have sleeping partners and all that, something is imparted to you and that's why you are having struggles and all that because you cannot just go upon and say, "I'm still my own person", amen? But there's help in God. There is restoration in Jesus, amen? Can I have a good amen?

So, are y'all okay? Can we go some more? How far I go is really how much y'all respond. Okay, thank you very much. Okay, now look at this, Adam said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman". So, he saw her he said, "Whoa, man", right, first time he saw her, right? So, God designed, can you imagine God can design a woman with a reindeer horns, all right, feathers, and neck like the vulture, you know? I mean, with legs like an ostrich and man wake up and he'll say, "Whoa, man". Right, amen, but God designed what I told you, his grace, his good, also for your eyes, to be pleasant in your eyes.

So, when you are choosing someone, yes, number one is hesed, but it's okay to if you're attracted all right? Many of you, the younger ones especially, they're attracted to even a star they don't even know whether the person has hesed or not, any kindness to charity can also be an act, all right, for the YouTube, for the social media, you know? But who he is, we do not know, but we are attracted to looks and all that. It's understandable. All of us, but at the end of the day, that is not gonna hold you in a marriage. So, what does a man want in a woman? He wants beauty. So, the very thing that God tells us is exactly the very thing that we need. He knows us. What about those of you who are single, single guys, what go you look for? God says look for a woman that is what?

Okay, same chapter, what is desirable in a man is Proverbs 19, right? In the same Proverbs 19 it says, "Houses and riches are inheritance from fathers, but a prudent wife". If you find a prudent wife, you know what? You didn't catch her, she came from the Lord. That means God blessed you with her. A prudent wife. You know, the Hebrew, I love the Hebrew for this. You know, what's the Hebrew? Sakal, sakal wisdom. How many still remember when I taught on sakal wisdom? Sakal wisdom, Joshua 1:8, "This Book of the Law shall not depart out of thy mouth, but you shall meditate therein day and night".

What's gonna happen? You shall have good success. Good success is actually one word in the Hebrew, sakal, wisdom to produce success, a woman whose mouth is a counsel, a well of wisdom, amen? So, look for that, look for a woman who, you know, like pretty, pretty, you know, I am, sorry, sorry, I mean like very cute, you know, eyelash they can sweep the floor on. You know, I mean so cute, you know, social media, you know, kind of thing, right? Yeah, we gotta do the other side also.

Just now I talked about the girls who go after the K-pop guy, right? Now, it's the other way around, right ladies, amen? Guys who go for that kind... and guys are more attracted by that. And at the end of the day, what they want, many a times, they want someone who can be a soundingboard, someone who can speak counsel because, guys, we get discouraged also. We get down so many times, amen? We go through stress and we tell nobody about it. Sometimes we can't even tell our close friends, but when you have a wife who is prudent like someone I know, amen, you know what? You know what? You can also hear my goodness. It sounds so good that when I talk to my pastors later on it's like my idea.

And guys sometimes will pay lots of money to attend a conference to hear someone say something that their wife will give for free at home but because they pay money, it's more, it's more valuable. You know what I'm saying? All right, but God has put in many women, especially in this house, amen, prudence, wisdom, and the wiser a woman is, she becomes beautiful. You know, God always put beauty after wisdom. Look at this lady, remember David was on the run and he met, he was about to kill someone who actually mistreated his man. His name was Nabal, and Nabal was married to a wonderful lady called Abigail, all right?

And what happened was this, David actually sent messengers to kill Nabal for the way he treated David's men and on the way there, David was on the way with them, he was intercepted by Abigail and Abigail's wisdom was so... it's a lesson in communication. Study that. The way she spoke to David, she says that, "I know that one day you'll become king. If you do this, if you murder Nabal in the house, this will be on your conscience when you are king. Don't worry about all your enemies. Remember how God flung your enemies like a sling". That reminded David. She spoke his language, amen?

Sometimes you tell your husband, if your husband love God, you can just say, "Sometimes there's a golf club that you like to use last time". And then you put it one side then all of a sudden, okay, there it is all the time. It could assist you so much in helping you, but you forget that you even have it. You know something? "Sometimes I feel that way", or whatever. Speak golf, speak football, speak whatever, Avengers, amen, amen? Carry's gotta speak Avengers with Gabriel. But prudent is sakal. Sakal is wisdom that results in good success. Can I have a good amen?

Now look at Abigail. Like I said, wisdom, sakal comes first before beauty. 1 Samuel, do we have 1 Samuel? We don't have 1 Samuel. All right, put Abigail real fast, all right, search for Abigail and then put it up when you're ready, okay? Are you all blessed so far? Okay, let's go on, let's go on. You can flash it anytime you want, okay? Genesis chapter 2 again: "This is now bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man". Okay, in the Hebrew, woman is "ishah". Someone found it? Someone searching for it?

1 Samuel something. 25, okay, 1 Samuel 25. Can you find verse number 25? You all must see this because I got a revelation that I wanna share with you. Okay, you all look at the Bible, lah. 1 Samuel 25, verse? Verse 3. Pastor Mark says, "Verse 3". Okay, here she is. Okay, "The name of the man was Nabal, and the name of his wife Abigail". Mark wins, praise God. Thank you, Jesus. I forgive you for all the quietness just now. Where it really matters you came through, amen. Blessed are thou, Marco. "The name of the man", okay, Abigail was his wife. "And she was a woman of good countenance, good understanding", sorry, good understanding first, and then a woman of beautiful, what? "Appearance".

So notice that what comes first? Good understanding. By the way, word "good understanding". Towb, good is towb; understanding is sakal. Same word for prudent wife. She was a woman of prudence. You know why this verse so important? Because when I was praying about Wendy, whether to go after her, this was the verse that God gave to me. And she wasn't married to any Nabal, just to let you know, okay? So you know what happened, right? God struck Nabal dead and the wife was free to marry, okay?

So don't pray for that. Just, all right, I didn't share that for you to pray for that. But just to let you know that God's emphasis for a woman is always sakal, wisdom, counsel, that produces success, good success. She had that. And I believe having that makes her beautiful in appearance, amen. See God's priority? And all the people said... now there are people who are attractive physically. You meet them for a while, you talk to them for a while. They're attractive, you know? I mean, it's amazing. You are captivated by them and all that. But after a while you get to know them, it seems like they lose the beauty. You know why? There's nothing up there.

Have you met people like that? And then there are people that you meet, I mean, it works for a guy or for a girl, right? Like, sometimes, you look at the participant of a movie and all that or a Korean drama series, you look like that, "Aiyah, this young guy a pathetic, you know, loser", and all that, right? But then you follow the series. Halfway through, you fell in love with the guy, all right? He grew on you. Why? Because in the show he's, like, a lot of hesed. He does things for the girl. He suffers quietly. The girl doesn't know. Wah, they act like they are Christians and all, go the extra mile, full of joy, unselfish, patient towards the inlaws. Hoo-hoo-hoo, you know? It's like a Christian life. The only thing not Christian about Korean dramas is that the guy is always bad tempered, all right? And that's not the way to win a girl, just to let you know. Even though those dramas are... anyway, back to Genesis. Are you all learning, people?

Now, I'm gonna show you something else, very interesting. These are things that you don't, these are my revelation that I got from the Lord. You all can pick a book anywhere, Christian book on marriage and all that. You can read those things. But I wanna share with you something from my heart, what has worked. So I'm very blunt and very straight because tonight, I've got you, amen? We don't advertise like people advertise marriage seminar and all. Usually, the husband who has a problem and all that, the wife will come but the husband won't come. Or the wife has a problem but she won't come because she knows that next week we're gonna have, you know, so the thing is that hijack you all, right? This is good. This called prudence, sakal.

Okay, woman is called ishah because she was taken out of man. Man is called ish. Now say, "Ishah". So in Hebrew, a woman ish is ishah; a man is ish, all right? Got it? Now this is how you spell, look at this. I told you I would share revelations that, you know, has become a reality in my life. Look at this, ish, man, aleph, yud, shin, ish. Woman has hei, aleph, shin, hei, and I believe that God put extra grace in women. That's why they can sense things that is beyond their understanding is grace.

You know, it's not based on their learning, it's not based on the courses they took or whatever, but just that sometime they say the right thing, they are more instinctive, they can tell characters, usually, they're very accurate. And their husband is more, "Duh", you know? Why do you think Adam... God made Adam, right? And the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life was in the center, right, of the garden? Not only a tree of knowledge here. God says, "Don't eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil", but God never said, "Don't eat from the tree of life that's also in the center". But Adam never partook of the tree of life, and never did.

So God made a woman to point him to the center of the... but Satan came in, of course, and perverted the whole thing and she pointed him to the wrong tree, all right? But why did God create woman? I believe to point man to the tree of life. She has the extra grace to inspire him. Women has made men do all kinds of crazy things like Helen of Troy and all kinds of women down through history. We know that men will give their life like Mark Antony, right? And what's her name? Cleopatra. And on and on. Samson and Delilah. I'm singing a song, you know. This is like a song.

Now, it's remarkable how a woman that is weak-looking, right, no muscles, I mean there are muscles, not developed, most of them, okay, can inspire a man who is so strong, can even slay a man. That's the grace that God has given them. It's supposed to be used for the man's good, to point him to the tree of life. 'Cause Adam, before she came to him, was like, "Yeah, duh. This tree's very, oh. This fruit's very nice", you know? But he never ate from the tree of life. So God says, "Cannot, now put this guy to bed".

You know, God put him to sleep and God took a rib out and from the rib, God made a woman, right? That's why we do not know women. Why? Because we were asleep when God made them. I have a theory. If God made them when we are sleeping, whenever we need God to change them in any area, the best thing for us to do is go to sleep. Say, "God, you did it once, you can do it again", amen? But don't be surprised if your wife come in at night and start counting your rib. Okay, never mind, praise God.

So notice grace is there. Now, watch this. If you take God's... now, God's name is there. Yud is God's name, right? Yud, hei, vav, hei that's yud. Can you see the yod? That's God's name. He is God's name, right? Yud hei is God's name. Bring them together, you have Yah, God's name. And we say Yah when we say halle... Halle is praise. Hallelujah, yah for Yahweh, right? That's God's name. Now, when you take God's name out of man and woman, look at this. You take God's name out of man and woman, both spells fire. And what does fire do? Fire burns. A marriage will burn, a relationship will burn, when God is not in it, when the Lord is not in it. Are you listening to what I'm saying, okay?

And just to let you know, back to Genesis 2 again. Genesis 2: "She shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, they become one flesh". Now, it's very clear here, the word "man and woman" and you have the word "wife" now, then later on in the Bible you have the word "husband", you have the word "wife", you have the word "husband", you have the word "wife".

Just let you know that God ordained marriage but even in marriage, in the original language, a husband is still a man. He's still an ish. Do you know, all the Hebrew words that, when you read your Old Testament, of course, the Old Testament is from Hebrew. Your New Testament is from the Greek. You know something? The English says "husband and wife". Man is man. Men can be single, men can be married, right? But we put in a word called "husband" from an old English house-bond, okay? From the word "house", husband. Is an English word. But do you know something? It's not in the original. A married man in God's eyes is still a man. A woman, there's no wife. Wife is from the English language. In the Hebrew, ishah is a woman who can be a virgin or a married woman or a widow of any age, ishah.

So how can you tell husband or wife? You can tell from the context. When you read the context, you can tell that Abraham is the husband of Sarah but in the original Hebrew it reads: "She is my wife". It reads: "She is my woman". When she states, "He is my husband", all right, it is: "He is my ish". Are you all with me so far? It used to intrigue me. When I realized this, it intrigued me. Again, this is a personal revelation from the Lord. If anyone writes this in the future in marriage books and all that, you know where it came from.

In the Greek, by the way, in the Greek it's the same. In the Greek, well, New Testament is written in Greek. "Husbands, love your wives". There is no separate word of husband than the word "man". The word is, "Man, love your woman". But it's obvious there's a marriage context. So the English put in, "Husband, love your wife", in Hebrew it is "ish" for the men, in Greek it is the word "aner", aner. And aner can refer to a male, just is a generic word. Male, married or single. The word "wife" is gune in Greek. Gune is where you get the word "gyne" from, you know, gynecologist, gyne. A gune can be a virgin, can be a married woman, of any age. Thayer defines it of any age, a woman of any age.

So why is it that God put in the original language after you're married to see your woman as a woman, to see your... I use the word, right word. To see your wife as a woman for the sake of language. Why? 'Cause God knows us, even the psychological makeup of man. Listen carefully, there's wisdom here. You look at a magazine, you watch a movie on Netflix, whatever it is, okay? And you look at someone attractive. You think of that person, "She's a woman". You don't say it. "Woman. Wife, sitting down there. Wife, wife with her makeup on, everything, you know, let down. Wife, woman, wife, woman". She, on the other hand, watch Korean drama. "Man, husband. Husband, man, husband, man". Somehow, the word "husband" and "wife" has become, like, very dutiful, that you rob... you know, God has wisdom. God knows.

And an amazing thing happens when a man all of a sudden who has no passion for his wife realize one day, now I don't approve of this, I'm not saying because it is okay, I'm not saying it's okay. But when the wife has an affair, it's amazing how the man's passion is all revived. It's all resuscitated. It's all, like, came back to life and all of a sudden. Why? Because all of a sudden he realize he's seeing his wife as a woman. Same thing for a woman. You know, she might treat her husband with disdain, whatever it is, all right? Down there, look at his belly, so big, and getting bigger and bigger, all right? Look at the saliva falling down, like, you know?

Every time, so tired, and come back home, he was so tired. Never realized that at least he's at home. Poor chap. Pray for him, amen? We can do something about the stomach. Stomach is okay, amen? Can diet. But ugly attitude, very ugly. Makes you ugly, amen, amen? But instead of that, one day, all of a sudden, she realize that there's a woman after the husband, amen. And she realize, "I thought he never looked at other woman. I thought he was always faithful to me".

I'm always concerned when I hear women saying things like, "My husband would never do that, lah, Pastor Prince". I'm very concerned. I don't care if they are in front. They are still men. And the best thing for you to think of him, all right, is not as a husband but as a man. He's a man, all right? I'll tell you this. Sometimes he get astray in his fantasies and ideas and all that. See him as a man. I don't care how spiritual he looks, he's a man. And woman, look at, there's a song coming to me. "After all he's just a man. Stand by your man. You know that? Give him two arms to cling to something warm to come home to when nights are dark and lonely. Stand by"... Okay, praise God, hallelujah, amen? Where's the door? Open the door.

Sometimes, I think that people are not real when they share about marriage and I think that's the reason why there's so much problems. Are you listening, people? We gotta be real. If I see... you know something? What if today, God takes you home? Just say only, just say, okay? Let me illustrate, Pastor Mark, okay, okay? Let's illustrate. Can you imagine if God brings you home, all right? It won't happen, okay? But God brings you home. Okay, your wife is still young. Can you imagine her getting married with somebody else, somebody else holding her close? Oh, now you wanna go back to your wife, right? Yeah, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, he sees her as a woman.

Now, listen carefully, listen carefully. It's not wise when you take your husband for granted like, "Oh, he will never do that to me. He will never". No, adultery is always destructive. Sin always destroys. Remember that. It will cost you more than you want to pay. You never realize it's so costly, okay? Very painful. You'll produce a lot of pain, not only in your heart but in many hearts. So let me settle this. Adultery is evil. In fact, Joseph said this: "How can I commit this great wickedness"?

Okay, before the Ten Commandments was given, he called adultery "great wickedness". But realizing your partner is a candidate for adultery makes you look at her or him the right way, amen? Just imagine. It's true. I've seen it time and time again when someone is interested in your husband, someone interested in your wife, all of a sudden, then all of a sudden the passion comes back. Which means all the while not a matter of, like, she has changed. It's still your same wife, it's still the same husband. But somebody else has shown interest. And now the passion comes back. So never say your husband is beyond it. Never say your wife is beyond it. We all need God's grace to keep us from sin, amen?

And it's good to see each other as potential candidates, amen, is good. In that way, you will maintain and love your husband, you husband will take care of you, amen? Okay, lah, never mind, lah, huh? All right, you all like it or don't like it. I love it. I preach myself happy, amen? Praise the Lord. And you know, maybe this Sunday I'll share more on those who are single, okay? Maybe this Sunday. I never know, sometimes the Lord will just change my message. But I got so much to share also for the singles, all right? But tonight I believe that, you know what, we still have some time, right? It's not even 9:30 yet.

Want me to touch on singles? Okay, let's go to it. All right, so what makes a man desirable, ladies? Look for what? What? What did he say? He said what? Yes, what makes a woman desirable? Prudent, you know she's from the Lord, amen? Prudent, amen? Praise God. All right, go to Genesis 24. We'll close with this. Genesis 24. Abraham sent his servant to get a bride for his son Isaac. Okay, "Then the servant took ten of his master's camels". By the way, the word "bride" and the word "groom", very interesting. Show them the word "groom" and "bride". Groom is chatan, not Satan, huh? Chatan. Say, "chatan", okay. And the word "bride" is kallah, not defeated, okay, but kallah. All right, bride. So chatan and kallah.

Now, notice when they come together, God always combines letters to uncover a secret. And you put the first letter of the bride with the first letter the groom, you have the word "koach". Koach means power, power. And this is the same word used in Deuteronomy 8:18. God says, "When your silver is multiplied, when your gold is multiplied, when I bless you and you live in goodly houses and you eat wonderful fruits from the orchard that you didn't even plant, remember when your gold and silver is multiplied don't forget the Lord your God. Don't say, 'My power and the might of my hand got me this wealth'". Verse 18, "But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth".

Power there is koach. Together, husband and wife, when they are together, when they are one, amen, there's power. So, the devil, in order to make sure that you leave, even poverty based on this context, he will try to always cause disagreement between the husband and the wife. Make sure you come in agreement, especially over parenting, amen. Don't be in disagreement especially in front of the children and don't be in disagreement over finances. You need help, you need counsel because that's where the power is.

Guys, if you don't honor your wife, I don't care what you do, it will not prosper, 1 Peter chapter 3, tells us that. You don't treat your wife decently and you treat your wife bad, you will not prosper, the Bible says that. Here's where the wives say, "amen", come on. Praise God. "It is God who gives you power, koach, to get wealth that He may establish this covenant which you swore to your fathers, as it is this day". That tells us very clearly that poverty does not establish his covenant. Wealth establishes his covenant, amen? Are you listening? Husband and wife, come together.

So, back to singles again. God sent, or rather, Abraham sent his servant, unnamed servant. It's a picture of Holy Spirit, amen? Here we have a picture of the bride is all of us, but here the Bible is so wonderful that the wisdom of God is what we call manifold grace of God and the manifold wisdom of God. They are layers upon layers. The top layer is always Christ, right, the story of Genesis 24. The longest chapter of Genesis is about how the Holy Spirit who is unnamed, he doesn't draw attention to himself. Looks for a bride for the son, the son that's loved, amen? And when he finds her, he gives her all kinds of gifts of the Spirit and fruit of the Spirit.

Now, "The servant took ten of his master's camels and departed, for all his master's goods were in his hand". Look at the word ten of his master's camels. Ten camels, ten camels represent all his master's goods. Here's the principle of the tithe. Why it's 10%? Why does God ask for 10%? Because ten to God represents all. Ten camels for all his master's goods were in his hand. Can you see that? Ten represents the all. You can't even give the ten, you can't give your all. They will say, "You know what? God has everything". Never give the ten. They can say that and not give the ten, okay?

Anyway, back to this, he made his camels kneel down outside the city by a well of water at evening time, the time when women go out to draw water. If you want a life partner, be in a place where there's a well, and I believe that this church qualifies to be a well. There's living water here, amen? Men and women are gathered here. Not only that, gather into life, church life, amen, care groups, amen, Varsity, Gen Wrath. Get into care groups, young couples and all that, just get into care groups. Singles, get to know each other, amen. The house of God, a lot of prudent women here. If I'm a single guy, I'll park my car right here in this church, amen? Praise the Lord.

Ladies, a lot of guys with hesed, you know why? Hesed is flowing from the pulpit every week. The guys are becoming hesedic, hesedic Chinese, hesedic Indians, amen, praise the Lord. So, he made his camels come down, where? At a place where women gather. Now, don't stay at home and say, "God, where is she"? God says, God look at the church and go, "Where are you"? Amen. "God won't say that, God knows where I am". He asked Adam, "Where are you"? God wasn't lost, he's lost, okay?

Okay next verse, "Then the servant prayed". Now, this is a powerful prayer. If you are single, pray this prayer. This came to me by revelation. I've never heard anyone preach this. This happened many years ago when I was single and I heard a teaching that says there's God's perfect choice and that nearly destroyed my relationship, people. Now, just God's perfect choice. If you are dating someone or you marry someone, it's gotta be God's perfect choice. Perfect choice, you know? The word "perfect" is there.

So, I began to seek the Lord and all that and God began to show me things, and I'm telling you, thank God for that because it changed my life. If not, I don't think I will be able to be married to Wendy, amen? And I don't think that I'm able to share what I'm sharing and where my ministry is today. I remember by the beach, I sought the Lord. I took my Bible, no other aids. I said, "God, you speak to me. I'm tired of all this one says God's perfect choice. Some say don't date. Some say semi date. Some say, you know date or else you don't know. I mean, I'm confused. What should a young man do"? And God brought me to this prayer, the servant prayed, "Oh Lord God of my master Abraham, please give me success this day".

The word "success", qarah, amen. Right moments, right happenings, qarah. Pray for qarah. Business people, pray for qarah. The Bible says that the race is not to the swift, amen? The victory is not to the strong, but time and chance happens to them all, qarah. Good happenings. You can be so smart, but how to marry your giftings and what you have with the people that need it? Qarah will do that and only God can give you qarah, amen? Praise God. No matter how smart you are, no matter how great, you know, wonderful you are, you cannot position yourself away from disaster as we all know. Only God can put you in a qarah moment. Say, "God, give me success", that means cause the right girl to turn out, all right? "Give me qarah this day, and show kindness to my master Abraham". Beautiful word, hesed. In the Hebrew, it's hesed. Show hesed, show grace.

"Behold, here I stand by the well of water, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water. Let it be that the young woman to whom I say, 'Please let down your pitcher that I may drink,' and she says, 'Drink, and I will also give your camels". Wait, wait, how many camels? You know, one camel, you know how much they drink? It's not just one pail. They don't stop drinking until they are full. Like my son says, you know what's a camel with no humps? He asked somebody the other day. It's called hump-free.

So, notice the woman that is willing to go, what? The extra, hello, extra. The woman that's willing to go extra. He's looking for that woman with grace, that woman with prudence, that woman that shows her heart. She will not just say, "I'll give you a drink, I'll also give your camels drink", amen? And she says, "Drink and I'll also give your camels drink. Let her be the one you have appointed for your servant Isaac. And by this, I will know that you have shown hesed to my master". This was the word, the phrase that jumped out at me when I was by the beach.

I have remember many years ago, a single guy I asked, "God, show me is there a perfect choice"? And seemed like God showed me, you know? If there's a perfect choice, what happens when a man marries his perfect choice and his perfect choice dies? He cannot marry again because his perfect choice died. If there's a perfect choice for everybody, your perfect choice died, you cannot marry anybody because if you marry somebody, that somebody is somebody's perfect choice. Very bad are you, you take somebody else, your perfect choice died already, then you marry somebody else's perfect choice.

If you believe in perfect choice, this is the logical conclusion. No, honestly, choose the best. Ask God for his wisdom. Ask God's direction. Make a good decision. That's how, don't get so spiritual. "Oh, yes, yes, his name is Dan. I see the tribe of Dan. Yes, he's the one, amen". "Joshua, his name is Joshua". Then a guy that God has for you, his name is Lim Pang Sun. Nowhere in the Bible, nowhere in the Bible, all right, Lim Pang Sun. "God, show me, God, Lim". No Lim also, Pang also don't have.

Y'all laugh, right, but Christians can be some of the most religious people, believe me. "Lord, I'm waiting in this restaurant. It's 4:30 now, if 5 o'clock, hey, if he comes in at 5 o'clock and he calls his friend, hey, he's the one. He's the one". Notice he didn't put out a fleece that was easy.

Now, some guys, they like a girl, right, you know, they like a girl, like, I remember when I had a friend in youth fellowship in my church, my previous church, and he liked this girl, okay? So, he prayed a prayer. He read this portion. He prayed this prayer, by the way, after the youth fellowship, they always have drinks, okay? And he prayed this prayer, he told me, he prayed that after the service, "If this girl goes to the table and take refreshment, she's the one". What are the chances? Neither should you ask for signs outside because the devil is outside. God is inside you. He will speak in the still, small voice, give you the peace, no peace, God is inside you. Devil is outside.

I know of a lady, true story, very sad, but true story. She married a guy because she asked the Lord. This guy's been chasing her and all that. She asked the Lord for a sign. Then walking by the beach also at night, she saw a shooting star, said, that's a sign. She married the guy, the guy broke her heart and the case was a very sad case all because of a shooting star. Don't marry or else your marriage become like a shooting star. What happened, amen? Okay, so the best way to say it is like this, there's no God's perfect choice, but there is God's appointed one, appointed one. This is what God appoints for you.

Now, for those of you who have lost a loved one, a wife or a husband, that doesn't mean you cannot marry again. God has appointed someone for you, amen. That's God's way, you understand people? There's a verse that says, "Let her marry whom she will", with the wisdom of God, with the direction, in the multitude of counselors, there is safety, but make sure there are counselors. There's a multitude of people talking, it's not safety. The multitude of social media, it's not safety. In the multitude of counselors, that means there are people with counsel, with wisdom, with sakal. There is safety, amen?

Pray for God's appointed one. And you need to put out a fleece, you put a fleece that is really something inconsistent with the person's, something that God has recommended, someone who's wise, someone who is walking in sakal and many of them right now, plus my daughter, she's really, like I said, God told me when I saw Wendy, "She's your Abigail". And the verse he gave was that, good understanding, beautiful also, amen. I've been married to her for, never mind, many years and yup, 24 years, 24 years, one year shy of silver anniversary, come on, people. Y'all think I don't know. Yeah, amen.

And I tell you this, I'm still in love with this girl. Every time I wake up I tell myself how blessed I am, and she's getting prettier and prettier, you know? Yeah, if there's such a thing, she's getting more and more beautiful and her love and her wisdom, I don't know how many times I go back to her and talk to her and the wisdom comes out. I say, why didn't I think of that? Why didn't I say that? But I've learned to accept it, just enjoy what God has given me, amen, amen?

Friend, God designed marriage. God knows exactly what it takes. Don't go to the world for advice. Don't ask your friends who are divorced two, three times for advice. Don't ask people, don't envy those people those faces are all mortified and airbrushed and, you know? Don't start having all this, oh, "I'm so fat compared to this girl. I'm so". No, stop that nonsense and start to live your life for the Lord. These people don't live the real life, you know, people. One day you look back they realize life is passing by, you are enjoying it. You have a family. You have people that love you. You are really involved. You're not even out to impress people anymore.

It's very stressful, full of strife to just impress people. You can have 1,000 likes but there's one dislike, you will start focusing on that. What a life, amen? Don't do that, amen? Your life is precious. You know what? Everybody husband is the same, amen. You marry Pastor Mark, also the same, amen. Then you realize, "My husband is more normal", amen, you know? So, I just don't want you to have this high vision about me or anybody else. We're all the same, man is man and we need God's grace, amen.

So, when you look at your husband, he's not that Korean actor but don't forget, that is a character he's playing. You don't know how impatient he is, amen, you don't know what he does with women, amen, how he treats them. Amen, but your husband, at least his saliva is falling down at home. He's at home. Pray for him. Pray, amen? And help him. Praise God. I tell you this, our wives, without them, what are we? All of us can say that, amen? Pastor Henry being very quiet. Can you say, amen, Pastor Henry? Taking down notes, praise God, okay.

All right, I'm very merciful to Pastor Henry, gotta respect, amen? Bible says thou shall rise and honor the hoary head, amen. Praise God. Have y'all been blessed? Okay, praise the Lord. We are doing good on time, amen? Would you stand to your feet right now? I want to pray for you. There's so much more, of course, we just got started. How many are glad for the Hebrew?

Okay, go back to your wife, go back to your husband and say, "Woman, you're my woman. You're my woman". And lady, say what? "You're my man". And all the ladies who are single say what? "Amen". Just one, okay, just one, okay? Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

Father in heaven in the name of Jesus, I pray for everyone under the sound of my voice, Father. You know, Lord, the hearts that are broken, the hearts that are who've been hurt deeply, Lord. And Father, even the heart that has been betrayed. You know, Lord Jesus, the Judas kiss. I pray, Lord, that you will touch that one right now in Jesus's name. Heal, heal and release into that person's heart and mind a vision of hope, a positive expectancy of good in her feature, in his future.

Father, I thank you for those who are single under the sound of my voice, Father, who are here tonight, who are watching this or listening through media, one way or another and they want in on this. I'm praying for them that, Father, in Jesus's name, they'll not make a wrong decision Lord, for their life partner that, Father, you can circumvent, you will stop, even break up where it's necessary, Lord. And I pray, Father, in Jesus's name, you'll bring in the right person. The prudent wife is from you and that desirable man, that man full of grace is from you. So, send that one, Lord, at the right time and make all things beautiful in your time.

Father, I pray in Jesus's name for every husband and wife, every man and woman who are married, that you grant them a revelation to see their partner with fresh eyes, eyes of the Holy Spirit, Lord, eyes of desire, eyes of passion, to look for the good and not the bad in their spouse, to look for the light and not darkness, to thank you for what they have and not what they don't have. I pray in Jesus's name for those who are bound by social media that they're affected by what they see. In Jesus's name, fervor, I pray, the emotional soul ties to the worldly standards and give them grace not to be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind. Your vision, your wisdom, your counsel is what we need, Father.

Blessed is the man, blessed is the woman, who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, but meditates on the Word day and night. He or she will be like the tree planted, not just growing, but planted on purpose by God by the rivers of water that brings forth his fruit, her fruit in the season, his leaf, her leaf will not wither. The world has no answer for that. The other day I was looking at in my mind just imagining right now an autumn comes, I want to see autumn. I felt the Lord telling me, "You know autumn colors that you like so much"? I say, yes. "They are signs of leaves that are dying. They are saying goodbye. Those leaves are in the last stages of life and that's why their color is like that".

Something beautiful, but dying. It's a fallen world we live in, but God promises that the one who loves his Word, who meditate on his Word, his leaf, his leaf, her leaf, her leaf, his leaf, will not wither. I did a search, a study on leaves, and I found out every leaf in this world withers but God said to me, "If you love my Word, your leaf shall not wither", amen?

You have the bloom of unfading youth upon your brow, upon your cheeks, upon your life, amen, the dew of his youth will be upon you in Jesus's name. Lord bless every marriage and turn what is plain like water into intoxicating reviving, reinvigorating wine. Let them be intoxicated in love with each other. In Jesus's name, and all the people said, amen. God bless you, hallelujah.
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