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Joseph Prince — Discover God's Way to Bless You

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Number one reason for giving tithe, it's not you become rich, it's a proclamation of how great Jesus is. You receive the communion, it's to proclaim his death. You do proclaim the Lord's death, amen? When you tithe, you proclaim he's alive.

God's idea is to bless all the nations. See the principle of the tithe, can you see it? Scientists tell us we use one-tenth of our brain, so give it to God and then your nine-tenth will come alive. Are you all listening?

It's possible that your soul is prospering, but it's not translating into your outward circumstances. And the answer is prayer. Pray that your soul prosperity, all right, be translated into bodily health.

I pray that you prosper just as your soul prospers in everything, just as your soul is already prospering. Your soul is prospering, but I pray that your outward circumstances will line up with your inside. I pray that you'll be in health. Even if your soul is prospering, your soul is healthy. Oh, your soul is so healthy, but I pray you be in health even as your soul prospers."

Holiness means separated unto. You know, like your-- ladies, your diamonds, your gold, your Birkin bag, your Hermes bags and all that, you put in a special corner, you know? You put in this, no one can touch it, right? That means they are holy. Actually, if it's a Greek person talking to you, they will say, "It's sanctified. It is separated from the other storage places that you have." It's separated unto because it's special, amen?

When you give your tithe, God will cause a blessing to rest on your house.
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