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Joseph Prince — What Makes No Weapon Prosper Against You

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Hallelujah, Happy Resurrection Sunday. Amen, amen. We don't call it Easter, okay? Resurrection Sunday. What is Easter, what is Wester? Resurrection. It sort of clouds, you know--I mean, I understand the term, but it clouds the whole--the whole scenario of the greatest and most momentous event throughout human history is when Jesus conquered death.

When he rose from the dead, as you're about to hear, not only death is conquered. All your problems that afflict you right now, whether it's sickness or disease, is all conquered. Amen. So, Resurrection Sunday, I am trusting God by the power of the Holy Spirit that he's going to touch you right where you are.

You might not even have shared with your loved one, your spouse some secret, maybe some private struggles that you have, or some addictions, or even symptoms in your body. But the Lord knows. He knows the numbers of hairs on your head, and he loves you. Amen?

If you will just allow yourself to be touched by him, let him love you, you know--actually, salvation is when you consent to be saved. You cannot do anything to save yourself.

There's no amount of good works you can--you can perform that will cause you to be saved. But you are saved when you allow the good shepherd to find you, to carry you in his loving arms, amen. But he did all the work. Give him all the praise, praise God. Thank you, Jesus, amen.
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