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Joseph Prince - Easter from New Creation Church

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Joseph Prince - Easter from New Creation Church

I understand the whole scenario of the greatest most momentous event throughout human history is when Jesus conquered death. It is more important than even Christmas Say. Amen.

Christmas is the Birth of Jesus, but hey, when He rose from the dead as you are about to hear not only death is conquered, all your problems that afflict you whether sickness or disease, it is all conquered. Amen.

Resurrection sunday. I'm trusting God by the power of the Holy Spirit he will touch you right where you are. You might not even shared with your loved one or spouse some secret, some private struggles you have or addictions or something in your body but the Lord knows, if you allow yourself to be touched by Him let Him love you, salvation is when you consent to His faith.

You cannot do anything to save yourself. No amount of good works you can perform that will cause you to be saved. But you are saved when you allow the Good Shepherd to find you, to carry you in His loving arms, amen. He did all the work give him all the praise, thank you, Jesus, amen.

I want to also, I have a beautiful announcement so encouraging for me personally, when we look at this new generation, this younger generation, the youth of today, people say they experience things we don't experience at that age they see things we don't. T

hey know things and skills we don't have at that age when we were younger. Many people, even pastors, they don't say it but they have given up on the younger generation all over the world, people are seeing increase of decline of young people in churches.

I want to announce to you the Lord spoke to me and said many are casting their net on the wrong side. Jesus told his disciples of fruitlessness, cast your net on the right side. I have a hebrew new testament in greek, I have a hebrew one where Jesus said cast your net on the right.

Benjamin. Son of the right hand. In the place of Righteousness. The approach we should have is not condemn them or judge them but to preach the righteousness of God it is available to them.

This past week alone, good friday, last friday, this past friday throughout this week we had six youth study services. All attended. We have a bunch of them here.

Praise the Lord. Many of them are one in the pulpit the rest are sitting down there. Praise God, hallelujah. Aren't you glad when you see a brother move away you see a young person come in? Praise the Lord, hallelujah.
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  1. Linda Taylor
    20 April 2019 20:03
    + 0 -
    what a beautiful, meaningful sermon on one of the Holiest of days. Best Resurrection sermon thank you Joseph Prince ...all your sermons awesome, other preachers hesitate to preach. Enriches my faith,God loves you and so do I. Prayers, thoughts protection, you,family, church. In Jesus Name.