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Jonathan Bernis - A Guide To The End Times

Jonathan Bernis - A Guide To The End Times
TOPICS: End times

Jonathan Bernis: Shalom and welcome to Jewish Voice. I wanna thank you for joining me today. I'm Jonathan Bernis. Now, I know that you'll be excited to see who my guest is again today. He's one of our most popular guest, and God is using him tremendously, as a voice, not only to this nation, but to the world. He's a New York Times bestselling author, much sought after speaker. And on a personal note, a very dear friend for almost 40 years. Wanna welcome my dear friend, Jonathan Cahn back to Jewish Voice. Hello my friend, great to have you back.

Jonathan Cahn: Always a great pleasure.

Jonathan Bernis: We had you here before the holidays, before the high holidays. And I am so intrigued by the research you've been doing. You're just completing another book, and you told me this is different than the other books. I think of Passover, why is this night different from other nights? Why is this book different from that number of books that you've published in recent years?

Jonathan Cahn: Well, how it relates to the other books is that many of the mysteries in the other books are actually kinda, landing home on this one. Alive now, and moving in the world, and the mysteries unfolding, which we talked about stunning mysteries. That part you'll see, but what's different is that this one is like, this one's like a prophetic puzzle, or a journey, or a mystery where it's gonna be this one, this mystery. And they're all gonna converge together. And when they converge together, they're gonna open up a key, or key that's gonna open up a Revelation, which I believe God is saying that what we need to know now, a guide for the end times, a guide for now. A blueprint, how do we live? It's all there and I believe it's prophetic from God. So, this is a whole 'nother thing. So, that's what this book is gonna be.

Jonathan Bernis: Well, let me key in a word, "Convergence".

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: You actually witness first hand a supernatural convergence, that is connected to... What you believe is the changing of American history?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. And that's another thing that's different 'cause I'm not usually in my books, you know? But this one I witnessed, and that is this. During that year we spoke about, with all the shakings, the plague coming on America, and we saw the relation between the jubilee, and abortion, all those things. Well, that year, I was led with a great man of God named Kevin Jessip, to call together a day of prayer and repentance. And it was called, "The return". And we gathered on the national mall on September 26th and it was on Joel. You know, Joel, about if you will, you know, return, and fast, and blow the trumpet, and come before the Lord, and I will have mercy. So, we did. One of the major things we were praying about was America turning and abortion, that whole thing. I smashed the jar of Jeremiah, I was led to do that.

Jonathan Bernis: I remember it was a very powerful day. I took the whole day and watched.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. And that was linked to Jeremiah over the valley of Hinnom, where they were offering their children. So, we prayed that. Now I had no idea, Jonathan, before this happen, I had no idea that the day that was chosen and I didn't choose it, turned out to be shabbat Shavuot, which is the sabbath day of the return. It's the day that God appointed for return and repent. And actually you read Joel 2, which is about gathering and national return. So we're there, and the thing is... So, it's the day of turning. Now could it actually be, could it be linked to a turning in America? Well, it turned out, Jonathan, that the president, president Trump chose a day, in which to put his last nomination of the Supreme Court, which is going to be the vote that overturns roe versus wade. It was launched on that very day, the day of the turning. So, while we're praying on that time, we're praying for the turning. It's actually being set in motion with that one vote that was gonna overturn abortion in the same day that God appointed as the day of the turning. You know, and we're praying for it, it happened but, it's gonna go further. 'cause with the next part, it's gonna go to the exact second. Should I just go there?

Jonathan Bernis: Go there, yeah.

Jonathan Cahn: Okay. That very, near the end of the return. Okay. I'm led to say, listen, we all, we gotta have shofars, okay. That's the sign of God's power, sign of Jericho. And has I call up men to... Shofar said, we're gonna seal everything now in one moment when we say, and when you hear the shofar, shout, "This is God's work". So, I have them out there and I said, "Now we're sealing everything we have done". And I believe we are sealing 50 years of prayer about abortion. And we do that, and I say, "Now with the power of God, go forth". The moment the shofar sounded was 5 o'clock, 4 minutes and 33 seconds. That moment at the White House, Trump opens his mouth and it's the beginning of the overturning of roe versus wade. At 5 o'clock, 4 minutes and 33 seconds. The overturning of abortion, whatever happened at that, began at that moment with the sound of God's power, the sound of the shofar, the sound of Jericho. It was the hand of God. There was the 50 years of prayer all conversing, and here I am, here we are at the national mall, and we had six trump of those, I wanted seven we had six. But then at the same moment that Trump... what does trump mean English? It means the trumpet. The trumpet sounds. The seventh one sounds. And it sets in motion, and it's the year of, it's the jubilee of abortion. So, in the year of the trumpet sounding, and when the trumpet sounds during the jubilee it begins the undoing, the reversal, it happens all at that moment.

Jonathan Bernis: I just wanna say watching that event throughout the day, I felt such a sense of destiny and I felt like our country was hanging in the balance at that moment. It was prophetic destiny. And I'm so glad a Jewish believer, yourself was at the head of that.

Jonathan Cahn: An honor to be there, and I didn't know till months later that, years later, it all converge at the very moment.

Jonathan Bernis: So the overturning of roe versus wade is really part of the ancient mystery of the jubilee?

Jonathan Cahn: It is. There's so much to that and I'll say this that, actually, roe versus wade actually began in 1970, the same year when this woman went with her court case. It began in 1970's. So, it was the jubilance of 2020 the year of the plague was actually the jubilee of that and then it went through a three year process. You know, and so, the whole thing with COVID a three year process. And it wasn't just a thing of the plague it was also redemption. Jubilee is about redemption. The overturning was gonna come through this entire period. It was gonna match up exactly like the other stuff we saw and it was gonna actually be overturned at the exact same time that God had ordained at the end of the three years.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah. Incredible, incredible. Very quickly, the mystery of adar 13 and sIvan 23.

Jonathan Cahn: Oh, I don't know if I can do it real quickly, but let me get it.

Jonathan Bernis: Well, at least start it.

Jonathan Cahn: Okay. I'll just say this. There's a day in the Bible that's the day of the evil decree. On that day, if you translate it into American calendar, that was the day that roe versus wade appeared before the Supreme Court, evil decree. And the court case that would overturn roe versus wade... Remember Mordecai issued another decree that overturned Haman's decree? Remember that? Remember in the book of Haman, he issues another decree that over turns the decree of death and destruction. Well, on the day that the court case that would overturn roe versus wade, went to the Supreme Court it was sIvan 23, the day of overturning the evil decree.

Jonathan Bernis: Incredible.

Jonathan Cahn: God is amazing.

Jonathan Bernis: These connections are astounding.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah and God ...

Jonathan Bernis: And nobody things about things like this, Jonathan, nobody.

Jonathan Cahn: Well, if you read the Book of Esther, it says, Adar 13 was the day of the evil decree of Haman. It was almost linked to that, well, that's the 13th day of the 12th month, okay. Now, you go America, the evil decree was death and destruction, roe versus wade brought death and destruction. When it appear, it's hearing came before the Supreme Court on December 13th, the 13th day of the 12th month, the day of the evil decree. Now the decree, if you read on, Mordecai overturns that. He issues a new decree that nullifies the first decree. Well that, there was a case that nullified abortion was Dobbs versus Jackson. Okay. That was sent in motion, sent to the Supreme Court on a certain day. In the Book of Esther, it says that mordecaI's decree was sIvan 23, the day of sIvan 23. This one went forth to the Supreme Court on June 15th, 2020, but the Hebrew day was sIvan 23. In fact, the day of undoing, in fact, on that day, Jonathan, it's Jewish tradition, practice that people pray that day to overturn the evil decree that was the day that, that was sent forth to over turn roe versus wade, you know. And the things between, I'll just say this, we didn't say it before, but for the audience here. Is that, if you look at those two decrees, okay, roe versus wade begins in 1970. Fifty, one jubilee later, Dobbs versus Jackson is sent to the Supreme Court the same time. The Supreme Court receives roe versus wade, takes it up in 1971. Fifty years later, 1971, it takes up Dobbs versus Jackson. Roe versus wade, they took it up in may. Dobbs versus Jackson, may. Fifty years to that. The day of the hearing of roe versus wade was December of 1971. Jubilee later, December of 2021 is the Dobbs versus Jackson. And then, remember there was a leak with the Supreme Court? When they were gonna overturn it. There was a leak.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah.

Jonathan Cahn: Well, go back one jubilee and you find in 1972, 50 years before, roe versus wade was leaked. And so, when is the jubilee of roe versus wade? It began January 22nd, 2022, went to January 22nd, 2023, that's the 50th year. In the middle of that jubilee year God overturned roe versus wade. And the one who cast the vote, Amy Barrett, it went in her 50th year, when she was 50, when she was born during all this. I mean, who can put this together?

Jonathan Bernis: God does, my friend. God does. Well, we've only opened the discussion. We've only scratched the surface, but we need to take a break to tell you about these great resources that we're making available today. They're gonna give you so much more insight, and they'll help you understand how you can support Jewish Voice ministries, and how vital your support really is. It's about transforming lives. Jonathan and I will be back in just a little while to dive back in again. So, don't go anywhere.

Jonathan Bernis: Welcome back to the two Jonathans. I rarely get this opportunity to have my dear friend, Jonathan Cahn, with me. We have parallel histories. The two Jonathans. And we're back, and we're gonna get back into our discussion. Some of the most important stuff, actually, we've saved for last. But I wanna take a moment to say thank you to all of you who support this ministry. Honestly, we could not do this work without you. Your ongoing support to the ministry is changing the lives of so many hurting people around the world. Jewish people and their neighbors are getting medical care, they're getting eye care, they're getting dental care, they're getting clean water all completely free. But most importantly, they're hearing the good news of their Messiah and that's what's transforming lives, so thank you. Jonathan, I wanna jump back in. I'm just gonna go through some things pretty quickly, because there's so much Revelation that we can't possibly get through it all. But let's just a few things. The Phinehas factor or the Pehas factor.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, yes. This is one of those instance, you know, like you say, "How do you get these things to come"? Well, this came, I'm at the airport and I'm leaving Tennessee and I get the word that the Supreme Court, that morning, overturned roe and wade. Which, by the way, was the day that I finished return of the Gods. It was, you know, there was a reader's connection. So, anyway, so I go to my cellphone. And on my cellphone, it pops up this scripture which is a song that talks about Phinehas and talks about the plague that broke out. And it talks about Phinehas takes a righteous action and the plague turns away. And it also talks about they're offering their children. So, I said, "Well..." I said, "Lord, could it be? Could there be a connection here"? So, I look back, you know the Supreme Court, it was released in June, but they actually voted earlier on. They voted and judge Alito worked on the paper that was gonna over turn abortion in January of 2022, okay? So, it was already sealed. He was just doing that. And then at the end of that on February 10th, I believe, he circulated it, that's what, okay. During the time of that time January of 2022, we enter the year, the plague is actually at a peak. It was actually at the peak of infections then and the peak was so big, it was three times as the peak of any other peak. That's how... It was gonna rage on. But then, Alito, he seals, they take the vote, he writes the judgement, okay, and all of a sudden something happens. The plague, I'm thinking like... The plaque, all of a sudden, it plummets right then. It plummets.

Jonathan Bernis: Wow.

Jonathan Cahn: So much so, that within a few weeks it was 1/8 of the amount it was in the beginning, 1/8 and it never came back. That's when it happened. And so, when he did that... Also Jonathan, you know, I said that the jubilee of roe and wade began January 2nd, 2022. The CDC says the greatest part before the plunge, was the week of January 22nd, 2022, the exact, when the jubilee began it plunged. And just to throw this, I'm throwing this in. You know, people were praying for 50 years for the end of this. The name of the guy who was central, the Phinehas was Alito but his first name was Samuel which means, "God has heard".

Jonathan Bernis: I've never heard these linked together. Okay, gosh, let's, we could stay there for a while but...

Jonathan Cahn: Wanna go to the broken altar?

Jonathan Bernis: The day of the broken, actually, the day of the broken curse.

Jonathan Cahn: Okay, yeah. Well, I'll just say this real quick and that is, there is a day in the Bible, it's the day when the curse on the land is broken. I'll just say this, we'll not go into detail. It is the 24th day of the sixth month in the Bible. 24th day of sixth, of course, that's the Hebrew. But in America, 24th day of the sixth month, June 20. On that day in America, abortion was overturned. The day of the broken curse in the Bible.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah, and it corresponds with the Hebrew calendar, of course. Alright, let's spend a bit of time on this. It's really important. What is the sign of the broken altar and what does it portend for America's future?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, this is one of the most important things. It's all converging to this thing. This is one of the most important biblical signs, the sign of the broken altar, the altar of the Gods broken. When that happens, it's a civilizational change. And the thing is that, what happen the biggest altar we've had, the most brazen altar we've had, has been abortion. Basically roe versus wade. But the thing is, on June 24th of 2022, it was broken, it was cracked. That's a sign, because that is the only time we've ever had that before, this colossal altar broken. And in the Bible, what that's a sign of? You know, revival was not a gospel tent crusade back then. That's all great, but it wasn't. It was a sign of the broken altar. When Israel repented and turned back to go, they broke the altars of the Gods, and that was the sign. So, it's a sign of a number of very important things right now. God's hand moved. I mean, everything we've seen is the hand of God. What's it's saying is, number one, the broken altar is a sign on one hand of a nation that has been advanced in it's apostasy, because it has altars all over to the Gods and its children, you know. And thing is that, but the breaking of the altar is a sign God is giving a chance. This is actually linked to the king Josiah, which is why this is all linked to that. What it's saying is that we are at a crossroad and we're hanging in the balance. Judgement on one hand, the apostasy that is happening rapidly. But on the other hand, that sign from God. God's saying, "I'm giving you a sign right now. I did this". This is what we've seen, what we talked about, this was the hand of God. And he's saying, there still can be revival just like there was with Josiah, which is the key here. That's what gonna open up the manifes, that's what gonna open, how do we need to live? Like Josiah. So, this is an incredible moment. It could be judgement or it could be the greatest moment, if we will take it and if God will move. So, this is gigantic. And that's what opens up the final Revelation, which is the manifesto, how do we live and it's all in the key of... Josiah is the key, and he did what we need to do.

Jonathan Bernis: Jonathan, we have just a few minutes left, expound on that, okay, the Josiah moment.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, yeah. This all points, so, everything we've seen is converged to the broken. The broken altar points more than anybody else in the Bible is Josiah. Josiah is linked to the broken altar. His very life was prophesied by a broken altar, and he's the one who smashed all those altars, you know. He brought, here's the thing, Josiah lived at a time when his nation had fallen from God and it was heading to judgement. But one man, this is one man, made the difference. One man all sold out for God literally changed the course of his nation forestalled judgement, brought revival, even, he was born in an evil house, you know. And yet, one man serving God with all his heart. He is the key. And this is what opens up and sets the manifesto, which is how are we to live. And I believe God is pointing to this whole thing. We have to rise as Josiah did. Josiah lived in a time when they were not only offering up children, they also had gender, they were warring against gender, all these things we're dealing with.

Jonathan Bernis: Everything, what we know from your last book, there's no new data under the sun, right?

Jonathan Cahn: That's right, that's right. And he was not afraid to stand against the darkness. He stood against the darkness. Some of the things I speak about are this open up the keys to number one, there has to be separation of God's people and yet resistance to what's happening. Also, there are powers, one of the things I go, I share the manifesto, there are power that God has given us for this hour. As the darkness, you know, you know, Josiah was radical. As the darkness gets more radical, God's people have to get more radical. There are all sorts of key. See, also you mentioned something that's interesting. You mentioned the word destiny. You know, Josiah, in his life, all of a sudden, he comes to a place and he finds out there was a prophecy spoken hundreds of years before, that he would come to that place. Well, we are also to be people of destiny. We cannot look at the ends times like something we're to be afraid of. God had us born for such a time as this. We are appointed for this hour, and the hour is appointed for us. Just like it was for Josiah. And this could be, this is why we have to rise so that we are not, the end times don't stop God's purposes. God's purposes are to go even stronger, you know. We are to get even more radical. And that's what this is gonna reveal. How the keys, what do we do with our children? What do we do with our families? How do we stand against the darkness? And not just stand against the darkness, but how do we actually overcome it? 'cause until the end, we're still gonna be shinning that light. So, this could be our greatest hour, that's why I wrote the book, that's why I believe God had pointed to an answer and a blueprint.

Jonathan Bernis: I love that you're finishing on such a note of victory. Because I'm hearing you say, it's not over. God is looking for Josiahs, and one Josiah can change the course of destiny.

Jonathan Cahn: Can change the world. Yes. Yeah. That's it.

Jonathan Bernis: My friend, that could be you. Right, that could be you. God wants you to take your place and fulfill your destiny. It is not too late. We need more Josiahs. So, my question to you, are you a Josiah? I hope so. Well, if you wanna find out more about this topic, we have resources available for you now, that will expound this whole discussion today, and will give you some information about standing with this ministry, because you can reach Jewish people and their neighbors with the gospel. You can play a partnership role in that calling. There's a great opportunity. So, make sure to stay with us, get the information, and then come back and we're gonna pray for you, specifically. We're gonna join our faith together in just a moment so don't go away.

Jonathan Bernis: We always take time at the end to pray for our partners. The big question today is, are you a Josiah? This is a really, really important work "The Josiah manifesto". Josiah changed the course of history.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes, he did.

Jonathan Bernis: And one Josiah is all it takes. Maybe you're that Josiah. Would you pray for that Josiah, my friend?

Jonathan Cahn: Absolutely.

Jonathan Bernis: Just reach out. You have a destiny. Every one of you has a destiny. There may be numerous Josiah's watching the program today. Just receive this from the Lord.

Jonathan Cahn: And I'm gonna pray you become and that you fulfill your destiny. "Lord, I just ask your blessing on everyone watching Lord, it only takes one. Father, I ask for everyone watching to fulfill their calling, fulfill their destiny, fulfill their purpose for which you placed them in there mother's womb for such a time as this. We ask this for all of us, we ask your anointing now, father, that we all would rise. And we say yes we are going to rise to our calling. Whatever it takes for us to be a light and to be the person you called us to be for such a time as this. In the name of Yeshua, Jesus, our great God and king, amen".

Jonathan Bernis: In his name we pray. Fulfill your destiny. And if you'd like more information about our ministry, you can log on to our website, it's JewishVoice, one word, You can also find many helpful resources there. You can send your prayer requests right on the website and we'll pray for you by name. Because we care about you, most importantly God cares about you, and we wanna stand with you in praying for the answer to your prayer, and for the fulfillment of your calling, of your destiny. Okay, Josiah? You are a Josiah. I believe there's a number of them, Jonathan. We're gonna finish the program by encouraging you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The Bible says, Psalms 122:6, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may they prosper who love thee". So, if you wanna prosper, pray for Israel. They need our prayers today. I wanna thank my dear friend, Jonathan Cahn for joining me today, and until next time the two Jonathans wanna say to you, God bless you and shalom.
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