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Jonathan Bernis - End Times (Josiah Manifesto)

Jonathan Bernis - End Times (Josiah Manifesto)
TOPICS: End times, Bible Prophecy

Jonathan Bernis: Shalom and welcome to Jewish Voice. I wanna thank you for joining me today. I'm Jonathan Bernis. Now, I know that you're gonna be excited about today's program. I sure am. Our guest is a long-time friend and God has used him as a prophetic voice not only to this nation, but to the world. He's a New York times best selling author, a much sought-after speaker, and again, a dear friend of this ministry and a dear friend to me personally. Please welcome, again, my dear friend Jonathan Cahn.

Jonathan Cahn: Hey.

Jonathan Bernis: Welcome back my friend, it's been too long.

Jonathan Cahn: Always a joy to be here.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah, we were just talking last night, we miss the studio audience.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: With the applause and the well wishes and just the energy of that.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: But it's always great to have you back.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. And the Lord's very much here and the audience at home, we know they're excited.

Jonathan Bernis: Yeah. Well, I always take occasions when we're together to talk about our parallel history of ministry. We were born within a couple of months from each other. We're both married to beautiful Brazilian women, have Brazilian kids.

Jonathan Cahn: We met like two months of each other. We were both born again within months of each other. And then we have all these other things we keep discovering, like even this morning.

Jonathan Bernis: They just keep adding up.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: Well, it's exciting, and it's an honor for me, really, just having known you for almost four decades.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. Yeah. You were the first one I called with the Messianic movement and so it has been very special. I've always been amazed what God has done with you.

Jonathan Bernis: God has really used you, so well done. Well done.

Jonathan Cahn: Thank you, Jonathan.

Jonathan Bernis: And thank you Lord. We're gonna talk today about a different sort of Revelation. But you told me last night that this is a different project, a different book than the kinds of books you've been working on over the past number of years. Sort of a different assignment. So, talk about that.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, I mean, there is much that is similar that, we're talking about the ancient mysteries being revealed, playing out right now. That is a theme. But it also gives an answer. That's what different. This is, would say like what if, you know, what's been unfolding in our lives in the last few years that have really altered our lives. The hand of God, that's God of the Bible who's so exact and so precise has been moving where it's unmissable. Once you see it, you say, "How did we miss it"? Once you see it. And then what if all these things are coming together to an answer that actually God is pointing us to for the days ahead? What do we need to know? What do we... To stand, to prevail, to survive, to prosper. That is, there's kinda like, this is like a mystery journey or like a symphony of mysteries that are all gonna come together and then they're gonna open up this key that I believe is crucial for this time.

Jonathan Bernis: Well before we get into the content, I told some friends, and I'm asked this a lot. And I told some friends I would ask you. How do you get this kind of dept of Revelation? I mean it is just stunning the way that the Lord uses you to put things together, almost like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. So, I told some friends at the conference, at the Messiah conference I would ask you when I saw you.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: I have an idea, but how do you get this rough kind of Revelation? ****. And in many ways this one is like the biggest of a jigsaw puzzle of prophetic things. I can't, you know, I can't take any credit for anything. Starting with the harbinger. But it's like the Lord just downloads and he then leads me. And then when the next thing is needed, he'll point me to that next clue or that next lead or Revelation, and it just keeps unfolding. And I start looking, you know, I'm looking it out. I'm looking at this, you know, "Lord, could this be"? And that just keeps, it's keep opening up. I can never reproduce the harbinger or this book. I could never reproduce it. It's really the Lord, just wanna be opened. Every time I open the Bible, I believe God is gonna give a Revelation, and he does.

Jonathan Bernis: It's an amazing gift, so will you be reading the Bible and suddenly you just see something very clearly that you've never seen?

Jonathan Cahn: Something will pop... Yeah. All the time. And there are times, I'm just, I'm like, I'm on my bed and then these things start coming, and my wife's asleep. I go into the room. I type and say, "Could this be true"? On the internet, and it's true, and it's blowing. God puts things in. I can never reproduce it. You know, I can never reproduce any book. It just, it happens, and God does it by God's grace.

Jonathan Bernis: So sometime is it like following the crumbs you get.

Jonathan Cahn: It is.

Jonathan Bernis: You get a Revelation, and you have to follow it.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Many times, when I was done, I look, and then other ones come, and then the next one come, and the next one come. I said, "Lord, okay is this it"? Now the book is ready.

Jonathan Bernis: You gave Fidel Castro an object and a prophetic word that marked the exact amount of time he would have left in power.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: So, you actually had a prophetic word for him, very detailed.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: Tell us about it.

Jonathan Cahn: At the end of the journey, and this kinda Revelation is intriguing because it begins in the island of Cuba. This is the beginning of this Revelation. And I'll just say this, we won't talk about it lot, but I'll just say at the end I gave him, I gave him an object then I gave him a paper with a message. And it was linked to the jubilee. God's jubilee. And God's jubilee is of course 50 years, you know. And then it's the year of undoing. He reverse everything. You lost something, you get it back. And if you took something it gets taken from you. So, then I'll just say this, Fidel Castro's the end of his reign, it ended in the, his year of jubilee, the 50th year of his reign, the 50th day of the 50th year, and the exact hour. The exact hour of the beginning of his rise. And that opens up this whole mystery. And there are so much more of that, but that opens up the mystery of the jubilee which is gonna have to do with America and everything we have just gone through. It's all linked to mystery of the jubilee.

Jonathan Bernis: Now, Jonathan you've uncovered some stunning mysteries behind the COVID pandemic hitting America. Give us a taste of that.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. And this joins the really the mystery of the jubilee to something else. And that is that in the Bible, an ironclad law is that what you do to the children comes back to you, you know. And it happened with Jeremiah. One of the things that Jeremiah said in his time is that one of the ways it was gonna come back for... When they were offering up their children is in the form of a dever gadol, which means a great plague or pandemic, or endemic. And so, this is where I'm just gonna mention a few things. One is that America began legally offering up its children in the year 1970, not '73, '70 is when abortion demand began. So what's the jubilee of that? The jubilee of that is the year 2020. The year 2020. That's the year death comes, a plaque comes up on us, '20. The exact day that abortion began in America, actually it was, it was New York, you know, New York is where it entered the continent. That was the gateway. And the day that it first, that law came up in the New York assembly was January 20, 1970. Go 50 years, one jubilee, it takes you to January 20, 2020. On that exact day is the official day that the plague entered America. That was patient zero. Fifty years to the exact date. But do you remember the day, there was a day in March when everything fell, that everything had shut down and the president went on television, we were quarantined, they were talking about... And even the media called it the day that everything changed. It was actually March 11, 2020.

Jonathan Bernis: Right. I remember it well.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. Go back 50 years. March 11, 1970 is the day that abortion on demand actually began on American soil.

Jonathan Bernis: Wow.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: No coincidence.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, no coincidence. And where it began, the center of abortion was New York. New York really entered, went to the continent, and the thing is that, the plague, this thing centered on New York when it came in. About one out of every two, it just centered on that. And the thing is that it, New York thres, it was a threshold when New York had more people of COVID more than any other nation. It was on April 10th they had crossed the milestone. Go back 50 years, April 10th is when New York legalized abortion.

Jonathan Bernis: Wow. All this interconnects. Quickly one last question for this segment. The mystery of the Eastern and western gate.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: Talk about that.

Jonathan Cahn: When this came into the nation, when abortion came in, it came through two gates. The first one. As we mentioned was New York. And it wasn't just that it came to New York, for the first three years until roe versus wade, more children were killed in New York abortions than, I mean, most of them were in New York. Most of abortions for the whole country was in New York. But what about the plague? They just found this out when they looked at the genetic markers. If you had COVID, most likely the genetic markers pointed, it came through New York. It pointed to the same gate through which the other death came. And there was one other, there was one other gateway in the 1970, and out to the continent and that was Washington state. And so, could that be also Washington state was the other gate of the plague? And that's where patient zero came in. So, the genetic markers, if 95% of you have the COVID, they pointed to either one of the gate or the other gate of the sin of America 50 years before.

Jonathan Bernis: So detailed. So intricate. It's not a coincidence. It's really not. Hey, we need to step away for a moment, but Jonathan is not going anywhere. We'll be discussing more about the end times and all of these clues, these mysteries that God is revealing now for a purpose for you when we return.

Jonathan Bernis: Welcome back. I'm with my dear friend Jonathan Cahn today. I know that so many of you have been blessed by this man's ministry. We get your letters. Jonathan I'm so blessed, so thank you for all you do.

Jonathan Cahn: Thank you.

Jonathan Bernis: And your diligence.

Jonathan Cahn: Always a joy to be here.

Jonathan Bernis: Not only do I wanna thank Jonathan, I wanna say thank you to all of you who support Jewish Voice. Your partnership with us to reach scattered tribes of Jewish people around the world with the Messiah and help some of the most destitute people in the world and their neighbors is something we could not do without you. So, on behalf of all of us at Jewish Voice, thank you, thank you. Now, Jonathan there's so much to jump back into.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: The unavoidable question. What's the unavoidable question? And what is the answer.

Jonathan Cahn: When Jeremiah prophesied over the valley of Hinnom he said, "Because of what you did with the children, it's gonna be answered with the sword and the plague". So, the children's blood is answered by that. So, the question is, what about the plague, and could the numbers of, regarding abortion and the plague, could there be a correlation. The first three years, that critical window when abortion first came to America, from 1970 till roe v. Wade made it the law of the land, how many were killed? 1.3 million. Fifty years later, you have the plague at jubilee. Fifty years. Same three-year window, matching that three-year window. How many people died? 1.3 million. The exact same.

Jonathan Bernis: My goodness.

Jonathan Cahn: In fact, the COVID, the cdc, when you get even more specific it goes to over 99% statistical match. I mean, exact.

Jonathan Bernis: That's the first, you're the first person I've ever heard say that.

Jonathan Cahn: It's there.

Jonathan Bernis: And I'm sure some of you have never heard that before either. Now, since were in deep waters, let's go even deeper and talk about what happened on January 6 on capitol hill.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: You talk about that.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes. That's in this book. Yes. There's a Revelation. Yeah. And this actually comes from, there was a thing I shared with you about the paradigm, and this actually came, was foreshadowed and it came through after. And this is simply this. I'm not gonna say a lot but I'll say this. There is a template that our leaders are following without knowing it. Donald Trump is actually following this, trump without knowing, the template of a man called Jehu. Wild guy in the Bible, fighting with everybody, unpredictable, you know, crazy. Rises to power and actually comes head-to-head with the former first lady of the nation. And his agenda is to drain the swamp of the capital city, and he's also, you know, he makes an alliance with the religious conservatives. Whole thing. Now the thing is, I'll just say this. And there is a template in the Bible, and here's what happens. Jehu calls people to come to the capital as a gathering. His men are stationed around a great capital building, there are proceedings going on. The men around the capital building they go inside, they lay siege to it while the proceedings are going on. And I will just say this, at the end of the capitol, what happened on the capitol, and we're not saying it's good, you know, were not condoning it, but were saying. This is a template. And the thing is at the end, the capitol police announced how many people they had arrested that week. It made headlines all over. It's 80 men, 80 people they arrested. Go to the Bible, it says how many people went into that building. It says "Shmoneh ieth," 80 men.

Jonathan Bernis: Tell us about the strange object from the Middle East.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: That appeared in New York and in Washington D. C..

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. Yeah. There is a mystery with Jehu that he comes against the temple of Baal. Now the thing is that when Jehu rises, the temple of Baal fell. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy, two months later, there's an ancient temple of Baal in the Middle East, Syria two months later, it fell to the earth. When he was about to rise just before the election with him and hilary Clinton, the issue was abortion that came out, an object appears in New York city. It was the arch of Baal from that fallen temple. It was a recreation. They had a ceremony around it. I was there, I filmed it. And so they had the ceremony of Baal which is linked to child sacrifice. So, there is this warfare. A little while later when trump appointed, nominated kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and there was a whole fury over his nomination, it was about the issue of abortion. And the thing, an object appears in Washington D. C., is the same object. The arch of Baal appears right in front of those proceedings, the capitol building. And so there's a thing here. And so, in the Bible, Jehu brings down the temple of Baal. Now to our modern-day temple of Baal is actually roe verses wade because that's allowed for the killing of children. Well, the things is, so it wasn't an accident that trump, whatever we think of him, trump was the president who set in motion the justices who would overturn roe verses wade. No accident.

Jonathan Bernis: I don't know how much time I have but I'm just, and again, we're just touching on these. That's it. The book is a pretty thick book. You write that behind the events that shook America was the ancient calendar of God.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: So, this really intrigues me. You're going back to the Hebrew calendar.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: And you start it with COVID.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: Tell us how.

Jonathan Cahn: I don't know how much time we have. Well, I'll simply say, I'll say this. Okay, for every shaking that happened from COVID onward it all corresponded to a Hebrew holy day in God's calendar. The first shaking has to do with... The only holy day that has to do with a plague, which is Passover. And a plague, and it's actually the first national lock down in human history. They're told to stay in their houses until the plague passes through the land. Well, when Passover came in 2020 the lock down was at it's peak. Jewish people are talking about the plague that passed through the land, while a plague is passing through the land, on the exact days was at its peak. The next one, I don't know how much time we... The next one, the next one is Shavuot. I don't know if we're gonna have time with this. But all I would say the Shavuot, Pentecost, the next shaking of America was linked to that. The next one is the feast of trumpets, the next one on the, these are on the exact days. If we have time, another time, we'll do it. But it's exact. Every single holy day, it followed the pattern of the shakings of America.

Jonathan Bernis: Okay, so you're connecting Passover...

Jonathan Cahn: The feast of the plague.

Jonathan Bernis: Feast of the plague. You're connecting it with Shavuot...

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: The outpouring...

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: And you're connecting with Sukkot.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Well, the next one coming after the summer harvest is trumpets. It's gonna keep blowing, but yeah. And so...

Jonathan Bernis: But I love how you tie this with the appointed times. The moedim.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: And ancient scriptures.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Jonathan Bernis: So, we just have a couple minutes to talk about this, expound on it a little bit.

Jonathan Cahn: I'll give a little detail. Yes. So, you have the first one about, it concerns a plague and a lockdown. Okay so what happens there, and actually in Israel for the first time in 3000 years the government tells the people on that night they have to stay in their houses because the plaque, on Passover. Okay, so the next great feast is Shavuot. Shavuot of course is Pentecost. Pentecost is about the Spirit of God. And the Ruach, in Hebrew, Ruach is spirit. It also means breath, so in Greek as well. Jesus breathed on them and said, "Receive," you know, "The Holy Spirit". So, this is now gonna be about breath but in the form of judgement. America kinda turned away from the Spirit of God, and now what happens is breath is removed. Now comes the next shaking, it begins with the man who says, "I can't breathe". All over America, shakings shake. Every city, it was the greatest shakings we ever had with riots and destruction. Never have i, it begins with a man saying, "I can't breathe". And they were chanting all over America, "I can't breathe, I can't breathe". That's their chant. The other thing about Pentecost is fire. And so, it's the feast of fire. What happens? Judgement in fire engulf the cities of America. And you know when it began? You know when it exploded, Jonathan? When Jewish people are lighting the candles on the night of Shavuot. That was the night that these exploded all over America.

Jonathan Bernis: You're referring of course to...

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: To Floyd, George Floyd.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Jonathan Bernis: Being without breath.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. Yeah. It all started.

Jonathan Bernis: And that triggers fire.

Jonathan Cahn: Triggers, everybody, yes. All across America. And again, it happens to the exact time, the exact night of Shavuot. Okay, let me do this really quick here.

Jonathan Bernis: Wow.

Jonathan Cahn: The next one trumpets. Trumpets as you know, I'm preaching to the choir. But for the Jewish people they turn to the, it's called yom hadin, the day of judgement or the beginning of judgement where God rules from his high court and pronounce verdict on all those things. The high court and the high judge. Well, what happens is as trumpets comes that year, everything turns, something happens in the Supreme Court. Everything turns to the high court of America and the judge. It says, "Judge Ginsburg is taken from the earth the night that comes of trumpets". And it comes at sundown, it is announced a few minutes after sundown. That also begins the time of repentance, turning away from evil. Well, the turning away of roe versus wade begins that night because it was only that event that opened the door for the overturning of abortion on the exact night of the feast of trumpets. And where there is a prayer being said, a prayer is chanted all over saying, "Remove the evil of the decree," and that's when it began.

Jonathan Bernis: Wow. Incredible how this all ties together... I'm just amazed. We need to take a short break so we can share some information about the resources that we're making available to you this week as you support Jewish Voice around the world. Jonathan and I are going to come back after this and we're gonna pray for you specifically for your needs. So, you don't wanna miss this opportunity to have Jonathan Cahn joining in prayer together. "Where two or three agree on earth as touching anything, it shall be done". Right after this.

Jonathan Bernis: Jonathan, we get so many emails every week, snail mail request for prayer. People really need prayer, and we pray for every need by name. But if you'll just lead us out and take a moment to pray for precious partners that have lost loved ones or they're fighting a terminal illness.

Jonathan Cahn: Sure.

Jonathan Bernis: The good news is that God answers prayer and nothing's impossible for him.

Jonathan Cahn: Absolutely. Absolutely. Lord we just ask for your blessing on everyone watching Lord.

Jonathan Bernis: Yes Lord.

Jonathan Cahn: And those who are father, have needs Lords. And those who have dealt with, gone through these things. Lord, we ask your power, we ask you your shalom, we ask father, your grace. We ask Lord your spirit. Father, whatever is needed Lord, we ask you touch, heal, bind, Lord, answer, provide Lord, give the breakthrough, father. Lord for all of us, we ask Lord. Lord have us fulfill the calling for which you placed us on the earth for such a time as this Lord. Your presence and spirit and blessing touch everyone watching right now. And we thank you in Yeshua, Jesus' mighty name.

Jonathan Bernis: Every need is met in Yeshua's name. We agree together, it is done. If you'd like more information about our ministry, you can log onto our website, it's There's helpful resources. You can send your prayer requests on the site. I want you to know this, God cares about you, we care about you, and we will pray for your needs by name. As we close our program today, I wanna remind you that God asks each of us to pray everyday for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love thee". I wanna thank my dear friend Jonathan Cahn for joining me today. Thank you for joining us today and until next time, the two Jonathans saying, shalom and God bless you.
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