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John Gray - I'm With Him

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Do me a favor and go to acts chapter 4. I'm reading from the new King James version. Tonight I wanna talk about how we can get closer to Jesus, how we can identify whether or not we are actually in relationship with Jesus to the level that he desires for us to be and also, on the other side, where we think we are with him. I wanna talk to you about getting closer to Jesus and the title of my message this evening is "I'm with him". I'm with him.

The last couple of weeks, I've been talking about unity in different forms and how the body of Christ needs to come together. I keep screaming the body, the body, the body, the body of Christ, that all of the different nationalities and backgrounds, and all of our different political ideologies, we lay all of those things down. We lay down our proclivity to culture and pick up the Kingdom of God for this is the great unifier of all people, and this is something that I believe God wants the church to hear. But when I keep saying the body of Christ, that's like kinda far out to a lot of people.

So I wanna bring it back in in a more practical way, and I wanna talk about Jesus. Somebody say, I'm with him. Ain't it great to know that you have an advocate at all times? And for those who are first, second, or third time visitors again, we wanna welcome you. We're grateful that you are here. You are at the right church for the right moment of your destiny. And on behalf of our pastors, Joel and Victoria Osteen, we wanna welcome you again.

Acts chapter 4 verses 13, starting there. Jesus gives you some things that are promised to you when you come into relationship with him. And when you start walking with him, things change. Somebody say, things change. It's not enough to simply come into this building or into a gathering, a public place and sing songs, and to just hear the word but we must become so committed to the Kingdom of God that our nature, our character, our persona reflects an intimate level of exchange between us and the spirit of God so that we look more like Jesus tomorrow than we did today.

I went home, the past few days, I went to Cincinnati to celebrate my mother's 74th birthday. She turn 74 in a few weeks. My wife and I and our children went down, yes mommy, happy birthday if you're watching. I'm sure you are. And my mother has a prayer room. And as long she's been my mama, which is 43 years, she's had a place where she goes and spends time with the Lord, hours in the morning, hours in the evening. Sometimes in the mid afternoon. She's always in her word. She has multiple prayer journals, constantly praying for family and friends. And in the chaos and busyness of her house, we always have family over, if I want to feel a super natural sense of peace, I go to that prayer room, and there is a residue of peace in that room because that is where my mother meets with God.

And there's something about being in the presence of God that changes you on a cellular level. It changes you in a physical way. It changes you in the way you interact with people. How many people know being with Jesus changes things? Matthew 28 commands us to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel, and make disciples, and to run around, and share our faith, and do that with a level of passion and boldness but some of us have not yet grabbed that boldness and passion. And that's okay if you keep living, and you keep loving him, as he keeps loving you, you can't help but talk about it.

When you're in love, you can't help but talk about it. Anybody been in love? You can't help but talk about it. Just like when you fell out of love, you couldn't help but talk about it. We always think of in love from a Romantic standpoint. But I believe that God wants us to fall in love with his son again, to fall in love with the sacrifice that he gave, and to never become casual or dismissive with the awesome gift of his death and resurrection that has afforded us the opportunity to come in here and lift our hands in the first place. It's time for us to be as bold about our love for Jesus as we are about everything else in our lives.

In the 13th verse, it says now, when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, where is Peter at? Hey Peter, me and you, this is us. Cool, Ebony and Ivory, holler at me. Holy Ghost, Oreo cookie, holler at your boy. The boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated men, that's just you, Pete, uneducated. And perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.

Somebody say, I'm with him. I love this that two of the disciples, Peter and John, and many of you, who have been going to church for any amount of time have been familiar with this story. But this is after Jesus has gone back. He ceded at the right hand of the Father. We are now in the church age officially. I love that Jesus poured himself into 12 men, and encouraged, and built them up, and literally, egged them on, and said, "Listen, I'm gettin' ready to go, and it's good for you that I go. So now, the Holy Spirit can come down, and he can empower you to build this thing called the church of which the gates of hell will not prevail".

And so Jesus went up. The Holy Spirit came down. And all of a sudden, these 12 regular dudes that Jesus poured himself into over three plus years turned into these amazingly bold men, who weren't scared of crowds, weren't scared of authority, who weren't scared of politicians, who weren't scared of religious leaders, who weren't scared of tradition. They weren't afraid anymore. And some of you have been hamstrung by fear in many areas of your life, and I want you to know that tonight, when you realize who's with you, you're not gonna be afraid anymore. I'm with him. These men had just been a part of a miracle.

And I think if you ask 'em, and we can get to heaven, we can ask them. I love that these men literally, when they did this miracle, you gotta go read it, I'm sure they were shocked like it actually worked. We say it in the name of Jesus and this dude got healed. They were like, "I knew it, I knew it all along. Thank you, thank you, thank you". But it says the people who are watching marveled because they knew Peter and John like I know them. These dudes did not graduate from the Sanhedrin school. They did not go to pharasee prep. They did not go to Jerusalem country day. They did not go to the best school in this region. These men have some other kind of power. They got it from somewhere.

How did they get power like this? How are they doing these miracles? They've been with Jesus. And I don't know who this is for but Jesus makes up the difference between your deficiency and your calling. There's a difference between being near Jesus, around Jesus, and with Jesus. The word with is the key. With is a preposition, it's a word like after, in, to, or on, usually used in front of a noun or a pronoun, and they show the relationship between the noun or the pronoun and other words in the sentence. It's one thing to be near Jesus. It's another to be around Jesus. It's another to be with Jesus.

Let me break it down a little further. How many of y'all ever been somewhere and somethin' crazy went down where you were. Maybe you were, this is before you got saved. You were in a club. And you were just doing your thing. You over there, and you had your coca-cola. Havin' a good time, you and your friends. Y'all just, you know, backin' it up and just havin' a good time dancin'. Y'all, you know, y'all doin' the electric slide. And then over here, on this side, couple of people get mad, and they start swinging. Maybe a little altercation broke out. But you and your friend's not here for that. Y'all here to just drink water, and talk about scripture in the club. And y'all got a coca-cola classic, and you're doing your thing.

And then, when all of that goes down, then the authorities come in, the security comes in says, "Hey, were you here when that happened"? "Yeah, I was there". "Did you see it"? "No". "But you said you were there". "Yeah, it happened in the same room I was in but I was over here. Now, I heard it but I didn't see it. See, I don't, I know them but I wasn't. With them. I'm with these folks". See look at us, we're safe, we're over here, got our non-alcoholic beverages, and you know, we got our Lakewood sticker. Follow me to Lakewood. Then there are always people who wanna be in the middle of somethin'.

"I saw the whole thing. I saw the whole thing. First, ray ray swung. He was mad because his girlfriend came in there with somebody else and he was feelin' a little salty but he shouldn't have messed around on her. So she's allowed to do what she wanna do. Why was he mad? If you mad, you should've did right. Then she would've stayed with you. Anyway, I saw the whole thing. I saw the whole thing"! Somebody's always watching. But then there are other people who saw it but don't wanna get involved. "Can we get a witness statement"? "No sir, no man, I ain't here for that man. I ain't no snitch, I ain't no rat man, I ain't no rat. It's just an argument. I ain't no rat, man. I'm just here for the coca-cola. That's it, I'm cool".

Then they asked the girl who was talking all out, "What did you see"? "Well, I know it was him cause he probably started it". "Why"? "Cause I know him". "But did you see it"? "No". You can be near it. You can be around it. But it's different when you're with. Here's my point. There are people who come to church. You come in the room. You're around his presence. You're near his glory. But you don't leave with him. I wish I had a four-second praise in the room. Tell somebody, I'm with him. Tonight, you may have come in single but you need to leave with a significant other. You need to go back to your car arm in arm, with a man who won't break your heart, young lady. A man that will cover you, that will protect you, that will speak life to you, that will encourage your dreams.

Now, somebody gonna walk up like, "He was talkin' about me, girl". No, I ain't talkin' about him. Don't do that. Don't be tryin' to manipulate my words to get your holler on. I'm talking about Jesus. To be with Jesus means something has changed. I noticed that I'm talking to you but I'm preaching to me. And I've been in church my whole life but I noticed there were some things in my life that didn't really look like I've been with Jesus. I know, I'm a preacher. Why would I expose myself? Because it's time for preachers to tell the truth about their own condition. The word "With" in the Greek is pronounced soon, it's spelled S-Y-N but it's pronounced soon. It literally means a possession beside in composition, similar composition including completeness. It's where we get the term synonymous.

When you see Peter and John, it's as if you're looking at Jesus. Who wants to be so connected to the character and person of Jesus that people mistake you for the Savior? And what I mean, I'm not saying that you can save people but they see your, his character in your life. They see his compassion in the way you treat people. They see his love when you open your mouth. A smattering of applause, it's cool. That means I'm doing the right thing tonight because I want us to mature. I don't wanna be around Jesus, I wanna be with Jesus. I don't wanna be in the building but miss the action. I don't wanna just come here for the sake of showing up so I can tell people I went to church but nothing changes. I actually want to change. I need to grow.

But growth in this case is not forced. We must choose the process of maturation, which means we can't just hear the word, we must become doers and begin to apply the word. That is not fun all the time because it fights against your flesh. Help me, Lord. If I truly have been with Jesus, where is the evidence? Where is the Fruit of the Spiritual transfer, the exchange. Are my conversations different now that I've been with Jesus? Are my responses to certain stimulus or stimuli different now? How does my walk with Jesus affect these three areas?

Write these down. These are questions I want you to ask and you can maybe, take a look over the next seven days until we're together next Wednesday. How does my walk with Jesus affect my personality, my patience, and my perspective? My personality, my patience, and my perspective? I fear, Michael, that many times, we come to church but we have not yet come with an expectation to grow and develop but more so to maintain who we were when we came in. It's almost like saying, "Jesus, I give you permission to tickle my emotions but don't change my character. I give you permission to make me feel good for an hour and 20 minutes but I don't want to have to mature in spiritual fruit".

There are people who are seasoned in the amount of years they've been in church but still adolescence in their application of the word. How do we grow? And the reason why I'm sharing this with you is because I had to look and take a very introspective look into my own soul. There were some things in my life that I noticed I didn't need Jesus around it or near it. I needed him in it. I needed him in it. But here's the thing. There are certain areas where I told God, I got this, I have it all together.

Is there anybody that's ever said that? No thanks, God, I got this. I'm cool, I got this right here. You can help me with my money. You help me, I need a financial breakthrough. Hey, pay my bills, huh! How about that relationship? I got it, don't need your help on that. I got that, I got my relationship. I don't need you to tell me that they can't come over after a certain time. I know I'm single but I'm grown, Jesus. But you ain't grown in your finances but you've grown in your... And so we can't really pick and choose.

Well, actually we can and for many of us, that's the problem. Because many of us assume that we are superheroes in certain areas and God says, I love you so much that I'm gonna let you exhaust yourself trying to change yourself because you can't change you. I made you so until you come to me, I'm gonna allow you to struggle with that thing 'til you give it to me because your effort, your self reliance is going to cause you to be frustrated but once you give that to my son, I promise you he will exchange your effort for grace, and you will have a grace on your life to overcome the obstacle that you did not have the power to overcome before you gave it to Jesus.

I don't know who this is for but you need to give that thing to Jesus. And I'm not talking hand it to him. I'm talking throw it to him, kick it to him. You need to karate chop that thing. Get it out of your hands, get it out of your life, and give it to Jesus. I got one person there that's gonna give it to Jesus. Is anybody else got something that they need to give to Jesus? I had shared with Dr. Paul last year before he went to Africa some of my fears and misgivings about being married because I had never really seen a good marriage, and there were some areas in my communication with my wife that did not properly reflect the character of Jesus. And I was bothered by that. Because I wanna do it right. Because the other men, I counted them last night.

When I was home in Cincinnati, 11, my uncles and cousins, none of them, have had a successful marriage. And the enemy wants mine but he can't have it. Because I'm gonna give it to Jesus every day. Oh, I feel God, I feel the breakthrough right there. The reason why I had to confess that is just in case, there are some other men in here, who'd been trying to be strong by yourself, guess what? We're all battlin'. We're all struggling men.

And guess what? That's why we're here together. I said, "God, I give this thing to you". He was like, "I've been waitin'". Because the truth is I was tryin' to fix it on my own. I was tryin' to figure out how to communicate with her on my own. I was tryin' to fit her into my life. The two shall become one flesh. That means you come over here and do what I need you to do, and come over here and do what I'm doin' and just be grateful that you're over here with me. And God says, "No no no, this is not manslaughter. This is premeditated murder".

Let me tell you what I mean. Marriage is God's assault on selfishness. God is not tryin' to bring two people together. He's tryin' to make one person out of two. So something in me has to die. And something in her has to die. But because I'm tryin' to be superman, I'm tryin' to stay alive and just cut half of her dreams off. I'm just gettin' real honest tonight because somebody else's goin' to get free in the next five minutes.

What I realized is that Jesus can't save superman but he sure can save Clark Kent. Take your cape off, ma'am. Take your cape off, sir. Take your mask off and go ahead and show your deficiencies, and that's where you'll find Jesus because in the place of your vulnerability, in the place of your incompletion, in the place of your imperfection, this is the place where God shows up and says, "Now, because you're not so full of yourself, I can step in". I'm with him now. Somebody just give the Lord a praise out for me.

Now, I wanna talk to you tonight from the subject I'm with him part two, access granted. Access granted. Now, I know it's been raining, it's a little quiet in here, I already don't like it. It's too quite. Y'all know me, I don't know what's wrong but go ahead and shake off the rain. I know traffic was bad but we're in here now. So for the next 25, 30 minutes, let's go after God, let's get our expectation up, let's get our energy up, let's lean in. You knew it was gonna rain, don't be mad 'cause your hair's wet, you knew.

Acts 4:13. Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled and they realized that they had been with Jesus. Something about Jesus. My buddy kirk franklin wrote a song and I got to sing on that record. Something about the name Jesus something about the name Jesus it is the sweetest name I know oh how I love the name Jesus oh how I love the name Jesus it is the sweetest name I know something about the name Jesus changes the atmosphere. Something about the name Jesus sparks something in the heart and the soul of a believer. Something about the name Jesus gives hope to the desperate. It speaks freedom to those in bondage. Something about the name Jesus.

When you speak his name and you mean it from a sincere heart, he cannot help but show up. Can somebody just get the name Jesus on your lips? Can somebody just shout out the name of Jesus. Can somebody else shout out the name of Jesus. We exist here because of the work of Jesus. The finished work of the cross gives you access to recline in that nice chair, or to watch online.

There's something about the name Jesus. And I fear that some parts of the church globally have become a little too casual with the name of Jesus. 'Cause last time I checked, demons still flee at the name of Jesus, demons bow down at the name of Jesus, sickness must relent at the name of Jesus. Jesus still carries weight in heaven and earth, and under the earth. Somebody say I'm with him. It's about relationship. It's about getting to know Jesus. How do you know if you're in relationship with Jesus?

I was seven years old, in my church in Cincinnati, when I walked down to the front of the altar right in front of the communion table. You don't touch that communion table, not at the baptist church. Don't you touch that communion table. But I remember giving my life to Jesus. I knew who Jesus was at seven years old and I gave my life to Jesus. And from then until right now, I've been building my relationship with Jesus. I've gotten to know him better.

Seven year old mind set is very different from 43 year old mind set. I've walked through some things, I've shed some tears, I've made some good decisions, and then I've made some bad decisions. I listened to the voice of the Lord and other times he spoke and I ignored it, and I paid the price for it. But out of his love, his mercy and his grace, he did not impute to me the full payment for what I did, but he took the blow of what could have ruined me. Is there anybody else grateful that when you made a mistake, Jesus took the weight.

Relationship with Jesus is the most critical aspect of your life. What you do with the person of Jesus will determine the rest of your life. I'll say it again, what you do sir with Jesus will determine the trajectory of the rest of your life. For many people, when we think of relationship we can only deal with relationship based on the relationships that we have or were raised in. So even in that there are some things that I wanna talk about when I say I'm with him, access granted. First of all, relationship with Jesus is not just about getting things.

A lot of times I've been in different church settings and I've heard people, "I'm gonna get my blessing. I'm gonna get my blessing that's what," "How you doing? You ready for it"? "Yeah, I'ma get mine, hope you get yours. We gon' get ours, let's get ours together. If you get something better than mine, give me 1/2 of yours. And then when mine come, I give you some of mine, I'm gonna get my blessing". Some of y'all like I wanna laugh, but that's actually why I came, I actually came for my blessing. Is that wrong? I need a blessing. Let me tell you what relationship is relationship is not just about getting something, it's about becoming something.

So I want you to write these things down. I want you to grab these things because I want us to mature, relationship with Jesus is not about getting, it really is about becoming. For too many Jesus has become a commodity to be monetized and not worshiped. In certain segments of religious thought, Jesus is nothing more than a very good man, a Middle Eastern revolutionary who came along doing good deeds and died a very tragic life, never to be heard from again. But Jesus is more than a historical figure and a nice man from Galilee. He is in fact the fulfillment of the law and the prophets. He is the full payment of sin. He is the first begotten of heaven, the first born of the dead.

And he is seated at the right hand of the Father and he gets all of my passion, all of my allegiance and all of my praise and he is not simply a commercialized version of Santa Claus, he is the Savior of the world. And I wish that I had a few people that share my passion for Jesus. Glory! Jesus is more than just a nice man who died a painful death, he is the Savior of the world. And for those of us who have given our lives to this truth, then you understand that we believe something that many in the world do not. But because we've been in relationship with him, we know him. How many people can say I know Jesus.

So the goal is not necessarily to get something from Jesus, it's becoming something with Jesus. How does that happen? How many married folk in here? Let me see your hands, married. Keep 'em up. Put your hands down, single, keep 'em up. Single, single, single. Look at this. Keep your hands up. Jesus, please bless these single people. Keep your hands up, don't put your hand down. I don't want no blessing. Yes, I do. You better get your blessing. Keep your hands up. Some of y'all need to be scanning the crowd. Are they here, Jesus? I just wasn't sure. I'm a bump into 'em on the way out the door. I just, you know you gon' stay single if you don't connect with somebody else, and have conversation and communication, and talk about shared goals and dreams, you'll stay single.

There are people who are married, who are single. Because they don't talk anymore. Relationship is all about communication. You can't tell me your relationship but you all never communicate. When's the last time you sat down, shut off everything and prayed? I'm not talking about shower prayer. That seven minutes in that shower is not enough. Not for the things that God wants to do in your life. Persistent, committed time with the king of kings and Lord of Lords. Relationships take time, you gotta build it.

I've been married five and a 1/2 years and I've learned the hard way that one good conversation does not in itself mean I have arrived. I have to continuously engage in dialogue with my wife. Because women like communication. They like to talk. I like to watch sports. She wants to talk. I like chicken wings and she likes to talk. And so I need to learn how to talk. If I want peace in my marriage, then I better learn to engage her and relate to her in a way that causes her to feel value.

In the same way, how does Jesus know that you love him more than your lip service, if all you do is say you love him, but never do anything to back up your words? Somebody say I'm with him. Relationship with Jesus is not just about getting something. That's a very top heavy relationship. Anybody ever been in a relationship where you were giving more than you were receiving? Some of y'all like, I'm in that now. I'm in that now. He talking about you, Herman. If you in here Herman, I'm sorry, I ain't but I might. I don't know.

But the purpose of spending time with Jesus is because we literally want to become more like him. The more you spend time with an individual, the more you reflect their character, their mannerisms and their intentions. I've been around people, I've seen pictures of folk who've been married like 50 and 60 years, you ever notice how much they look alike? Ain't that weird? I was like, are they married or are they are they related? But if you see a picture when they first got married, they were very different looking people. But because they've spent so much time together, there's been so much intimacy and exchange, they can't help but begin to look like one another because that was the intent of marriage all along for two to become one flesh.

The question you need to write down in your journal or put in your smart phone is, do I look more like Jesus today than I did yesterday? Does my life reflect that I am in relationship with Jesus. Do I reflect him in my character, in my mannerisms and my engagement with people? Not just my family, but the people that don't believe what I believe? 'cause there's really no better gauge to tell if you are really walking with Jesus, than when you encounter people who are not walking with Jesus. Because when somebody who's not saved says something to you that thing in you is like, oh, you thought I always been in church. Say something else I'm about to show you who I used to be. Don't make me go to BC, I will go to Before Christ in zero, real quick, zero to 100.

Jesus in heaven, oh-oh here they go again, Holy Ghost keep filling 'em up. Do you look more like Jesus today than you did yesterday? The goal is not to get something from Jesus, the goal is to get same things with Jesus. Here's what I mean. We need to have the same heart, the same vision and the same direction. Please, please write those down. The same heart, the same vision, the same direction. When you say you've been with Jesus, something needs to look like it in your life. Now, I'm not talking about clinical depression and things of that nature. Because those things you do need to seek professional help, counseling. In fact, medicine can also help with those things. I'm not speaking of that. But I'm talking about people who are always, you always seem to be sad.

There's always something the enemy's trying to do. That is not the intent of Jesus for your life. I believe that the more you spend time with him, the joy of the Lord can become your strength. Okay? So I gave the caveat for those who are literally walking through depression. But for some of us, it's not clinical depression, we're dealing with spiritual heaviness, because we don't know how to navigate the realities of life. Because life is not easy. That's why we have a Savior. Everybody say same heart. Same vision. Same direction. That's what Lakewood is. It is an extension of God's heart. The local church is what Jesus died for, let's get this very clear. Jesus died, to save souls and to establish the local church. In that he wanted a community that reflected his desire that all of us would be one, even as he and the father were one that we would find commonality and unity in spite of our differences.

So one of the things that we do is we engage one another in a communal setting, like this. So now you're sitting next to people that you may not normally connect to that was God's intent. Now, some may say I'm a little nervous, I don't really know how to connect with people from other culture. Well, guess what, here, you can lay down culture for an hour and a 1/2 and pick up the kingdom. So it really doesn't matter if someone next to you doesn't have the same amount of melanin, because they got the same blood running through their veins. And it's the blood of Jesus that has redeemed them. So you have common ground, so at least you can smile at 'em. At least you can say hello.

Somebody saying I'm with him. Same heart, same vision, same direction. The heart, the vision, and the direction of Jesus was for saving souls and building the church. And the more you spend time with Jesus, the more you desire, what he desires. How do you know if you're with Jesus? Write these down. Check your desires. Check your desires, that's number one. Because a lot of people are like, "Lord, I want this, this and this". And then none of those three things show up and you're like, but I prayed. He's like, yeah, you prayed your flesh. But it's what's in my heart?

Well, I need to recalibrate your heart. Because I'll give you the desires of your heart, as your heart lines up with my will. This is very different from the classic, name it claim it theology that has perpetuated certain areas of the church over the past 30 plus years, that you can just say what you want, and God will bring it to you. He is not a genie. He is God. And what he desires is that you would have his heart because if you have his heart, you will pray his will. I feel good about this message, I'm going to tell you why. Because I feel that something is shifting in our mind set. Because for too long, we haven't had the proper understanding of how to navigate this thing called relationship with Jesus.

It's more than a moment when we stand up and get a book from our pastors and then nothing changes. Know, when you're in relationship with someone, you get to know more about them. And as you get to know more, you find out that you didn't know as much as you thought. And then you wanna know more, and you wanna spend more time. And this is the beauty of Jesus, 'cause you'll never exhaust him. He's always got something new to share, something new to give, something new to offer, something new to speak into your life. But because we are an entertainment-driven culture, we've gotta lay down how we think relationships are.

Jesus is not reality TV, he is reality. You can't engage in intimacy for 27 minutes on TV, and you look and you see the totality of a relationship. And be like I want that in my life. No you don't, they scripted that. Real relationship is unscripted. The marriages that I see that have some substance to them, they've been through some things. Can I talk to any married folk in here? Been through some things, shed some tears, got some battle scars, the enemy attacks. Why? He hates marriage. Why? Because marriage is a reminder of the covenant between Christ and the church in the earth. He doesn't like you because he hates the fact that God chose you instead of him.

I'm trying to teach but I feel the preach. Jesus, that is crazy. That's awesome. Jesus, doesn't just want to be a part of your life, he wants to be your life. Here's the scripture that backs up my claim. Help me Jesus, 'cause I had it. Oh, I can't find it, I think it's in my phone. There's a scripture that says when Christ, who is your life appears, does anybody remember that scripture? One of the things, it was in my notes, and my notes just went blank, but I'm not gonna let that stop me. I'm gonna find that scripture. Or maybe I want, it's what? Colossians 3, hello.

See, that's why you got family. I knew where in wanted to go but my family got me there. Do you know, you may have a part but your family may have the rest. I dare you to high five somebody, say we family. We're family, we're family. Set your mind on things above not on things on the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ and God. When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. Jesus doesn't just wanna be a part of your life, he wants to be your life. How much so? He wants you to dine on him. Anybody ready for a plate of Jesus?

Check this scripture out John 6:56. Let me get a two piece Jesus and a biscuit, a side a Holy Ghost with some anointing gravy. That's what you know you fat you can even turn Jesus into a meal. Put some spice, I like mine spicy, I want spicy Jesus. Put it back in the oven, I want spicy crispy Jesus. I want the wings because then I can fly. Anyway, never mind. Back to the scripture. John 6:56. This is the red letters. This is Jesus talking. Everybody say Jesus is talking. He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him. As the living father sent me and I live because of the father so he who feeds on me will live because of me.
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