John Gray - One Last Worship

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Last week, I talked about a man with 2.000 demons that Jesus went across wind and wave and opposition and left a crowd to go to this one man, because the Bible says that God is looking for worshipers. And so even though we can be in a crowd, a crowd doesn't necessarily mean there are any worshipers in it. And so this man, even though he had 2.000 demons, had enough humanity left to spot from a distance. Jesus took off running with whatever he had left. He ran, fell down, and worshiped him. It was his last chance and Jesus freed him and I want you to know that you have a worship in you that can free you from I don't care what it is. You've got a worship in you that can get heaven's attention and break chains off of your life.

And so last week we talked about one last worship. This week the Lord has taken me to another scripture and I want you to grab this scripture for me, it's in Mark chapter eight. Mark chapter eight starting at the 22nd verse, Mark chapter eight, verse 22. Says then he, capital h-e, which is always Jesus, he came to Bethsaida and they brought a blind man to him, and begged him to touch him. So he took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town. And when he had spit on his eyes and put hands on him, he asked him if he saw anything. And he looked up and said, "I see men like trees, walking". Then Jesus put his hands on his eyes again and made him look up and he was restored and saw everyone clearly. Then he sent him away to his house saying, "Neither go into the town, nor tell anyone in the town". And my title tonight is one last worship part two: a little more Jesus. One last worship, a little more Jesus.

I don't know about your life, I don't know about what you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but the devil tries to distract me from spending time with God. Three amens, the rest of it you just have your hour prayer time with your coffee in the morning and sit out by the gazebo and just, "I just bask in your presence father". Some of us wake up late, have to get kids ready and they don't wanna act right and then they spill the food from breakfast on the outfit, you gotta change it again. You gotta keep your salvation, then you gotta get dressed, then you spill coffee. And the whole time, you shoulda been in prayer mode.

Now I don't know about you, but there's a scripture that I don't like, and it says "Early will I seek thee". See I have a afternoon Jesus, I don't about you. Some of y'all might have a morning Jesus, but my Jesus hollers at me about 1:30, 2:00 o'clock. I got an afternoon Jesus all right, but I'm for real. But there is something to be said about stopping everything to spend time with your king. Making time, and the enemy will distract you with what looks important, but there is nothing more important than your appointment with the king. To spend time with him, and maybe your mornings are crazy so, perhaps you'll have to carve out some time in the middle of the day. Maybe this is your moment and guess what? Praise God for that. Where you're coming in on a Wednesday night getting fed and pressing in and pressing through traffic and of course, we thank God for you. But there are times when my worship is not enough and I need a little more Jesus. And this is a man, that needed a little more Jesus.

Now check this out, we when Jesus did miracles, Jesus didn't mess around. Jesus wasn't at the tomb of Lazarus like, "Lazarus, come forth"! He gone get up, y'all just... He probably didn't hear me that first time. "Laz! Lazzy laz! Quit playing, man! They watching. They looking at me man. They don't think I got no power. Come on outta there. Oh there he go, there he go, there he go". No, when he spoke, it happened right away. When they tore the roof off and brought that paralyzed man down, Jesus didn't sit there and pray for five hours. "Mmm, in the name of myself. Come off of that mat. Come on outta there"! No he was just like, "Get up".

I love Jesus, just a couple words. Just devils had to leave just "Get up", "Come outta the tomb", "Open up", "Stand up", "Walk away". But this is different. Here's somebody that one word wasn't enough. You ever had something in your life that you know Jesus spoke to and it still didn't move. Oh I'm talking about nine people in this Premium Presbyterian Church. Don't act like you don't have something in your life that the first time Jesus talked to you about it, it, that thing just "I'm not leaving, I'm gone stay right here". Anybody got a stubborn thing, you gotta maybe one thing a couple things, three, nine, couple things. Jesus told you how to deal with it you like, "Yes"! But in your mind like, "But I like it". Like come outta my life! Don't leave fast though, leave slow. Get outta here you fine demon! Be gone you fine spirit! Walk slowly away while you need just a little more Jesus yeah Lord, naa, naa anybody ever needed a little more Jesus in certain areas of your life?

I just wanna be honest in here because I don't want anybody to feel bad that if you've got something that you're walking through and God has dealt with you on it, but it's still there, don't be defeated in that thing, because I want you to know that all you need is a little more Jesus. And here's the thing, there's more where the first Jesus came from, he's in the same Jesus, but he's got more aspects of himself that he wants to reveal to you. I want you to know that when Jesus shows up, he shows up as the flesh version of I am. So when Moses was asking God, "How do you want me to describe who you are to them? 'cause they gone tell me that I didn't talk to you". And he said, "Tell them I am".

That's so gangsta! Just I am, dot, dot, dot. You are what? Exactly. Just keep you confused. Don't you worry about it, 'cause I am whatever I wanna be. I am whatever you need. I am whatever you think you couldn't come up with. I'm that, I'm whatever, I'm all of that. And then some. I'm more than you can come up with. Whatever you can name I'm already that, 'cause I gave you the words to get out of your mouth. I'm more than what you can speak. I'm higher than you. I think differently than you. I am that I am, just tell them whatever they need I got it 'cause it's in me, I am. Somebody give the I am a great praise on Wednesday night.

So Jesus comes in the earth as the flesh version of I am. So when he approaches an issue, you're not getting just one person. You know we talk about the five fold ministry, apostles, and prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and some people operate in one of those gifts or a couple of them. But some people, you know, they just got one thing that they do well. Jesus said, "Whatever you need I got". When the little girl was dead, he went up, he said, "She's not dead, she's sleep". And he goes up and takes Peter, James, and John, tells the little girl "Get up". And then there was a deaf man and he says, "Ephphatha, be open". He's opening deaf ears and he's doing all of these things so whatever the situation was, that part of his character met it.

But there's more where that came from. And I need you to get this in your spirit, that no matter what you're walking through, there's more where that came from. If God has delivered you in one area, I want you to know that he's got power in the next thing. And if you're struggling in something else, he's got power for that too. And so, don't think that he can only do one thing. He's not limited by anything other than your faith. So here we meet Jesus in a story. And here's a man and here's a man that had some, he had the right crew. When you're going through, when you're in the middle of a, I mean, mayday situation, an emergency situation, you need to have the right people around you. Just go ahead and just do a row check. Just check around. Even if you're at home, just look around your table and just. Even if you by yourself just prophetically declare, "I got the right crew".

Tell somebody, "I've got the right crew". Tell somebody else behind you. Don't just stand there staring at me. Talk to somebody, you might make a friend. Matter of fact ask them, "Are you the right one"? Go ahead ask somebody, "Are you the right one"? Because when you need a miracle, you need somebody that'll worship with you. When you need a breakthrough, you need somebody that'll praise God with you. Maybe you don't have strength to praise on your own, will somebody praise on your behalf. Maybe you don't have what it takes. You need a couple of people in your crew that'll hold you up and fight for you when you can't fight for yourself. I'm declaring, that whatever row you're on, that's your prophetic breakthrough row.

So somebody on your row needs to worship and one worshiper on each row can bring the breakthrough for the whole row. But if you can get multiple people to worship, maybe it's not just one breakthrough, but multiple places of deliverance, healing, abundance, overflow, power! Does anybody believe our worship matters to God. The Bible says, "They brought a blind man to him". Somebody say "They". Everybody needs they. Nobody gets through life without they. "I don't need nobody. I just, all I need is Jesus". No you don't, 'cause somebody had to tell you about him. You didn't just wake up knowing him. You needed somebody. "I don't need nobody, I'm self-made".

Did you, you bore yourself? You created yourself? No, you needed a momma and a daddy. They! "I don't need nothing, I cook for myself". Did you grow the food? They! Everybody needs they, say "They". Let's get out of this, "I am a island" mentality. You are not by yourself. The enemy wants to isolate you. That's how he picks off believers. You sit there in a lie of isolation, "Don't nobody loves me. And nobody cares, and nobody wants me to do well. Just woe is me, and I'm just hurting deep down on the inside. Why isn't anyone here? No one listens". And you're in the house, by yourself, not answering the phone, won't answer texts. Won't talk to the people that love you and the enemy tells you that nobody's for you, but people are reaching out to you.

Go 'head and reach back to they. But be careful of them. I wish I had a church in here. They will help you, but watch them. 'cause if you get with them, they'll talk about you. You need they, 'cause they will cover you, but watch them. 'cause they'll put your business in the street. You need they, 'cause they know how to get a prayer through. Them, honey they'll be on the phone after they hang up with you. "Can you believe she still with that idiot? I told her to leave him a long time ago. She so dumb". There's a difference between they and them. They will bring you to Jesus. Them... Anybody got a couple "thems"? Funny, funny... The Bible says, "A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity".

Sometimes your "they" aren't blood related. Have you ever noticed sometimes that them grew up with you? Them at the family reunions, them are the ones that saw you kinda walk through things, they sized you up, figured you know, this is just who you are and they don't really wanna see you change. Them, you gotta be careful of them, because them, they get too familiar with you. But they, they see the best in you. They, they want you to succeed. They, they pray for you when you don't know about it. They, they shed tears when you cry. They, they celebrate when you get that promotion. They, that's who you need. Them, not so much.

Can I give, can I just, talk how I feel it? There are times when I want to just grab my whole family together and just preach Jesus and just talk to them, but sometimes, I think it's hard for them to get past cousin and nephew and I remember when we used to... Remember in elementary school, remember that time? Aw man! Remember you cried, you fell on the playground, you bust your lip? Remember when we was at grandma's house? It's like, "Yeah, that was like 30 years ago". But it's the them's way of keeping you small. Because that's how they can handle you best. But if you can find some they're the ones with the prophetic vision.

They, they wanna see you win. They, they help you. They, they'll give you some money and won't ask for it back on the next Thursday, because they know you don't have it anyway. They, you can give them a post dated check with instructions. "Aye, don't put this in 'til next Tuesday. The second Tuesday of the third month. And call me before you do it and do it after five, so it goes on the next day's business. Cause I don't need it to clear that night. I need it to clear"...

Pastor Lisa, we all need they. And as long as we understand the power of community. You need people to walk with you. People that will spot things that you can't. This man, don't know his name, but he had a they. And if you got a they, you got a chance. Notice, hey iya, that's my Goddaughter there. They brought him to Jesus and it says, they kindly asked Jesus to touch him. Isn't that what it says? What does it say? What does it say? They begged him to touch him. Now you don't start off begging. You gotta work up to begging. Which means, they have been walking with him for a while. They been walking with him long enough to see that a casual request won't get answered.

You don't start off begging, you start off asking, "Hey, y'all know anybody that can help my man 'cause he blind and you know, we don't know what's going on". And, "Nah man, I don't..." "All right, cool, you know, let's take him over here. Come on. My cherie amor that's terrible. "Aye, anybody, y'all know anybody that, cause he struggling". "Nah". Man this is getting desperate, because we know that he's not supposed to be blind. I don't know how he can get healed, but we know there's more to his life than his current situation and we're gone stay with you until we get you to somebody who can help you.

So they heard about Jesus. See that's why you need they 'cause when they hear, they move. You need they, cause they move. Them, they'll stand there and watch. But they, they'll get... Well they ain't have no car, they'll get on the camel whatever they was on, mules, they was... Come on man, heard about Jesus. They brought him to Jesus and by this time they were desperate. Anybody ever been desperate?

See here's one of the things that I think the church should probably run towards as opposed to away from. The church sometimes, likes to run towards, what, you know, what people look at as normal. I think we should run away from normal, because what we don't believe is normal. I mean you believe in a virgin having a baby, that's not normal. You believe in a man, who was king, who's the son of God and the son of man and you, that's not normal. You believe in angels and demons and heaven and hell. That's not normal. Those are not normal thoughts. And so why don't you take it to the next level and just live the life of faith? They begged Jesus to touch him. That means we don't have any other hope, we don't have any other opportunities, this is it. This is my friend and I'm gonna bring him to you because we heard about you. And you're the only one that can get the job done. They brought him to Jesus.
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