John Gray - Heart Condition

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Psalm 51 and 10, reading from the new King James version, says this. Create in me a clean heart, o God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me away from your presence and do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me by your generous spirit. Then I will transgressors your ways, and sinners shall be converted to you. I want to share from the subject heart condition, heart condition.

You know, I've been noticing and been talking to a lot of my friends, not just locally but around the country, that just the enemy is pullin' out all the stops in attacking people's hopes and their dreams and just, you know, just the daily grind of life seems to be getting to people, the pressure, the pressure of constant traffic, gettin' to work, and the pressure of having to perform, and then pressure of having to take care of a household and to take care of spouses and children, and maybe if you have a sick family member or a sick parent or something like that. Just the pressure of life seems to really be getting to people.

People are a little less patient than they used to be. People in traffic, when you get in traffic, if that light turns green and you don't move right away, somebody behind you, it's usually me, pray for me. I got a traffic spirit on me, this is the Lord's working on me. You know, but we're impatient, we're ready to go. People are in our way, and life is just kind of heavy. Am I talkin' to anybody that can just be honest and say you've been feelin' a little more pressure? And then not just folk that are out in the world, as we like to say in church, church words, but folk who serve God, people who love Jesus. And we're feelin' that pressure, we are feelin' that pain. We are feelin' the attack of the enemy, we feel that thing. And just because we're saved does not make us immune to the trials of life and the pressures of life, and I just was like, Lord, what is going on? And the Lord spoke to me, it's a heart condition. It's a heart condition.

And why are so many believers barely kinda makin' it? I mean, I'm talkin' to people who've been in church a long time. How you doin', I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on to the blood-stained banner, just waitin' on Jesus. I hope he hurries up. I just, I really, really hope Jesus come on and see about me, I'm not gonna make it. Well, now I'm discouraged. I was lookin' to you for some help, now, I wanna go home and cry 'cause, you know. You know, just askin', say folk, you blessed? Now 'tis the old shepherd's eye and now, I'm depressed again.

Will somebody tell me that the joy of the Lord is your strength? I need somebody in here. I'm not gonna let the rain stop me from praisin' God, and I'm not talkin' about the physical rain, I'm talkin' about the spiritual rain. I'm talking about the rain of the enemy, the fiery darts of the enemy that come. I'm not gonna let that mute my praise, it cannot mute my voice. It cannot stop my forward progress. I must continue to move forward in the things of God. And if everybody else decides to take a break and sit down and stop followin' Jesus, I must continue to follow Jesus. I must run after the cross, I must declare his goodness, and it doesn't matter what circumstance says, I gotta fight through it. Tell somebody, fight through it.

Why are so many believers barely making it? Why, why are we spiritually and emotionally drained? Why is there so much inner turmoil? It's the condition of our heart, people are battling in their hearts. And we process life, interact in relationships, and even have our outlook on life based on the posture and the health of our heart, emotionally, physically, spiritually, what's going on in our bodies and in our minds and in our souls is a direct reflection of our hearts. Somebody say, heart condition. Do me a favor, and I want you to go to Psalm 38 and 8. The Psalmist says, I am feeble and severely broken. I groan because of the turmoil of my heart. Psalm 38:8, I groan because of the turmoil of my heart.

One of the things that is challenging as a believer is when are we allowed to share our broken places? And who can we share them with? Because the truth is, very few of us look forward to being vulnerable and tellin' somebody, listen, I am really struggling. I don't even know if I'm gonna make it. And let's go have some coffee. Let me tell you how terrible things are. Because people really don't actually wanna hear that all the time, but the truth is we need somebody close enough to us that we can tell the truth to who will cover us in love and say, you know what, I've been there before, and it's okay, and let's walk this thing out. This Psalmist says, you know, that I groan because of what's going on in my heart.

Here's another scripture, proverbs 15:13. A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. You can literally have a broken spirit because your heart is filled with sorrow. Ask somebody, how's your heart? Ask 'em, how's your heart? Some of y'all are gigglin', the others, you don't really wanna know. You don't even wanna know. Girl, I just broke up with somebody, you don't wanna know, ooh, Jesus. Proverbs 17:22 says a merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bone. Tell somebody get your joy back.

You know, life is not about burdens all the time. Life is not always about payin' bills. Life is not always about flat tires and rainstorms and no umbrellas. Life is not always about who hurt you and who did you wrong and all your haters. You do not have haters. Just would please relax, nobody hates you. Just stop saying it, it's old now. Say I got haters. Say, no, you don't. You know, my boss, he's a hater. No, he told you to show up on time, that's not a hater. Clock in when they tell you to. That is not a hater. He just hatin', he hatin'. You gonna be hatin' in that unemployment line if you don't go to work on time. You better get to work. Somebody say, merry heart.

What happened to us? The joy of the Lord is our strength, and we come in here sour faced? Get your joy back. You supposed to be saved, where's your smile? And a smattering of applause filled the auditorium. Listen, I'm gonna say it again because after all the rain you just came through, you might as well put a smile on your face. Your hair is already messed up. Do not even put the umbrella, just walk in, just do this, just walk around, just. Now I know some of my sisters say mm, mm, it'd take every two weeks to get this hair done. I'm gonna put a plastic bag on there, some aluminum foil. My wife says, they don't get, yes, God, we just love you, I can blow dry it, it's so awesome.

I love that the Bible says a merry heart does good like medicine. What's he's sayin' is you gotta fight for your joy. You gotta fight for it. Say, fight for it. This sermon's gonna be interactive tonight, I'm just gonna tell you. You're gonna talk a lot. You may not have to talk to your neighbor, they may not have had a premium mint, so you don't have to talk to them a lot, but you gotta get your joy back because we need to deal with this heart condition. Because too many people who say they're saved, but you can't tell by the way they carry themselves. How you doin', blessed. And the joy of the Lord is my strength. Really, because I'm scared of you.

In order to deal, I've seen it, I've seen 'em, I've seen, I've been to churches where the ushers ain't seen Jesus, don't know him. I love the ushers at Lakewood. Listen, if you've never come to a church and been loved on, come to Lakewood. Let me tell you somethin'. Somebody out them doors, they gonna love, I don't care who you are. You can walk in with an attitude, but honey, these folk have been trained in the Holy Ghost. They got the heart at a pass, I need two feet. Well, very well, you're a little loud, but it's okay, welcome to Lake, come on, let's walk down here, let's walk, come on, come on.

Listen, when you have joy on the inside, nobody can take it away. The enemy wants to steal your joy. That's what he's after 'cause if he can get your joy, he can get your strength. The joy of the Lord is your strength. He wants to weaken you and diminish you, diminish you by stealing your joy. You gotta keep your joy. You need to smile for no reason. It might be, now, that was scary. But see, here's my thing. You gotta keep your smile, and even when the enemy's tryin' to beat you up in your mind and you're goin' through your day, just practice smiling. I know it's gonna scare people because you're not talkin' to them, but we talkin' about fighting for your peace and fighting for your joy, so you need to rehearse what God has done in your life and put a physical smile on your face when you can remember what God has done.

So when the enemy's hittin' you, and even if you're in the grocery store, nobody's around you, you not talkin', all the sudden, just. Emblay, uh uh, get off this aisle, she crazy, she crazy, she, hurry up, hurry, we don't even, we don't even need no pasta. Just go, go, go, go. Somebody say laugh a little. You ain't that spiritual to not smile. You're not that deep. Nobody's that deep. We used to think that you were more pious, more spiritually aware the less you smiled, and the meaner your face is, that's not God. It's time for us to get our hearts in check and line up with the Word of God, get your joy back. It's a heart condition.

Where does broken hearts come from? Where do broken hearts go do they find their way home April 13th, anyway. I'm joking, I'm joking. I think about, I think about the heart condition particularly for me when it comes to relationships. Where are my married folk at? Married folk, let me see. Yeah, that sounds exciting. Let's, where are the married people that know they got the blessing of God? Ow, where all my single folk at, single? Y'all should be lookin' around right now just to see if Jesus is in here. Just, is he here, Jesus, I don't know, Jesus. Does he have all his teeth, Jesus? Does he have a job, Jesus? Does he have benefits, Jesus? Does he worship Jesus?

I notice that in certain interactions with my wife, a pre-existing condition snuck up. You know, there are times when you don't even know you have a condition until something is agitated and the symptoms flare up. I noticed that there were times that my wife would just ask me a simple question, but because I perceived it a certain way, my response was very harsh, and it was very short. And because I didn't see healthy marriage growing up, the Holy Spirit would speak to me. It's like, remember that scripture that y'all had at your wedding on December 11 of 2010, love is patient, love is kind? I was like , no, I don't remember that, yup, I didn't choose that one. I choose the submit one, that was me.

Submit to your husband, do what daddy tell you, in Jesus's name, right on. Negro International version of the Bible. He was like... no. I noticed that there were times when I was very harsh with my words, and it was based on a pre-existing condition that had nothing to do with my wife. It had something to do with a place where I was hurt before she arrived. It was in my heart. It was stuck in the arteries. And because it was there, all I needed was for something to agitate it, so what was there would come out. What did Jesus say about your mouth? What did Jesus say about your mouth?

Luke 6:45, a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaks. Got real quiet in here. I don't need you to tell me how your heart's doing. Your words will tell me. You can't just explain it. I can just, if I observe your character, if I observe your interactions, if I observe how you talk to your husband, how you talk to your wife, how you engage your children, how you engage other people, I can tell you what's going on in your heart. Jesus made it clear that you can hear the condition of the heart by the words that are being spoken. You can hear bitterness. You can hear cynicism. You can hear pain, the same way you can hear faith, and you can hear joy, and you can hear peace.

Have you ever been around somebody that's so peaceful it just gets on your nerves? Like nothing seems to rattle them. It was funny, 'cause I've had that thing, it's like, God, they get on my nerves. She was like, why, 'cause you don't have what they have? If you spent more time in my word. Come on, Lord. Thy word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin, miss the mark, against thee. The more Word we get inside of our heart, the faster our heart condition can be healed. What does the Bible say about the heart? It's desperately wicked, who can know it? It's, you can't just leave your heart to your own devices.

How many times have you been in a relationship? Somethin' in my heart says, that's the one. Six months later, can't stand 'em. Don't even know why I gave that person the time of day. But if we had caught you six months earlier, your heart told you to go in that direction. Real quiet in here. Like 'cause I'm sittin' next to my heart condition, right, right. Uh, uh, uh. Uh, uh, uh, uh, in the rain, okay, with my heart condition, uh. God wants to deal with the inside stuff. For too long, cosmetic Christianity tells us to put makeup on our broken places, but makeup doesn't heal you. It just conceals you. But God wants to do an inside job. He wants to heal you from the inside out. But many of our wounds come from our childhood and our perception of reality.

How do we heal from those places? Well, first of all, you gotta identify what's really going on. I just asked dr. Paul 'cause he does surgery. I was asking him a couple of questions before this message, and I'm like, you know, I know you went to school for like 12 years, but just tell me in three minutes about heart surgery. And so I asked about the arteries because the arteries do what, they pump the blood. But if the arteries get blocked and they constrict, you'll have a heart attack. And what the enemy wants to do is to send bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, hostility, and stress to literally clog up the arteries of your soul and clog up your spirit to the point that your heart is constricted from receiving the necessary nutrients so you can thrive in the life God intended for you to have.

The enemy wants to steal your joy and kill your happiness, and he literally wants to steal, kill, and destroy. He wants to have you walking around with a broken heart, a cynical heart, a faithless heart, and then he wants you to infect other people because in the spirit, heart conditions can be transferred. How many people have a family member that's had to battle through depression? Let me see your hands. Let me tell you somethin'. Of those hands that were lifted, how many people could say it directly affected you when somebody else was battlin' through that thing. It's not easy to deal with broken hearts and the cycles of the heart.

I can promise you for a certainty God, even in my five years of marriage, had to show me there are areas that I have secretly held my wife hostage to an unspoken pain that had nothing to do with her. People from my past, years ago, that I had maybe wanted to pursue, and they didn't receive, or they kind of rejected me, whatever. You lost. Cause I'm amazing, um. Sometimes you gotta encourage yourself. But I remember one time... Sometimes you, and for all my single folk, you need to look in the mirror and encourage yourself. You need to do it tonight. And you need to just speak and listen. Some of the stuff, you're gonna laugh 'cause even if you're not in shape, you can be like, I look good, I'm in shape. Look at me, look at me. I got a six pack, even though your stomach out here, just, I look good, bang, bang, look at that. Somebody gonna love me, they're gonna love all that s. You need to just, by yourself, I said.

I remember one time, there was an individual that I, you know, was tryin' to pursue, and I shared some things that were really close to my heart, and then, like a couple of weeks later, a mutual friend came to me and repeated everything I had shared. Isn't that awful, when you have unveiled yourself, you've shared your heart, and somebody treated your treasure like trash? What does that do to your heart, it makes you calloused. And I had set up a barrier in my heart, I'm never gonna be that vulnerable again.

You know, we live in a very westernized Christianity that's very charismatic in its expression and a lot of times when we think of miracles we think of physical things that other people can see. But sometimes the greatest miracles are not visible to the naked eye. In fact, I don't know about you, but I need the Lord to do some healing on the inside of me as well. Is there anybody else that needs God to do some work in your heart? This scripture, keep your heart, when you study the Hebrew it actually says guard your heart. The word literally is like, put a fence around your heart.

I know some people say, I know that's right. I'm never gonna trust again. No, that's, stop. You got a bitter heart. We gonna get to that in a minute. You gonna have to climb a fence to get to my heart. That's what you gonna have to do. No. What it's saying, what it's saying is to be wise in who you allow into your heart space. And not only who, but what you allow into your heart space. Now, I am not a doctor. I did a little bit of study and I'm gonna see if I get this right, anybody who went to anatomy class, you can help me, but the heart has four chambers and there's the left chamber and the right chamber. You've got atriums and ventricles, correct?

And so, the right side, the right side and the left side are separated by a septum, separation, septum. And so, the right side actually pumps blood or gets blood and oxygen to the lungs so that we can take in air. The left side pumps it out to the rest of the body, somethin' like that. It kinda works like that. Anyway, I'm a preacher, I'm not Dr. Paul so don't judge me. But, what I'm saying is there are functions of each chamber and they have a specific place and a specific function and when things are out of whack the entire body is off.

A lot of us can lift our hands in worship, but we are still troubled in our souls. A lot of us can write our name on a check or put money in an envelope and still have a grudge against somebody in the same church. When Jesus said, if you have an issue with your brother or your sister do not bring an offering to the altar. First, get it right with your brother or sister, then bring your gifts. You're not gonna get a lotta claps in some churches. It's like, ummm, then I guess half my tithe ain't. My tithe went for nothin' for the last six years. Never understood how folk can go to church all their lives and not speak to somebody on the other side.

It's strange, I've been to many churches in my lifetime and there are places that maybe invited me, but didn't know exactly who I was til I showed up and they would say, oh, you're John Gray. I go, yes I'm chocolate, can I still come in? Y'all need some chocolate in y'all vanilla. We gonna oreo cookie this whole thing up. It's funny because there are people who think Jesus is their color, but Jesus is not a color. The only color he is is red and it's his blood. I wish somebody would worship in here. I can assure you, there will not be a black section in heaven or a white section in heaven or a Mexican section in heaven or a Ugandan section in heaven or a Columbian section in heaven. There's gonna be one heaven with a whole buncha people praisin' one Jesus for all of eternity, so we better start learning how to worship together right now. Five second praise break.

Ask somebody, how's your heart? All of the issues that we have in our country right now, all the social issues and the political issues and the undercurrent of anger and hostility that's been dormant in some areas since the '50s and '60s that's now coming back to the surface is a direct result of folk who have not given that part of their heart to the Lord. And that the answer to all of this stuff is in the body of Christ, because once we learn how to treat each other right, once we learn how to honor each other and respect one another and stop beating each other up and being victims of friendly fire. If I'm a believer and you're a believer, then the same blood that saved you saved me, that makes us family. I can't, I don't have no help.

How's your heart? The Bible says to guard your heart, to keep it, to protect the borders of your inner man, for out of it flow the issues of life. And I wanna talk about some of the issues of life, so I want you to write these words down. Challenges, obstacles, perceptions, decisions and commitments. Again, the Bible says guard your heart, for out of it flow the issues of life. What kind of issues? Challenges, obstacles, perceptions, decisions and commitments. Every life has challenges. Inherent to life is pressure. How many people can be honest to say your life has a little bit of pressure attached to it? How many people here have children? Let me see your hands. Pressure, Jesus, pressure. Keep your hands up. Pressure.

Let me just speak life to you right now. I know you wanna put them in the garbage sometimes. I know you want to drop them off at a friend's house and go away forever. But God knew you were their best chance at getting to know him. Ah, help me. There's pressure attached to your life because you have embraced the weight of responsibility. I want you to be encouraged because when you feel pressure that means you have accepted the authority that comes with being who you are. Whew. There are people who walk around they don't take responsibility for their actions. They don't take responsibility for anything regarding their family. I don't have pressure. I'm not up under pressure.

Well, if you don't feel the pressure it's because you're not connected to the thing that God wants you to stay connected to. If I didn't feel the pressure to make sure that my family was taken care of, then there's something inherently broken on the inside. As a husband, as a father, I'm primarily a priest and a provider, then a protector, then I've got other things that I can do. But if I don't feel that pressure, then I'm not motivated to do whatever it takes to make sure that my family, my wife and my children, are covered. But, it's that pressure that motivates me and says I gotta get better, I gotta get stronger, I gotta make better decisions. I've gotta start exercisin' so I can live.

Nobody else is walkin' my daughter down the isle. No one else is gonna raise my son. Nobody else is gonna enjoy the hard labor of me training and building up and encouraging my wife just for my specification and then I die early and somebody else get all the benefit. I bind that devil. I done worked five years. I'm gonna get all of that. How's your heart? Somebody say pressure. Go ahead and embrace the pressure of being you. It's the nature of greatness. I'm gonna say it again for the 16 people that hear what I'm sayin'. Would you please embrace the pressure of being you? It's inherent with greatness. Nobody that walks in greatness, no one that does supernatural things for God, all of us feel that weight. It's pressure. But it's okay.

The challenges of life, the issues of your heart, there's a pressure attached. How you diffuse, mitigate or medicate your pressure is a function of the posture of your heart. How you diffuse, mitigate or medicate, because you can diffuse pressure by literally giving some tasks to people that you trust because there are no supermen and superwomen. We need each other. We need each other. Let me say that again. I've said it many times. There are no successful Christian islands. We need each other. I know all the songs and all the independent women throw your hands up at me all that independent women stuff and this western idea of what it means to be a woman, stop that.

The original intent of God was God made Adam, he was working. And then, as he was working God observed that he needed a helper. He made eve as a helper. It was the original intent of God that a woman be a helper to a man with a vision and a purpose and a plan. And so, sometimes life happens and you gotta do both jobs, but don't become bitter and hard to the point that you don't need anybody, and I don't need a man. Because it's that very thing that will keep you single when in your heart you really wanna be married 'cause you were created for love. Diffuse the pressure by beginning to give the reigns of certain areas of your life to people who have your best interest at heart.

Mitigate the pressure, but be careful how you medicate the pressure 'cause many of us who are battling through challenges in life medicate the pressure, but medicating the pressure doesn't mean that the pressure goes away and you and I both know there are a lot of ways that people try to medicate the challenges of their life and you can't find the answer at the bottom of a bottle, at the bottom of a glass or at the end of something that you're smoking or on the other side of a bed with someone that you're not truly intimate with. Because just because you're physical doesn't mean you're intimate because intimacy is into me see. We've got too many people who think that physical expression is somehow the sum total of intimacy, but there are people who can do physical things and not think about you another second in their life.

Too many people are filling their lives with icing, but intimacy is the cake, the physical is the icing. What you need is substance on the inside so that you know that the relationships that you have, and I'm talking clearly now about Romantic relationships, that you know that the person that you are intimate with sees you, flaws and all. Too many people who are battling with heart issues try to put makeup on your heart and makeup on your issues, but at some point that makeup's gonna wipe off and people are gonna see the real you. So it's better that you show them who you actually are up front. Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life. Different challenges.

Obstacles: how do you handle obstacles? A trusting heart sees God working through the obstacles, but a fractured heart gives up a little easier. You can tell the posture and the health of your heart based on how you function when obstacles come. Sometimes there are people who are so positive it just gets on your nerves. You know. Everybody got that one person. Hey John, how are you? I'm strugglin', I'm tryin' to make some changes to my diet. I been tryin' to work out, but I really am not motivated. It's okay! I just really believe if you get some kale and get some ginseng and some lemon and some smoothie and just kick your legs. Just run and just check your pulse and just be encouraged because God loves you so much.

You're so amazing. You're a big, awesome teddy bear, but God wants to give you muscles in the natural and in the spirit. I'm so proud of you. Yes I am. If you don't get outta my house. You in your little tight pants and your little leotard and your little fit bit. So positive. That's why I love my pastor. I love him, but if I had to be with him every day I don't know if I could handle pastor Joel. Hey, it's a storm. Yeah, but the sun's gonna shine probably 'bout two days. Yep. Yep. It's a tornado. It's just a little wind. It's gonna be alright. Awe, live your best life now. Every day's a Friday.

Do you know how he's able to maintain that posture? He protects the borders of his heart. Pastor Phil, I feel the Holy Ghost in here. I'm so glad that he doesn't allow all the filth and the foolishness of the world to invade him while he's got to feed nations with the overflow of his heart. People wanna make fun, but we know that this is really who he is. He keeps his heart with all diligence. He doesn't wanna hear about foolishness. He doesn't wanna hear the negative because his posture is, believe the best about people and give them the benefit of the doubt. Can somebody praise God that we're in a house that sees the good, that speaks life, that encourages you, even when you can't see good in yourself? You are the head and not the tail. You are a believer. You hold 'yo head up, throw 'yo shoulders back. You are not average, but supernatural children of the Most High God. Somebody give him a praise in here.

How's your heart? Challenges, obstacles, perceptions. How you see people is a function of your heart. Oh yes it is. That's why you have to guard how you deal with people who have heart issues. Because everything they say comes from an injured perspective. This is how people who don't know people have an attitude with people. You and somebody else, y'all friends. Oh yeah such and such. You know what? I met somebody the other day at church and they are so nice. Really? Watch 'em. Really? Hmmm, watch 'em, watch em. I don't trust nobody. That's all I'm gonna say. That's all I'm gonna just say. See, what they just did is they threw a seed and now the next time you see them they're, hey good to see you. Oh, hi.

Now, all of a sudden you're on the defensive because somebody else might have an issue. You don't even know if it's real. But if you allow people, they will influence the way you see other folk and you could ruin godly friendships and interactions because of somebody else's bitterness. Oh, I just stepped on some toesies. Perception, I'm tryin'. Don't scare me. He's like, come on! Bring it down a notch. Perception, write this down. This is so important. Perception and perspective will be clarified by his presence. If you wanna see a person for who they really are and their function in your life you have to get in the presence of God and you need to bring them before God. God, I'm feelin' like there might be somethin' that me and this individual are called to do together, but I'm not sure, but you know 'em. What are your thoughts? Watch 'em.

And sometimes, the Lord may say that. And if he says it, then you better listen 'cause there's a whole lotta sisters in here, the Lord told you to watch him and you didn't. But then there are times when God says, that's a person you can trust, to let your heart rest because God's not going to lead you towards injury. Bring every person, every relationship, every obstacle, bring every challenge and filter it through the lens of the Holy Spirit. Bring it before God. You gonna have to learn how to pray a little more. Seven minutes of prayer in the morning is not enough for the challenges that you face. It's time for you to take prayer seriously. Prayer is an invitation to be in the presence of the living God one on one, that you can talk to God about what's going on in your heart and the things that matter to you and what matters to you matters to him. This is so important.

So many people say, well God, he only wants to hear from leaders and from pastors. That's why many people say, will you come and pray with me. And I'm like, hey, I will pray with you, but please know, God doesn't love me any more than he loves you. He doesn't listen to me anymore than he listens to you. This is the great lie of false religion that you only have to go through a leader to get to God. No, we are here as leaders to help you in the word, but when Jesus died you now have access to the father just like me. You can pray just like me. You can ask just like me. This is the power of Jesus Christ, that he made all of us equal in the eyes of the father. Somebody give Jesus praise.

Challenges, obstacles, perceptions. Number four, decisions. The issues of your life, sometimes you gotta make decisions and depending on the condition of your heart you will make good or bad decisions. See, when your heart is settled you trust God in areas that desperate hearts will rush to an unwise decision. Let me speak to the single folk. Ask the Lord to settle your heart. I Peter, but may the God of all grace who called us to his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you've suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you. Settling is the last part. He wants to settle you.

For those who are single and you're like, God, I need you to hurry up 'cause my clock, see, my clock is tickin', Jesus, and I see, I need you to hurry up Jesus. And he's like, why don't you just rest in me? And if you just settle your heart in me and just love on me I promise you, you won't function in desperation. Let me tell you. For men who are looking for a wife, nothing is more attractive than a woman who is settled in God.
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